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Best Baby Walker for Carpets: Helping Baby Get Around Safely

Baby walkers are another of those controversial baby products that you don’t necessarily need for your little one to be happy. Recent research shows that it may not even help your little one walk.

A factor many parents also consider is if their baby walker will roll over carpeting. The best baby walkers for carpets and hard floors have larger wheels that help your little one maneuver. Choosing one of these easy-moving models will keep your baby moving instead of frustrated.

Walkers remain a great way to let your little one have fun and safely explore their environment. To keep them safe while inside be sure to choose one of these best baby walkers for carpets. 

Best Overall Walker on Carpet:

Low-cost Walker on Carpet:

Best Baby Walkers for Carpet

The shorter Joovy Spoon and Cosco Simple Steps walkers are better for small or young babies, while the bigger Disney Winnie the Pooh and Baby Trend Trend 3.0 walkers are better for tall or older babies.

Joovy Spoon Walker

Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal

The Joovy Spoon Walker works as a high chair and walker. It has a modern design with a high-gloss finish and colorful seat pad. The large tray on the front is perfect for drinking, snacking, and playing. It works well in the kitchen, but also glides across most carpets.


The large tray on the front of this walker is convenient for playing and snacking, but it can also be bulky. Some hallways are too narrow for the tray.

The seat and tray of the Joovy spoon both removable, being washer safe and dishwasher safe. The seat is also the only thing that needs installed out of the box. There is a video online and clear directions included and setup takes less than five minutes.

Even though this has three height adjustments, the highest level is still on the short side for the 30-pound weight limit. Many babies grow out of it by age 7-8 months, which is disappointing since it is one of the more expensive walkers.

When not in use, this walker can be folded flat. This is perfect for storage and travel.

The Joovy Spoon maneuvers well, but it does not move side-to-side. It has oversized wheels that let it move over the carpet and 360-degree front wheels for easy turns.


Underneath this baby walker, non-slip stair pads grab on if the front wheels go over a ledge. This can prevent tumbles over ledges or staircases. Even so, you should never leave your little one unattended in these walkers, especially on the second floor of your home.

You do not have to worry about the materials used to create this walker. They are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates and safe for little hands (and mouths).


  • Large tray is good for playing and snacking
  • Non-slip stair pads for added safety
  • Three height adjustments
  • Very easy to clean
  • No harmful chemicals or materials used
  • Good wheels to navigate carpet


  • Large tray might not fit down narrow hallways
  • Design is on the shorter size
  • More expensive than other walkers

Disney Winnie the Pooh Music and Lights Walker

Disney Disney Music & Lights Walker Pooh's Little Raincloud

The Disney Winnie the Pooh Music and Lights Walker comes with several fun toys that your little one will enjoy. It is also available in several other designs, though most cater to little girls. It is designed for use with babies as tall as 32 and as heavy as 30 pounds.


This fits babies well, having three height adjustments. You’ll get a long life of use out of it, as the high, plush seat provides support for your little one as early as four months of age.

Large, sturdy wheels let it climb over carpets. The thinner design of this also helps your little one maneuver more easily on carpet, without as much resistance. The front wheels rotate 360 degrees and the back are stationary.

On top of the tray, there are fun toys that play music and make sounds. The activity trays are designed so they can be removed. A snack tray sits underneath. However, it is so difficult to remove the tray, many parents choose not to use this feature.

The comfortable seat of this Disney walker is perfectly padded. You can also remove it when it’s dirty and put it in the washing machine. Though the seat folds for easy storage and transportation, the trays are bulky and the seat sits high, so it is not as compact as some other models.


Like the previous baby walker, this has strips along the base that stop the wheels from moving if the wheels go over the ledge. These strips also reduce movement when your little one is on an uneven surface.

The toys on the top of the table do not have any small parts that your baby can choke on. However, if the tray or toys are not secured, there is a risk of pinching little fingers. Be sure they click into place.


  • Long useful period
  • Safety strips along base
  • Comfortable, washable seat pad
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Plenty of fun, interactive toys
  • Large wheels for carpet


  • Risk of pinching little fingers in toys on tray tops
  • Difficult to remove the tray

If you like this walker but have a baby girl, be sure to check out the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Walker. Same cute design, but with that sweet Minnie flair!

Cosco Simple Steps Walker

Cosco Simple Steps Walker, Monster Shelley

The Cosco Simple Steps Walker features a fun monster’ design in blue and green or pink. It is approved for use with babies up to 30 pounds and generally fits kids until they are at least 10 months.


Two cute sweet treats’, a donut and a ring with candies, are on top of this tray. In the center, there is a removable tray insert for snacks that can also be placed in the dishwasher. The seat pad is also removable, washable, and dryer safe.

While assembly is easy, this does not fold like the other models. You must disassemble it for storage and travel. However, it is easy to take apart.

There are multi-directional front wheels. These, along with the smaller design, makes maneuverability easier on carpet.

Finally, there are two adjustable heights instead of three. Adjusting the height is very easy, simply zip or unzip the seat to adjust as needed. Even with the adjustable heights, however, this might not be the best choice for tall kids.


Like the other models, there are grips along the base. These stop your little one from going over ledges or down steps.

The outside of this baby walker is not the safest for parents. The sharper corners on the outer edge of the base can hurt or even cut your ankles, especially if your little one picks up a lot of speed.


  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fun, kid-friendly toys and a snacking area
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Easy to maneuver on carpet and hard floors


  • Have to disassemble to travel, instead of fold down
  • Outer edge of baseline is sharp
  • Not good for taller babies

Baby Trend Trend 3.0 Activity Walker

Baby Trend Trend 3.0 Activity Walker Yellow Sprinkles, Silver/Multi

The Baby Trend Trend 3.0 Activity Walker has great features, a stylish design, and a low price. Your baby can start using it whenever they are able to sit up and can use it all the way to 30 pounds and 32 inches tall. 


This walker can fold upon itself. The seat collapses down into the base for flat and easy storage. I love this feature! Stash your walker under a couch or bed until you need it to keep your house free from clutter.

The padded seat has a comfortable high-back design. It can’t be washed, but the slick material is pretty easy to wipe clean and it is good at resisting stains. The seat has 3 height settings to ensure that baby won’t just outgrow it at the first growth spurt.

You’ll find a decent-sized food tray with toys on the Baby Trend walker. The removable toy bar features a lollipop teether and a cupcake rattle. They’re connected by a rubber bar with beads on it. 


This activity walker features a wide base that keeps it from tipping, even when driven by the most enthusiastic of babies.

When baby is older and cruising around, they can use the push handle on the back to walk behind the walker for extra muscle development. There isn’t a back bar to the base, which gives baby plenty of space to walk. 

The rubber bumper grips are pretty standard to most baby walkers, and you’ll find them here. Once removed, make this walker work well, even on thick pile carpet. For flat surfaces or thin carpets, leave the bumpers on for a sort of baby braking system.


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Stylish and not overtly colorful
  • Can be a sit-in walker or push walker
  • Affordable


  • Toy bar doesn’t like to stay attached
  • Gets stuck on carpet if rubber bumpers are left on
  • Works best for taller/older babies due to tall height settings

Baby Walkers for Carpet Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

FAQs – Best Baby Walkers for Carpet

Do I need a baby walker?

Baby walkers are a great way to keep your little one entertained. They are definitely not a necessary product, though.

In fact, many parents choose not to buy baby walkers because there has recently been research that shows baby walkers don’t help your little one walk. If they spend enough time in them, your little one might even walk one month slower than babies who have learned to walk on their own.

What is the safest baby walker?

When it comes to safety and baby walkers, you’ll want to pay attention to a few things. First, the base of the walker needs to be heavy and wide enough to prevent tipping. Second, the walker must prevent your child from rolling down the stairs or over a ledge. And finally, the walker seat should contain your child so they don’t climb out and hurt themselves.

Based on these criteria, the Cosco Simple Steps Walker and Joovy Spoon Walker are the safest options.

Can baby walkers work on carpet?

Some baby walkers do roll over the carpet. If you have plush carpeting, however, some of the options mentioned may not work. The safety features of a baby walker stop it from rolling over door frames or getting stuck. However, they also stop the walker from rolling over especially thick carpeting.

Just be sure to pick a model that has good wheels that actually roll well if you have a carpeted area in your home. Multi-directional wheels are great, because it can help your little one move around if they get stuck on carpet.

If you have more hard flooring than carpet, be sure to check out our full list of the best baby walkers.

Will a baby walker help my baby learn to walk?

Many parents opt for a walker because they think it will help their little one walk sooner. Realistically, using a walker too often can actually delay your child’s first steps. They do not require the same movement as walking does. These tips for helping your baby walk will let you get them moving sooner.

This doesn’t mean walkers don’t have a purpose. They are a great way for your little one to interact with their environment. Some also have further benefits of having a tray or toys attached. Many parents who still use walkers also do so because it is an easy place to set their little one safely when they are busy.

Baby Walker Safety Guide

One of the major stigmas against baby walkers is that they are unsafe.

There are risks associated with using an infant walker, especially if you leave your little one unattended. There has been a significant decline in the number of injuries caused by walkers.

Even so, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended a ban on walkers. They have been banned in Canada completely.

Though walkers are not banned in the United States, there are strict manufacturer guidelines. You should not buy baby walkers secondhand for this reason.

Also, be aware of these problem areas so you can keep your little one safe:

  • Staircases– Keep your baby in a closed area or on the first floor of your home. Even baby gates might not stop your little one from tumbling down the stairs.
  • Falling Hazards– Even though walkers keep your child off the ground, they can reach tablecloths and stands better than before. This can leave them at risk of pulling something dangerous down on top of them.
  • Burns– Since your child is higher up, they are better able to reach candles, stovetops, and other hazardous items like medication or chemicals. You’ll need to keep these things in an area completely away from your little one.

It is possible to safely use a baby walker, on carpet or on hard floors. They are great for babies who want to move around. However, you should use them moderately and never leave your little one unattended. Pack n plays or stationary activity centers, like baby jumpers, are a safer choice when you need to walk out of the room.


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