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10 of the Best Baby Walkers Your Child Will Love

Sit-in walkers are inherently dangerous and therefore untrustworthy without the ability to lock the walker in place. Because of these well-founded fears, the best recommendation is a push baby walker. I recommend the Vtech Sit and Stand Walker, as it allows baby to move without as much risk because the baby is not trapped in a seat. However, even with push walkers, babies need to be constantly monitored when using any item with wheels. 

Take a look at all of the best baby walker options below and find out what all walkers are lacking that would make them safer. 

Best Overall Walker:

Best Classic Walker:

Best Sit-to-Stand Walker:

The Best Baby Walkers of 2020 

Both the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon and Melissa & Doug Alligator Walker are wooden push walkers for hardwood floors. The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is longer and taller than the Melissa & Doug Alligator Walker.

Joovy Spoon Walker

Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal

The clean lines of the Joovy Spoon Walker and simple, modern design will appeal to parents who want less clutter and less overly-busy baby items.

Pick from five different seat colors for this sit-in walker. Your baby will be mobile to move around the house and snack or play on the extra larger built-in tray. Pack up the chair for use out of the house or for storage.


  • Extra larger tray with removable insert
  • The insert is dishwasher safe
  • Folds flat for storage and travel
  • Free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalate
  • The Supportive seat pad is machine washable
  • Three height positions 
  • Oversized wheels
  • Non-slip stair pads
  • Max weight of 30 lbs and height up to 33.5 inches
  • Good for eating, playing, learning to walk
  • Modern design

The Good

The extra-large tray is the main feature of the Spoon walker. Another great feature is steel reinforcements and bumpers to protect your little one and any furniture she may hit. Parents will love that the seat comes fully assembled. 

Second, parents will enjoy the extended use with multiple height positions. The seat comes out for easy washing and the tray includes a dishwasher safe insert.

My personal favorite aspect of the tray is the name Spoon. I can only imagine this is because this is a hybrid high chair and walker combo. 

The Bad

There are no toys. I cannot wrap my mind around why a baby walker would have a tray for snacks, but no toys. With this walker, you will need to put toys on the tray. You know the baby is going to knock the toys off over and over again. 

Next, do you really want your baby cruising around shoving Cheerios in their mouth, and slamming into furniture? Nope. There’s no lock to make sure the baby has to stay where you put her. At least the walker includes a bumper bar to prevent too much damage.

The price is very steep for a walker your baby can only sit and snack in. Some parents complained the walker only works for short babies.

A few parents received defective units. Do make sure to check the walker thoroughly before use. 

Finally, sit in walkers are rather useful for letting a baby be mobile. Unfortunately, they do not help babies learn to walk. When walking, you do not sit in a seat and move your legs independently. You use your hips, bottom, and thighs to propel yourself forward. This type of walker can’t teach that kind of movement.

Tiny Love Meadow Days 4-in-1 Baby Walker

Tiny Love 4-in-1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center, Meadow Days

While the price of the Tiny Love Meadow Days Here I Grow 4-in-1 Baby Walker and Mobile Activity Center is on the high side for this fun walker, it includes multiple functions to entertain a baby and help out parents.

Tiny Love’s walker is the most versatile option on this list, making it the perfect option for parents with little space to spare for lots of baby furniture. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Use in four ways – use as a stationary bouncer, jumper, push along, or sit-in walker
  • 20 different activities to help baby with language, cognition, fine motor skills, senses, gross motor skills, creativity, and emotional intelligence
  • Easy to clean 
  • Removable and washable seat pad
  • Compact for storage and travel

The Good

Don’t buy an exersaucer, a sit-in walker, and a push walker. Just buy the Tiny Love walker and get all of those rolled into one piece of baby furniture. Baby can swivel, bounce, walk, and push this innovative walker ready to save you money. 

Parents with a small space will love this combo piece. When you need the entertainer out of the way, fold it up and nestle it away for easy storage. You can also adjust the height in three ways to grow with your baby.

Tiny Love’s walker might just be the safest, as even when the baby is pushing the walker, it maintains its exersaucer shape to prevent baby from slamming into furniture even when the walker does. As it grows with the baby, the functions can change to keep your baby playing safely as well. 

Finally, speaking of baby, she will love the fun animal-themed toys with bright colors and tons of textures to touch. All babies love to jump and move around and this walker will allow your little one to stay busy for the first year and a half of her life. 

The Bad

Once again, another walker with no breaks. Sometimes babies need to lose the option to move the walker and that’s not possible without a brake lock. Why is this such a hard concept? For the rather sizable price tag, there should be an option to shut down a baby in a path to destruction.

At least this one can go into jumper mode, but once you put it in walker mode, switching would be a pain.

Next, parents with carpet will find this walker does not work for them.

Also, smaller babies will have a difficult time pushing this walker as it’s stiff and heavy. Then again, it could be just the thing to build a little muscle! Other parents complained the toy could have been sturdier. 

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, Sit to Stand Toddler Toy, Wood Walker, 1-4 Years , Red

Your little one isn’t ready for a full-size wagon but at about nine months they may be ready for the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon. The larger size will keep all of your kiddo’s stuffed animals comfortable for a long trek around the living room. Even better, the push wagon includes some special safety features. 


  • Wooden body 
  • Sturdy handle and base
  • Removable sides
  • Resist push body for support
  • Weight capacity of 35 pounds
  • For ages 1-4 years old
  • Built-in storage for toys
  • Larger body
  • Weighs 14 pounds – twice the weight of others
  • Molded wheels with grip tread
  • Furniture bumper in the front

The Good

Remember pulling a little red wagon full of toys and stolen snacks? Maybe you don’t, but your child can. Let them start memories with this mini wagon meant to assist children with beginning walking. With all the weight in the front, your baby will find it easier to propel themselves forward. 

The wagon was made with a couple of benefits. First, the side panels come off completely to lighten the load. Second, the bumpers around the wagon make this wagon more furniture friendly. Third, the wagon features resistance when pulled to help your little one keep her balance. 

Last, the classic wagon has a higher weight capacity to last longer. Also, with the long empty basket, use this space for storing stuffed animals and other toys. Who doesn’t need extra toy storage?

The Bad

While the walker does use resist-pull, some little tots are strong enough to push far and fast with no difficulty. With this in mind, do not leave your baby unattended.

Also, this walker is designed for one year or up, so if you use this earlier than the prescribed age, do not leave your baby alone with this toy. 

Next, other parents complained about the sideboards falling apart. Also, some children got splinters from the sideboards. Thoroughly check the sideboard before use to ensure your baby’s safety. If any parts are missing, as a small percentage of customers experienced, call the manufacturer. 

Melissa & Doug Alligator Wooden Walker

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker

Not only is the price of the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Activity Walker absolutely affordable, but this toy is so stinking cute you will want to play with it too.

If you got two, you and your husband could race them around the living room. Loser does the dishes. A great way to get in shape after the baby is born. You will have to relinquish the walker to the baby when he turns about nine months old.


  • For a small fee, the walker can be personalized for your baby
  • Sturdy wood construction 
  • Includes multiple activities – chomping alligators, fish on the wheels, and spinning ladybugs and butterflies. 
  • Makes noise when moved to appeal to babies love of sounds
  • Helps to encourage gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Made by the dependable Melissa and Doug brand
  • Best for hardwood floors

The Good

Every step your baby takes, three little alligators will chomp. How cute is that? The toy appeals to multiple senses with natural noise (no batteries needed!), cute painted graphics, and spinning bugs. The simple toy will delight babies of multiple ages. 

Finally, the sturdy wood handle is a great supportive way for baby to learn to use his little legs. This walker weighs a couple of pounds more to keep baby from toppling over.

Even more important, the wheels have non-slip grips to contain your baby’s speed to a respectable level. The wide toy will also keep your little one in check. A great option for hardwood floors. 

The Bad

The age for this walker is twelve months to two years old, but your baby should be able to use this a few months younger so long as you do not leave him or her alone with the walker. Once your baby can reach the handles with both feet touching the ground, they should be ready. Just do not leave the baby alone with this or any other walker, because babies do not know yet to look for danger. 

While this walker is perfect for hardwood floors, the wheel grips prevent the walker from functioning well on carpets. Another issue, some parents complained the toy is too lightweight and therefore a hazard to babies.

There is a fine line though, between being too heavy to push and too light to support baby’s weight. Some babies are bigger and need more weight to stay sturdy. Others are light and require less strength to be able to push the toy.

This is less an issue with the toy and more a personal choice for each family’s unique needs. 

Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker – Ford F-150

Bright Starts Ways to Play 4-in-1 Walker - Ford F-150, White, Ages 6 months +

If you want to start training an all-American driver, get a head start with the Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker. Big trucks are the way to go and with this walker, baby can walk and drive at the same time. Even better, the walker works three different ways to allow your baby more driving fun for longer.


  • Use three ways – as a sit-in walker, a push walker, or a walker without the truck
  • Easy to transition between modes
  • Rubber tires – anti-skid
  • The baby can pretend to steer
  • Realistic sounds, gears, lights, and steering wheel
  • Adjustable to three different heights
  • Weights 19 pounds
  • Looks like a Ford truck
  • Requires AA batteries
  • Works on some carpets
  • Weight limit – 26 pounds
  • Can be used by two children at the same time – great for twins
  • Multiple colors available
  • Folds for storage

The Good

Buy the toughest walker in town for your patriotic baby. Who doesn’t want a Ford truck to drive to the hardware store? You may want to hold your baby off from a drive downtown, but he will love steering around the living room.

The walker includes some great features for parents, too. Adjust the height for babies. Always make sure your child’s feet touch the floor in a walker.

Also, if you have two babies, one could use the walker without the truck and the other could use the push car.

Finally, the sturdy base will prevent baby from slamming into a ton of furniture or walls. The walker is heavier than most, too, for extra sturdiness.

Let him or her steer the wheel, honk the horn, shift the gears and then explain they have to wait until they are sixteen to drive once they outgrow the walker. Beep Beep!

The Bad

Once again, the wheels do not lock.

Another issue is the very heavy walker is meant to hold a baby only up to 26 pounds. The majority of walkers go up to 30-35 pounds. This limits how long you can use the walker. Some babies hit 30 pounds faster than you can blink. 

Lastly, the walker can be difficult to fold down for parents and difficult to push around for babies as it’s so heavy. Of course, the weight protects the baby as this is not a flimsy walker. What else would you expect from a Ford?

Disney Music and Lights Walker

Disney Music and Lights Walker, Pink

Unlike the walker above, the Disney Music and Lights Walker includes toys, lights, and sounds to entertain your little one while in the seat. Even better, you can pick from several different Disney themes – Winnie the Pooh, Minnie, and this pink “Happily Ever After” version, which is perfect for your little princess.


  • Fold down flat walker for easy storage
  • Two swing-open activity trays 
  • Four Disney toys and 12 songs
  • Adjustable height up to 3-positions
  • Larger snack tray 
  • For children up to 30 pounds and 32 inches tall
  • Strong wheels that work on hard floors and carpets
  • The seat pad is removable and machine washable
  • For ages 4 months and up – baby must be able to support their own head to sit in the seat
  • Large wide frame to keep baby from bumping her head into furniture
  • Almost 12 pounds

The Good

The activities on the Disney walker make the toy. Not to mention the toys swing out to reveal a tray for little puff snacks or bits of cereal.

Everything about this walker is functional – from the large frame to keep your baby from bumping into furniture even when the walker does to the high seat backs to keep baby supported. 

Finally, your little one can enjoy twelve different songs along with several attached toys. You don’t have to stop and pick up toys, as these ones do not come off!

You will also love the ability to store the walker flat and out of the way when it’s not needed. 

The Bad

Why do so few top-rated baby walkers have locks? Do not plan on leaving baby unattended, as this walker cannot be locked into place. Also, make sure you are in the room when your baby nibbles snacks, as a moving baby with food in their hands is not a great combination. 

Next, the price is rather steep for a walker but not as high as the Joovy Spoon. Both are a bit overpriced, as you are paying for the brands, but who doesn’t love all things Disney!

Otherwise, the toy passes most parents’ approval with few exceptions. As with all products, some are accidentally given inferior units that should be returned. 


Little Balance Box 2-in-1 

Little Balance Box: Baby Walker, Sit to Stand, Push Toy, Learning to Walk Assistant, Toddler Standing Activity Table, Boy, Girl, Award-Winning, 2-in-1 (Green)

The Little Balance Box 2-in-1 is completely unique and unlike other walkers. First, this “walker” does not have any wheels but instead has spring feet. No other walker like this exists on the market. Help your baby with a more natural transition from sitting to walking.


  • No wheels – spring-loaded feet move up and down 
  • Glides easily on carpet, tile, and wood
  • Helps baby to balance and to pull up to standing
  • Eco-friendly – made of bamboo without BPA or PVC
  • Doubles as a toddler table
  • Clear tabletop (not glass) so baby can see his feet for easier coordination
  • No sharp edges 
  • Floating table feet help baby with coordination and protect floors from scratches
  • Feet made of nylon
  • Easy for babies to move but easier to control than walkers with wheels
  • 50% restocking fee for used or damaged products or packaging
  • Easy to assemble

The Good

Normal walkers include wheels, which can quickly get ahead of a baby and they can lose control. Inspira Spark came up with an alternative. The little balance box isn’t a box per se, but a table with padded legs. The wide surface to pull up on makes standing and balancing much easier for babies.

Also, the padded legs prevent the table from toppling over onto little ones. 

Everything about the little table was made to help parents and babies with the transition from sitting to standing to walking. Even better, no sharp corners or edges to injure an active baby.

When the baby is done learning to walk, don’t throw the walker away, use it as a table for your child to color on until the next baby arrives. 

Lastly, while this is on top of the list of cool baby walkers, it does not have wheel locks, it does not need them as there are no wheels to lock. Baby cannot push this walker as fast as a wheeled one and this will keep baby safer. 

The Bad

The first problem with the Little Balance box is how much it costs. What legitimate reason could there be for a tiny table costing this much? The price is enough for you to want to go try an IKEA hack. The feet though are special, as is the concept, but the expense maybe is too big a burden for many families. 

Other minor issues crop up with this walker table.

First, the table is bland at best. No toys no activities, no color, no drawings, nothing. A blank, boring slate.

Second, the size is too small for taller babies.

Third, babies love to drum on the clear polycarbonate top, which will inevitably annoy parents. 

Best Sit-to-Stand Baby Walkers

The NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker is shorter than the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker and Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Walker. Both the Fisher-Price Walker and VTech Walker are more affordable than the NuoPeng Walker. All three options are push walkers with learning value and fun activities.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker 

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)

Busy babies will love VTech’s fancy little push walker, Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. Vibrant with color and chock full of buttons and activities. While this toy is a walker, it’s not just a walker. Your baby can enjoy the buttons and play phone on the go with the detachable activity center. A lot of thought went into making the Sit-to-Stand Walker. 


  • Interactive baby walker removable activity center
  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Learning toy teaches numbers, shapes, sounds, music, and letters.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries included
  • Wheels work on carpets and hard floors
  • Tons of buttons and other activities
  • Made of plastic
  • For ages 9-36 months
  • Toy telephone for imaginative play
  • 70 plus songs and sounds
  • Comes in multiple colors

The Good

At first, your baby will sit to play with this fun toy and then move on to standing while holding on to the sturdy handle. Later, your baby can push the little cart around the living room while gaining some confidence in his walking skills. It’s my choice for the best baby walker for baby learning to walk.

The best feature though is the removable toy bar. The activity panel comes off so you essentially get two toys in one – a walker and a portable toy. Not to mention, all of the learning potential with piano keys, a phone, animals, spinning parts, and more. 

Take the activity bar on the road with you for a fun toy and use the walker separately without the toy or put it back on the walker. Even though the toy is only good for the first three years, at least the toy has multiple functions to get your money’s worth and the price is very reasonable. 

The Bad

The most annoying issue with this particular walker is it doesn’t fold down for storage. Also, it only weighs five pounds. Not very sturdy for a tiny baby learning to walk and hold themselves upright. 

Another annoying feature is the amount of noise the toy will make, but this is the nature of the beast and many baby toys talk non-stop. Maybe to prepare you for the constant noise your child will make once she can talk. A real concern, as some parents complained the toy never shuts up. 

Lastly, the activity pan snaps off easily and can cause issues for your baby. Some customers received defective units otherwise, the toy functions as expected. 

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Walker

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker, Musical Walking Toy for Infants and Toddlers Ages 6 to 36 Months

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Walker is a walking toy that offers two different ways to play as your child grows. When they’re in the pre-walking stage, they can play with the puppy on the ground. Once they are standing, they can play with this walker in the stand-up position and walk with it!


  • Sit & play or stand & walk playmodes
  • 75+ phrases, songs, etc. (including Spanish)
  • 7 hands-on activities (piano, roller, spinner, etc.)
  • Smart Stages technology grows with baby
  • Introduces ABC’s, colors, and numbers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Volume button

The Good

A fun part of this walker is that it can still be played with before your child is standing up on their own.

This puppy baby walker includes SO many features to entertain and excite your little one. They can listen to a huge variety of sounds, phrases, and songs, in addition to being introduced to the alphabet, colors, and numbers… and Spanish! There are also parts of the puppy walker that are fun hands-on activities, so they can touch, spin, and press piano buttons. 

You may be worried about the 75+ sounds that this baby walker makes, if you’re thinking all the noise might make you go insane. No worries! With a volume up and down button, you have more control over the volume so you don’t go insane.

The Bad

If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, this baby walker may move pretty quickly for your pre-walker. There also may be issues with the baby pushing the walker down to the floor as they walk. If too much strength is used on the handlebar, it can push the walker down and potentially make your child topple.

There may be some frustration opening up the part that holds batteries, but nothing too crazy.

NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker

NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker, Activity Center, Entertainment Table, Drawing Board

The NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker is not just a walker, but an entire activity center ready to entertain tiny tots for hours on end. This toy can entertain a child until they are ready for preschool with all the different functions. If you are low on space with a small house or apartment, this is the best walker for you as it also serves as a drawing board and play station to reduce the clutter in your home. 


  • Non-toxic materials and certified safe
  • Does not tip over 
  • Helps babies to learn coordination and strength as a walker
  • Plays music while the baby is walking with the walker to keep baby engaged
  • Transforms into an entertainment table with levers, an airplane, driving simulation, toy phone, beads, a rattle, and much more to help babies to learn and enhance motor skills
  • Flip the table over and use it as a writing and drawing board with fun colorful props, and no mess
  • Compact – does not take up a large amount of space in the house
  • Requires 6 AA batteries not included 
  • Two-year quality guarantee

The Good

Attach the legs and move the walker around with the small wheels on the front of the activity center. If the baby is moving too fast, change the speed rate and slow down.

When the baby wants to sit down and take a break, set them up with the activity panel in the front and let them drive an imaginary car for a while.

When the baby grows a bit, flip the table and let them explore his creativity with some drawing on a magnetic board. 

The options are endless with the tiny NuoPeng walker. Learn sounds, practice drawing letters or numbers, or work on fine motor skills. Parents will love how versatile the toy is and how long it would last. I love how the toy plays music when the baby pushes the toy to encourage the skill of walking. 

The Bad

The little walker is on the lightweight side at just under ten pounds.

The toy requires a lot of batteries! Only one real issue with the toy is the Asian accent with spoken English can be difficult for both parents and babies to understand.

The price is decent for everything you get but the tiny size can be a deterrent for small babies. 

Best Baby Walkers Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

FAQs about the Best Baby Walkers

Are baby walkers safe for my baby?

Baby walkers cause a ton of accidents for babies under the age of 15 months, but mainly because of mishaps with stairs.

Beyond issues with stairs, other issues include pinched fingers or legs, run into stoves, pools outside, tip over, and other unsafe objects in the house. Let’s face it, babies aren’t old enough to think of what would be dangerous and if you are not giving your baby 100% of your attention, there is a risk of danger.

Lastly, baby walkers—both sit-in and push walkers—do not include wheel locks. Maybe at some point technology will catch up and manufacturers will either include wheels or will use cameras and beeping to notify parents when a walker is about to go astray or just plain stop the walker. We have robot vacuums that can sense when they are about to hit something, why not a walker?

Here are a few ways to keep walkers safe for baby:

  • CPSC instituted many laws over the years to ensure the safest walker for your baby. Always make sure to check the CPSC Recall List for any walker you choose to buy beforehand.
  • Check the walker when you take it out of the package. If anything looks wrong or it’s wobbly, return it immediately. Prevention is the best way to keep your baby safe. 
  • The best course of action if you decide to get your baby a walker is to keep a constant eye on your baby. Stay in the room with your baby and keep them on the bottom floor of the house with no access to stairs or ledges. 

At what age should I put my baby in a walker?

The only real limitation between your baby and the walker is the baby’s ability to hold his head up and for his feet to touch the floor.

This will vary from baby to baby. Some may be ready at four months and others not until six.

Because the safety of walkers is in question, do not rush the decision to use a walker. If in doubt get an activity table or baby jumper instead. 

Will a baby walker help my baby to walk?

The purpose of the walker is to help babies grow strength in their legs and find their center of balance. For these two purposes, walkers can be helpful. The majority of babies will walk on their own before a year and a half.

They do not need assistance to learn, per se, but they need a desire to learn. If a baby has no desire to walk, then a walker will not sway their opinion. Most babies learn to crawl and walk to get to something like the cat or my cup of coffee, speaking from experience. 

However, babies cannot understand they need to avoid danger and may bang into everything, or fall over. Walking around furniture may be more productive to help with strength and balance. 

Another point: rushing a baby into walking may not be in their best interest. Letting them take their time ensures they are comfortable with walking and any actions leading up to the finale.

My oldest walked at 9 months. I didn’t even know babies could walk that young, so I did not encourage the behavior in any way. He was just ready. 

Let your baby set his own schedule. You can provide him with a walker, but make sure he uses it because he wants to try walking. 

Which style baby walker is best for my baby?

The better option for helping a baby to walk is to use a push walker and not a sit-in walker.

This is because, with a push walker, the baby still has to hold themselves up but with a sit-in, they are moving their legs, but not their bottom, which is most definitely important in the process of balance. 

Sit-in walkers also keep baby off the floor where they can learn valuable motor skills such as crawling, pulling up, and other repetitive movements. The more natural a baby can learn the better.

Sit-in walkers offer mobility but do not help babies to learn and walk.

I recommend skipping sit-in walkers altogether and only using push walkers. A jumper or activity seat are both fine as babies cannot move either. If you do choose to use a sit-in walker, make sure to not use it near the stairs.

Next, doctors agree sit-in walkers are inherently unsafe, which I agree with, as babies do not understand how to watch out for danger. Also, a sit-in walker does not use the same muscles to walk as a push walker, which is another reason why a push walker is a better option.

Which baby walker is best for hardwood floors?

With wooden wheels and non-slip grips, the Melissa & Doug Alligator Wooden Walker is the best baby walker for hardwood floors. 

At what age will my baby walk?

Every baby is different. Most babies walk between 9 and 15 months old. Others wait a little longer. If your baby isn’t walking by 18 months, you may want to talk to your doctor.

Some babies are more nervous and less willing to take risks, therefore, they put off walking until they feel a need. My middle child didn’t start walking until her brother left the house without her and she wanted to go with him! 

You could have ten babies and every one of them would start walking at a different time and hit all their other milestones at different times. There is no right time to walk, it’s more a personality preference. Some babies are little daredevils that are desperate to move and others are content to sit and watch others. 


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