The Best Baby Co-Sleepers of 2019

by Adrina Palmer |

You just brought your new baby home and now it’s bedtime. The crib you spend months researching seems to far away in the nursery. The bassinet in the corner of your bedroom seems too far away because your baby is so new you need time next to you like you need oxygen to breathe. Enter the co-sleeper. A safer option for keeping your new bundle of joy close enough to your body. Not to mention the ease of night feedings. I give you the best co-sleepers for your life. You take care of the baby as we did all the research, hours and hours of research to bring you the best options without the work.

The Best Co-Sleepers of 2019 Why It Is Best Mom Rating
Lulyboo Bassinet to Go Classic Soft, High Sides, Fold-Up, Affordable ♥♥♥♥♥
Mumbelli Co-Sleeper Highest Sides, Inserts, Adjustable ♥♥♥
Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Travels Well, Pockets, Mesh Net for Bugs ♥♥♥
Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Swivels, Separate Sleep Space, Adjustable Base ♥♥♥
Arm’s Reach Concepts Separate Sleep Space, Storage, Multi-function ♥♥♥
SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper Womb-Like, Night Light, Vibrates ♥♥
Snuggle Me Organic Organic, Washable, Womb-Like ♥♥

1. Best Overall Co-Sleeper: Lulyboo Bassinet to Go Classic

Image of the Lulyboo Bassinet To Go Classic

The Lulyboo Bassinet To Go Classic is simple, affordable, and comfortable. Rest easy at night with this adorable, neutral-colored co-sleeper.

What I Love

Size: The perfect size to fit in between mom and dad and yet still comfortable for baby. With squishable sides, your little one will feel snuggly and safe. 
Price: The price of this co-sleeper is on the lower end of the listed options and well worth any penny. 
Storage: The inventor of this co-sleeper deserves a medal for its ability to fold up into a backpack. The only way it could be better is if it folded up into a Rubix cube shape to toss in the diaper bag. 
Function:  Use for co-sleeping or take with you on your travels to serve as a bassinet. 
Material: No creepy materials like BPA, phthalates, latex, or lead. Plus the co-sleeper is machine washable and has a soft mat inside and is waterproof on the bottom. Trust me, when you leak milk in the night or the baby has an accident you will appreciate these features. 

What I Do Not Love

Shape: Once you fold this up for travel it may not return to its original form. No big deal, our bodies are never returning to their original shape so why should we expect this bed to?
No Light: Why would you need a nightlight on a co-sleeper? So you don’t have to turn on the lamp to check babies diaper or unclip your bra, etc. This model does not have a built-in light like most of the options.


The Lulyboo Bassinet to Go Metro offers a bassinet with a hood to protect babies eyes for a little more money if you plan to use this bassinet from bed to backyard.

Image of the Lulyboo Bassinet to-Go Metro Portable Travel Newborn Baby Infant Bed for Sleep and Play Co-Sleeper Waterproof Base Breathable Portable and Folds Into A Backpack Includes Toy Bar Canopy 2 Toys

2. Best High Sides Co-Sleeper: Mumbelli

Image of the Mumbelli - The only womb-like, and adjustable infant bed. Patented design, safety tested, reflux wedge included. Travel bassinet and co-sleeper.

The Mumbelli Co-Sleeper grows with baby with a partition for newborns and deep high sides. The price might cause a nose-bleed but this sleeper is soft, comfy, and can keep baby sleeping soundly.

What I Love

Material: Polyester suede that is 100% machine washable. No creepy chemicals either! 
Function: Comes with a wedge insert for babies with colic or acid reflux, why haven’t more brands caught on to this feature? There is even an adjustable foot insert for the perfect womb feeling for your tiny baby. Non-slip bottom, pocket at the foot for nursing pads, pacifiers, etc, a travel bag, and high sides. Super impressed with this adorable, teddy-bear of a bed. Use around the house too not just on the bed!
High Sides: None of the other on-bed co-sleepers come with such high sides to keep baby safe and help mom and dad stay comfy in the night too. 

What I Do Not Love

Price: This is one of the higher priced co-sleepers especially for one that stays on the bed but has features the others do not have. 

3. Best Travel Co-Sleeper: Baby Delight Snuggle Nest 

Image of the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Afterglow Infant Sleeper/Baby Bed | Misty Dandelions Catcher Fabric Pattern | Portable Bassinet/Co-Sleeper with Nightlight | Waterproof Foam Mattress with Sheet

The Snuggle Nest Afterglow folds up for storage and comes with a hood so you can lay your baby down to sleep no matter where you go. The neutral colors will appeal to most peoples tastes and give baby a tranquil place to sleep.

What I Love

Material: With a sturdy shell and mess vents your newborn will sleep comfortably in bed next to you or anywhere else you go. The inside is soft and cozy for baby. 
Function: With the fold up design and four pockets store small items and let baby sleep. The hood will keep the sun out of baby’s eyes outside and a mesh net liner can be used to keep bugs at bay. 
Fit: This small bed will keep baby safe while sleeping in the same bed with mom and dad. 

What I Do Not Love

Size: Your baby will outgrow this co-sleeper fairly quickly with some of the length dedicated to the fold over aspect of the product. 

4. Best Side Sleeper Bassinet: Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

Image of the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper – Premiere Series Bassinet

The Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper keeps baby close by but in his own space so mommy can listen for baby all night without worrying about bumping into baby and disturbing his sleep or hers.

What I Love

Function: This handy little bassinet hovers over the bed so mama can sleep with baby in hand range. Even better, the one leg with multiple feet allows mom space to get up and around the bassinet with ease and comfort. Sidewalls lower to reach your infant. Rotates 360 to reach baby no matter where you are. Adjustable base to fit comfortably at any bed. 
Mesh Sides: The mesh liner allows baby to breathe and see around them. 

What I Do Not Love

Price: While the price is relatively standard for the item, thrifty mama’s will be searching for coupons. 
Materials: Polyurethane mattress is not safe for your baby. Crafty moms can sew up a mattress in no time. Other moms may have to hunt online if they want to avoid creepy chemicals. Comes with a polyester sheet, cotton would be better. 
Heavy: The weight of this bassinet makes it difficult to move even though it is marketed as swiveling. Maybe time for some WD-40.

5. Best Dual Purpose Co-Sleeper: Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee

Image of the Arm's Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Bedside Bassinet - Natural

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee Co-Sleeper offers many features the other options lack: it can serve as a bedside co-sleeper so baby has their own space close to mom and can be a bassinet with tons of storage.

What I Love

Function: The side comes down to allow easy reaching for mom next to the bed but can be raised if you want baby to sleep alone. This bassinet is the best for transitioning from co-sleeping to 
Storage: No need to clear the dresser for baby space. Arm’s Reach co-sleeper comes with plenty of storage underneath for diapers, clothing, nursing pillow, kitchen sink, mini-fridge, a nanny. Okay, just joking but there really is a lot of space. Pockets all over the place too!
Compact: Smaller than a playpen, this bassinet can still fold down into a compact shape for storage. It’s the Houdini of co-sleepers, although let’s hope no bunnies come out! Toss in the travel bag and then into the trunk of the car for travel. 
Material:  Houdini comes with its own mattress too and a washable 100% cotton sheet. Mesh sides let your little cuddle bug breathe and see their surroundings.
Extendable Height: While not included, purchase length extensions for higher beds. 

What I Do Not Love

Adjusting: The bassinet does fold down but will take a strong arm and gumption to get the job done. Once you get the thing set up you will not want to take it apart and try re-assembling. May need another can of WD-40 or just leave it by your bed. The locking mechanisms are tricky too. 
Assembly: If you thought adjusting was a bear, the assembly is worse. Maybe buy this one used and already assembled. 
Price: The price is high for an item you will only use for about 6 months max. Make sure to keep it clean so you can re-sell to recoup some cash. 

6. Best Bassinet Cradle Co-Sleeper: SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper

Image of the SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper

The SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper acts like a hammock by your bed for your baby. The mesh design hangs low and allows movement to simulate the womb for your infant. Of all the bedside co-sleepers this one is the least pricy.

What I Love

Function: Adjust the height to keep the baby close to your side while sleeping. You can also adjust to two different functions to better suit your baby’s comfort. Rock your baby back to sleep without leaving the bed. Vibrates to soothe baby
Night Light: See what you are doing when baby cries in the night without turning on the lamp.  
Material: Breathable mesh sides, soft comfy fabrics, and a machine washable infant insert. 
Price:  While the price is still high for an item you might get to use for up to 6 months, it’s much much cheaper than the other bassinet co-sleepers. 

What I Do Not Love

Age Usage: This item with its womb-like design is only recommended for 0-3 months or until baby can push-up or roll over. 
Batteries: Vibrations and lights are great but do require batteries. Thank goodness this bassinet can be manually rocked in case the batteries die in the night.
Storage: This bassinet does not fold up for storage or travel. 
Mold:  The inner pad can become mildewy and hold mold. Wash and dry carefully to avoid this problem.

7. Best Womb Like Co-Sleeper: Snuggle Me Organic

Image of the Snuggle Me Organic | Patented Sensory Lounger for Baby | organic cotton, virgin polyester fill

The Snuggle Me Organic will make moms and babies happy but at a high price. With organic cotton and womb-like comfort, the price might be worth it for mom’s who want babies next to them in bed.

What I Love

Material: Organic cotton outside and cotton inside. 
Function: The shallow center and rounded enclosed sides -think one of those special pillows to cradle the back of your head but puts padding under your neck for ergonomic support – will keep safe and next to you with a washable cover. Comes with a travel bag too. 
Snug: With little space to move and a close secure shape, baby will feel like they are back in the womb, perfect for babies with colic. 

What I Do Not Love

Price: There is no plausible reason for the high cost of this item, but the co-sleeper is the perfect shape to cradle your baby right next to your side. 
Size: Perfect for newborns but will not last for a baby past 27 inches. You will need a deeper and longer co-sleeper for baby in a month or two. 
Flattens: The shape, like all pillows, will flatten over time. Not a huge issue as most babies will outgrow this by six-months-old.

Guide to Selecting a Co-Sleeper

A co-sleeper is a personal choice but always check for safety and read the user manual. Do not use a co-sleeper once your baby is mobile as they are at risk to fall or climb out.


Find a tranquil design with firm cushions to keep baby safe and help them to sleep. Preferably in a pattern that will not clash with your decor. Thankfully, because co-sleepers are meant for sleep, the colors are low-key.


Whether the co-sleeper is next to your bed or on your bed look for an item that is safe for your baby and situation. Test out the sleeper before your baby is born to find if you roll over onto it or if you find it uncomfortable.


Co-sleepers should be functional to an extent so long as the extra functions do not inhibit sleep. Options like built-in lights and storage can be very useful as can co-sleepers that fold up for storage or travel.


Check to see if any parts can be put in the wash or if they must be washed with a damp cloth. Babies are messing and washable is a necessity.

FAQ’s about…

How long can I use a co-sleeper?

Use a co-sleeper until your baby can get in and out of it on their own. Once they can move around well they will be a lot more likely to fall or crawl off the bed. When babies start to crawl it is time for the switch to a crib. If you would rather they stay in your room then move the crib or the bassinet to your room.

If my baby co-sleeps will she ever be willing to go to her own room?

It may seem like your baby will never move to their own room but trust me they will. Co-sleeping is best when a baby is still eating or nursing in the night. Once your baby sleeps through the night start to transition them to their crib. Begin by placing them in their crib for naps before they move there in the night to avoid separation issues.

Do co-sleeper increase risk of SIDS?

Co-sleeping with a co-sleeping bed like above is the safest option to avoid SIDS. Sleeping with the baby on the bed instead of a co-sleeper allows the baby too much unsafe movement. The same for parents. If you are going to co-sleep, have a safe place for the baby.

I am a light sleeper, should I co-sleep?

Light sleepers can most definitely co-sleep. You aren’t going to sleep much anyways with a newborn but at least with a co-sleeper, the baby is right there to check and nurse. Your body knows your baby well and will adjust to their noise pattern. Now, if your baby snores, there isn’t much you can do, you will hear them snoring on the monitor too.

I am a heavy sleeper can I co-share?

If you are a heavy sleeper, I would suggest co-sleeping with a bassinet and not with an on-the-bed cosleeper. That way the baby is nearby but you cannot roll over onto your lovebug.

Our Favorite

Lulyboo Bassinet to Go Classic is the best overall option for co-sleeping with high sides, ability to fold for travel, washability, and fantastic price. Find everything you are looking for to help your baby sleep well in this adorable co-sleeper.

Image of the Lulyboo Bassinet To Go Classic

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    As I travel a lot I used Nest Afterglow and it was worth every cent! It’s so convenient and easy to pack and my boy loved it! And as he grew out of it, I decided it’s the perfect moment to teach him to sleep alone. I remember using Susan Urban’s book that I loved and helped us both a lot. I recommend those two: nest and the How to teach a baby to fall alseep alone guide.

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      I also used Susan Urban’s HWL! Worked great. I don’t really travel a lot, just going on vacation, do I need anything special? I kind of believe that after this sleep training she’ll fall asleep basically anywhere!

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