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Baby Gear Essentials: What You Can’t Do Without!

As an expecting mom, it can be extremely overwhelming deciding exactly what you need for your new baby.  It seems like there are new items coming on the market all the time for babies. But, there are some things that are baby gear essentials that you can’t do without!

As a mom, I have thought about this a lot and I have narrowed down which items are really important for your little one.  Babies can be expensive so I prefer to think through what my baby really needs instead of buying things that are quite possibly unnecessary and certainly costly.

Where Will Your Baby Sleep?

Around the House?

You will obviously need to have a safe place for your baby to sleep. When your newborn first comes home, you may want a bassinet or a rocker. These options let your baby sleep in multiple rooms in throughout the house.

There are many differences between a portable bassinet and a baby rocker. Read up on the best choices to make the best decision.

In the Nursery?

But eventually, your baby will need a crib. One of my favorite cribs is the Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib. This one grows with your baby as it transitions from crib to toddler bed, to daybed, and then to a full-size bed.

Want to know the best cribs for your nursery?

Image of the Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib, White

Be sure that your baby is put to bed without any extra bedding or blankets. They are suffocation hazards.

Where Will You Change Your Baby?

Dirty Diapers are inevitable. Honestly, you will most likely change your baby in every room of your house.  But, it is helpful to have a place that you can normally change your baby. A changing table is a great height to change your baby’s diaper without bending over and breaking your back. You can also have all the needed supplies like diapers, wipes, and creams readily available.

Changing Table

I used the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table. I chose this particular option because it met all my need in terms of adequate space for storage and it is also reasonably priced.

Image of the Premium Changing Table Baby Furniture for Diaper Change in Delta Modern White Solid Wood Design


If you already have a horizontal dresser, you could buy a diaper changing pad and place it on top. You can use cute baskets to hold your needed supplies or place need supplies in a few of the drawers.

But, be sure to never leave your little one alone on either a changing table or on a changing pad on a dresser. And be sure to research the best baby changing pad before buying- you want the right size and shape!

Where Will You Rock Your Baby?

Traditional Baby Glider

Babies love the rhythmic and repetitive motion of rocking. A rocker is a great place to hold your little one. I used my glider as a cozy place to nurse my son. The Windsor Glider and Ottoman will go with most any nursery scheme and is made of solid wood.

Modern Rocking Chair

If you are looking for a glider that offers maximum comfort and a bit of style, the DaVinci Maya Swivel Glider with Ottoman is impressive. It is an investment piece in terms of price but with your purchase, you will also receive a lovely ottoman that will be very useful.  This glider swivels 360 degrees in addition to gliding forward and backward. The sleek style of this glider makes is usable in most any room of your home.

There are many baby glider options, so check them all out!

Image of the DaVinci Maya Swivel Glider with Ottoman, Grey with Cream Piping

Don’t Forget the Sound Machine

It is extremely helpful to have a sound machine in your baby’s nursery. A sound machine can create a sound barrier that will allow you to be able to do what you need to around the house without disturbing the baby.

The Baby Oasis Bluetooth BST-100B Soothing Sound Sleeping Aid was developed by doctors with years of experience with newborns and the science of sleep. There is a pre-loaded soundcard with twelve sounds to help your baby drift off to dreamland. My four-year-old still uses his sound machine each night to fall asleep so it has been a great purchase for our family.

See all the best baby sound machines.

Image of the Baby Oasis Bluetooth BST-100B, Doctor Approved White Noise, Soothing Sound Sleeping Aid Healthy Baby Sleep Machine For Babies And Young Children

Blackout Curtains Help Babies Sleep

Since your baby will be sleeping throughout the day, it will be very helpful to consider blackout curtains for the nursery. Some babies can sleep almost anywhere but others will sleep better if the room remains dark.

I like the selection that you get from the Yakamok Light Blocking Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains. You have plenty of variety with five different length options as well as seventeen color choices. In addition to blocking out light, they also help keep cold air out of the nursery to provide the perfect environment for your baby.

FYI: If you are of the opposite school of thought and want to find an option to keep baby out of the dark, check out our Best Nursery Night Light and Best Baby Projector Soother articles.

Image of the Yakamok Light Blocking Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains Solid Grommet Top Window Draperies/Drapes/panels for Bedroom/Living Room 52x96 Inch Turquoise 2 Panels

Get Organized

Because you will need to take care of your little one when you are exhausted, I suggest having organized storage in your home so that you are not looking for something you need in the middle of the night. It can be very frustrating when you cannot find diapers and wipes when you are sleep deprived or your little one is upset.

Storage cubes with stylish bins are a nice addition to a nursery closet or along the wall of a nursery. The mDesign Fabric 5-Drawer Nursery Storage Organizer Unit is well-priced and can hold many items for your baby like toys, clothes, extra diapers, and blankets.

Image of the mDesign Fabric 5-Drawer Nursery Storage Organizer Unit to Hold Baby Clothes, Stuffed Animals, Diapers - Gray

A Diaper Pail Is More Helpful Than I Thought

Before I had my son, I thought that diaper pails were unnecessary and obtrusive. I had decided against buying one but then my son was born and my opinion changed pretty quickly.

Babies are so cute but rest assured that they will go through lots and lots of diapers and you will want a convenient place to put them to control the unwanted odor from taking over your home.

I like the Diaper Dekor Classic Diaper Pail because it is used hands-free which is more sanitary and convenient when you are juggling a little baby.  Because of its sleek look, it can easily transition from a diaper pail to a trash can once your little one is potty-trained. You can simply place it next to your baby’s changing table so that it is conveniently placed. It sells at a great price point as well.

You can find more choices, both expensive and cheap, in our best diaper pail breakdown.

Image of the Diaper Dekor Classic Diaper Pail - White

Conclusion on Baby Gear Essentials

It can be so difficult figuring out the baby gear essentials.  I hope that this list will help you select a few key items that will help you care for your new baby.

As a mom, these are some of the items I used for my baby’s care.  We were able to get prepared without overwhelming our budget. I hope this list will help you do the same in this sweet time of preparation. Congratulations on your new little one.

Amy Sylvestre
Amy Sylvestre

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