Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer Review

Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer Review

by Holly Harris |

Germs be Gone but Won’t Work for Long?

The Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer is a two in one device that completely sterilizes and dries baby bottles and all their accessories. It can save parents from having to boil bottles or wait for their bottles to air dry. But will it break, rust or leak before you’re finished with it? Will the warranty help you? Will it really save you time, or will the upkeep and repair take more time than it saves?

Image of the Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine – Electric Steam Sterilization - Universal Fit - Pacifiers, Glass, Plastic, and Newborn Feeding Bottles


Overall the Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer has very solid four star reviews! Users love how easy it is to use, that it sterilizes and dries the bottles, that it is quick and does most everything for you. Most of the complaints are due to issues they’ve had with the product such as breaking, leaking, or rusting.

  • 4.2 stars, 30 Reviews- Buy Buy Baby
  • 4.4 stars, 84 Reviews- Baby’s R Us
  • 4.4 stars, 15 Reviews- Walmart
  • 4.8 stars, 12 Reviews- Target
  • 4 stars, 243 Reviews-
  • 4.5 stars, 31 Reviews- Bed Bath and Beyond

Key Features

Sterilizes: The Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer uses a completely natural steam cycle to kill 99.9% of all germs. In just 8 minutes you can rest easy knowing that no pesky germs will get into your baby’s milk. This product can be a huge time saver because traditional methods of boiling or scrubbing bottles can take a lot of time.

Time is your most valuable resource, especially in those early newborn days when your baby is eating every few hours. Using this sterilizer can help you get more rest while not sacrificing good sanitation.

Automatically Dries: There are a lot of different sterilizing products on the market today however what makes the Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer special is that in addition to naturally steam cleaning all of your bottles it also has a drying feature. This all in one machine can completely sterilize your bottles and then dries them with the push of one button.

It has 3 different timing settings of 30 minutes for a half load, 45 minutes which is the recommended, and 60 minutes for larger loads or more humid areas.  When you turn the electric sterilizer on it automatically starts off on the 45 minute drying setting but you can easily adjust this by pushing a button.

6 Bottle Capacity: This fancy steam sterilizer can fit as many as 6 bottles in at one time. More bottles per load means you don’t have to run it as many times. And you can also store the bottles inside of the bottle steamer in between feedings.

Pacifiers, Nipples, Breast Pump Parts: In addition to fitting up to 6 bottles at one time there is also a little rack above the bottles where you can hang bottle nipples, pacifiers and some other small breast pump parts.

You could also throw in some small toys or other little items you want to sterilize so long as they are safe to get hot and wet. Since the Baby Brezza sterilizer can get items clean in 8 minutes your baby will never have to be without their favorite pacifier for long.

24 Hours: The Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer can keep all 6 baby bottles and other accessories completely sterilized and dry for 24 hours or until the lid has been opened. So you could easily set this dryer to run before going to bed and you can rest assured it would still be completely clean and fully dried in the morning or for any middle of the night feedings.

Easy to Use: The Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer is very simple to use. There are 3 basic options you can choose from on the control panel. You can choose to sterilize and dry, only sterilize or only dry. If you are choosing to dry the bottles you can also select how long you would like it to go for, if you don’t set a preference it will always run for 45 minutes.

Various Bottles: You can fit just about any steam safe bottle into the Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer. It has a generic rack that you slip bottles on to so your only limitation is what will fit inside once the lid is on.

Red Light Water Indicator: When the sterilizer is running as it should there will be a little blue light on the back. However should the brezza run out of water it will alert you by turning on a little red light.

The machine will stop running if it runs out of water, until you fill it again. Though this is a nuisance, especially if you run it and go to bed only to wake up and find it never finished the cleaning or drying cycle, it protects the machine from damaging itself by running without sufficient water.

How the Dryer Works


Rust: One issue the Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer often runs into is rust. Whenever you have water and metal together the possibility for it to rust runs fairly high. The rust is more likely to happen, or be much worse, if you don’t use distilled water. It is also very important that you clean it regularly. Unfortunately, even when you take both of these precautions your sterilizer still may rust forcing you to return it or quit using it.

Leaks: Another cause for concern is that the Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer has been known to leak sometimes. This makes sense though as it is a primarily plastic piece of equipment that uses steam and dry heat to sterilize. If the sterilizer starts leaking while it is still running it could be a huge fire hazard as well.  

The customer service for this product also has a pretty poor reputation. Often times they’ll suggest tips to keep the product from rusting or leaking but unless your unit is completely broken they won’t help you replace it. They also will only offer to repair or replace your unit, they will not provide a refund.

Breaks: The Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer has been known to break or stop working sometimes as quickly as just a few months after you start using it. If you can’t provide proof of purchase or bought it early, you may even find it is no longer under warranty. The warranty return process can also take quite a bit of time and there is no guarantee your new Brezza will work any better or for any longer. A lot of the time it seems like the drying feature dies first. Without the drying feature, you’d be better off just purchasing a cheaper bottle steamer.

Washing Required: Even though this bottle sterilizer gets rid of most of the germs you are still required to wash and scrub your bottles before every sterilizing cycle or the milk may cause your machine to break or rust worse than normal.

REAL Time Saver?: If you have to wash and scrub your bottle after each use, arrange bottles and accessories in the container, fill the water up, get everything to fit with the lid on, run the cycle, double check that the sterilizing cycle went through and didn’t run out of water and prematurely stop, wash the sterilizer regularly to prevent rust and risk it breaking within months and having to deal with the whole return process if it breaks at the end of the day are you really saving time on average?

Must Add Water Every Time: Needing to add water to every steam cycle isn’t a deal breaker to be sure, however, it is a bit annoying especially if you have trouble remembering to do it. It can be easy to miss a step at 3 in the morning when all you can think about is getting your little one back to sleep and crawling into bed.


  • Sterilizes
  • Automatically Dries
  • 6 Bottles + Accessories
  • Sanitized for 24 Hours


  • Rust
  • Leaks
  • Breaks
  • REAL Time Saver?
  • Bottle Washing Required

My Overall Recommendation

Overall the Baby Brezza Sterilizer Dryer has good reviews and works like a charm, till it doesn’t. Personally, I run my baby bottles through the dishwasher since it sterilizers them, dries them and isn’t an additional purchase or a unitasker that takes up space in my kitchen. However, if you are looking for a dedicated baby bottle sterilizer that dries this one will probably do the trick. It will likely still save you time, especially if it never breaks on you.

Holly Harris
I'm a mom, an avid writer and a dedicated researcher of all things baby.

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  1. We purchased the product in hopes to make our life a bit easier with our newborn daughter. A couple weeks after purchase, the Brezza stopped drying no matter how few bottles were inside. We contacted customer support and they replied with the need for proof of purchase and matching photo of the serial number. Both things to be expected. This should have been the end of it and a replacement should have been sent. NOT THE CASE. They request a video of the end of the dry cycle, something that takes time out of my day and away from my infant. This video is claimed to be company policy. If I had time to stand and watch a dry unit, I would have time to dry the bottles myself and not need to purchase a premium dryer for $100. I could by a similar product for $30 and not worry about customer service as it would be sure to fail but I could purchase another and not miss a moment of my day. I advise anyone considering this product to please do your research and listen to the many negative reviews as previously stated, WE ONLY HAD THIS ITEM A COUPLE OF WEEKS and have been dealing with customer service now longer than we have had the unit.

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