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The Best Bottle Sterilizers of 2020

Baby bottle sterilizers are on the rise, with new options available at regular intervals. As a matter of fact, the sterilization market is on the rise and likely to continue as parents become more informed and better understand how germs are spread. The market is full of options to microwave, steam, or use UV rays to clean bottles, but which does the job most effectively?

The Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer holds bottles of all sizes, steam cleans and uses a steel plate to prevent rusting. Not only is this option affordable but effective with high ratings.

Take a look at all of the best bottle sterilizer options on the market now, including all three styles of sterilizers. 

The Best Baby SterilizersWhy It's BestMom Rating
Philips AVENT Microwave Steam SterilizerAffordable, steam based, works on anything plastic♥♥♥♥♥
59S Baby Bottle Quick Sterilizing Cover UV light sterilizer, cup or bottle, small / portable♥♥♥♥♥
Gourmia Jr. Digital Baby Bottle Sterilizer and DryerUp to 7 bottles, accommodates wide shaped bottles♥♥♥♥♥
Grownsy UV Sanitizer Bottle Sterilizer and DryerHolds up to 12 bottles and fits on counter top!♥♥♥♥♥
Papablic Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer Steam, sterilize and store up to 6 bottles and 5 accessories♥♥♥♥
GROWNSY Baby Bottle Warmer Bottle SterilizerCombo sterilizer and bottle warmer, can thaw breast milk♥♥♥♥

The Top 10 Best Bottle Sterilizers

1.Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer by cfmour

Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer【All New 2020】, CFMOUR Double Bottle 6-in-1 Breast Milk Warmer and Defrost, Fast Baby Food and Formula Heater with Temperature Control, 24 Hours Constant Mode

The Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer by cfmour offers touch screen to help you sterilize two bottles. It also comes with a few tools and you can use it to heat bottles too. What’s more, the sterilize includes 24-hour constant mode. 

The Good 

With this 6-in-1 bottle warmer you can sterilize, defrost, warm, boil eggs, and more. You can even do a warm bath and steam to keep a bottle on reserve and maintain the best health in the formula or breastmilk. It’s an all-in-one to save your money, time, and patience too!

The sleek design barely takes up any space on your kitchen counter. It comes with an LCD screen for precision temperature control. Pick your setting quickly without twisting knobs or other crazy antics. Use the presets to save even more time. 

Get accurate temperature readings and adjust to suit your exact needs. By keeping bottles at a low constant temperature, it can keep milk and formula safe for your baby and on tap!

Also, you can heat up bottle fast in just four minutes. The bottle warmer also has a high temperature disinfect cycle to clean 99.9 percent of bacteria off the bottle about to touch your baby’s lips. 

The Bad

The only drawback to this bottle warmer is it only holds two bottles. If you don’t have a lot of counter space, then the drawback is a win!

2. Grownsy UV Sanitizer Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

UV Sanitizer UV-C Clean Sterilizer and Dryer for Baby Bottle/CPAP/Toys/Clothes/Toothbrush/Beauty Tools/Tableware/Phone

Despite the high price tag, the Grownsy UV Sanitizer Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer may be just the bottle sterilizer for your family. The size of a tiny countertop chest freezer, you can even use the little device to sterilize your pacifiers and baby chew toys. 

Take a look at all the features of this bottle sterilizer. 

The Good 

In thirty minutes you can dry and sterilize several baby bottles and pacifiers at the same time with a single button. Gentle heat paired with UV rays works to eliminate 99.9% of germs, viruses, and harmful bacteria. Don’t just use the sterilizer to sanitize all types of feeding products, but also jewelry, sunglasses, nipple shields, and tableware. It can hold up to twelve bottles to get the work done for you quickly in 15 minutes. 

Lastly, you can choose between drying, sterilizer, auto, and storage settings to do exactly what you need. It also has a HEPA filter to block out allergens too!

UV Sanitizer UV-C Clean Sterilizer and Dryer for Baby Bottle/CPAP/Toys/Clothes/Toothbrush/Beauty Tools/Tableware/Phone

The Bad

Unlike some UV sanitizers, it’s not suggested to use electronics in this item.

Otherwise, beyond not being portable, the only issue is bulbs needing replacement after only a few months. 

3. Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer 

Gourmia Jr. Digital Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, 8-Bottle Capacity, Digital Display, HEPA Filter, JBS200, ETL-Certified


For moms who want fast and affordable. try Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer to sanitize your baby bottles in two minutes.

Also, the shape and size allow you to sterilize other items as well, just not anything metal, electronic, or magnetic!

The Good 

The plastic bottle sterilizer pops into the microwave to kill off over 99% of harmful bacteria with steam. Pop some bottles, breast pump parts, pacifiers, teething rings, and other plastic items in to sanitize. If you keep the lid on, the contents can stay sterile for up to a full day.

Because the sterilizer goes in the microwave, it won’t take up any counter space. Store either in the microwave or in a cabinet if need be. 

Finally, the container is BPA free and works perfectly with Philips AVENT bottles, but will also work with similarly sized options. Fit four bottles in at the same time. If you need to and have space, you can pack the container up and take it with you to use anywhere where there is a microwave. 

We’ve got a comparison of Tommee Tippee vs AVENT bottles.

Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine - Electric Steam Sterilization - Universal Fit - Pacifiers, Glass, Plastic, and Newborn Feeding Bottles

The Bad

Plastic is only so sturdy. It can break down and deteriorate with use.

Some customers complain that the device doesn’t save them any time or make them feel like the bottles are actually sanitized. For those people – me included – who do not trust microwaved this is not the best product for you. Microwaves tend to overheat in some spots and not enough in others.

Also, the bottles do not stay upright and tend to fall over. 

4. Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine - Electric Steam Sterilization - Universal Fit - Pacifiers, Glass, Plastic, and Newborn Feeding Bottles


The Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer won’t take up a huge portion of your counter space as its thinner than it looks.

Even better, it uses steam to clean and sterilize bottles for a more encompassing cleaning process. 

The Good 

Steam disinfects at a higher temperature meaning this device will kill more germs than your dishwasher. Like the other sterilizers listed, this one also kills over 99% of germs. Twist the dial and try all three settings, sanitize, dry, and extra dry.

The electric sterilizer includes a large compartment for bottles and smaller stackable basket for bottle nipples, pacifiers, and toys. Also, the device works in just six minutes. 

Lastly, with three stacking options, you can customize what you need to sanitize for up to 11 bottles and accessories. You will also love storing bottles off the counter and in the device for a more sterile environment for over 12 hours.

The unit is also easy to clean and use which makes this a great option for most families. 

Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer

The Bad

To use steam, the device requires you to add some water to a tank, similar to a humidifier, so you will need to descale the device to ensure less calcium deposit. If you do not clean often, the device and get rust which is no fun and not sanitary.

Also, water can leak out of the bottom creating a mess on the counter.

Finally, the unit can take up to an hour to fully dry depending on what setting. Not great in the middle of the night with a hungry baby. Plan ahead. 

5. Grownsy Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

Gourmia Jr. Digital Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, 8-Bottle Capacity, Digital Display, HEPA Filter, JBS200, ETL-Certified

The Grownsy Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer is not just an electric sterilizer, but also a bottle warmer to keep bottles ready for baby on demand. Great for middle of the night servings! You can even defrost breast milk in this sterilizer.

Check out the other features.

The Good 

Yes, this device will sterilize your baby bottles but will also defrost and warm breast milk, heat formula, keep bottles warm and heat infant food. That’s a whole lot of functions (6 total) for one machine and all for a very reasonable price.

The unit is also quite small, just big enough for two bottles, so the footprint in your kitchen will be smaller too. Just don’t put it next to the coffee maker or you might end up with formula and your baby with coffee! 

Beyond all the other functions, you can choose to fast warm or slow warm a bottle. Use the touch screen to read the real-time temperature. All the other functions are easy to read on screen as well to prevent drying out, or overheating.

The unit also includes auto shutoff for safety. While designed for bottles, you can use the device for other items as well, such as glass bottles, the best breast pumps, or baby accessories.

See all the top rated glass bottles.

Also, the even-warming process preserves nutrients. 

Gourmia Jr. Digital Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, 8-Bottle Capacity, Digital Display, HEPA Filter, JBS200, ETL-Certified

The Bad

A few customers complained of leaks which is normal for most steaming devices and the need to add water for each cycle. Otherwise, the only real complaint is the device can only take care of two bottles at a time instead of multiple like the other sterilizers on this list. 

Also, the instructions are confusing because they seem to have been translated poorly into English. Fortunately, most of the features are pretty intuitive.

6. Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Gourmia Jr. Digital Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, 8-Bottle Capacity, Digital Display, HEPA Filter, JBS200, ETL-Certified

The Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer is quite similar to the Papablic model above but with a different shape and works a bit differently. For one, this model is round to hold more items than a long oblong shape.

See the other features below.

The Good 

With the press of a button, you can sterilize lots of baby products. The quick clean function destroys up to 99.99% of germs with steam. The container’s round spacious design accommodates up to 7 bottles even angled bottles or wide-neck bottles. 

The heating plate is made of stainless steel to avoid rust and hard water build up. Place smaller toys on the steam plate over the basket to steam pacifiers at the same time as bottles. Even steam breast pump parts or toys in the basket. 

Includes tongs to prevent burning yourself. Also includes a measuring cup to ensure you use the correct amount of water.

Last of all, the device is dishwasher safe and uses auto shut off for safety. 

Gourmia Jr. Digital Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, 8-Bottle Capacity, Digital Display, HEPA Filter, JBS200, ETL-Certified

The Bad

No customer complaints with this model! Unlike some of the other models though, this one only holds 7 bottles but those do include multiple styles, like the best reflux bottles

The round shape can be bulky on countertops, especially in smaller kitchens. If you need a smaller model definitely try the J&C Life model above. 

7. Baby Bottle Sterili-zer by Grownsy

Baby Bottle Sterili-zer, Bottle Steam Sterili-zer for Baby Bottles Pacifiers Breast Pumps Large Capacity and 99.99% Cleaned in 8 Mins

The Baby Bottle Sterili-zer by Grownsy gets bottles 99.99% clean in just eight minutes, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria or viruses on your babies bottles. You can also use this to clean pacifiers, breast pumps, teethers, and small plastic toys. 

Next, the device is easy to use as it only requires a single button to activate the cleaning mechanism. The clear case makes it easy to see what’s inside and the round shape makes it unobtrusive as do the mint green and white colors. It’s also a large size ready to hold up to six baby bottles at once along with a few smaller items as well. 

Moreover, it offers auto shut-off so you don’t have to watch for it to finish. It’s made of food-grade safe PP material. If left in the device, it will keep bottles and other items sanitized for 12 hours. Nothing kills better than 360 degrees of sterilizing! 

Finally, the device measures 8.86 x 8.86 x 11.81. It’s also BPA free to keep your baby from harmful ingredients. It comes with a free bottle grabber so you don’t have to touch the hot bottles yourself. 


  • Very quick sterilization process
  • Includes a small parts basket
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic shut-off function


  • Needs regular maintenance to prevent rust buildup

8. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer

Dr. Brown's Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer

The Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer is easy to use and comes with an accessory tray that lets you sterilize bottles, nipples, pacifiers, and other small parts all at once. Just add the water, place the bottles in place, set the accessory tray on top of that, and close the machine. Then, you are ready to start.

There are two buttons you need to push to get this started. First, you preheat the device. Once it is ready, you can push the start button and wait. Added accessories like tongs and a measuring cup for the water are included. It is also nice that the way the bottles are inserted allow steam to blow directly in the bottle.

You will need to rest the sterilizer for at least ten minutes between cycles. Additionally, minerals from water can buildup on the heating plate. It is best to use distilled water if your home has hard tap water.


  • Accessory tray makes cleaning bottle accessories and pacifiers easy
  • Steam directed into bottles for thorough sterilization
  • Tongs make handling bottle pieces safer
  • Included measuring cup makes measuring water easy


  • Minerals/residue can build up on the hot plate
  • Need to wait through the heat cycle, then turn on the machine

9. Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine - Electric Steam Sterilization - Universal Fit - Pacifiers, Glass, Plastic, and Newborn Feeding Bottles

Though the Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer is one of the more expensive sterilizers, it is the only one on this list with a drying function. It is also very compact, allowing you to sterilize bottles and attachments without taking up a lot of space (or time).

The Brezza baby bottle sterilizer is constructed of BPA-free plastic and uses a stainless steel heating tray. The stainless steel prevents rust that is common with some other models. With an automatic shut-off function and the ability to maintain a germ-free environment, you can start this and forget about it until the next day.

You can use the functions together or separately, by sterilizing and drying, just sterilizing, or just drying. It can hold up to six bottles and accessories at once, despite its small appearance. Its shape lets it be used with a wide range of bottle types and sizes, too.

An LCD control panel makes it easy to see how much longer your bottles will take. While the sterilizing function is fast, it takes 30 minutes to dry a partial load and an hour to dry a full load of bottles. You can preset to switch to drying after sterilizing too, which is a nice feature when you want to wake up or come home to bottles that are ready to use.  


  • LCD display makes this easy to use
  • Works as sterilizer, dryer, or both
  • Very sleek and compact design
  • Preset sterilizing and drying, for ready-to-go bottles effortlessly


  • Takes a long time to dry the bottles

10. Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer

Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer

The Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer is affordable and simple to use. It also features an open-away design and comes with heat-resistant tongs and a removable basket, minimizing the risk of burns.

The Munchkin microwave sterilizer has a compact design, so it holds fewer bottles than the electric models. Its size is necessary for fitting inside standard microwaves, though. It can sterilize four small bottles and pump parts at once.

Even though it only takes minutes in the microwave, you still have to let the product sit for ten minutes after the heating cycle ends. This can be difficult to time when you are busy with your little one, especially when you need the bottles cleaned now.

One major downside is the way the lid of the sterilizer is designed. A handle pops up when the bottles are ready, but it is not secure enough to pull the warmer out of the microwave without losing water. Instead, you have to support the warmer on a towel in your opposite hand as you remove it from the microwave. Otherwise, there is a risk of spilling the warmer or burning yourself from the steam.


  • Opens away from you to prevent burns
  • Tongs included for grabbing sterilized parts
  • Fits most standard microwaves
  • Roomier than microwaveable sterilizing bags


  • Need to set a secondary timer to know when ten minutes have passed
  • Handle is poorly designed

FAQ’s about Bottle Sterilizers 

Do I need a bottle sterilizer?

Bottle sterilizers are one of those optional parenting options. You do not necessarily need a bottle warmer, however, it does make sterilizing your little one’s bottles a lot easier and more convenient. There is still the alternative option of using boiling water as a sterilization method. If you are on the fence, here are some benefits of bottle sterilizers:

  • There is less risk of burning yourself when removing items from boiling water
  • It is faster since you do not have to boil water
  • It helps you avoid warping and damage that can happen when boiling
  • Sterilizing is more thorough than disinfecting with boiling water

Is sterilizing my baby’s bottles necessary?

Yes, sterilizing your baby’s bottles is necessary. The high infant mortality rate prior to the early 1900s was caused by the lack of sterilization. According to the history of baby bottles, those used in the 1800s featured long rubber tubes that were nearly impossible to clean.

The situation was made worse by a Victorian woman named Isabella Beeton. Beeton had written a popular book among Victorian women of the time, who considered the book the standard for household management. Among the many tips in Mrs. Beeton’s Household Management was the recommendation that women avoid washing the nipple for their baby’s bottle for 2-3 weeks at a timea practice that resulted in the growth of bacteria until it reached deadly levels.

Mrs. Beeton’s advice was wrong. As researchers uncovered the link between the bacteria left behind from mother’s milk and the formula’ used during the time, the bottles were discontinued and new sterilizing practices were advised.

Today, the traditional method for boiling bottles involves submerging all nipples, caps, bottles, and other equipment in boiling water for at least five minutes to kill the germs. It is necessary to sterilize bottles to prevent the build-up of deadly bacteria, especially in hard-to-reach areas of the bottle that might not be as easy to wash.

What features should I look for in a bottle sterilizer?

As you consider which bottle sterilizer is best for you and your baby, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Design – There are several styles of bottle warmer. Cold water sterilizers require you to purchase sterilizing liquid or tablets to add to the water, while most others use heat as a sanitization method. Some are designed to work with a battery, while others require a power source. There are also sterilizers that work with your microwave. Recently, UV bottle sterilizers have been developed. These are portable and use UV rays to sterilize.
  • Speed – Cold water sterilizers can take up to half an hour, while most other electric sterilizers finish within ten minutes. Time is important since one of the major disadvantages to boiling is waiting for the pot of water to warm up.
  • Effectiveness – Unless a bottler sterilizer is cleaning your little one’s bottles properly, there is no point in it. Consider your unique needs before deciding if a bottle sterilizer is a good fit for your family.
  • Convenience – Bottle sterilizers are made to make life more convenient for parents. If they have small parts or are difficult to use, they are going to end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust while you boil bottles.
  • Size – A compact bottle sterilizer will not take as much space, however, you will not be able to clean as many bottles at once. Overloading the bottle sterilizer is also a problem, since the bottles may not be as sterilized.

Do I need to wash bottles before putting them in the sterilizer?

If you put bottles with old formula or milk in the sterilizer, you are going to contaminate the sterilization area. You should always wash bottles with hot water and soap before sterilizing them. Rinse them thoroughly, too. You can start the sterilization process once they are clean.

Does every baby need sterilized bottles?

No. Many moms live just fine without sterilizing bottles.

But some moms may want them to be extra careful. A sick baby is no fun at all. Not to mention small babies cannot fend off illness as well as older children.

If you have a preemie or a sickly baby, you may want to consider one. If you, like me, find housework to be a bit daunting, you may want to invest as germs love to find babies. 

How often do I need to descale a steam sanitizer?

The answer depends on how often use the sanitizer. If you use the device every day than you will want to descale with vinegar once a week. If you only use bottles to supplement then you may only need to descale once a month.

Keep an eye on the metal plate and the bottom part of the unit for build-up and clean more often accordingly. 

Can’t I just boil the bottles to kill germs?

Yes, you can, but it’s a lot more work! Boiling requires babysitting the pot at the stove and then pulling the bottles out without burning yourself. Sterilizers do all the work so you don’t have to watch a pot boil or burn yourself pulling bottles out.

Also, most sterilizers are multi-functional now and provide other added benefits than just sanitizing bottles. 

Final Thoughts 

Sterilizers may not be necessary for every home but can be valuable in reducing germs near your baby and also are often multi-functional to help warm bottles and even clean breast pump accessories making them a great purchase even for breastfeeding moms.

I prefer dedicated baby sanitizers like the Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer to sterilize bottles and pacifiers. 

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