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Luvs vs Pampers: Which diaper is a better deal?

Are you having a hard time deciding between Luvs vs Pampers diapers?

Before you had a baby of your own, you probably never realized how many brands of diapers are on the market. In fact, chances are you thought all diapers were the same. But that just isn’t the case! If you have been trying to decide between putting your baby or toddler in Luvs vs Pampers, you might be curious to find out why I think Pampers are a better deal. Read on to find out all the nitty gritty details about both brands.

Image of luvs diapers, size 1, 252 count

Diapers Size 2, 186 Count - Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers, One Month Supply


Pampers diapers come in a variety of configurations, from extra soft newborn diapers to training underwear. The brand is well known for its quality products, and many moms (including myself!) swear by their leak protection. These premium diapers work well for many families because there are so many different varieties. If you find that they work well for your child’s skin, it is almost guaranteed you will find a size to fit their body as well.

Are you just starting out with diapering? In that case, I recommend trying Pampers first. If they work for you, you will love them for years to come!

Pampers are the #1 hospital recommended brand of diapers. This has a lot of weight for me, since hospitals see way more babies than I ever will! When I had my son, he wore Pampers from day one, since that was what they first offered, and we never had an issue.

Diapers Size 2, 186 Count - Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers, One Month Supply

Soft Interior and Exterior

These diapers are super soft, both inside and out. So many brands of diapers feel scratchy from the outside, but Pampers are well known for their softness. These gentle diapers are great for babies who have sensitive skin or commonly get rashes.

Diapers Size 2, 186 Count - Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers, One Month Supply

Wetness Indicator

Pampers that come in newborn and size 1 all come with a wetness indicator. If you haven’t seen this before, it might be life changing. It can be so hard to tell when a tiny baby has a wet diaper, since they don’t actually have a lot of volume. This little strip on the from of the diaper changes color to let you know when your baby needs a change. No more unnecessary checks!

Diapers Size 2, 186 Count - Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers, One Month Supply

Excellent Stretch Fit

Pampers just fit better than most diaper brands. They really conform to your baby or toddler’s legs and waist, making them far less prone to leaks than other brands I have tried. Pampers Cruisers are especially great for this, and  work well for babies that are mobile. Swaddlers are perfect for new babies, and they work well with their delicate skin.

12 Hour Protection

If your baby is a good sleeper, there is no way you want to wake them for a middle of the night diaper leak. Luckily, Pampers do great at protecting your child for up to 12 hours at a time. If you are lucky enough to have a baby who sleeps through the night, you will need this extra protection!

Variety of Styles

If you want to stay with one brand throughout your entire diapering journey, Pampers have you covered. They have styles for newborns, walkers, toddlers, older toddlers, potty trainers, and even those babies with extra sensitive skin. There are pull on training diapers and overnight diaper versions as well. If you find a brand that works, it can be so disappointing to find out that they don’t make enough sizes. Fortunately, Pampers won’t leave you hanging!

Possible Drawbacks

Higher Cost

Pampers are not the most expensive diapers on the market, by far. However, when compared to Luvs, they are more pricey. If you are on a strict budget and need to keep costs down as much as possible, I recommend starting with Luvs to see if they work for you first. While Pampers may have a slightly better quality, they do cost more.


I think Pampers fit very well. But all babies and toddlers have different body shapes. What works for one kid might not work for the next, so there is always a chance that fit could be an issue. I recommend trying two different sizes before deciding these aren’t right for you. Sometimes the next size up or down works much better!

Pampers Features

  • Preemie through Size 7 available
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Small packs through bulk packaging available
  • Distribute wetness evenly through diaper for less leaks
  • Form fitting for most body types


Luvs Diapers are a well known and often purchased economical brand of diapers that come in a range of sizes and styles. Many families choose Luvs because their price point is quite a bit lower than Pampers or any of the other “name brands.” If you ned a cheaper choice for budget reasons, or you have more than one child in diapers at once, Luvs might be a good choice for your family.

Diapers Size 4, 172 Count - Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers, ONE MONTH SUPPLY (Packaging May Vary)

Ultra Leakguard

Luvs diapers feature an Ultra Leakgaurd protection area. That means they have an extra absorbent core. This pulls the wetness into the middle of the diaper, which helps prevent side, back, and front leaks. This core can sometimes get heavier than the edges of the diaper, causing a saggy look that some don’t enjoy.

Larger Tabs

These diapers have larger than average closure tabs. Also, the tabs are reusable! If you don’t get the right fit the first time, simple undo the tabs and try again, and they will still be sticky enough to work. This can be a lifesaver when dad or grandma is changing their first diaper. We all know it can be a trial and error process, especially with a wiggly baby.

Diapers Size 4, 172 Count - Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers, ONE MONTH SUPPLY (Packaging May Vary)


Luvs diapers all come scented like baby powder. The scent won’t exactly cover up all other diaper smells, but it does give off a significant odor. If you love the smell of baby powder, these could really work well for you! If you are trying to avoid synthetic fragrances, you will be better off with another brand of baby diaper.

Size Range

Luvs come in newborn through size 6. They also make diapers with Nightlock, which will have added protection for overnights. This range generally fits children from 4 to 35 pounds.

Diapers Size 4, 172 Count - Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers, ONE MONTH SUPPLY (Packaging May Vary)

Stretch and Reach

Luvs have extra stretch built into the diaper sides. This elastic fit helps you get more time in each size, possibly saving your cash in the long run. It also helps prevent against pesky diaper leaks, since the diaper fits very snugly against your kid’s body. The leg cuffs also feature the same stretch feature, so you don’t need to worry about leg leaks as well.

Possible Drawbacks


Luvs are quite a bit thinner than Pampers diapers. This can affect the fit, and make them slightly more prone to leaks. Also, the lack pf padding can be an issue for parents who want a soft landing for their babies who are just learning to walk! Just a note, some parents do prefer the slimmer profile of these diapers. They are less likely to show through leggings or other snug clothing. So for some, this is a bonus!

Strong Odor

This is a love it or hate it kind of feature. Luvs are scented with a baby powder odor. Some parents love this, some hate it. For me, it was a drawback. I prefer no artificial scents in baby products. If baby powder odors bother you, these will not be a good fit. If you adore that old school scent of baby powder, this will likely not be a con for you!

Limited Size Range

Luvs are available in sizes newborn through 6. They don’t make any trainers or preemie diapers. Pampers have a larger variety of sizes and configurations. If you want to stick with one brand, Luvs might not meet your needs for all of the years you spend diapering. While many children do potty train before they hit size 7, you might not want to get that far and then have to switch brands. Just something to think about before you get started!

Luvs Features

  • Newborn through size 6 available
  • Gentle on skin
  • Scented with baby powder
  • Easy to refasten
  • Economical

FAQ’s About Pampers vs Luvs

Are Pampers and Luvs made by the same company?

Yes. Both are made by Proctor and Gamble. Huggies, on the other hand, are made by Kimberly Clark.

How much do diapers cost?

The average diaper price (considering all sizes) in 2021 is around 37 cents per diaper. See our diaper cost calculator to calculate monthly costs of diapers by size and quality.

Do Pampers and Luvs contain latex?

No, they do not. While many diapers contained latex in the past, most diapers today do not contain latex.

Do Pampers and Luvs have the wetness indicator?

Yes. Pampers, Luvs, Kirklands, Huggies, and Up & Up all have the wetness indicator. The wetness indicator can be seen on the exterior of the diaper; it tells you whether the diaper is wet.

Which is the best brand of disposable diaper?

General consensus seems to be that Pampers Swaddlers is the best disposable diaper. This brand has also received high praise from ExperiencedMommy.

Which is the best non-toxic diaper?

This is, of course, a subjective question. All diaper brands would claim to be non-toxic, and producers are, as a general rule, more health-conscious than in past years. Still, some parents prefer to buy newer diaper brands that use more natural, organic, and/or sustainable materials. Some of the brands most often recommended are:

Andy Pandy
Abby and Finn

Bottom Line

There are two significant differences between Luvs vs Pampers. Luvs are much less expensive per diaper than Pampers. If you need an economical brand they might be a good choice. Luvs are also highly scented, where as Pampers have no odor. If you prefer to keep fragrances off your baby, Pampers are a better choice. Both brands will vary in sizing and fit, but Pampers do have a bigger range of sizes, so they are more likely to fit your growing baby. Both brands offer special absorbent zones to prevent leaks.

Overall, as long as you have room in your budget, I recommend buying Pampers over Luvs diapers. They worked very well for me and many other parents. They are great for sensitive infant skin, and the fit just can’t be beat. If you need a quality diaper that will work with your child from birth up until age 5 and beyond, then Pampers are an excellent brand to try!

Between Luvs vs Pampers, which is the best newborn diapers? Find out in our Best Diaper article.

Diapers Size 2, 186 Count - Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers, One Month Supply


Megan Schipsi

Megan is a parent, teacher, and writer from Phoenix, Arizona. When she isn't blogging, Megan can be found hiking the deserts with her child and two old chihuahuas, teaching at a co-op preschool, or working on her master's degree online.

13 thoughts on “Luvs vs Pampers: Which diaper is a better deal?”

  1. If you need a quality diaper that will work with your child from birth up until age 5 and beyond, then Pampers are an excellent brand to try! Are more kids wearing Pampers slash diapers until they are that old nowadays?

  2. Pampers swaddles in at least size N and 1 are scented. Moreso than Luvs. I love Luvs right now. My 3 month old has suddenly gained the super power of making side leaks in every diaper, in size 1 and 2. Pampers, Parent’s Choice (regular and premium), Aldi, and Up and Up… All leaked. Luvs is the only brand he has stayed totally dry in. That may change, but for now Luvs are #1.

  3. We have tried every diaper on the market and the only 2 that dont leak are huggies and Luvs. The luvs are about half the price, especially when you order the huge boxes on Amazon. You also do realize that the claim of the #1 diaper in hospitals is just a marketing stunt right? Pampers either provides the diapers for free or pays hospitals to purchase there diapers just to make that claim. Our hospitals around me only use huggies, again because they are provided with them at no cost. My guess is the way this article was written is that pampers paid or provided you with free diapers to make this post.

    • Hey!

      This article was written 100% unbiased- no products provided in exchange for our reviews. This is simply the opinion of one mom based on the diaper specs.

      Each parent has a different experience. For example, I personally didn’t like Pampers because of the smell, but that’s the number one selling point with a lot of parents. We were a die-hard Huggies family with baby #1, and we switched to a store brand diaper to save some cash with baby #2. Each experience has been different, and what I might like, one parent won’t. And vice-versa.

      And all diaper companies use marketing strategies to get different doctors and hospitals to recommend their products, and giving free products to the hospitals and the parents usually doesn’t hurt, from their perspective.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion with us, it helps our readers get more input on the best diapers!

  4. I personally think Huggies than Lu s are the best. Although Huggies can be bulky. I wasn’t impressed with Pampers as they seemed very thin and then they were very square, like Parents Choice, so it looks like it would be uncomfortable between their legs. ParentsChoice is cheapest but they get full way faster and will leak. Plus Huggies and Luvs ( I’d assume Pampers) really do sick away moisture. When the diapers full, my baby’s skin is still dry. That’s a huge plus for me. Dont waste money on parents choice, or Targets brand… They simply don’t last and you will go thru way more diapers.

  5. Luvs are horrible! Quality is very poor leaks most often doesn’t fit right no indication strip like most other brands very unhappy with them and I don’t go for pampers either huggies are hands down my favorite fit, absorption,super soft, quality all is great and FYI if u have a Costco near you Kirkland brand are huggies I’m sure solve your cost problem!

  6. Luvs diapers suck especially at size 2 they’ll leak even though you have it on your baby correctly and on the right size for their weight and the tabs that you tuck in they rip right off.

  7. I love LUVS. I used them for my son up into size 6, and now my daughter is in them size one. They both had pampers used on them in the NICU, and I tried Huggies. Ultimately I love and stick with LUVS. Especially for the quality, cant beat the great prices. Btw LUVS DO now have the indicator strips, i JUST changed my daughters diaper and it went from yellow to blue! So grateful for them! I will personally stick with LUVS. I used them for 2 children boy and girl. But to each is own.

  8. Pampers were and still are my favorite. I love their sensitive line. They’re very soft, and the “wet line indicator” saved me a lot of unnecessary changes. Huggies left a burn-like rash on my baby. Luvs were very loud and crinkly to me, if that makes sense. I also didn’t think they felt very soft.

  9. I for the life of me can’t figure out how one of you has so many problems with Luvs. I’ve not once ever had any of the problems you are talking about and I used them with my oldest son from 2012-2015 and have been using them since last year with my youngest son. Huggies always exploded on both boys during the night (got them as baby shower gifts, never bought them on my own) and Pampers worked just fine but are so much more expensive! The Luvs worked just as well and are cheaper so I buy them. I tried Kroger and Walmart store brand and they were both just awful. Barely held any liquid before they leaked and tore easily. I’ve torn a Luvs diaper a time or two when trying to adjust one but it was me tugging at it too hard, not the diaper.

  10. When my oldest was a baby, I tried all kinds of brands and always went back to Pampers Baby Dry. That kid peed so much! Luvs and Huggies both leaked terribly. I’m expecting my second child in about 4 months, and I’m definitely going to try the gamut again. Hopefully I’ll find a brand that’s less costly this time! Those Pampers were such a huge expense, but worth it to me because they worked best.

  11. Honestly my kids have worn just about every brand available and they all worked great never had a huge problem with any brand to be honest but I would love to see luvs and pampers add a stretchy back waistband like huggies and parents choice have….other than that I have no complaints but I’ll tell you one thing I do LOVE the way LUVS diapers smell and actually for my first child I Preferred using luvs until size 4-5 and then I switched him to huggies movers only because they were extra stretchy at the waist because of the stretch band in the back so far for my second baby she’s used just about every brand as well but you can guess what I’ve stocked up on the most…that’s right LUVS!

  12. I’ve always wondered why would the manufacturer make their products different cause Proctor and Gamble make both Luvs and Pampers. My daughter is on her third child and has sworn by Luvs since 2009.


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