Best Toys and Gifts for 8-Year-Old Boys

The 28 Best Toys and Gifts Your 8 Year Old Boy Needs

by Adrina Palmer |

Shopping can be difficult, as finding gifts for a kid can be a daunting task. From skateboards to coding wands, find the toys your 8-year-old boy wants.

We did all the research to save you time and effort. Beyond the fun aspect, we found the most engaging learning and STEM toys any boy will love. Not a single toy with a bad review made it’s way on to this list. All of the options here were vetted and chosen for their outstanding ratings and ability to bring joy to your 8-year-olds life.

Top 10 Toys/Gifts for 8-Year-Old Boy
Why It Is BestImage
Store & Score Over The Door Hanging Laundry HamperPromotes A Clean Room, Hangs on a Door, Opens at the Bottom for Short People
GoSports 8′ x 8′ Football Trainer Throwing NetGroup Toy, Great for Practice, Folds for Easy Storage
Untamed Raptor by FingerlingsTiny Toy, Responsive, Dinosaur Theme

Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp

Night Light, Multiple Colors Available, Unique

littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor KitSTEM Toy, Coding, Imaginative
The Secret Series Complete CollectionSecretive Book, Piques Curiosity, Set of Five Books
Perplexus Warp Game3D Game, Like a Rubix, All One Piece
K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow Build and Blast SetConstruction Toy, Multiple Ways to Building, Comes with Darts
Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM KitWood Parts, Rebuildable, Endless Options
Boy Craft Catapult WarsFun Kit Toy, Wood Parts, Set of Two for Group Project

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28 Fun Toys and Gifts for Your 8-Year-Old Boy

1. Store & Score Over The Door Hanging Laundry Hamper

Boys hate laundry but love basketball or throwing stuff in general. Now he can throw with a purpose with the Store & Score Over The Door Hanging Collapsible Mesh Laundry Hamper Basket. At eight, he is starting to do his own laundry and this hamper makes the task more fun. Although, most eight-year-olds are a little too short to reach the top of the door and get the hamper out. Not to worry, the inventors placed a zipper at the bottom to watch all the laundry tumble into a basket to take down to the laundry room.

Up Side

  • Comes in 5 colors
  • Super affordable
  • Great reviews
  • Makes laundry fun
  • Encourages sports and activity
  • Keeps your house cleaner
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds a lot of laundry
  • Hangs on a door

Down Side

  • The door hanger hooks may be a little weak. You may want to get stronger hangers.
  • Hooks can make some doors not able to close properly, you may want to use on a closet door

Why You Should Buy

While your son may enjoy sports he doesn’t enjoy cleaning up after himself. With a fun method to clean-up, you finally have one less mess to worry about. Now if he could just stop shoving all of his clean close in one overstuffed drawer. May the odds be ever in your favor.

2. RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard

Mothers do not like any dangerous toys, we experience mommies know, but boys have to grow up and when they grow they tend to want to do more dangerous activities. With a skateboard, you can limit your son’s interaction with danger. Take him to a skate park, or somewhere without hills at least until he can actually stay on the board for more than a minute. If you take the bold step to grab him a board grab the RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard. Take a look at all of this boards advantages:

Up Side

  • Comes in multiple patterns and colors
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • 3-inch thick aluminum truck
  • 22″ by 6″ for a wide deck
  • Smooth wheels for high speeds
  • Holds up to 198 lbs
  • Affordable

Down Side

  • Plastic can snap but is why the board is affordable

Why You Should Buy

Your son may be ready for an adventure with a new set of wheels. This is a great starter board to decide if he enjoys skating enough for a more expensive teenage version in the future.

3. Diggin Black Max Football

Football is just one of those activities boys gravitate to release energy. The Diggin Black Max Football comes with a patented spiral ring for tighter spirals and longer throws sure to encourage his love of sports and time outdoors.

Up Side

  • Patented spiral design
  • Made of soft foam for easy grip and catch
  • Portable
  • Sleek colors
  • Great price

Down Side

  • Does not do well in wet conditions
  • Not as durable as a regular football

Why You Should Buy

While not a football plan or player, it’s safe to assume foam balls hurt less than thick leather footballs. Keep the ball dry and your son will enjoy a great outdoor activity.

4. GoSports 8′ x 8′ Football Trainer Throwing Net

If your son will like the football above chances are strong he will like the GoSports 8′ x 8′ Football Trainer Throwing Net to practice his game. Invite a few boys over to practice with him or maybe his team if he plays in a group. The net is huge and ready to help your boy improve his accuracy and enjoy the outdoors.

Up Side

  • Training Aid
  • 8′ x 8′ passing net with 3 pockets for target practice
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Includes a storage bag

Down Side

  • Do not leave outside in a heavy wind

Why You Should Buy

Boys who love sports will love a practicing in the backyard with his buddies with a ball and a net. What better gift than one to get your son outside and active for health.

5. Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set

Does your husband, dad, or father-in-law like to golf? If so, then your son may love a set of his own golf clubs like the Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set so he can play with the big boys on Saturday afternoons. While the price tag is hefty, this is a quality set of six clubs and a storage bag and it comes in the right size for kids, so they are not swinging with adult-sized clubs taller than them!

Up Side

  • Comes in right or left-hand orientation
  • Comes in two sizes – 5-8 or 9-12
  • includes six clubs and a golf bag
  • Nice colors and design – does not look kiddish
  • Comes with a Driver360cc, Fairway wood, 7 iron, 9 iron, and a putter
  • The bag stands on its own and is lightweight with pockets for water bottle, a double straps, and rain hood

Down Side

  • Extremely expensive
  • The putter can be weak but the company works to resolve issues

Why You Should Buy

If the men in your life love golf, chances are the boy in your life will want to join them for some guy bonding time. A great gift that will last for more than one child.

6. Roblox Robot Riot Mix & Match Set

Roblox seems like just another weird computer game for kids like Minecraft, including the weird pixelated graphics but with tons of little figurines and lots of imagination. If your son is in love with the game on the computer why not bring the computer game to life with the Roblox Robot Riot Mix & Match Set? It’s the best of both worlds, computer characters but without the computer screen. Your boy will love the festive little beings and if this set goes over well there are other sets as well.

Up Side

  • Four sets available
  • From the computer game Roblox
  • Cute figurines from the game
  • Brings the computer to real life
  • Imaginative play
  • Great for group play or quiet time
  • Portable
  • Interchangeable parts and compatible accessories for mix and match play
  • Includes a redeemable code for exclusive virtual content

Down Side

  • No downside

Why You Should Buy

For the boy who loves computers but needs time away from the screen, these little characters will continue the game even in his bedroom or on a road trip.

7. Grumblies Hydro, Blue

Back in the 80s, we had the Garbage Pail Kids, now our children can have the much cuter Grumblies without all of the boogers and other nasty bodily functions. Look at the Grumblies Hydro in Blue. It’s like the Garbage Pail Kids meet Oscar the Grouch.

Sure we all love happy moods and positive feelings but life often gets in the way and children should feel like being grouchy and grumbly is okay sometimes. Your kiddo will love the funny little back stories for each plush. The one featured here is Hydro and he loves water. Also, they may cute noises like the Grouch.

Up Side

  • Cute fuzzy plush toys with attitude
  • Can be poked, shook, tilted, and rolled
  • The more you anger them the more they meltdown with little temper tantrums
  • They come with forty different reactions and custom sounds
  • Each one has its own personality like Furbies
  • Come in multiple colors

Down Side

  • May send the wrong message to kids. Talk to them first and let them know everyone is grumbly but this doll is the only one grumpy all the time except for maybe Ancient Uncle Al who grumbles at everyone who walks by.

Why You Should Buy

A great toy to show your children how ridiculous temper tantrums look. Such fun little naughty beast. When your kids are at school you can get a little anger release too and pop him one. Also, a hilarious toy to show off to friends.

8. Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings

If cuddly grumble stuffies are not up your alley, maybe your son will like a tiny dinosaur that can fit on his finger. Go ahead and grab the Untamed Raptor – Series 2- by Fingerlings. The vicious little dino will wrap around your son’s finger and then around his heart.

Up Side

  • Available in 8 colors
  • Grips to fingers and reacts with touch, motion, and sound
  • Batteries included

Down Side

  • Battery dies fast
  • Does not take a beating well despite being vicious dinosaurs

Why You Should Buy

Some boys are obsessed with dinosaurs. If this is your boy than a fingerling will be the cutest little gift to grab. Maybe grab an extra package of batteries and warn him not to be too brutal with this little killer.

9. Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

Now, the price on this Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway may make you cry a little bit but, this is an epic toy well worth the price. First, this toy folds up for easy storage. Second, it has a six-lane raceway with 8 feet of track for great group play. Up to six boys can race for a winner. Finally, the track comes on wheels for easy movement. Also, an announcer calls the winner at the finish line.

Up Side

  • Orange grey track lets boys race six cars at once
  • Comes with 6 vehicles
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Comes on wheels to easily take anywhere
  • Announces winner
  • Additional extension lanes available

Down Side

  • Can be difficult to fold
  • Expensive

Why You Should Buy

Little racecar fans will love watching the cars race down the track or race with their buddies. The electronic finish line will encourage them to keep playing. Even better, this portable toy can go to their friend’s house, grandma’s, or anywhere else he wants.

10. Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone

Impress your eight-year-old with the Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone. Drones are cool by themselves but make it foldable and it becomes epic. Mom’s will love the ability to store the drone out of sight when it’s not in use. Also, the price is right and perfect for any budget, especially for all the different features in this little beast. The worst part is you will need to charge the drone just like any other portable electronics.

Up Side

  • Has altitude hold function
  • Foldable and portable
  • One key takeoff and landing
  • Headless mode and one key return
  • High-speed rotation
  • Easy to spot colors
  • Mini size
  • 3D flip
  • LED lighting system
  • 2 ways to charge – play for 5-7 minutes and only needs 40 minutes charging
  • 30-50 meters
  • Includes quadcopter, controller, spare propellers and guards, crowbar, charger, screwdriver, and manual

Down Side

  • Gets damaged easily from falls
  • Not a lot of play time compared to charge but similar to most other drones

Why You Should Buy

Boys love most anything electronic especially vehicles on the move. A drone will delight all of your boy’s senses, including your husband. A great bonding toy.

11. Joyjam Remote Control Wall Climber Car


The Joyjam Remote Control Wall Climber Car is not just a remote controlled car but one that can climb the walls. It may climb your nerves too but your boy will go nuts for this fun toy with a grown-up appearance.

Up Side

  • 2 Modes – normal or gravity defying
  • Special vacuum to climb walls
  • 360 Stunt rotation
  • Can go forward, backward, and to all sides.
  • A toy he will love showing off to friends and family
  • Has a built-in battery that is rechargeable
  • Includes the car, control, color box, and user manual

Down Side

  • The controller needs 6 AA batteries not included

Why You Should Buy

With all the fabulous stuff on screens now, this toy will draw his attention away from TV and online games. A great toy for rainy days and for when friends are over. Also, despite the batteries, the car itself is easy to charge which is a plus. The easier it is for your son to use, the less you will have to help.

12. eYotto Kids Sports Watch Waterproof

Image of the eYotto Kids Sports Watch Waterproof Boys Multi-Function Analog Digital Wristwatch LED Alarm Stopwatch

In a digital world, it’s still great to learn analog at least for telling time. Bring in the eYotto Kids Sports Watch Waterproof an affordable watch with multiple features to encourage your son to learn to tell time. A great watch to make sure he is home on time. Finally, this watch probably looks a lot like his father’s or grandfathers, a great way to feel closer to the role models in his life.

Up Side

  • Comes in three colors
  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable time, date, week, stopwatch, alarm, and dual time
  • Has a backlight for easy visibility even when playing laser tag
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Comfortable and durable band
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Kid-sized for better use

Down Side

  • No downside except many children now have a difficult time understanding analog time.

Why You Should Buy

Time is a precious commodity and being late isn’t an option. Give your boy a clock so he can enjoy time out with his friends and still be home for dinner. A great skill to learn that is going out of style. Maybe great in history class!

13. Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp

Even eight-year-old boys want a nightlight to light a path to the bathroom. He will be showing Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp to all of his friends and anyone else he can convince to climb up a flight of stairs. Also, a very relaxing night light to watch to help fall asleep. Finally, fake jellyfish are much easier to care for than the real thing. A tank big enough for real jellyfish would take up a whole lot of space and need a lot of cleaning. Maybe you are up to the task, if not get this nightlight.

Up Side

  • Electronic tank
  • Comes in a few colors
  • Quiet motor
  • Jellyfish move
  • Mood lighting and great as a nightlight
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Includes power supply and adapter

Down Side

  • Require prep work
  • Cheaper than some of the other nicer models

Why You Should Buy

Gift the gift of the ocean to your favorite boy. A big boy nightlight he will happily show off to his friends. In addition, will help your son fall asleep.

14. Anki Cozmo Robot


While the Anki Cozmo Robot is one of the more expensive items on this list, it’s because the robot offers so much function. Sorry, he will not vacuum or mop but he will teach and entertain your son. The robot even has a personality and can stack blocks all without adding to your to-do list! A great toy to teach coding to your little man. Maybe you can have some time away from chores to help him build a maze for this coding robot – you know, one far away from where you will trip over all the pieces!

Up Side

  • Comes in two colors
  • Teaches coding
  • Works with an app – works on iOS or Android
  •  Has explorer mode
  • A real robot to take your kid into the future
  • Strong little bot
  • Includes the robot, 3 cubes, and charger

Down Side

  • Very expensive
  • A small portion of customers had a difficult time working the robot

Why You Should Buy

The future is moving into a virtual reality where robots may

15. littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit


The littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit may be the neatest new toy available, especially for fans of superheroes. The price is definitely on the high side but you get a whole lot of technology for your buck, well bucks. Either way, your son can be the newest Avenger with an armband like Ironman. Although, do not expect your son to fly around like Ironman, this toy is not that powerful.

Up Side

  • Includes everything needed to build an interactive customizable gauntlet
  • Includes electronic building blocks, LED matrix, plastic parts, stickers, and batteries
  • Built to last – including covers for the circuits
  • STEM toy that teaches science, technology, engineering, art, mat, and computers
  • Also unlocks the imagination
  • No adult interaction required
  • Introduces coding – specifically block-based coding
  • Teaches with activities to advance programming fundamentals
  • Uses a smart device -either Android or iOS
  • Has real world applications

Down Side

  • A very pricey learning toy but well with the money

Why You Should Buy

What could be better than a toy that teaches real-world skills for the future and unlocks your child’s imagination? Nothing! Buy this toy to encourage him to learn new skills and remind him that with his imagination he can be anything he wants, even a superhero genius who can build incredible items like Ironman.

16. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit


Kids love magic and all the imaginative possibilities magic opens up. With the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit your son can pretend to use the same magic as TV land. Thankfully, Harry Potter’s magic is more similar to Bewitched and not real sorcery so your boy will not be attempting to turn a bully into a frog or anything of the sort. But he can use this digital wand to learn to code like magic! In conclusion, All the magic stays on the screen but will help your child’s imagination fly!

Up Side

  • Comes with a wand that responds to movement
  • Also includes PCB with codeable LED, button, batteries, instruction book, stickers, poster, and the Kano app
  • STEM toy that teaches coding with over 70 challenges
  • Kids can make feathers fly, multiply goblets, play with fire, make pumpkins grow and more right on their tablet
  • Like using a real wand but with no actual magic
  • Works with most tablets and computers

Down Side

  • This coding set is on the pricey side
  • Requires 2 AA batteries

Why You Should Buy

For your Hogwarts fan, this teaching gift will teach valuable skills for the future while engaging your boy now so he will want to learn again and again.

17. The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination


Legos are awesome and open the door to creativity but what about when a kid gets Lego-block (you know like writer’s block but with Legos)? Bring on the The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination with hundreds of ideas to get your son’s creative juices flowing again. Even better, the book divides by topic such as transportation, buildings, space, kingdoms, adventure, along with a few added friendly tips. This book is like a way to re-vamp all the money you already spent on all those sets of Lego’s in your son’s room.

Up Side

  • A useful book to encourage reading, learning, and imaginative play
  • Will be used for years and then by other siblings
  • Tell you want pieces are needed for ideas

Down Side

  • The idea your kid wants to build may want pieces he doesn’t already own
  • No step-by-step instructions on how to build the ideas illustrated

Why You Should Buy

Books are still wonderful for all the information they offer, but none as interesting for young boys as one about Legos and inspiration to build new and exciting creations.

18. Dog Ate My Mad Libs

Image of the Dog Ate My Mad Libs


We all remember Mad Libs like this one- Dog Ate My Mad Libs– from when we children. The fun little notepad that made adverbs funny and noun hilarious. Now your son can make funny little blurbs about dogs eating homework and other amusing scenarios.

Up Side

  • Includes 48 pages and 21 original stories
  • Cute picture on the cover
  • Great for road trips
  • A learning book that teaches the function of words

Down Side

  • Some parents feel the quality is down from the ones we owned as kids
  • Not very big

Why You Should Buy

Mad Libs are a fond memory of many peoples past and now moms can relive the past with fond memories as we remind our sons what an adverb is, which is great for bonding and learning.

19. The Secret Series Complete Collection


 The Secret Series Complete Collection is a series to intrigue kids about secrets. No description enhances the secretive nature this set and thus the desire to find the secret. What better way to get kids reading than to pique their curiosity. Take a look at the limited information meant to entice your kiddo, “Not only is the name of this series a secret, but the story is, too. For it concerns a secret – a big secret – that has been tormenting people like you for over… oh no! Did I just mention the secret? Then it’s too late. I’m afraid nothing will stop you now. Read this series if you must. But please, tell no one.”

Up Side

  • For 3-7 grade
  • 5 books for 5 senses and mysteries
  • Exciting set kids will want to read
  • Will help improve vocabulary
  • Great for road trips or required school reading

Down Side

  • Maybe too difficult for weak readers  but great for reading with parents

Why You Should Buy

A book that encourages kids to read is great, a series that keeps kids reading is awesome! By this set to encourage your son to read and to keep reading. Sometimes finding the right set is all that is needed to spark a love for reading. This could be the set for your son.

20. Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set


The Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set is the perfect adventure for young boys who love mythology and Greek Gods. Author Rick Riordan authored more books in other mythologies as well if this set gets your boy reading. The first two books of this set also have movies, which your son will love as well. Any series that gets your kids to read is a big win for you and your son. The Percy Jackson will improve your son’s vocabulary without being too difficult but may challenge some readers. A great set to read as a family and also take on road trips.

Up Side

  • Epic set about Greek Gods and their children
  • The set includes five Paperback books and a box to store them in
  • Fabolous price
  • Also available in hardback for a larger price tag
  • So fun boys will read it more than once
  • Great to share with siblings
  • 1840 pages between all the books

Down Side

  • Most 8-year-olds will be able to begin the set but stronger readers will have an easier time
  • Only a couple of percent of customer received the books in damaged condition

Why You Should Buy

Mythology and demi-gods often capture children’s attention because of their superhuman abilities. With this set, your son can discover an entire world of the children born from the Greek Gods. Rick Riordan has several sets sure to engage your children in books.

21. Perplexus Warp Game


The Perplexus Warp Game is a 3D puzzle to help your child with his cognitive skills. He has to twist and turn the game to make the little ball move through the maze. If the ball falls off he has to start all over again. A great toy to encourage challenge and learning. Also, a lot of fun for friends to challenge each other in an epic battle of skill!

Up Side

  • No batteries
  • A challenging game encourages thought and honing skills
  • 3D game
  • Great for taking turns for groups
  • A quiet game great for travel
  • More puzzles available in the set
  • No additional parts – all one piece puzzle!

Down Side

  • Expensive
  • Can be too challenging for some kids

Why You Should Buy

If your son enjoys puzzle like a Rubix cube he will love this new 3D puzzle meant to get him thinking and working on dexterity. A great quiet game he can even take to church to fidget with if he can’t sit still.

22. PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game


Break out this game PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game for your son’s next party or just when he has friends over or a larger crowd. The hilarious premise will encourage tons of laughter and become a new favorite for the entire family. With over 150 new cars this new edition will excite younger and older children along with parents and even extended family.

Up Side

  • Include 150 new cards, and a timer
  • Fast-paced – name 3 things that fit a topic in 5 seconds
  • A fun game but also a learning game to teach kids to be quick on their feet
  • Includes marbles

Down Side

  • Meant for older kids but is definitely playable for younger kids as its a simple game and easy to get through in a short time frame
  • Not shipped well

Why You Should Buy

Any game that teaches thinking on your feet is a good game for little brains to learn to think fast and work with a team. Games also encourage good sportsmanship which isn’t always a natural skill.

23. K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow Build and Blast Set


The K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow Build and Blast Set is a great and unique building set to make a bow for arrows. Like Legos, this set requires imagination and patience and most boys are up to the task when the prize is an epic toy. The price is fantastic for the great fun and skills your boy will learn from this original toy.

Up Side

  • 165 Assorted pieces
  • Meant to build 4 different blasters
  • Includes step-by-step instructions.
  • Compatible with other K-FORCE kits
  • Action toy
  • Includes soft darts that can shoot up to 75 feet
  • STEAM toy
  • Made in America

Down Side

  • No storage included
  • Some customers were missing pieces
  • Not an actual bow as it’s a plunger style dart gun but still fun to build

Why You Should Buy

Boys love weapons and this one he can learn from as he builds it. The set can be taken apart and rebuilt into new inventions. A great STEAM toy to engage your child in the world and learn a skill he can apply in life.

24. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther


By now, most everyone in the world knows about Legos but not everyone knows about the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther kit. For Marvel fans, this kit is a must so they can build the Panther jet, along with a safari truck and motorcycle. A fun kit for future superheroes. As always, Legos are a wonderful learning toy to encourage imaginative play and a future of learning.

Up Side

  • Comes with Marvel Legomen
  • Shooting parts
  • 287 pieces
  • Marvel inspired fun

Down Side

  • Very expensive set for not a lot of pieces in comparison to other sets (paying for the Marvel name)

Why You Should Buy

Eight-year-old love Legos and superheroes now you can combine the two for more imaginative play and building. With these construction sets, kids do not even know they are learning an important skill for their future.

25. Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit


Now here is a toy to get excited about, except its a kit more than a toy but its amazing. The Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit is a lab kit to build and rebuild an endless stream of robotic creations. With over 50 parts, including real wood and electric motors, the slightly hefty price is definitely worth the dent in your wallet. A fabulous teaching toy with plenty of room for imagination.

Up Side

  • Over 50 pieces including challenge cards, wood, motors, hardware, and more
  • Build robots
  • A great introduction to electronics
  • STEM toy teaches dexterity and hand-eye coordination, also design and many more skills
  • Great group project
  • Can be used with Legos
  • Comes with a giant paperwork surface

Down Side

  • The kit can be a bit complex and overwhelming – you may want to help your son sort through and figure out what challenge to try and find the pieces
  • Expensive

Why You Should Buy

Most toys and kids nowadays are made with cheap plastic and are not meant to last. This kit is special because it has authentic parts and is mean to least for many rebuilds. A great gift for kids full of imagination and eager to discover how things tick.

26. Discovery Kids Extreme Weather Kit


The new Discovery Kids Extreme Weather Kit will give your kids a taste of all the crazy weather the world has to offer all from the comfort of your home.

Up Side

  • Promotes curiosity
  • Teaching toy – learn about 4 different climates with experiments
  • 10 minute setup time
  • Kids can set up a fake snow, a solar oven, a tornado vortex, and a volcano
  • Great price
  • Includes everything needed even the plastic gloves
  • Also comes with a poster
  • Meant for older ages but is great with a little help from adults for kids younger

Down Side

  • No downside!

Why You Should Buy

Many eight-year-olds are learning about weather in school and this toy can help their curiosity. Learning about all the different storms the world can make is a great gift for little minds absorbing information about the world.

27. 4M Dig and Play Egyptian Tomb


The price is right on this 4M Dig and Play Egyptian Tomb game will be perfect for little boys who love Egypt, history, or mythology. A great game for when friends are over. When the boys are finished throwing a ball outsides, they can relax with this game over some milk and cookies and hopefully come away with an interest in archeology. What could be more fun than a game where you search for hidden Egyptian Tombs? Also, they need to be wary of quicksand, scorpions, and crocodiles by the river. All this while they learn about history.

Up Side

  • Fun history game
  • Great for lovers of archeology
  • A great learning game
  • Simple rules and fun play
  • Great for groups

Down Side

  • A few customers did not receive with instructions in English

Why You Should Buy

Not everyone likes history but a fun game can induce at least a mild interest in children. For those children who are already history buffs, this game will win you some smiles.

28. Boy Craft Catapult Wars


Boy love destruction. Whether they are destroying their enemy in video games or in their heads as they play with a sword. With the Boy Craft Catapult Wars by Horizon Group USA now he can invent a machine capable of defeating an army of plastic soldiers in a few moves. With solid wood pieces, this learning kit is worth the small price tag for the quality.

Up Side

  • Great learning toy that your son will build and customize
  • A great group activity as there are two catapults for two peoples or teams
  • Real wood – precut for easy and safe assembly
  • Includes  wood pieces, dowels, rubber bands, bean bags, ropes, stickers, glue, and instructions
  • A great toy for hand-eye coordination and dexterity
  • Great for pretend play

Down Side

  • Many people were unsatisfied with the glue – you may want to purchase better glue from a local hobby store

Why You Should Buy

Catapults are not used much these days but the concept is still in use and this learning toy will help your child learn how things work. A great learning toy for the boy who loves destruction. Now he can destroy with a purpose.

Gifts for Similar Ages

How the Gifts Were Chosen

We try to choose toys boys will enjoy and are cognitively and emotionally ready to play with. Eight-year-olds are going through a few changes this year but mostly becoming more stable in themselves. Take a closer in-depth look at your child this year.

Physical Milestones

You can expect a growth spurt at eight-years-old. Otherwise, physical improvements are minor more honing than learning new skills. At this age, your boy may be a bit awkward as he looks less like a little kid but not quite like a big kid either. His features are less baby fat and more angular.

If your son has a natural athletic ability he will become more accurate and exact in his ability. Because of this, you will want to let him practice his skills more. Sign him up for as many sports as you can fit into the schedule or at least taking him down to the playground to play ball. If your boy is not a natural athlete encourage free movement like biking, running, and other physical activities, not sports related.

In conclusion, anything he has learned to do over the last few years will be more cultivated. His coordination is massively improved and he has better muscle control. He may need to hone small muscle control which can be done with building toys and musical instruments. Maybe some piano lessons are in order.

Emotional Milestones

Next, your son is having a growth spurt emotionally as well. His emotions are more mature and intricate. He can name his emotions, not that he will as he would rather go play video games. You can expect your boy wanting more privacy and more resistant to hugs and kisses, especially in public. Finally, overall you will see him more balanced with his frustration, and ability to handle failure or disappointment.

Social Milestones

Your sweet little boy wants to spend more time with friends and groups of kids then he wants to be at home. His friends will be a bigger priority as he learns to depend on them for social interactions. Mostly, he will want to be friends with in his gender.

Another new skill is more self-confidence. He may even become more opinionated as he begins to have more complex thoughts and formulate his own opinions instead of relying on other peoples thoughts such as family members. You can also expect your little man to want more time with friends even asking to sleep over or have friends spend the night.

His emphatic ability is improved as is his ability to be generous, supportive, and king. He also begins to understand justice and wants everything to be fair. You can expect over the next few years, well maybe the next twenty years, he will be saying, “That’s not fair!” A good response is, “No one promised fair.”

Finally, right and wrong is becoming more clear but still a bit hazy. He may test his boundaries with some lies and pushing to find out how far he can push. You may want to decide beforehand how far you will let him push.

Cognitive Milestones

Eight is a great year for little boys brains. He will gain a new understanding of money and that everything has a cost. Your boy may begin to worry and have difficulty focusing because of worry. Also, he can tell time better and understand how relational time is to events.

Next, his speech is improving and his vocabulary will astound you. Of course, those who read more will increase their vocabulary exponentially. Your son may begin to understand sarcasm and irony. He may begin to find more humor in the world.

He will be able to focus on a task for an hour or more, that’s more than some adults at least the ones who don’t drink coffee. His concept of the world and how he fits is more complex. Finally, he can do some math in his head and understand abstract thought better. Although, abstract art may be a whole different story.


With your son refining his emotions, physical ability, thinking, and social skills this year, his toy needs increase enough to let him play with more sophisticated toys and read bigger book. Sports and exercise are still prevalent needs as is encouraging learning toys but trying to find the toys that he enjoys. In conclusion, you know your son best, but it’s time to clear out the baby toys and make room for big boy toys now.

FAQ’s for 8-Year-Old Boy Gifts and Toys

Why are so many toys geared towards STEM or STEAM?

STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Math. STEAM is an acronym for Science Technology Art Engineering and Math. The big push for these toys is because these toys are the careers we need in the world. We are trying to encourage a generation of children who love learning and innovation to create new and exciting inventions to benefit society. Toys focused on these learning areas promote a love of learning and of these fields so more children will want to enter learning fields and make our world a better place.

Another great advantage of STEM and STEAM toys are they help children to understand the new technological advancing showing up daily on the market. Plus, these toys promote problem-solving skills, understanding concepts and design, application of knowledge, innovation and creativity, teamwork, communication, risk-taking, learning through process, and a love of learning. In conclusion, the most valuable aspect of STEM and STEAM geared toys is to foster a love of learning, which will help children to grow up who love to build or create and enjoy their future job.

Why are coding toys so popular?

Twenty years ago, computers were just becoming a popular item in everyone’s home for work and play. Now, computers are an integral part of our daily lives and work. We even carry computers in our pockets (smartphones are portable computers with phone calling abilities) and coding is part of our daily lives too.

Coding is simply telling a computer what you want it to do. As computers cannot think for themselves (let’s hope that dystopian society doesn’t come about in our lifetime), we need programmers to talk the same language as computers and tell them how to behave and what to do. With computers so integrated into our lives, we are finding a larger need for programmers and encouraging children now to understand the concept and process ensure a fun learning experience to help children follow coding into a future career. Finally, children love the ability to control a powerful device as do many adults. Kids learn faster too making them the perfect people to create our future.

My son seems to prefer electronics to toys now, should I still buy him toys?

Yes! Non-electronic toys are extremely important for his development and to get him away from screens. Too much screen time can be damaging for his eyes and his brain. Allow him an hour or two on electronics and try to get him to play with toys more often. Especially toys that take him outside for healthy exercise and to soak up some Vitamin D from the sun.

My son doesn’t like to read; should I skip buying him books as gifts?

If someone doesn’t like to read it usually means they have not found the right book or series to match their imagination. Many children do not enjoy reading simply because they do not have the right set. Try a large collection of books to find his imagination on paper. What does he love in real life? Use this information to find his books.

Also, comic books and Anime books are still books and still reading. The goal of reading is to improve vocabulary, improve cognitive skills, and foster creativity. Maybe your son only like Calvin and Hobbs. Get him those books while still looking for a new series to excite his personal tastes.

Why do kids immediately rip open a gift with tons of pieces and sometimes scatter or lose some of the pieces? How do I prevent this from happening?

Kids are impatient– this is why they hope presents or boxes improperly and make a big mess. The best you can do is talk to them before gift opening starts and explain how people spent a lot of money buying him gifts and if he rips into them indelicately he could ruin the gift and therefore waste other peoples money. Tell him he can open the gifts but then he needs to not open the boxes until a later date. He can have one gift to open at a time or a day or whatever system works best for you. Empty plastic bins with lids are a great way to keep new toys organized.

Should I get my son toys that are super popular now but may not stay popular, or should I stick to toys that stand the test of time?

A mixture of both popular toys and old toys is the best method. Popular toys will hold his attention for a short while but he will probably end up with the most basic toys. Just as some kids return to basics like a baby doll or a Tonka truck, your son will enjoy the excitement of a new popular toy and then return to his Hotwheels, Legos, or football.

Most kids like Legos, but my son hates construction toys. What can I get him to help learn the skills he would have learned from Legos?

You cannot force a child to love something they do not like, but like books, you may need to just keep looking for a construction toy your son likes. Like he may not enjoy Legos but maybe he enjoys the Avengers. So maybe, the Black Panther set may get him building. Another way is to building construction toys with your son.

Wrap Up

If you bought every toy on this list you would be spending several hundred dollars. While we would all love to spoil our kids with everything on their wish list it’s just not feasible. If you have to narrow the list down to just two toys I would suggest the GoSports 8′ x 8′ Football Trainer Throwing Net and the littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit. The football net is a great group activity to get your boy outside running around and staying fit and healthy. The Avengers kit is so cool and futuristic we may be purchasing several for ourselves, forget the kids! Good luck with your shopping and hope we helped.

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