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The Best Toy Box of 2022

I’ve researched the key health and safety recommendations vital to a quality toy box, including tipping and pinching hazards. I’ve then compared dozens of the top national and international brands including Little Tikes, Delta, and Melissa & Doug. The following list of toy boxes and toy organizers rose to the surface as the best toy boxes on the market.  

Best Wooden Toy Box:
Best Plastic Toy Box:
Best Toy Box for Living Room:
Best Large Toy Box:
Best Small Toy Box:

Best Wooden Toy Boxes

The difference between these wooden toy boxes are that the Melissa & Doug Toy Chest and the Sauder Shoal Creek Storage Chest are fully wooden chests with hinged lids for one large storage area; whereas the Delta Children Toy Storage Organizer and the Disney/Pixar Toy Organizer have multiple wooden compartments with fabric bins that hold the toys in separate sections.  

Melissa & Doug Toy Chest

Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Chest - White Furniture for Playroom

Melissa & Doug’s Toy Chest comes in a variety of colors and arrives disassembled.  When assembled, this box weighs 21 pounds and measures 24 inches (L) by 33 inches (H). 

Made of solid wood, the box is designed to double as a bench if desired and has been safety tested for up to 240 pounds (as a bench). 

The box also features a safety hinge to avoid smashed fingers or heads.  

Features and Findings

Coming in at the higher end of the price market, many people found that this toy box was the perfect fit for their needs. 

It is recommended to have two people present to assemble it easily and some mentioned that power tools were helpful, though the directions do not call for them. 

The safety latch worked well, though some wished that it allowed the lid to open further without fear of snapping the latch off. 

Other users also noted that while it holds all their toys with no problems, the bottom of the box is made up of a much thinner piece of wood that was not designed to hold the weight of a child who might like climbing in the box.

Delta Children 9-Bin Toy Organizer

Delta Children Deluxe 9-Bin Toy Storage Organizer, Natural/Primary

The 9-Bin Toy Organizer is a versatile and colorful piece that can fit into almost any nursery or play area. 

Made up of three types of materials (metal, wood, and cloth), this bin still maintains a fairly lightweight (approximately 15 lbs).  With metal rods that screw into particle board sides, this box is shipped disassembled and does not require power tools to be assembled.  The metal rods are covered with a cloth liner that acts as a soft shelf to hold the bins.  The nine bins come in three different sizes, making it easier to hold a wide variety of toys and playthings. 

Features and Findings

Being on the medium to the low end of the price market, the Delta 9-bin Toybox is a top-seller.  Parents love the simple color pallet and the versatility of so many bins. 

Overall, most users found this design very simple to assemble (average of 15 minutes).  The lightweight of this design was also a plus for parents who were concerned about children accidentally pulling the toy bin over, though it has not had issues falling over without force. 

The Delta toy bin can be secured to a wall through a separate kit that will have to be purchased from a hardware store to do this.    

The most common complaint about this design was its durability.  While this depends completely on its intended use and the gentility of its users, several parents were disappointed by how quickly the cloth sagged under the bins (making it harder for little hands to slide the bins out).  Some users also experienced bowing in the middle of the racks over time.    

Sauder Storage Chest

Sauder Shoal Creek Storage Chest, Soft White finish

Coming in a variety of colors and wood finishes, the Sauder Storage Chest is a solid wood toy bin. 

Weighing in at 42 pounds once assembled, this toy bin also features a safety close lid that not closes slowly but also stays upright.  As an extra safety measure, this design also has slits under the lid to prevent accidental finger smashing.  These slits also help to ventilate the box on the off chance a moist toy is put away. 

This larger design (L: 34.88″ x W: 15.08″ x H: 18.94″) offers plenty of storage space as well.  

Features and Findings

Sitting on the middle-to-high end of the market price, this box was a sturdy solution for many families. 

It is recommended that there be at least two adults present to set it up, but at least the directions were clear and understandable. 

Users liked the sleek design and wood finish. 

Some users had issues with the safety latch detaching from the lid over time.  And while the design seems solid, it is important to note that it was not safety tested as a seat so parents who bought this design discouraged older kids from climbing on the box.  

Delta Children 6-Bin Toy Organizer

Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4 6 Bin Design and Store Toy Organizer by Delta Children

Similar in design to its earlier counterpart, this Delta 6-Bin Toy Organizer is also made up of a wood frame, cloth-covered metal poles, and cloth storage bins. 

Using six instead of nine bins, this design features one extra-large bin at the bottom, two medium-sized bins, and three smaller bins on the top. 

Coming in a wide variety of Disney and Pixar themes, these boxes also come with matching reusable themed stickers that can be moved around on the sliding bins. 

Weighing just over 12 pounds and roughly 24 inches long and 9 inches wide, this box is ideal for smaller spaces and geared for children aged 6 and under.  

Features and Findings

With a design so similar to the larger Delta toy organizer, many users loved the thematic elements of this box.  Sometimes having a child’s favorite character can encourage clean-up. 

The cloth bins are harder to clean than the plastic ones. 

Coming in on the cheaper end of the market, however, was a plus for many parents as well as the wide variety of thematic elements.  

Kids Toys Storage Cabinet

The Kids Toys Storage Cabinet allows for you to keep some toys visible and some toys put away. This is a great compromise between style and substance.

The manufactured wood storage cabinet features 3 pull-out drawers with wheels and one large shelf. The top of the cabinet can also be utilized as a shelf. 

Features and Findings

Parents who love organization will this design.  The wheeled bins are great because a child can move them around without dumping them. 

Users felt that the design was stable and lightweight (even when empty) and liked that it could be anchored to the wall. 

While construction is fairly simple and straightforward, it does require some time and effort. And like many build-it-yourself furniture pieces, some users had missing pieces or parts when they went to build the toy storage cabinet. 

This can be used as a bench, although because of the flimsiness of the MDF board, it’s not recommended for use as seating in your home. It should be used instead for toy storage only. 

Otherwise, the kids toy cabinet design held up over time and stored a wide variety of toys and small parts.  

Best Plastic Toy Boxes

Similar in size, the main differences between these plastic toy boxes is cost, color, and storage.  The Little Tikes Play ‘N Store Toy Chest is more expensive and only comes in one color choice with one large storage area, however, the Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box comes with a lower price tag, has 3 color choices, and includes a lid that doubles as an art board as well as has 2 art bins for supplies.

Little Tikes Toy Chest

The Little Tikes Toy Chest is the epitome of simplicity.  With only two pieces, this toy bin requires virtually no setup.  The lid is completely removable and simply slides into a grooved notch on the top. 

At a middle-of-the-market price and made in the USA, many users have loved this brand and the simple design of this box. 

Coming in a variety of colors, it can fit well into most rooms and could be used outside although it is not watertight.  

Features and Findings

With its simple design, many users had positive things to say about this toy bin.  It does exactly what it is designed to do though some mentioned it was a little smaller than it looked in the pictures (approximately 3 feet by 2.5 feet). 

Weighing in at only 6 pounds when empty, it is fairly easy to move around. 

Some users complained that they had a very hard time keeping the lid upright.  As the lid is designed to slide and not latch into place, many parents commented that it was easier to just take the lid off altogether than constantly try to prop it back up or risk it falling on their child.    

Step2 Toy Box & Art Lid

Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid | Plastic Toy & Art Storage Container, Grey

Shying away from the cloth and wood designs, the Toy Box & Art Lid is comprised of a sturdy plastic tub and detachable lid. 

Also available in a variety of color combinations, this lightweight bin features a large open bin with a low entry front, ideal for little toddlers trying to reach toys or ones who like to climb into the box. 

The lid is also designed to double as a standing artboard with a security clip at the top.  Two smaller organizer bins sit on the top of the toy bin to hold art supplies or smaller toys that could get lost in the larger compartment (approximately 19 inches wide). 

Features and Findings

Being made of plastic was a favorite feature of many moms as they found it easy to clean and avoided the sharp corners and edges of a wooden design. 

Parents loved the easy access, lower front for the safety of their climbers. 

The art clip was also a favorite feature for users and many commented on how easy it way Cs to clean up after messy art. 

The lid does not secure to the toy bin at all so some loved this feature and others did not.o  Ideal for moving the art station around, other moms were frustrated that the lid was constantly falling off the box. 

On another note, while the plastic is safe, some users noted that it is fairly thin plastic and therefore dealt with some bowing of the sides over time.     

Best Toy Boxes for Living Room

The Otto & Ben Toy Chest is ranked highly from customers for a sturdy, quality, and versatile toy box that is both attractive and hides the toys; while the KidKraft Wooden Toy Box also has high ratings regarding sturdiness and quality, yet despite being attractive, it isn’t as versatile as it looks like a toy chest rather than living room furniture.  

Otto & Ben Toy Chest 

Otto & Ben Top Tufted Folding Tweed Linen Trunk Toomnas Bench Foot Rest, 30x30x15, Light Grey

The Otto & Ben Toy Chest is another great multi-purpose box that can be featured nicely in a living room.  Doubling as an ottoman, this design is featured in two shades of gray with a soft cloth finish and plush top. 

This design comes folded flat and requires some assembly but no hand tools.  The lid features a central hinge that allows it to be opened from either side instead of lifting off the entire top. 

Lightweight construction is easy to move around and safe for sitting. 

Once assembled, it measures 30 x 30 x 15 inches.  

Features and Findings

Many users loved the soft touch and versatile design of this toy box.  It was a great space saver for smaller homes or living rooms where parents did not want a “juvenile-looking” toy area. 

The inside liners are slightly more sturdy than cardboard so some users felt that it was not ideal for seating for adults in the long run. 

The lid does not feature a safety latch on either side which can pose a problem for little fingers or heads, although the lightweight of the design keeps any serious injuries from occurring.  

Sorbus Toy Chest

Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Kids Collapsible Storage for Nursery, Playroom, Closet, Home Organization, Large (Pattern - Chevron Gray)

This Sorbus Toy Chest seeks to combine charm with versatility.  Ideal for hidden storage in other rooms, the Sorbus design comes in three color patterns that can complement almost any room. 

As a collapsible design, this toy bin requires no setup or tools.  Comprised of cloth material over cardboard framing, the main compartment simply unfolds to create a large box measuring approximately 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet.  An optional divider can be Velcroed inside the compartment or left to one side if you prefer one large open space.  The lid also secures with Velcro on both the back and has smaller Velcro tabs to keep it closed. 

This very lightweight design also features carrying handles on either side for easy relocation of the box.  

Features and Findings

The simple, elegant designs that Sorbus offers are a plus for many parents. 

Not having to assemble anything is also another favorite feature of this bin. 

Users love having the handles for easy movement of the box and enjoy its lightweight design.  With such a small design, many users said this was a great box for small spaces.

On the other hand, many moms noted that this design did not hold up well over time with kids leaning in and out of it.  The cardboard liners did not hold up well in the long run and users had a hard time getting this box to hold its shape without the lid. 

Other users noted that this design was rather hard to clean as it can only be wiped down with a damp cloth.  

KidKraft Toy Box

KidKraft Austin Wooden Toy Box/Bench with Safety Hinged Lid, White, Gift for Ages 3+

Made of composite wood, the KidKraft Toy Box is a great medium-sized toy bin available in seven different colors/finishes. 

With slightly heavier construction and a larger storage compartment (H: 19.6 inches, L: 30.5 inches), this box weighs around 35 pounds. 

Two spaces have been cut in the sides to double as handles and the lid does feature a soft close safety feature. 

The larger size of this box is also ideal for its dual purpose as a seating bench. 

For ease of shipping, the KidKraft toy box arrives disassembled and requires minimal hand tools.

Features and Findings

The size of this box was a huge plus for users who wanted some more storage space.  Being slightly bigger was ideal for hiding larger toys and families with older children found this toy chest to be quite versatile. 

Customers also felt that the design felt strong and sturdy when used as a bench. 

Several users also mentioned that the directions did not include any words and that it was very difficult to assemble unless two adults were present. 

While the safety feature on the lid works well, this particular design also only allows the lid to open about three-quarters of the way open before it strains the hinge.  This was a frustration to some while others had no problem with it.   

Best Small Toy Boxes

Slightly bigger, the 3 Sprouts Kids Toy Chest is comprised of cloth over a cardboard frame, which can lose its shape over time.  The Delta Children Toy Box is made of wood, although not solid wood, which will hold up longer as kids get toys in and out of it. 

3 Sprouts Toy Chest 

3 Sprouts Kids Toy Chest - Storage Trunk for Boys and Girls Room, Sloth

Geared towards themed rooms and nurseries, the 3 Sprouts Toy Chest has a softer touch than many other toy boxes. 

Comprised of cloth (100% polyester) over cardboard framing, this trunk is available in 12 different cute animal themes. 

Its small to medium size (14.5-inch x 24-inch x 15-inch) is ideal for smaller toys and easy toy access for crawlers and young toddlers.

Features and Findings

One of the most liked features of this toy bin was its animal designs.  Parents loved the cute animal art. 

Most users noted that over time, the cardboard inserts bowed after constant use. 

Several parents also noted that the lid is not designed to sit on top of the box and was constantly falling into the trunk unless it was filled with toys to the top.  Some users fixed this by adding their own button or Velcro to the lid. 

Some users enjoyed the soft sides for their young ones because it was a worry-free way for their “littles” to access toys on their own.  Others did not like this feature and complained of the trunk losing its shape quickly. 

The cloth design also means that it can only be spot cleaned if dirty.   

Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box

Delta Children MySize Deluxe Toy Box, Grey

Another selection from Delta is the Deluxe Toy Box.  Featuring an all-wood design, this toy box is still lightweight weighing just under 22 pounds. 

Available in six different colors, this small wooden toy box is ideal for smaller children or smaller spaces (14 inches long and 21 inches high). 

The lid does come with a safe-close latch on the lid to avoid injury. 

Arriving disassembled, this toy box does require some assembly.

Features and Findings

As far as wooden toy boxes are concerned, this box is one of the less expensive options on the market. 

Not being solid wood panels allows this design to maintain its lighter weight and users said the slow close lid worked well. 

Some parents mentioned that while the directions do not call for power tools, it was helpful to have them on hand when assembling the toy box. 

Other users also noted that this design did not hold up as well as solid wood construction. 

It is also important to note that this design has been safety tested to hold a child’s weight, but not an adult’s weight.  

Comparing Toy Boxes

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected the Best Toy Box Options

Finding the best toy box for your family takes several things into consideration.  After researching dozens of the top-selling and highest-ranked toy boxes on the market, several common themes rose to the surface as important concepts to consider when buying the best toy organizer for your child.

1st: Safety

Each of these top toy box choices has passed the basic health and safety requirements for toy boxes on the market. 

Those with plastic components are BPA-free.  The wooden boxes that claim to double as seating benches have also been weight tested as safe for sitting. The box choices have safeguards against pinching little fingers.

We removed recommendations that proved unsafe for little children or posed a choking risk for young ones. 

2nd: Versatility

A huge factor in determining the best kind of toy box for your child is the age and desired length of use. 

For a starter nursery, a smaller, softer box will easily accommodate the lightweight toys of a newborn.  The softer design discourages accidental finger pinching and head-bashing as young ones begin pulling up things and teetering around the house. 

If, however, you are searching for a design that can match the growth of your child, the larger designs might be the best consideration.  Extra safety features can be added for the younger years such as corner protectors or wall anchors.    

3rd: Durability vs. Design

When it comes down to it, one of the greatest factors in choosing the best toy box for your home is its intended purpose.  The above list includes several of the best options on the market for each intended purpose. 

If you simply want storage for a multipurpose room, there are countless bench and toy box combinations that meet nearly any design. 

If you are looking for themed storage to coordinate with a bedroom, the above list contains dozens of high-end, quality toy bins for discreet, themed toy storage. 

If you are looking for solid, long-term use toy boxes and organizers, this list has several to choose from designed by the top name brands on the market.   

FAQs –  Toy Boxes

What’s the best way to protect toys?

Placing toys where they can’t be stepped on and broken or lost is the best way to protect your investment. 

Toy boxes and toy organizers can help you keep sets together as well. They also offer ventilation to prevent mold or other nasty things from growing on the toys.

Plus, the benefit of a toy box is that it keeps the clutter out of sight, unlike a shelf.

 If a toy organizer checks all these boxes, it is a great buy and the above list includes the top choices for toy boxes on the market.

Are toy boxes dangerous?

A well-designed toy box is totally safe. The best designs stand up over time and have no questionable safety components. Good designs take into consideration things like ventilation, safety lids, and rounded corners.

Aside from the occasional smashed finger and a place to climb, toy boxes don’t offer too much of a safety hazard.

What kind of toy box do I need for wooden toys?

Wooden toys can be stored in most indoor toy bins. 

Without proper ventilation, wood toys can mold and decay if wet.  So it is important to allow wet wooden toys to dry completely before storing them in a closed space.  They can be placed in plastic, wood, or fabric toy bins and do best when given plenty of ventilation. 

If you wish to preserve a wooden toy, you can also ensure that it is completely dry, wrap it in soft cotton, and store it in any dry place.  


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