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The Best Nerf Swords And Shields for Kids in 2021

The best Nerf swords and shields help to spur children’s imaginations deeper into the world of magic. Many people believe toy swords help to promote violence, but most kids view them as a tool to save the world from goblins, dragons, centaurs, and yetis.

Help your child to enter the land of magic with the best swords and shields made of foam. We found all of the top play swords to get your noble knight or warrior princess off the couch and into an epic battle against the forces of evil!

Nerf Swords And ShieldsWhy It's BestRating
Liberty Imports Giant Foam Great Swords Comes with Two Swords!♥♥♥♥♥
Nerf Zombie Strike Blade ToyBig Size and Cool Colors!♥♥♥♥♥
Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy SwordPerfect Size and Detailed Design!♥♥♥♥♥
Formidable Toys 32" Eon ISS Blue & White Foam SwordsFiesty Icy Sword ready for battle♥♥♥♥♥
Armory Replicas Attack Special Operations Foam Titan SwordHigh Quality and Affordable♥♥♥♥♥
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The Best Nerf Swords And Shields 

Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy

Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy

Have you ever thought about how a Viking would kill a zombie? I bet your little boy has. Get him the Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy and let him figure it out for himself!

This 31.5-inch foam sword with plastic core is a silent weapon against those nasty zombies. You can smash and strike with the durable foam blade for repeated fun. Check out the Nerf Zombie App for more help in defeating the dead. 

Liberty Imports Giant Foam Great Swords 2 Pack

Image of the Liberty Imports Giant Foam Great Swords 2 Pack Warrior Knights Weapons Kids Pretend Play Toy Set - Red vs Blue (28 Inches)

If your family has similarly aged siblings, you should check out the Liberty Imports Giant Foam Great Swords Toy Set, as it comes with two swords ready to let two children enjoy an archaic battle against medieval enemies together. One of the swords comes with a blue hilt and the other in red, so children can distinguish between the two foam swords. Inside, find hard foam covered in more durable foam without the possibility of injury (unless the kids really try), as these only weigh four ounces. 

Each sword measures 28 x 6 x 0.5, making these a little smaller and perfect for children ages three years and up. The set could work for a birthday party too to save money, or you could take them with you to a Renaissance fair to avoid spending tons on fair souvenirs. Finally, the swords are long enough to grow with your child for years to come. 

Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy Sword

Image of Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy Sword - 32 Inches Long - Nerf Foam Blade with Plastic Core - For Kids, Teens, Adults (Amazon Exclusive)

The Vantage Nerf N-Force Toy Sword is an epic sword ready to help children fight bad guys from any realm with ease. At 32 inches long, the sword can help your child find their center of balance while battling, all while learning depth perception and other physical benefits. As it’s made with hard plastic inside and foam on the outside, kids can play without the weight or danger of a real sword. 

Children ages six years old and up can enjoy the sword that measures 1.9 x 32.1 x 6.3 inches and weighs 12.8 ounces, making it a lightweight option for fun play. Appearance-wise, the sword can look either technical, like a newer sword for battles in the present time or as a sword from the past if your child prefers to battle pirates, Vikings, or warriors. Also, it comes in recyclable, frustration-free packaging. 

Formidable Toys Prime Swords 32″ Eon ISS Blue & White Foam Swords for Kids

Formidable Toys Prime Swords 32

The Formidable Toys Prime Swords 32″ Eon ISS Blue & White Foam Swords for Kids is by far the most unique and legendary looking sword ever to exist in foam. It’s blue and white with a gorgeous design ready to inspire creativity. Either way, warriors, both young and old, will love the sword. 

With this blue sword, kids can spur on epic and incredible adventures, especially thanks to the non-flaking and bright whites and icy blue paints. The only downfall is the higher price. This sword is well worth the price tag thanks to the attention to detail. It comes with a long hilt stopped by the dragon claw and before ending in a fake glass foam blade. 

Finally, it measures 32 x 10.5 x 3.5 inches long and works best for children over the age of six up to adults. It’s not often that a dragon-footed blade, which is why this foam sword is perfect for older kids who still want to play, comes around. Use it as decoration once your child is done playing… it would make a terrific conversation starter. 

Liberty Imports Dual Foam Sword and Shield Playset – 2 Pack

Image of the Liberty Imports Dual Foam Sword and Shield Playset - 2 Pack Medieval Combat Ninja Warrior Weapons Costume Role Play Accessories for Kids

For some kids, a sword is enough. But some need a shield too, and so does their opponent/sibling. Enter the Liberty Imports Dual Foam Sword and Shield Playset, which is a set of two colorful swords and two shields, too! The set offers amazing quality and value for imaginative play for children. Trust me, you won’t find a better price than this set, and they are so realistic looking two with a coat of arms on each shield!

The first sword looks like a ninja weapon with flames, while the second has more of a medieval look in blacks, blues, and grays. Add in a traditionally shaped dragon shield and a lion shield to fuel the imagination, and you have the perfect set to take to a Medieval fair or for playing in the basement or even using in a play at school. Moreover, the swords are smaller at only 15.8 x 10.3 x 2.1 and only 5.6 ounces so they won’t take up much space in your home, but perfect for 3 to 12-year-olds to enjoy. 

Attack on Titan Shingeki Kyojin Fantasy Foam Sword Set


Kids interested in special ops or more tactical swordplay will love the appeal of the Attack on Titan Shingeki Kyojin Fantasy Foam Sword Set. It’s a little bit pricy but still a standard price for a kid’s present and comes with details that add to imaginative play for kids who pay attention to the particulars. At 37 x 6.5 x 1.7 inches, kids older than eight can feel like they are playing with a real sword thanks to the extra-long length. 

Despite the extra length, the foam swords only weighs one measly pound each so they can become an extension of your child’s arm instead of something to weigh them down. Another unique feature of this sword is the hilt, which comes with a lever and finger holes, too, for a realistic feel for kids into spy gear. On the blade, you will find ridges and a sharp blade, but don’t worry, it really is bendable foam!

As the set comes with two swords, kids can spar with a friend for extra fun. 

Nerf Thunder Fury N-Force Toy Sword 

Nerf N-Force Sword - Shadow Fury Blue

The NERF Thunder Fury N-Force Toy Sword measures in at almost 33 inches in length from the tip to the hilt, which makes the sword easy-to-hold and carry. If your child likes Transformers, then get this sword- the yellow, black, and gray looks like Bumblebee and can help to combat robots who transform into cars. The whole sword comes in foam, making it the perfect option for indoor or outdoor play. The durable foam can withstand bad weather. 

This sword can come in easy-to-open and recyclable packaging. The sword is long enough for little kids or for teenagers who like Dungeons and Dragons or the world of wizarding. Furthermore, the sword is recommended for children age six and up as it measures 2.1 x 32.8 x 6.5 and weighs just 12.8 ounces. 

Rainbow Yuango Pack of 10 Assorted Foam Sword and Shield Toy Set

Image of the Rainbow yuango Pack of 10 Assorted Foam Sword and Shield Ninja Warrior Weapons Toy Set Pretend Playset for Kids

If you need more swords for a party or just for variety, try the Rainbow Yuango 10 Assorted Foam Sword and Shield Playset, as it offers eight swords and two shields. Each sword comes with a unique shape, design, and color combo. From flames to warrior to a Wonder Woman-designed sword, you can find an option for both boys and girls.

Each shield has velcro handles in the back to make it easier to hold, and each piece is completely light foam for effortless fighting and imaginative play. The swords are tiny though, at 5 x 5 x 2 inches. Great for children ages three years and up who want to play with mini-sized swords. Also, you only have to store smaller items meaning you could easily put these in a storage container for later use. 

Armory Replicas First Age Spiders Bane Elven Foam Short Sword

Image of Armory Replicas First Age Spiders Bane Elven Foam Short Sword

Armory Replica’s offers more than just tactile foam weapons, but also realistic swords with tons of details like the First Age Spiders Bane Elven Foam Short Sword. If your child dreams of living the life of an elf with a sword worthy of procuring “the ring,” then you need this incredibly beautiful sword. Once you see the sword, you will rave to everyone who will listen about not just the sheer amount of details but also the low price. 

Elves ages eight and up will love the 28 x 1.5 x 5.4 inch polyurethane foam sword that weighs a mere four ounces and has a longer, authentically shaped blade. Kids can spend hours searching the moors looking for creatures to defeat and enemies trying to ruin lives with this adorable sword. It comes withs ancient writing, a beautiful hilt, and even realistic blade points, so their friends all know this is not just a toy, but the perfect addition to cosplay for true fans. 

Image of Zelda Master Twilight Princess Link's 42

Zelda lovers need the Zelda Master Twilight Princess Link’s 42″ Sword All Foam to become Link. This sword offers great value with a low price and tons of design. Like in the game, the sword is silver and blue with bits of gold. 

The highly detailed sword measures a whopping 42 inches, making this longer than most of the other swords; if you give it to a kid younger than eight, it might be as long as them! It’s made of rubber foam, which makes it perfect for gentle swordplay for a couple of kids. Includes a decorated hilt to spur on the adventure. 

Hero’s Edge G-L17 Latex Rubber Foam Battle Sword 

Image of Hero's Edge G-L17 Latex Rubber Foam Battle Sword Larp

The Hero’s Edge G-L17 Latex Rubber Foam Sword is ready to take kids into battle!  It’s a simple, yet detailed sword ready to fight the good fight with an elegant design speaking of the past. The sword has a long hilt with detail at the end to help kids grip the sword better. 

The blade looks real and measures 36 inches long, including the hilt. It made of latex rubber foam with brown cord at the bottom for easier gripping. Furthermore, the blade is recommended for people over the age of 14-years-old. If you are into LARP (Live Action Role Play) or expect your child will be, this is the right sword for you. 

NERF N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

NERF N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

Some warriors need swords and a shield, others want a battle-axe like the Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe. This gothic-style mace is perfect for the child ready for something different from a traditional broadsword. With 3 edges, it has more power than a traditional two-edged axe. You can even throw it like a spear for more fun. 

Kids ages eight and up will love the nearly 30-inch long toy ready to take down anything. It comes with an easy-grip handle for battlefield play, and a considerable weight of nearly 12 ounces! Boys and girls will both love protecting the realm with creative play, thanks to this realistic soft foam toy. 

Sunflex Kid’ Fandango Striker Sticks

Sunflex Kids' Fandango Striker Sticks - Colorful Set of Foam Swords for Kids - Set of 2 Foam Dueling Sticks with Storage Drawstring Bag Included - Soft Neoprene Covering

The Sunflex Kids’ Fandango Striker Sticks offers a unique style suitable for gentle play. One of the advantages of these swords is extra-large gripping space for those who prefer to hold with two hands. These are great for children wanting to fight monsters without necessarily traveling via imagination to the past for their adventure. 

Each sword comes in a different color to distinguish opponents and measures a shorter height, making them a decent option for children. Kids can use these for endless options- from creating new ways to play baseball, using for battling, or for imaginative play. They can even go in the water! Moreover, they are made of a soft foam core with a heavy-duty neoprene cover but no sharp parts for safety for kids ages six and up. 

We’ve got a fabulous gift list for 6-year-old boys here at EM!

Nerf Fortnite Axeroni Harvesting Tool

NERF Fortnite Axeroni Harvesting Tool -- Foam-Covered Blade -- 23

Not all swords have to be medieval or mystical. Some can be new and awesome, like the Nerf Fortnite Axeroni Harvesting Tool. Modeled after one of the most popular harvesting tools in the Fortnite game, this awesome Nerf sword is like a combination between an axe and a giant pizza slicer.

As with all Nerf products, this axe can withstand play. The foam is soft, yet durable. It measures at just under 2 feet long, so it’s the right size for kids to play with. But with a nearly 11 inch blade, kids will feel big and bad. Many parents have found this to be a perfect addition to Fortnite costumes.

Armory Replicas Richard The Lionheart Medieval Foam Shield

product image

The last shields is also by Army Replicas because they are deep in the business of creating cosplay swords and shields made of high quality like the Richard The Lionheart Lion Passant Guardant Medieval Foam Shield. Children or adults who dream of being knights especially those keen on their history. This foam sword pays attention to detail and a beautiful shape. 

With this shield, you get a white base with a red cross and black shield in the middle with three red lions straight out of the medieval age. At all the points, you will find decorations and pretend nail covers too for an extremely authentic-looking shield. If your child isn’t a fan of bright colors, this is the best option as it’s more realistic color-wise. 

Lastly, the shield measures 21 x 14.75 x 1.15 with 18-inch nylon velcro straps on the back. Both adults and children can enjoy this shield, but it’s recommended for 5-year-olds and up to protect themselves from pretend battles. Pair with any sword of your choice.

Nerf N-Force Stonewall Shield and Sword

Nerf N-Force Stonewall Shield and Sword

The Nerf N-Force Stonewall Shield and Sword might look like something a little hobbit would use, but that only means that it requires skill and strategy, not just strength! This 18-inch shield and 16-inch sword are ready to take down any enemy.

The shield is made from a flexible-yet-solid foam that works equally well for glancing off blows or smashing into opponents. It has velcro straps on the back to keep it in the right hands. The sword is made from the same foam that can withstand the force of the battle. It’s another great Nerf sword, but this time with a shield! 

Liontouch 11650LT Medieval Noble Knight Foam Toy Shield

Liontouch 11350LT Medieval Noble Knight Foam Toy Shield, Red | Part of A Kid's Costume Line

If you already have a sword and need a shield, the Liontouch 11650LT Medieval Noble Knight Foam Toy Shield offers tons of creative potential for both playing, theater, or for fairs. Although the price of this shield comes in a rather high price range, it’s top quality with easy to hold and adjustable grips on the back. Even the back has unique details, making this a very useful toy or prop. 

The front of the shield offers a kingly lion just like a coat of arms with golds and reds and a faded vintage design. It even has nails to add to the aesthetics of the paint job and the appeal of the shield! Children ages three to eight will love taking this shield on epic adventures as they defend the realm and protect themselves from the enemy. It’s all made of soft EVA foam to make it a lightweight addition to any costume at only 10.2 ounces. 

Finally, the shield measures 17.7 x 13.6 x 0.4 inches for easy storage but still the right size for little hands. It’s a great way to learn to block when practicing pretend sword fighting with friends or for going to dress-up outings. No noble knight would be without a proper shield!

Image of Legend of Zelda Link Hylian Hyrule Triforce Foam Shield LARP

Zelda fans need a shield to go with their sword, like the Legend of Zelda Link Hylian Hyrule Triforce Shield. It’s foam just like the sword above, and ready for LARP (Live Action Role Play). The shield comes in bright colors like red, blue, yellow with hints of black and tons of metal gray. Of course, it’s designed with Zelda style markings and extra details for authenticity. 

It’s long enough for adults with two adjustable arm wraps on the back. Kids will love the shield too, as it can grow with them and block bigger blows – all for an incredible price. Children ages five and up will enjoy this cosplay sword ready to take them into the land of their favorite video game. 

Thanos Double-Edged Sword

damdos Halloween Prop Thanos Sword Cosplay Props 42.5 inch Thanos Double Edged Sword PU Foam Boys Birthday Gifts

Kids and adults alike were in awe of the sweet sword carried by Thanos in the Avenger movies. The damdos Thanos Double Edged Sword PU Foam is so nice I want one myself. Just kidding… sort of. Whether your child is eight or a grown adult, they will love this authentic-looking sword ready to take them into a universe-saving battle against all odds. 

This is a big sword modeled after a big guy. Overall, the sword measures 42.5 inches. The middle link can be taken out so that your child can play with each sword individually. Children will love the authentic gold trim and inscribed foam blade. It’s amazing how realistic foam can look!

Click N’ Play Giant Toy Foam Swords – Set of 6

Image of Click N' Play Giant Toy Foam Swords for Kids 27

Planning a party? Pick up a set of the Click N’ Play Giant Toy Foam Swords and get six fun swords to help little ones party like warriors. The value pack comes with almost identical swords, three with red hilts and blue hand-guards, and three with blue hilts and red hand-guards. 

With these foam swords, all for a low price, kids can create teams or even be the 3 Musketeers against another team of bandits. The 17 inch length is perfect for imaginative play and the foam is soft enough to ensure children don’t hurt each other no matter how heated they play. Best for children ages three to four. 

Armory Replicas Thunder of the Cat Foam Sword

Image of Armory Replicas Thunder of The Cat Foam Sword

Remember the show Thundercats? We don’t either, but the sword was epic, and Armory Replica’s recreated it for the next generation with the Thunder of The Cat Foam Sword. The sword measures 42 inches of strong yet soft polyurethane foam with a life-like appearance in silvers, blues, and gold, including a red amulet to power the sword. 

At just over a pound, the sword works best for ages five and up, but works better for bigger kids as the sword is so long. The vintage sword of omens is legendary, and this sword manages to look incredible despite, it being made of complete foam! It still has fake gemstones, a beautiful hilt, and tons of other details which help the sword feel real, which helps little children enjoy the adventure of a mythical sword of wonder. 

Sarah’s Silks Soft Foam Sword

Image of Sarah's Silks - Soft Foam Sword, 100% Real Silk, 17-Inch Long 2-Inch Thick Silk Saber - Red

If you like the other swords above but want a softer, more friendly option, then look at the Soft Foam Sword by Sarah’s Silks. The bright golden sword includes a red handle made with softcore foam and covered in soft silk with environmentally friendly dyes. With a little string tied around the handle, the sword takes on an old archaic form ready to entice children to the past for an adventure. 

The sword is the right size for a smaller child as it only measures 17 inches in length, making it the perfect toy for three-year-olds and up. Even the family pet will thank you for this purchase! It’s a wonderful high-quality toy ready to help children with open-ended pretend play. 

Armory Replicas SAO Kiritos Elucidator Anime Foam Sword

Image of Armory Replicas SAO Kiritos Elucidator Anime Foam Sword

Armory Replica’s has done it again with the SAO Kiritos Elucidator Anime Foam Sword. They have created a dramatically realistic sword made of foam to entice children into a world of myth and mayhem. This particular sword offers a thin hand rest, which is perfect for tiny hands and a completely unique hilt ready to inspire awe. 

The sword looks like it’s right out of the dark ages with crossed circles, rich black lines, and edges of silver. It’s a longer sword too, as it measures 44 x 8 x 1 and weighs only 12.8 ounces. Also, it’s made completely of foam- ready to battle but without the pain!

Set of 2 Red Padded Sparring Bokken Foam Sword

Image of Set of 2 Red Padded Sparring Bokken Foam Sword Practice Blade

The Set of 2 Red Padded Sparring Bokken Foam Sword Practice Blades are a fabulous option for children looking to practice the technique of swordplay with easy to see bright red blades. It’s a set of two blades with comfortable black handgrips and stops from the blade. 

Each blade is made of soft foam but with an ABS plastic core to assist with practice. They are the perfect length for practice at 35 and 1/4, including the handgrip. It’s lacking in detail but great in price, which makes these perfect for testing out light combat skills. After kids finish practicing, they can always use the swords for play too. 

PowerTRC Sword and Shield Play Set

PowerTRC Sword and Shield Play Set | Unique Sword and Shield Design | Foam Weapons | Pretend Play Weapons | Kids Play Knights | White Eagle and Golden Lion Shield

The PowerTRC Sword and Shield Play Set includes 2 foam swoards and 2 foam shields. With an almost 5-star rating, parents rave about this play set and say their children enjoying playing with these much more than their plastic swords!

Each piece is made of foam with a realistic 3D effect and comes with a fun shield coordinating with a sword. One shield is green and features a lion on it whereas the other shield is blue and features a knight riding a horse.

Both shields have sword holders built into the back so the sword can easily be carried and stored with its matching shield. These are a bit on the smaller size, making them great for little kids to enjoy for play or party for kids ages three and up. Add in capes or costumes for an adventure little kids will love!

SparkFoam Medieval Foam Swords Series

SparkFoam Medieval Foam Swords Series (Crusader)

If you like to go to renaissance faires, then you need to check out the SparkFoam Medieval Foam Swords Series. Pick your blade from 17 different options for a truly customized blade! My favorite is the crusader, though, as it comes with an antiquated cross design with medallions, gold trim, an intricate handle, and looks rich enough to find a hidden treasure. 

Not only is the sword realistic, but it’s also 100% recyclable material with a fiberglass inner core wrapped in EVA foam with a vinyl type layer on the blade to protect the foam. This means your pets have to work a lot harder to chew through it, and so do kids! Although, do not let kids under five use this sword, that measures from 30 to 41 inches depending on your choice, making them perfect for decoration, cosplay, or just regular play around the house. 

Hero’s Edge Foam 32 Battle Axe – G-BL018

Image of Hero's Edge Foam 32 Battle Axe - G-BL018

Some kids need a battle ax to fight bigger battles and the Hero’s Edge Foam 32 Battle Axe is perfect to take out big monsters. It comes with a long handle and twin blades on the end. The sword has more details, ready to rip into bad guys with points on each semi-circular blade and another point on the end. 

The blades are silver and bronze-colored with extra details on the pole. Overall, the ax measures 31.25 x 12.25 at the top and all made of lightweight rubber measuring 1.26 pounds. Though not foam, it’s super light and durable and a worthy opponent against a foam sword. 

Formidable Toys Prime Swords- Riven Mek

Image of Formidable Toys Prime Swords- Riven Mek

Children dreaming of living in a different kind of adventure need the Formidable Toys Prime Swords- Riven Mek as it looks ready to fight ancient Egyptians or other ancient civilizations long past. If you don’t like the gold, black, and teal, you can also pick from black, gray, and gold, or blues, or red, black, and blue for a truly custom sword no one else will have. 

Either way, you go, the sword comes apart into three pieces of foam, including the hilt, the blade, and the blade holder. It comes with a built-in lever to remove the pieces without ruining the foam. Each sword measures 32 x 11 x 2.5 inches and weighs just over a pound, making it the perfect sword for children ages six and up. 

Buying Criteria for Nerf Swords And Shields For Kids


Nerf swords and shields are already safe, as they are made of foam, which makes them much safer than even plastic swords.

Do remember that both dogs and cats may chew on the sword and may swallow pieces, so do keep away from your pets if they tend to chew on things. Also, keep the nerf swords and shields away from little children under the age of three because they do not have the dexterity to not poke each other or themselves in the eye or put the toy in their mouth. 

Otherwise, rest assured your child will do fine with a foam sword. My own son has used many foam swords, and never once has he hurt himself or anyone he has played with over the years.

Some of the swords have an inner plastic core, and these are more likely to cause problems than all-foam swords, but not by much. The inner core simply prevents foam from bending too much. 


Nerf swords and shields are very durable. They can withstand anything your kids throw at them. They do well in the rain, snow, water, with stuff stacked on top of them or anything else, except scissors or real swords!

Foam is breakable, so keep sharp objects away, and flames, too. Do monitor kids when they play together as overly rough play can reduce the life of a Nerf sword and shield too. 

Fun Factor

The best Nerf swords and shields provide invaluable fun. Children learn about battle, honor, fear, fighting, and so much more! In the process, they expand their imaginations, which is the best fun possible. They can play out the stories they love or replicate what they see on tv in movies of times long gone. Even adults can enjoy the shields with costume play! 

FAQs About Nerf Swords And Shields For Kids

Can foam cause cancer?

Some of the Nerf swords and shields contain ingredients recognized as harmful by the state of California. However, most children will not be eating them or chewing on them, which makes them less problematic.

If you want, you can use a sword with some other material wrapped around the handle for less physical interaction with your child’s skin, too, like the Sarah’s Silks – Soft Foam Sword.

Will swords teach my children to be violent?

Technically, swords are violent, as they are meant to physically harm or stop an attacker. However, this is not what foam swords teach. Instead, swords teach imagination because of their deeply rooted link to both magic and myth like the Excalibur from the King Arthur story. 

Swords also teach defense, honor, protection, and so much more. Sadly, life often has had war and fights, and learning about those fights and even acting them out in cosplay can help children to better understand history and what it meant for all of the people who died in battle. 

Swordplay is also an awesome outlet for overactive children who need to spend wild energy. Boys and girls, too, both have an innate desire to fight, and toys like Nerf swords and shields (and even age-appropriate Nerf guns) give them a safe way to play fight without harming anyone. You are not inspiring violence by giving them a play sword, but instead bringing them into the world of magic and imagination. Plus, these swords hurt less than sticks, which kids will inevitably pick up and use for battle at some point! 

Final Thoughts About Nerf Swords And Shields For Kids

The best Nerf sword or shield will provide tons of fun and epic adventures like the Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy. Not only does this sword long, but it’s perfect for any kind of battle including zombie or dragon. It’s also safe foam ready to allow kids to play without hurting each other. Even better, this sword stands out from the rest, so it will never get taken by accident. Let your children enter the land of myth and magic with a beautiful sword ready to ignite their imagination. 


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