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The Best Kites For Kids – 2020 Reviews

According to professional kite flyer and former president of the American Kitefliers Association, John Lutter, there are three main components of the best kites for kids: shape, ease of flying, and design.  

Using his professional advice as a foundation and combining in extensive research into the top-selling kites for kids on the market, here are the best kites for kids on the current market.  

Best Kites for KidsWhy It's BestMom Rating
Honbo Kite Large Delta Kites for Kids Bold, beautiful colors are a real eye catcher, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to fly, users can get creative with customizable kite tails♥♥♥♥♥
aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for KidsBeautiful and bright colors are a blast to watch soar, easy to assemble and lift into the air, very kid friendly and affordable♥♥♥♥♥
Listenman 2 Pack Kites - Large Rainbow Delta Kite and Red Octopus Bundle deal of two kites for a great price, variety in the type and style of kites for families with multiples, affordable, and easy to fly♥♥♥♥♥
StuffKidsLove Best Delta KiteHigh quality, durable materials, easy to assemble and fly, perfect for beginner flyers and kids, beautiful, sleek design♥♥♥♥♥
Prism Kite Technology Zenith 5 Single Line Delta KiteBright, stunning colors, sleek lines and modern look, easy to fly and assemble for flyers of all ages, uses durable, high quality materials♥♥♥♥♥

The Best Kites For Kids

 A GreatLife Rainbow Kite 

Image of the aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids a Kite Easy to Fly for Outdoor Games and Activities | Easy to Fly and Soars High, A Great Way to Enjoy and Spend Time with Friends and Family

The GreatLife Rainbow Kite for Kids is one of the most popular kites for kids on the market.  Its lower price point makes this kite easily accessible for almost any family.  

The multicolored fabric is made of high-quality ripstop polyester, making this kite extremely lightweight.  The vibrant rainbow colors are a real eye-catcher as well.  The fabric is reinforced with strong threads sewn in a crosshatch pattern to keep the fabric from extensive tearing.  

In addition, this kite features an extra-long tail, which is not only fun to watch, but also makes the kite more stable in the air.  

A set of lightweight framing rods are included with the kite as well.  Each rod has a rubber cap on the end to avoid sharp ends poking through the fabric.  This kite also features a flat winder design with hand grips.  This type of design allows the user to wind and unwind the flying string without having to twist the wrist.  

The Great Life Rainbow Kite features 50 meters of thin dacron string (the same string often used in archery bows).  This length is ideal for little flyers learning to control their kite as it allows them to fly the kite above the tree line and hopefully avoid unnecessary tangles.  

Once assembled, the kite has a span of 42 inches at its widest point.  

What Users Are Saying

Many families really loved the Great Life Rainbow Kite.  

According to experts, the delta design (the triangular-shaped kites) is ideal for kids learning how to fly kites and this kite meets that criteria.  Many users commented that it was fairly easy to get this kite up in the air.  The easy to grip handle was ideal for a wide range of ages ranging from 2.5 years and up.  

Users also said that the winding design was easy to use and was successful in shortening and lengthening the kite even during flight.  

Perhaps the favorite features on this kite were the vibrant colors and long flying tail.  Many users commented that it was stunning in the air and a real eye-catcher in the community.

On the flip side, many other users questioned the quality of the kite materials.  Many modern kites prefer to use nylon as a fabric instead of polyester, but this kite still uses the reinforced crosshatch stitching to strengthen the fabric.  

While most users didn’t struggle with the body of the kite ripping, several families experienced tears at the seams and along the sewn in tabs for the frame.  This can be greatly affected by how strong the wind is during flight.  However, in each instance the manufacturer was easy to work with and usually offered full replacements.  

Other users mentioned that the directions enclosed with the kite were hard to follow and recommended that users watch the video on the website to learn how to assemble and use the kite.  

Some families also felt that the kite was falsely advertised as “huge” as it measures approximately 3.5 feet when assembled.  While this is mostly a matter of opinion, this size could be a great learning size for small children while older children might enjoy and be able to control something larger.   

With its low price point, simple set-up, and vibrant coloring, many families still recommended this product to others, especially if a family is wanting something inexpensive to try before moving onto bigger, more complicated kites.  

Listenman 2 Pack Kites – Large Rainbow Delta Kite and Red Octopus

Image of the Listenman 2 Pack Kites - Large Rainbow Delta Kite and Red Mollusc Octopus with Long Colorful Tail for Children Outdoor Game,Activities,Beach Trip Great Gift to Kids Childhood Precious Memories

This Listenman 2 Kite Pack is another favorite among kite buyers.  Sold and shipped as a single package, each kite is wrapped individually.  

The first kite, the delta-shaped rainbow kite, includes the colorful nylon material and a set of 4 fiberglass rods.  Instructions are included in the package for easy assembly of the rods into the proper pockets and fabric sleeves.  

The Delta kite features a long tail and two blue ribbons on the corners for an extra flying flourish.  After the frame is secured into place, the kite is ready to be attached to the included string and flat winder.  When fully extended, the rainbow kite measures 43 inches wide and 88 inches long (including the tail).

The red octopus kite has a totally different design and function than the delta rainbow kite.  Through still made of nylon material, this kite does not come with any framing.  This style of kite is called a parafoil kite and is designed to trap air inside built-in pockets on the kite.  

Upon arrival, users only need to untie the colorful tail and unwrap the head of the octopus before attaching the string and flat winder.  Once unfurled, the octopus kite measures 28 inches wide and 158 inches long (the tail takes up 127 inches all by itself).

On both kites, the winders are made out of thick plastic and feature built-in hand grips to assist in holding tight to the kite. This flat design should also be easier for the user to wind out and wind in the kite with minimal twisting of the wrist.  Both winders come equipped with 100 meters of flying string (approximately 328 feet).  

What Users Are Saying

Most users had very positive things to say about this package deal.  For its low market price, several families commented that the quality of the kites was better than they anticipated.  

Following the professional standards, these kites stick to the standard of quality fabric and strong, yet lightweight fiberglass rods.  Some parents with multiples loved buying these so that each child could be given a separate kite.  Almost every user also mentioned that these kites were very visually appealing in the air.  Few users had issues with breaks or tears.

Some users on the other hand had to learn a few tricks about these kites the hard way.  For example, some users complained that the octopus kite was hard to get into the sky and did not stay up for well.  This is predominantly due to the design of the kite.  As a parafoil kite, the octopus design was not intended to fly very high as it catches wind more from the side.  

The delta kite on the other hand is designed to catch air under the kite and soar upwards instead of sideways.  The delta rainbow kite tends to create more consistent pressure on the line while the octopus kite tends to do more loops and tricks in the breeze.  

From the users’ experience, the octopus kite needs more room as it flies more at an angle but can be more entertaining to watch.  The delta kite may be easier to get into the air but does not have as much movement as the parafoil octopus.  None of these things are negatives per se but could be helpful tidbits to help you make an informed decision.  

While the delta design is more generally accepted as easier for children to fly, several users said they were able to help their kids successfully fly the octopus kite.  Overall, this package deal offers stunning colors and a lot of flying variety.   

These kits make a perfect gift for a 5-year-old boy!

HENGDA KITE Butterfly Kite 

Image of the HENGDA KITE for Kids So Beautiful Butterfly Kite for Outdoor Games and Activities Single Line Kite with Flying Tools

Taking a different design approach, the HENGDA KITE Butterfly Kite is a single line flying kite.  Made in the international kite capital (Weifang, Shandong, China), this piece was created to be a simple but stunning eye-catcher.  

The kite is shipped disassembled and neatly folded inside its own carrier pouch.  Simple, easy-to-understand directions are also included with the kite.  After assembling the lightweight poles and placing them properly inside the sleeves, the kite can be attached to the flying string.  While the kite does come with flying string, it does not include a spool or winder to hold the access string.  This would have to be purchased separately.  

Once assembled, the kite is approximately 53 inches (135 cm) wide from wingtip to wingtip.  The kite also features two sets of streaming tails at the base of each lower wing for an added flare during flight.  Though found on a separate buying page, this kite is also available in a blue, yellow, and black butterfly design!

What Users Are Saying

Families who purchased this kite had a wide variety of experiences.   Based on appearances alone, this kite was well-loved.  Many families felt that it was the perfect design for their butterfly loving girls and granddaughters.  The bright color and graduated coloring are great eye-catchers in the sky.  

On the downside, the company is not very clear on what materials were used to make this kite.  While all of the materials are lightweight and the fabric is sewn with the reinforcing crosshatch stitching, not knowing the exact materials was off-putting for some buyers.  

Most kite flying professionals do not recommend this particular shape of kite for beginner flyers and kids either.  Some users seemed to have great success flying this kite.  Several other users however recommended not buying this kite for younger kids as it can be trickier to control.  

In addition, this kite requires that you buy a winder or spool before you use the kite (unless you are a gifted string winder and can manage not to tangle the extra string).  A couple of users also recommended getting extra string anyway as they felt it would help the kite fly better if it was higher in the air.  

Overall, the kite gave people mixed emotions.  Sitting at a middle-to-high price point, the special design was enough to satisfy several users while others preferred to go with a higher quality, easier to fly design.  

HENGDA Octopus Flyer Kite 

Image of the HENGDA KITE Software Octopus Flyer Kite with Long Colorful Tail for Kids, 31-Inch Wide x 157-Inch Long, Large, Red

Made by the same Chinese company as the blue butterfly kite, this Red Octopus Flyer is a favorite with many kite-flying families.  Available in two different colors, the all red kite sits at a slightly lower price point than its multicolored counterpart.  

With its new and improved larger design, this kite is made out of a high-quality nylon polymer fabric.  Measuring 196 inches (5 meters( from top to tail and 31.4 inches wide, this kite likes to show off in the sky.  Designed as a parafoil kite, this octopus does not come with any rods or stabilizing gear.  

The inside of the octopus is designed similar to a large pocket that catches air like a parachute.  This enables the kite to rise into the air though this particular design is meant to fly more at an angle than straight up in the air.  

The kite also includes its own carrying pouch and comes with flying string and a flat winder included in the package.  Sitting at the middle of the price market, this was a comfortable and fun buy for many families.  

Hengda also offers this same design in a three pack!  Available in three different color combinations, this package deal contains three octopus parafoil kites, each measuring 157 inches long.  Each kite comes with its own string though the spools/winders need to purchased separately.  Though sold as a set of three, each kite is packaged separately for easy gift giving or to share with multiple kids at a time.  

What Users Are Saying

The size and personality of this kite in the air have inspired awe and delight for many children.  Not only is the bright red easy to spot, but the long “tentacles” of the flying octopus give life to the kite during flight.  As this type of kite is designed to have a lot of movement, many families said it was a real hit with their kids and 100% worth the moderate investment.  

Though the winder does not have finger grips, users did not seem to have any issues holding onto the flight winder.  

In addition, since there is no framing in this style of kite, kids and parents can fly these octopuses without fear of snapping framing rods.  There is still the danger of tangling in trees and such, but users never have to worry about replacing rods or tearing through the fabric pockets.      

Other users noted that this kite design did not fit under the three kid-friendly designs recommended by professional kite flyers.  Some users found that this kite required more effort to get it into the air and others did not prefer the wiggly, bobbing design of the parafoil kite.  This is mostly a matter of preference since this parafoil design is supposed to bob and move about quite a bit.  

Some users that were new to flying and some that had experience suggested that this design might be best suited to older kids or kids with some flying experience.  Another frustration for some users was the long tentacles of the octopus.  Some felt that the tentacles tangled easily while others loved how long and flowing they were in the sky.  

Several of the pros and cons of this kite are a matter of preference.  However, in sticking with professional advice, depending on the age of your child, this kite may be best suited for kids with more patience.      

HONBO Fighter Plane Kite for Kids 

Image of the HONBO Huge Fighter Plane Kite for Kids and Adults- 58” Wide with Long Tail- Easy Flyer - Kit Line and Swivel Included-

The HONBO Fighter Plane Kite is a real piece of art.  Bright and bold coloring and details make this kite super fun to fly.  

Comprised of high quality polyester material, the fabric is also reinforced with crosshatch stitching to avoid tearing during flight.  The kite is also encased with polyester ribbing and equipped with polyester sleeves for the fiberglass poles.  

Though the general shape of the kite is most closely associated with the delta shape, the few extra design pieces of the fighter jet also require a few extra poles.  Simple to understand instructions are included however and the kite can be assembled and disassembled for easy storage.  

Once assembled, the kite measures 58 inches wide (from wing to wing) and 42 inches long (plus the tail).  As an added bonus, this kite also comes equipped with 200 feet of string, a kid-friendly handle/winder, and a swivel (helps keep the strings from tangling during flight).  

Sitting at a middle-of-the-market price point, this was a favorite buy for many families.

What Users Are Saying

If the butterfly kite was designed for girls, this kite was a popular pick for families with boys.  The unique design and coloration of the kite make it appear like a fighter jet with a colorful jet stream.  

Users said that the instructions were fairly simple to follow and once mastered, the kite was easy to assemble and disassemble when necessary.  As a single line flier (kite only uses one main string to fly) with a predominantly delta design structure, this kite meets several of the criteria suggested by professional fliers.  While the design is lacking the recommended nylon fabric structure, very few users mentioned having issues with tearing or fraying of the material.  

When it comes to ease of flying, users had a wide variety of experiences.  Some said this kite was easier than all their other kites to get in the air.  Others said they had a harder time getting it to take off.  As the wind speed and experience of the flier are huge contributing factors in this issue, it is harder to gauge just how accurate a person’s experience has been.  

As a whole, however, those with experience really seemed to love this kite for their kids.  On another note, a few of the users recommended buying a longer flying string for more fun during flight.  

With its middle of the market price and bold colors, this kite is a great buy for any adventure-loving kid who dreams of flying.   

Blooming Lilies Unicorn Kite 

Image of the Kites,Unicorn Kite for Kids Easy to Fly & Carry & Assembly Outdoor Beach Park Lawn Games

Another super colorful kite on the market is the Blooming Lilies Unicorn Kite.  The vibrant colors on this kite and unique design make it super fun to fly.  

This kite is essentially a delta-shaped kite which makes it pretty easy to fly and meets professional criteria for a quality kids kite.  Made of ripstop polyester, the kite comes equipped with two bracing poles, the plastic kite winder, and also 300 feet of flying string.  

The kite also comes equipped with a 17-inch carrying pouch for those who wish to take the kite on the go.  

Once unfolded and assembled, this pink unicorn measures 43 inches from wing tip to wing tip and 80 inches from head to tail.  The long rainbow tail is not only super fun to watch, but also offers stabilization during flight.  

Sitting at a lower price point and measuring slightly smaller than other comparable kites, this kite is ideal for helping younger children and new kite flyers “learn the ropes” of kite fun.  

In addition, if pink unicorns are not your favorite, Blooming Lilies also offers another design option: a red fighter jet.  While maintaining the same specs, materials, and packaging, the jet kite creates a bold, red picture in the sky that could bring any little one’s imagination to life.    

What Users Are Saying

This particular design is brand new to the market as of 2019.  That said, out of those who have purchased this kite, almost all of them have loved it.  

Several features make this kite ideal for families with younger children or brand new kite flyers.  The delta shape makes flying the kite fairly simple and many users said it was easy to get the kite up into the air.  The plastic kite winder is fairly easy to hold onto regardless of hand size.  

Though it does not feature built-in hand grips, users did not seem to have issues gripping the kite during flight or strong gusts of wind.  

Some buyers loved the kite for its artistic design alone and others praised it for its simple, easy-to-assemble design.  For its unique design, it is a huge plus to only have to assemble two poles and attach the string.  This is another feature that makes it great for littles who have a hard time waiting to get started.

On the other hand, with the kite being brand new to the market, it is slightly less quality tested than other kites.  While professionals recommend a nylon material for kites, this one features a reinforced polyester.  While this is not unusual for children’s kites, kite flying professionals say that nylon kites hold up the best.  

The manufacturer also does not specify what the poles are comprised of.  While this has not proven to be an issue for most users,  time will tell h0w long the poles will stand up to the wind.  

However, with its lower price point and stellar reviews thus far, this kite is definitely worth trying out.  It could even be a great combination gift for families with multiples by purchasing 1 of each design.    

HONBO Large Delta Rainbow Kite 

Image of the HONBO Large Delta Kites 54x31 for Kids and Adults for Beach Trip Outdoor Games,Perfect for Beginners,String Line Included Toys Easy to Fly Kites with Colorful Colors Tail

The HONBO Large Delta Rainbow Kite is a classic favorite of many kite flyers.  Taking into consideration the key factors recommended by professional for quality kites, this kite checks off almost every requirement.  

The standard delta design makes it ideal for easy flying.  The bright rainbow colors are a real eye-catcher during flight as well.  The kite comes partially assembled with easy to follow instructions for the remaining set-up.  The kite is also equipped with a carry bag complete with handle, a kite winder with 300 feet of flying string, and a spare parts kit.  

Once fully assembled, the kite measures 54 feet wide and 31 feet long and has two detachable tails that each measure 13 feet long.  The tail design is quite unique to this kite and offers a lot of variety for different users.  

Also unique to this design are the kid-friendly clips that attach the tails and the flying string.  Most kite strings must be tied onto the kite body and cannot be removed unless they are cut.  This unique feature allows the flyer to detach the string when not in use while also allowing them to pick how or if they want their tails to be assembled.  

The kite is material is composed of ripstop polyester (the reinforced crosshatch material) with reinforced seams and the kite’s frame is comprised of fiberglass poles.  Sitting at the middle-of-the-market price point, this rainbow delta kite is a great deal.

What Users Are Saying

This rainbow kite was a favorite for many kite flying families.  Though it does not feature the recommended nylon fabric, those who flew the kite said that it held up well to the wear and tear of use.  

The simple assembly of this kite is hard to beat and very few kites offer the simplicity that this kite does.  Also unique to this design is the included “spare parts kit”.  Very few other designs include this in their package.

 Several users praised this kite for its unique tail design and loved that they had the option to fly with or without tails.  Those who flew the kite and accidentally got it stuck said that being able to detach the tails and string made the job of detangling the kite much easier.  

In addition, the flag design of the kite was a crowd favorite to watch in the sky.  

The only negative comment that users made about this kite was related to the kite string.  While the package features 300 feet of “anti-tangle flying line”, several families recommended purchasing a thicker flying line.  While the 300 foot distance is ideal for kids kites, stronger winds or frequent use of the kite could be enhanced with a thicker, more durable flying line.  

Honbo does not disclose what strength or type of string is included with this kite but finding a thicker string is simple to do online.  Professionals recommend a minimum of 50 lb. strength string for kids kites and here is simple solution that meets that criteria.  

StuffKidsLove Delta Kite

Best Delta Kite, Easy Fly for Kids and Beginners, Single Line w/Tail Ribbons, Stunning Blue & Purple, Materials, Large, Meticulous Design and Testing + Guarantee + Bonuses!

Another excellent kids kite is this delta kite by StuffKidsLove.  

Unlike many other children’s kites, this kite is made up of a high-grade, rip-stop nylon material similar to what is used in parachutes.  Instead of using the standard fiberglass rods to reinforce the frame, this delta kite opted for resin rods which have more capacity for bend than fiberglass.  

Coming in 5 different varieties of color combinations, this kite is delivered partially assembled.  The package contains a travel case with carrying handle, the kite, the extra poles (including one spare one in case of breaks), a kite winder with 200 feet of string, and a small spare parts bag.  Instructions are included for both set-up and flight.  

StuffKidsLove also offers a unique replacement warranty with this kite that allows for a full replacement of registered kites in the event that a kite is lost or irreparably stuck in a tree.  

Once assembled for flight, these delta kites measure 60 inches wide and 32 inches long, not including the twin tail ribbons.  Sitting a higher price point, this kite goes to great lengths to ensure quality and wonderful flying experience. 

What Users Are Saying

This is a fairly popular kite for families.  Though the company name is less known, StuffKidsLove goes to extensive lengths to ensure the quality and longevity of their kites.  Each kite features both machine and hand-sewn seams.  Connectors and tails are attached with kid-friendly, stainless steel clips and out of the kids kites on the market, this is one of the few kites that use nylon as recommended by professional flyers.  

Some users liked that the rods were made of resin as opposed to fiberglass since fiberglass can sometimes splinter badly if it breaks.  Most users said the kite was easy to assemble and was easy to get into the air. A few buyers mentioned that out of several kinds of kites they had purchased, these delta kites seemed to have the best quality of materials.  

Several users did recommend avoiding the string and winder provided with this kite.  For a kite, this easy to fly, 200 feet of string lets loose quickly and several families said it really needed more length to get optimal fun during flight.  Other buyers also said that the plastic string winder was cheaply made and opted to purchase a more quality winder and string.  StuffKidsLove does not disclose what type or strength of string they include with the package but experts recommend a minimum of 50 pound strength dacron (wound polyester) string for this type of kite.  

Users were divided on whether or not this kite was worth the higher price point.  Some felt that it was a great deal for the extra intentionality and quality of the materials chosen.  Others felt that they were overcharged for a basic kite.  

Either way, the full-replacement guarantee could be a great selling point for many families as it allows them to keep replacing their kite without an extra charge if it is blown away or lost in a tree.  

All in all, these delta kites are great learning kites and ideal for kids learning to fly.

Zenith 5 Single Line Delta Kite

Image of the Prism Kite Technology Zenith 5 Single Line Delta Kite, Ultraviolet

The Zenith 5 Single Line Delta Kite, made by Prism Kite Technology, is another small-framed kid-friendly kite on the market.  As noted by professional kite flyers, this kite meets almost all of the criteria for a kid-friendly kite.  

The delta shape of this kite makes it easy to get into the air as well as to keep it in the air.  The single-line design is a huge bonus for young flyers and the kite comes equipped with 200 feet of 50 pound polyester wound flying string.  

Arriving partially assembled, this kite takes minimal set-up.  As an added bonus, the fiberglass poles included with this kite are equipped with bungee cord centers that make it easier to snap the ribbing poles into place and stay there (similar to the design of a tend pole).  

Once assembled, the kite has a 60 inch wingspan and measures 21 inches from nose to tail.  It also comes equipped with two string tails that can be removed and attached as needed.  Available in three different color schemes (ultraviolet, infrared, and aurora), each color is priced differently.  

Also included in this kite package is a circular kite winder.  

Sitting at a higher price point, this kite truly seeks to model clean lines and vivid colors that will bring delight to every child.

What Users Are Saying

This kite comes with fairly high reviews.  Most users that purchased this kite commented that it flew well, was easy to maintain, and was super simple to get into the air.  

Several families loved the sleek lines and bold colors and felt that the size was ideal for young children and beginning flyers.  The bungee cord connectors in the poles are a nice touch and several users loved the circular kite winder.  Similar to the high end circular kite winders often used by professionals, these more simplified circular winders offer more control and simplicity when it is time to reel the kite back in.  

Most users felt that the quality of the string and fabric of the kite were strong and durable though Prism Kite Technology does not disclose what fabric is used on the body of the kite.  Some users felt that the price was too high for what they felt was a standard delta kite.  

While it does sit at the higher end of the price market, this kite has high ratings and very few complaints about breaks or unnecessary tears.  In any case, the Zenith 5 Delta kite is an excellent kite for any family with kids.    

Prism Synapse Dual-Line Parafoil Kite

Image of the Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite, 140

If you are a family with kite flying experience and you are looking to move to the next level of kite flying and tricks, one of the best kid-friendly trick kites is the Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite.  

This kite does not fit any of the professionally recommended criteria for the best children’s kites.  However, this kite is an excellent choice for families seeking to get more creative with their flying and move to a more advanced level of kite flying.  

Using the parafoil design, this kite has pockets that fill with air and raise it off the ground.  Rather than having a single line, this kite features two lines that enable more control and movement in the kite.  Learning how to manage a dual-line kite takes a lot practice but once it is mastered, this little kite can perform several tricks with ease.  

Since there is no ribbing, set-up of the kite is minimal and it comes with a small matching drawstring bag for easy transport.  

It also comes equipped with a plastic winder and 60 feet of 80 pound strength flying line.  

With its more complex system, this kite sits at a higher but reasonable price point.

What Users Are Saying

As noted earlier, this kite is marketed for children and beginner fliers, but not recommended as a first kite for kids by kite professionals.  The dual-line system takes time and patience to learn but is super fun once it is mastered.  

Families who purchased this kite said that it was fairly easy to figure out and really loved not having to set up poles.  Several users mentioned that the dual string system tangled badly but as a general rule, the more strings you have, the more chance you have of them getting tangled.  While this can be a headache, users said that once untangled, the kite still flew well and many noted that the string was high quality and held up well.  

Some users complained that this kite only worked in stronger winds while other more experienced kite flyers said that this design was ideal for beginner sport kite fliers.  

Overall, most families that purchased this kite had a positive experience and recommended this product to other users.  So, if your child is ready to move past the more simplistic, kid-friendly kites, this Synapse 140 is the perfect place to start.       

How We Selected Kites For Kids

The best kites for kids will be kites that are easy to fly and incredibly fun to watch.  According to research done by professional kite fliers, the best kites for kids have three common denominators: a delta shape, a single flying line, and a killer design.     

1. Delta Shape

The delta, or triangular shaped kites, tend to be the easiest kites to work with for beginners and therefore, the best flying kites for kids.  This simple design catches air easily and is fairly easy to control once it’s up in the air.  These simple shapes are also some of the easiest to assemble and maintain, making them ideal for young children and beginner flyers.  

2. Single Flying Line

Once a kite is in the air, it’s much easier for beginners and children to maintain control of the kite if they only have to worry about one flying line.  While multi-line kites are more agile in the air, they can be much harder to control and require more strength to keep them in line.  Most kids will experience more success and joy of flying if they begin with a single line kite.

3. Design

Lastly, the best kites for kids have fun and unique color designs.  The most fun part of flying a kite is watching it soar.  So, it stands to reason that a quality kids kite will boast bold colors and vibrant designs.       

FAQs About Kite For Kids

What is the best kite for beginners?

The best kites for kids will have a delta (triangular) shape and have one flying line.  The best kids kites will also boast bright colors and unique designs that will catch the eye during flight.  Kids always have more fun with bright, imaginative designs. 

What age is good for flying kites?

This is largely dependent on the development of each individual child.  However, taking into consideration the general attention required to fly a kite, many families feel that their children are ready for kite flying around age 5 or 6.  

Younger children will still love watching kites at a much younger age, however the risk of losing or damaging the kite is higher with 3-4 year olds.  Flying a kite does require some hand strength and coordination which can usually be mastered by the average 5-6 year old.  

Which kites fly the best?

This answer largely depends on what the user is looking for in a kite.  

Single line delta kites for example tend to fly at a higher altitude and are often some of the easiest kites to keep in the air.  

Parafoil kites on the other hand fly at more of an angle and often require less set up.  

Both delta and parafoil kites and great flying kites and very easy to use.  

What is the easiest kite to fly?

Professional kite flyers and makers say that delta shaped kites are the easiest kites to fly.  These simple designs are easy to assemble and are recommended as the first step for kids and beginners looking to master the art of kite flying. 


Considering all of the variety of experiences and the advice of professional kite flyers and designers, my top pick for the best kite for kids is the HONBO Large Delta Rainbow Kite.  

Sitting at a very budget-friendly price, this kite fits almost every criteria recommended by professionals.  The simple delta design makes flying a breeze and the kite requires very minimal setup or tear down.  The unique child-friendly line hooks make it easier than ever for young children to set up their own kites.  

Also, the unique design of the tails adds a lot of versatility and life to the kite as it flies, making it a real crowd pleaser during flight.  

In addition, many users said the quality of the kite materials made it durable and easy to work with.  

Overall, I think the HONBO Large Delta Rainbow Kite offers the best versatility, ease of flying, stunning colors, and budget-friendly price point making it the best children’s kite on the market.   

Mary Bogard
Mary Bogard
Mary is a wife to her husband Jake and a mother of two boys. She loves music and reading and anything that involves being outside. Nothing is good for the soul like sunshine! As a world traveler, Mary has also had the opportunity to see moms around the world in action. Being a mom is a privilege and it is Mary's passion to help moms everywhere find the very best for their families.

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