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The Most Affordable Strollers

The right stroller will last for miles and years of use – even cheap strollers!

The most important thing to remember is to choose a stroller that fits your purpose. You don’t need an all-terrain stroller for strolling around the neighborhood any more than you need a double stroller for pushing around one child.

Fortunately, even though you can expect years of use from a great stroller, they don’t always have to break the bank.

Here, you’ll find recommendations for the best cheap strollers that will get the job done.

Affordable Pram/Carriage Stroller

For parents looking to save money, a pram or carriage-style stroller is not always a cheap option. Carriage strollers are designed to be used as a bassinet, having a flat surface that supports your little one as an infant.

However, these often cost between $100-300 or more and may not be able to be used once your baby outgrows it.

Carriage strollers have a timeless look and allow parents to push their little one around face-to-face, which can be especially comforting for infants. However, unless you spend more for a convertible model, you end up spending hundreds on something your little one can only use for the first 3-6 months of their life.

But if this type of cheap infant stroller is the one you’ve just got to have, here is our top affordable choice.

Baby Joy 2-in-1 Convertible Carriage to Stroller

This model costs less than $150 and can be used from 5-33 pounds.

BABY JOY Baby Stroller, 2 in 1 Convertible Carriage Bassinet to Stroller, Pushchair with Foot Cover, Cup Holder, Large Storage Space, Wheels Suspension, 5-Point Harness, Deluxe Black

The Baby Joy 2-in-1 Convertible Carriage to Stroller transforms from a carriage bassinet to a stroller once your little one is ready. It has features like a 5-point safety harness to keep them safe and will last into the toddler years.

A great feature of this is that the foot cover on the bassinet is removable. It comes off completely, so you can let your infant take a nap in the cozy space if they are comfortable.

Some other features parents might appreciate include built-in suspension that stops the ride from being too bumpy, a roomy storage basket, and an adjustable canopy and skylight. Its ability to fold up and store is also nice, especially once you are ready to move to a bigger model.

The biggest downside of this is trying to transition the stroller. The instructions are vague and many parents found it difficult, though it was easy once they figured out how they were supposed to transition.


  • Transitions from carriage to toddler stroller
  • Roomy storage basket, adjustable canopy, and other nice features
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Bassinet can be used separately from stroller


  • Difficult assembly
  • Vague instructions

Cheap Standard Stroller

The standard stroller isn’t necessarily the lightest model on the market, but many have added comfort features because manufacturers are not worried about the weight. They also typically feel more sturdy than an umbrella stroller which is nice for parents who prefer durable over lightweight.

Standard strollers are relatively affordable, ranging from $20-200.

Below, you’ll find our recommendation for a standard cheap stroller for toddlers.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Stroller, Slate Grey

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller weighs just 11.8 pounds and has a small, compact fold that makes it convenient for traveling. Though it has a five-point harness, it should not be used until your little one can support their own head and neck because it does not have a full-recline position.

Features like one-handed fold, a parent tray with storage, roomy storage area, and child tray make this stroller affordable and functional. Even though the stroller closes with one hand, you need two to open it. It also may not stay locked when folded, which can be a hassle if you are carrying it.

There is also an extendable canopy with a peekaboo window to protect your little one from the sun while letting you keep a close eye on them. Children will also appreciate the reclining seat that lets them lean back and relax or sit up and explore the world around them.


  • Weighs less than 12 pounds
  • Extendable canopy and peekaboo window
  • Reclining seat
  • Functional features like storage area, parent tray, and child tray
  • One-handed fold


  • Does not have a full recline
  • Does not always stay locked when folded

Inexpensive Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are ideal for travel, but they lack in durability and might not tackle obstacles as easily as a standard stroller. It is also not uncommon for comfort features to be removed to lighten up the load. Even though you may want a lightweight stroller, remember that you will still want some comfort features. Think about what is most important to you before you start shopping around. 

Below, you’ll find our top choice for an affordable lightweight stroller.

Our second pick was the Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, which is slightly more expensive but has a higher weight range (50 pounds instead of 40). You can see our comprehensive review of the Summer Infant 3Dlite here.

Also, for parents interested in a lightweight stroller that can be used with infants, we recommend the Graco Breaze ClickConnect that works with all ClickConnect car seats.

Jeep North Star Stroller

Jeep Scout Double Stroller, Charcoal Galaxy

The Jeep North Star Stroller has many comfort and convenience features for parents. It is designed to be used from 9 months until 50 pounds. However, it only has a three-point harness so it might be difficult to use with babies that are constantly leaning forward.

Kids will appreciate features like a roll-up backrest that exposes cool mesh fabric and allows airflow during hot months. A three-part extendable canopy provides shade while calf support and a footrest stop your little one’s legs from being uncomfortable.

For parents, there are features like foam-padded handles and a parent cup holder. However, the cup holder is a little flimsy and may not hold heavier cups or bottles well. This stroller also has suspension and 5.5 wheels that move over obstacles easily.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Breathable mesh fabric on back
  • Calf and footrest make your child more comfortable
  • Foam-padded handles for parents


  • Only has a 3-point harness
  • The cup holder is flimsy

Affordable Jogging Stroller

There’s a huge market for mothers trying to get in shape post-baby. One of the biggest challenges, as many experienced moms know, is finding the time to get back in shape. Going to the gym is not always practical and it can be hard to find time alone to go running.

Finding a cheap jogging stroller means finding an affordable brand with good maneuverability. If a jogging stroller cannot make turns well, you might find it tips over if you are moving fast. There is a high emphasis on design and high-quality part with jogging strollers, so there are many higher priced models. The lower range includes prices from $100-250, while higher-end models can cost $400 or more. Our top recommendation for inexpensive jogging strollers costs less than $125.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Jeep Scout Double Stroller, Charcoal Galaxy

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller features large bicycle tires to move over obstacles and a lockable front wheel for jogging. It is designed for ages 6 months up to 50 pounds and 42 but the stroller is also compatible with Baby Trend infant car seats as part of a travel system.

A large, rubber handle helps parents maneuver this easily. The Expedition also features a parent tray with two cup holders and a storage area, a storage basket, and a child’s tray with two cup holders. Even though the storage area under the stroller is roomy, it does look a little flimsy.  

Finally, features like a multi-reclining seat and a 5-point harness keep your little one safe and comfortable. As an added benefit, footrest reflectors increase visibility. One drawback of this stroller is that it’s difficult to inflate the swivel wheel during assembly.


  • Compatible with Baby Trend car seats
  • Large rubber handle for maneuverability and comfort
  • Parent tray, storage space, child’s tray
  • Multi-position recline


  • Swivel wheel is hard to inflate
  • Storage area feels flimsy

Cheap Double Stroller

Some parents buy double strollers because they are expecting twins or have kids close in age. Others wait a few years, so they may need a stroller that supports an infant and a toddler. Double strollers often range from $100-250, though there are some more expensive models. You can expect to pay around $400-600 for a double jogger stroller.

Jeep Scout Double Stroller

Jeep Scout Double Stroller, Charcoal Galaxy

As a double stroller under $100, the Jeep Scout Double Stroller has all the features you need and none that you don’t. It features a side-by-side design, which makes it better for siblings close in age and over age 6-9 months. (For younger children, we recommend the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller).

Though this is designed side-by-side, the stroller is narrow enough to fit through most standard doorways. It also has safety features including a 5-point safety harness and reflective materials for increased visibility in low-light. It maneuvers over obstacles well, making it easy to push both children Each seat is designed to be used with a child up to 35 pounds.

Though there is no undercarriage storage area, there are two storage pockets on the back of the stroller and it has a parent cup holder. Children will appreciate the adjustable canopy for protection from the sun and an independent multi-position recline. However, the recline does not go back far enough for some children’s preference.


  • 5-point safety harness and reflective material
  • Narrow enough to fit through standard doors
  • Dual storage pocket
  • Independent recline for each seat
  • Maneuvers over obstacles well


  • Recline does not go back far enough for some kids

Tips for Buying Used Affordable Strollers

Unlike car seats which should not be bought secondhand, strollers can be inspected for safety. This means you can easily save money, but you’ll need to be sure you are choosing a stroller that has all the safety features you expect.

Here are a few tips when buying secondhand low price strollers:

  1. Get familiar with the new version. It is a lot easier to compare the quality of a secondhand stroller if you know what you are comparing it with. Like all things, the quality of a stroller is affected over time, especially things like how easily the stroller can be pushed, the operation of the suspension, brakes, and other features, and the overall functionality of the stroller.
  2. Look for recalls. Even though we’d like to think parents would not try to resell a recalled stroller, this is not always the reality. Some parents may not be aware of the recall, while others might be trying to make some of their money back.
  3. Be aware of the price. Even nice cheap strollers should not be sold at the purchase price if they are used. Overall quality can affect how much a seller is trying to make, however, you should never pay more than around 60% of the original purchase price.
  4. Give the stroller a close inspection before buying. This inspection is one of the reasons it is better to buy from a yard sale or somewhere you can thoroughly look over the stroller before making your decision. Check the security of any harnesses or safety features, be sure the brakes work and push the stroller around a minute to be sure the wheels move slowly. Look for any frayed fabric, cracks, or other signs of damage that indicate the stroller may not be as safe as it was when new.
  5. Be aware of return policies. One of the tricky things about buying used strollers online is that you do not get to see the product in person. It is best to choose a stroller that has a return policy, just in case the seller isn’t 100% upfront about the condition of the baby stroller.

Other Ways to Find Cheap Strollers

Buying affordable strollers secondhand is not the only way to stretch your hard-earned dollar farther.

  • Amazon offers sales, including clearance infant strollers and deals on Amazon Prime day
  • You can also look online at sites like Overstock that sell at discounted prices.
  • Graco also offers 20-30% discounts sitewide every few months
  • Sites like BuyBuyBaby give a discount for signing up for an email list
  • Black Friday sales are another great way to find cheap strollers for newborns and toddlers
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount! Especially at the end of the month, you might be able to save some money on even the best strollers

Final Take

The most important thing to consider when choosing an affordable stroller for your little one is your family’s lifestyle. Some parents need a jogger or all-terrain stroller, while others might just want a lightweight version for travel.

Buying more than one is not always an option when you are trying to find the best budget stroller, so choose carefully. If you can, shop around before you need a stroller so you can take your time finding the best deal.  

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Samantha Davis
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