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Best Board Games for 7-Year-Olds – Our 2020 Picks

The best board games for 7-year-olds improve strategy skills. This helps children understand how to make goals and follow through with those goals, too. Board games also offer a great way to interact with others without the worry of what to talk about, since it provides a medium without causing stress.

We collected all of the best board games and assembled this list so you don’t have to stress. Browse this list to find some fun for a casual evening with family or friends. 

The Best Board Games for 7-Year-OldsWhy It's BestMom Rating
CATAN Catan JuniorLearn to Collect Resources and Build an Empire♥♥♥♥♥
Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game A Maze Game With Dragons and Ogres!♥♥♥♥♥
CoderMindz AI Game for KidsTeaches Coding Without Electronics♥♥♥♥♥
Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure! A Fun Cooperative Play Game for Siblings♥♥♥♥♥
Pressman Charades for KidsAct Out Crazy Antics for Barrels of Laughter♥♥♥♥♥
Taco vs Burrito - The Wildly Popular Surprisingly Strategic Card GameA Hilarious, Fun, and Entertaining Card Game Created by a 7-Year-Old♥♥♥♥♥

The 24 Best Board Games for 7-Year-Olds

1 – Catan Junior

Pressman Charades for Kids

If you have never tried Catan, get it for yourself, but get Catan Junior for your children. Let your child become a swashbuckler in an epic game on the high seas. Players as young as five and up can play with up to four players to collect resources, points, and win the game. Use resources to purchase property and build a larger enterprise in this game of strategy and luck. 

Next, the game adds in a few ghosts for fun, along with a spooky island to enhance gameplay. Furthermore, as children build and increase their resources, the game becomes more fun and challenging, too. This game will help children to understand how to build up and save, along with strategy and a number of other skills, while enjoying a family game night. 

2 – Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game for Kids & Adults Age 7 & Up - Millions Sold, Easy to Learn & Play with Great Replay Value

Families can enjoy playing Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game together to find the shortest route through the labyrinth to win. The game works for up to 4 players ages 7 and up as they search for treasures and targets inside of a maze. It comes with high-quality game pieces to last for years or even decades. 

The easy to follow instructions increase the fun for a quick 20 to 30 minute game. It teaches planning, recognition, turn-taking, cause and effect, as well as several other benefits for children. Enjoy some mythical creatures with your child including dragons, ghost, a genie, and many more fun characters. 

3 – CoderMindz Game

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure! Award Winning Beat the Ogre Cooperative Game for Kids

The new game CoderMindz Game for AI Learners! has stolen the public eye for blending artificial intelligence and computer programming into a board game. This STEM centered game is ready to teach about coding and AI concepts and encourages young minds, as it came from a young mind! A nine-year-old girl invented the game and now it’s used in over 100 schools to teach children. 

Lastly, CoderMindz teaches image recognition, training, inference, data, and adaptive learning. Also, it introduces many coding concepts such as loops, functions, conditionals, and algorithm writing, amongst other skills. Your kids won’t know they are learning though as they work through the game to the finish line. 

4 – Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure!

Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game for Kids & Adults Age 7 & Up - Millions Sold, Easy to Learn & Play with Great Replay Value

For younger seven-year-olds or the oldest of several children, try the game Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure! This cooperative game helps your kids learn to work together to collect three keys by building a path as a team. The game promotes the idea of thinking 2 steps ahead which will help children with many tasks in the future, as you know!

Next, cooperative play games help to teach emotional development, decision making, self-esteem, problem-solving, creativity, and so much more without the stress of a competitive game. The kids team up to beat the ogre to the treasure and keep it safe using cards, keys, dice, and an ogre snack with the game board. Also, the gameplay takes about 20 minutes for 2-4 players ages 5 and up but is still fun for older kids too. 

5 – Pressman Charades for Kids

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure! Award Winning Beat the Ogre Cooperative Game for Kids

Pressman’s Charades for Kids is fun enough for the whole family. Even younger children can try to enjoy the game, as it does not require any reading. Each card has a picture to use as a clue and the game offers three different levels of play to become more challenging for older children. This game works for groups, too, as you need three or more players to get the full effect of the game. For players four and up. 

The game maybe be simplistic, however, it helps to enjoy the fun for kids without enough experience in life to enjoy the adult version of charades. Furthermore, it’s a classic game to improve a child’s imagination and explore silliness with friends or family. Who wouldn’t enjoy taking turns acting out crazy antics to help others guess what they are enacting?

6 – Taco vs Burrito Strategic Card Game

Tyto Games Elementos the Board Game

Though Taco vs Burrito Strategic Card Game is quick to learn it offers a strategy punch to make it fun enough for older family members of your family although, it was invented by a little seven-year-old boy. Games take about 10-15 minutes and work best for 2-4 people at a time. 

It’s a simple draw action card game with tons of special cards to add intrigue. The game is clean for kids, but fun for adults to play even without the kids, making it a versatile game great for small groups. Make it a taco night with a fiesta including this game for a great evening for everyone. 

7 – Kids Create Absurdity

Kids Create Absurdity: Warning: May Cause Belly Laughter! A Family-Card-Game For Kids With Funny Questions and Hilarious Answers Fun For Kids, Adults Teens and Tweens Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer!

How about a break from strategy with some silly absurdities? The Kids Create Absurdity comes with a warning: it may causes full-on belly laughter! This crazy game works for the whole family and of course, come s with a twist for a little more fun. 

If you like Cards Against Humanity, then you will enjoy this kid version as you dance, sing, tell silly stories, and more in this easy-to-play game. Enjoy some good clean antics for your next family night with a game with elements from many games you love all rolled into one. 

8 – Sequence Game

Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game for Kids & Adults Age 7 & Up - Millions Sold, Easy to Learn & Play with Great Replay Value

Sequence Game is a slightly complicated which is why it’s for seven years and up. Adults and children will both recognize the standard deck of cards but now the cards come with a game board and chips. Play in groups of three or with three individuals to make sequences on the board. 

As Sequence is a strategy game, kids can learn many concepts to help with STEM skills such as strategy, patterns, and several other skills as well. Moreover, you need to think ahead and use logic to beat your opponents. Play this game with your child, as it may take them a while to learn but offers so much in return.

9 – Exploding Kittens Party Pack Game

Exploding Kittens Card Game - Party Pack for Up to 10 Players - Family-Friendly Party Games - Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids

In  Exploding Kittens Party Pack Game you get enough cards to play this humorous game with up to ten players. Trust me, this game is fun enough for adults, but simple enough for kids. If you love cats, explosions, and a few goats on the side, you will love this game with illustrations by The Oatmeal. 

A few exploding kitties enter the deck randomly and you need to use strategy to play the game and hope you don’t get an exploding cat. All of the cards come with ridiculous images and insane rules for tons of laughter. You never quite know what to expect with this charming game!

10 – The World Game – Geography Card Game

The World Game - Geography Card Game - Educational Board Game for Kids, Family & Adults

The game above teaches about the USA, but The World Game – Geography Card Game teaches about the world and helps 6-year-olds and up learn. Most kids don’t have a grasp on continents or countries at a young age, which is why this game is so beneficial. For that matter, most parents don’t know where all the countries are! 

Inside the box you will find a world map game board and country cards, but don’t worry, the facts are for all stages of knowledge and help your child expand their knowledge. If you want family night to offer some education, this is the game for you. 

11 – Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game

Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game, Money Recognition, Counting Game, Ages 7+

Learning about money isn’t as easy as you think. The Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game offers a fun way to work on counting, collecting, and exchanging money in a race to the finish line. Once kids start playing, they won’t even realize they are learning!

Children over the ages of 7 can play with up to four players on this colorful game board. Let you little ones learn all the basic of money skills so they can start spending their allowance, but all with fake money so there’s nothing to lose. 

12 – Clue Junior Game

Tyto Games Elementos the Board Game

The Clue Junior Game lets kids figure out a whodunnit mystery on their level and without a murder. Instead, they need to find out who ate the last slice of cake before the other sleuths on the case. All the pieces, including the board, work better for children to have fun without worrying about death.

Don’t worry, the game changed a little, but it’s still a strategy game to get kids thinking and solving problems. Includes a biologist with a sweet tooth among other fun new elements. It allows up to 6 players over the age five and up, but most seven-year-olds love this game because they find mystery intriguing at this age. 

13 – Brain Games – ICECOOL Award-Winning Family Board Game

Image of the ICECOOL Award-Winning Family Board Game

Penguin lovers will enjoy the Brain Games – ICECOOL Award-Winning Family Board Game. A game of up to 4 people takes about 30 minutes to play with this 3D game with adorable plastic penguins. Kids will love the gameplay as they spin their penguins around an ice castle. 

Rebuild the board in a number of different ways for an award-winning fun game. Playing is simple and comes with directions in three different languages including English, French, and Spanish so more kids can enjoy the game. Flick your penguin around the board to win the game for a fun stress-free game night.

14 – Ravensburger Pictopia: DISNEY Edition Family Trivia Board Game

Hansen Games Classic Natural Wood Wooden Chess Set 15

Disney lovers, rejoice! We found you another fandom game to add to your collection and even kids can enjoy and play. The Ravensburger Pictopia: DISNEY Edition Family Trivia Board Game allows up to 6 players to enjoy a trivia night. 

The instructions are simple with a tiny twist of guess-my-answer questions to reveal how well players know each other for a whole new element of trivia. The perfect addition to family night with a board and a whole lot of Disney!

15 – Battleship Game

Electronic Battleship Game

If you have never played Battleship, then it’s time that you do! Pick up the game and try it out with your second grader for a fun game of strategy and intrigue. It’s a two-person game, so it’s perfect for a rainy day in for two people or others can take turns too. 

The gameplay is simple enough, each person secretly hides their ships on the board and spend the rest of the game trying to figure out where the other person ships are by calling out potential locations. Once you find the other person’s ship and sink it the other person calls out, “You sunk my battleship!” Once you sink all of their ships first, you win the game. 

16 – Disney Apples to Apples Game

Tyto Games Elementos the Board Game

If you have never played Apples to Apples, then you are missing out! Join in the fun with the Disney Apples to Apples Game, perfect for goofy comparisons and tons of laughter. The Disney version adds pictures into the mix to engage children in a fun game of learning adjectives. 

Disney fans can enjoy cards from the theme parks, movies, and shows in this simple to learn game. A Poison Apple card adds a whole new element as kids learn words, comparisons, and creative thinking. Best for 4 to 8 players ages 7 and up for hours of hilarious combinations. 

17 – Elementos the Board Game

Hansen Games Classic Natural Wood Wooden Chess Set 15

Not only does the Tyto Games Elementos the Board Game offer built-in storage, but also real wooden pieces. Game set up takes only a couple of minutes for two players over the age of 7. It’s like a rock, paper, scissors game but with elements. 

Each player gets a set of wooden pieces with wood, fire, or wind. Each can knock out one of the other options on the board. Now the game takes on a chess element as you need to get to the end of the other person’s side to win the game. A strategic game with levels for pure fun. 

18 – Rubik’s Race Game

Rubik's Race Game, Head To Head Fast Paced Square Shifting Board Game Based On The Rubiks Cubeboard, for Family, Adults and Kids Ages 7 and Up

Another fun game is Rubik’s Race Game where children over the age of seven play a fast-paced tile game against a single opponent. The game looks like a modified Rubix cube from the 80s with a screen partitioning the two sides of the board. Use a shaker to scramble the board into a new pattern.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Kids can play the game in several different ways such as using a Rubik’s cube to increase pattern ideas. Both sides work to match the new pattern in the classic game. Though the game sounds simple, it takes skill and speed to win!

19 – Quick Cups Match N’ Stack Family Game

Quick Cups, Match 'N' Stack Family Game for Kids Aged 6 & Up

Hyper kids might enjoy a game of Quick Cups, Match N’ Stack Family Game for a fast-paced family game night, which tests your reflexes. This interactive game expects you to think fast and move even faster! Flip a card, then race to arrange your cups in the right order first and ring the bell. What could be easier?

If you win the round, you collect a card. Get enough cards and you win the game. Anyone can learn to play this game, but it works best for those over the age of 6 for dexterity. Each card presents a color challenge you won’t believe until you see!

20 – HedBanz Game 2nd Edition

HedBanz Game 2nd Edition The Quick Question Game of What Am I?

HedBanz Game 2nd Edition The Quick Question Game of What Am I? is an old game made new and it’s hilarious! This version comes with ideas easy for kids to enact which increases the fun and creates a fabulous family game night. Though, many seven-year-olds can handle the adult version too. 

Everyone gets a headband and when it’s their turn a card goes on the band out of their eyesight. The others give clues to help the headband wearer figure out what card is on the card by asking questions. It includes 72 cards to turn 20 questions into a whole new level of fun. 

21 – Uncle Wiggly Game

Uncle Wiggly Game

Younger 7-year-olds with smaller siblings can get a couple of years of fun out of the Uncle Wiggly Game before passing it down to their brother or sister. You may want to get this for your seven-year-old if they are stilling having trouble with reading. 

The farm animal game follows a squiggly numbered path as children learn rhymes to help with reading skills and following instructions. It’s definitely a learning game, but offers some fun to younger audiences with simple instructions and a colorful board. May not offer much enjoyment for adults, though.  

22 – Blokus Game

Tyto Games Elementos the Board Game

Learning to play the Blokus Game takes less than a minute and takes no skill in ready. The whole family can enjoy this strategy game of blocks as they take turns placing 21 pieces on the board. Each piece must touch another of the same color but only at the corners. 

The game ends when no one can place another piece down. The winner is the person with the fewest pieces on the board. This unique game teaches strategy, quick action, and healthy competition. 

23 – Hansen Games Classic Wooden Chess Set

Hansen Games Classic Natural Wood Wooden Chess Set 15

Chess is a classic game and the Hansen Games Classic Wooden Chess Set offers quality pieces and a board with built-in storage for the pieces. This gorgeous set would look great anywhere in your home as decor to add extra benefits to the set. 

The complex game takes strategy to a new level as you need to remember what each piece does and think ahead to what moves your opponent will make. Everyone should play chess at some point in their life and this is the perfect set, with inlaid burlwood polished to a deep shine to give you a quality game for two. 

Chess comes with a massive amount of benefits. This game can prevent Alzheimer’s by increasing brain activity and literally growing more brain signals, which helps to raise your child’s IQ. It improves problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, improves memory, and uses both sides of the brain for a well-rounded experience. 

The benefits don’t stop there. It can increase their creativity while simultaneously teaching planning, foresight, and concentration. Kids may not think they need all of these advantages but we experienced moms know they need all the skills they can get to help with life. 

24 – Tiny Epic Galaxies Space Board Game

Tiny Epic Galaxies Space Board Game

Take your kids to space with the Tiny Epic Galaxies Space Board Game. Space fans will fall in love with an epic battle of intergalactic conquest. As with most board games, this is a strategy game and it’s easy to learn for everyone from kids to adults, but perfect for those who love all things ComicCon. 

Have some epic fun in under an hour using top quality pieces and exceptional artwork. The dice-driven game allows players to build empires, acquire planets, manages resources, and race to win 21 points first. Find other Epic games to match your child’s interest too!

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FAQ’s About the Best Board Games for 7-Year-Olds

Can board games help my child learn fairness and cooperation?

Yes! As a matter of fact, board games can help to improve your child’s ethics as they learn how to play with other children fairly.

Gameplay gives children the opportunity to try out collaborating with others, which isn’t a typical scenario but will be in their future. Games now help kids to learn how to interact with others for school projects and other settings. 

Another great advantage of board games is they help to regulate negative emotions. Your kid can’t win every game, and with each game they lose or win, they can feel that emotion and become used to it so it doesn’t continue to overwhelm them in the future. As emotions can be so difficult to control for young minds, practice is a necessity. 

Games also set limits by having a specific set of rules children need to follow. It’s another skill set kids need to learn through repetition and board games give a perfect opportunity with the rules spelled out clearly for all to see. Playing games with your kids lets you monitor and correct their behavior. 

My child has special needs, can he or she play board games?

The wonderful thing about board games is the wide variety of options!

If your child has special needs, you can try a variety of games to find which one works for them. Some special needs kids may need shorter gameplay, while others may need simpler rules with less distracting features or limited options. Others may need a game without a lot of reading or very defined rules. 

However, the only way to know which games work is to try out a bunch of them and watch how your child reacts. Almost any child can find a game they enjoy. Some kids couldn’t find a game they liked and took the opportunity to create a game they like or their parents did so for them.

Another benefit of games is they can be modified to work for whoever you are playing with. If there are too many pieces, reduce them. If the board causes anxiety, try using just the cards. The options are endless with games. 

How can my child create their own board game?

The easiest way would be with a board game kit like the Apostrophe Games Create Your Own Board Game Set.

The first step is to come up with an idea. Maybe focus on your child’s favorites such as animals or space exploration. Once you have a topic, you can come up with a game plan. 

From there, you need to decide if the game will offer cooperative play or competition. Decide what type of pieces you need to move and how to do the artwork for the board. When in doubt, try pulling elements from other games you love and combining them for an epic game. 

Get your child’s input and let them help! Make sure to write out the instructions and try a few rounds to work out any quirks before solidifying the game. You can try out the game with other people too to see how the game flows and so they can offer some input too. 

Don’t feel limited by a board game set! If you have some inspiration or want to think outside the box ,then go for it. Children have incredible imaginations and can think on a completely less structured scope for more possibilities. 

Final Thoughts About the Best Board Games for 7-Year-Olds

The best board games for seven-year-olds are fun, tailored to their tastes, and improve strategy skills.

Our favorite choice is the Disney Apples to Apples Game. Not only does the game offer hours of unique fun but it improves vocabulary and word retention. Not to mention, the game is hilarious! No one can play Apples to Apples without laughing up a storm with goofy options and crazy choices all with loved Disney characters. 

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