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Best Baby Nail Files

Nail files have gained popularity as a safe, tear-free choice for keeping baby’s fingernails trimmed. My vote for the best baby nail file is the Baby Blue Giraffe Baby Nail File. It’s sourced exclusively from Prague so the quality is high. However, if you’re looking for a comparison of some other contenders, here’s a roundup of the best nail file for baby products to keep little nails trimmed.

Best Baby Nail File: Baby Blue Giraffe Nail File
Best Baby Electric Nail File: Baby Nail File Electric Trimmer
Best Baby Nail Kit: 4-in-1 Baby Nail Kit

Best Baby Nail Files

The Baby Blue Giraffe and Angel Love files are made with genuine Czech glass whereas the FridaBaby NailFrida and Thumble files are like a traditional nail file. 

Baby Blue Giraffe Baby Nail File

Baby Nail File by baby blue giraffe The Original Glass Nail File- 100% Made in Europe (Blue)

This awesome baby nail file is European-made. Baby Blue Giraffe claims to be the original creator of the glass baby nail file, so this product should be perfected at this point.

This one features Bohemian Czech glass sourced exclusively from Prague, where quality is said to be the highest. The glass is safe for baby because it contains no leads, metals, or other toxins found in some glass nail files.

It has a microcrystal emery surface that gently files baby’s nails without hurting anything else.

This nail file is long-lasting and comes with a clear case for storage when not in use.

Angel Love Glass Baby Nail File

Baby Nail File, 3 Pack, Emery Board Glass, Crystal, Set for Newborns, Toddlers, Infant, Babies & Young Children, New Moms & Baby Shower,ZJC1

The Angel Love nail files come highly recommended by other parents!  As opposed to traditional emery boards, these nail files are made of “Czech glass material”.  The glass material is just very slightly abrasive, so it’s perfect for trimming nails but won’t hurt the baby’s delicate skin.

Because it’s made of glass, it’s also non-porous and does not harbor bacteria.  It can be easily washed off with soap and water.  Because it’s made of tempered, durable glass, these nail files are not prone to breakage and will last for years if not decades.

The set comes with 3 nail files in various colors.  This set is also very cost-effective, especially since you get 3 nail files to stash in various locations such as the baby’s room, bathroom, your purse, etc.

NailFrida S-Curved Nail Files by Fridababy

Fridababy NailFrida The S-Curved Nail Files (5 Pack)

The NailFrida nail file is unique in that it has an S shape which is supposed to make it easier to file baby’s nails.  It’s made of regular emery file material (not glass like the others so far).  So it’s more like a “regular” nail file, but with an ergonomic shape.

Parents who purchased this were able to file their baby’s nails easily and quickly.  This is a set of 5 nail files and each one will last multiple uses before getting worn down, so expect this to last you a reasonable time.

However, one of the downsides of an emery board is that it is porous, unlike glass.  This means that it may harbor bacteria, so most emery boards should be used just once and definitely not on multiple people.  Especially since this product will be used for babies, I would recommend using each file just once.  Babies put their hands in their mouths all the time, the last thing we want on them is more bacteria!

The Thumble Wearable Nail File

Baby Nails - The Wearable Baby Nail File I New Baby Standard Pack - Baby Nail Care Set for Newborn’s

This nail file is really unique and totally user-friendly for parents and grandparents alike. It’s a simple Thumble apparatus that goes on the pad of the thumb. It’s a lot like a thimble, hence the name. The nail file is attached to it with adhesive. You can hold the baby’s hand in yours and gently file their nails.

It’s amazing because you can multi-task! If you are snuggling or feeding your baby, gently file their nails while they are calm and relaxed. You can even make it a fun game, singing a song or playing a game while you hold their hand and file. It’s one of those Super Useful Baby Products that you never knew you needed!

You can use these from birth since the nail file itself is soft grit. It comes with plenty of nail file attachments, plus a drawstring bag to keep it all together.

If you are worried about this not fitting your smaller or larger thumb, don’t! The design leaves plenty of space to expand, and it even has an opening at the top for long nails.

Best Baby Electric Nail Files

The Consevisen Nail Trimmer includes the most pieces with 10 grinding heads (6 kids, 4 adults) compared to Little Martin’s Trimmer which includes just 6 heads total (3 kids, 3 adults).

Consevisen Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail File Electric Nail Trimmer Manicure Set with Nail Clippers, Toes Fingernails Care Trim Polish Grooming Kit Safe for Infant Toddler Kids or Women, LED Light and 10 Grinding Heads (White/Teal)

Enjoy a 10-in-1 baby nail kit that includes 10 grinding heads, some designed for baby, and some designed for adults. A nail clipper is also included. The nail trimmer is quiet and features a LED light for trimming precision.

You can use this electric nail trimmer for simple nail trimming or you can use the various grinding heads to shape and polish nails for a fun manicure at home. Choose from 5 other product colors and don’t forget 2 AA batteries (not included).

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer 

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File with Light - Safe Electric Nail Clippers Kit for Newborn Infant Toddler Kids Toes and Fingernails - Care, Polish and Trim - Battery Operated (AA)

Last but not least, is the Little Martin’s battery-operated nail file which comes with six different sanding/buffing pads.  Three are designed for children and three are more geared for adult nails.  Each one has a different grit of sandpaper.  The term “sandpaper” sounds rough, but it is a pretty fine grit so it’s gentle on the baby’s nails and surrounding skin.

The neat part about this file is that it is battery operated and the motor is very quiet, so it’s possible to file baby’s nails while they are asleep.  Also for this same purpose, the file comes with an LED light and it’s easy to operate with just one hand.

However, one downside of this file is that you would be purchasing replacement heads as you use them and they become worn down.  This adds to the cost of operating the file, not to mention the batteries needed to run it.

Best Baby Nail Kit

ARRNEW Baby Nail Kit 4-in-1

Baby Nail Clippers 4-in-1 Set by ARRNEW| New Born Essential Baby Nail Kit, Baby Nail File, Baby Nail Scissors & Tweezers | Baby Stuff Kids Stuff for Newborn, Toddler and New Moms (Mint Bear)

I like the ARRNEW baby nail file kit because it includes nail clippers, scissors, a nail file, and a tweezer. Each item is packed in a cute kit with a bear head topper. All the metal parts are made of stainless steel and handles are designed with durable ABS plastic.

This nail kit is available in 6 different colors and has some other designs to choose from.

How Baby Nail Kits Compare

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Are Glass Nail Files Better?

It sounds odd to file your or your baby’s nails down with a piece of glass, but the best nail files on the market today are just that.  What makes glass a better choice than emery boards or other nail file materials?  Here are some reasons WHY the glass file is a winner in this category.


Unlike the emery board, a glass nail file is constructed completely differently.  The original producer of this product was in the Czech Republic and used Bohemian glass.  Bohemia is part of the Czech Republic and is renowned for manufacturing beautiful, durable and artistic glass pieces.

The glass nail file goes through an intensive manufacturing process:

  • Files are cut from a large piece of Bohemian glass
  • Files are processed with chemical etching to result in a fine grain abrasive surface
  • The edges of the files are rounded to make them safe to the touch
  • Files go through a tempering process to make them firm and less prone to breakage
  • Files are decorated and colored using heat


A glass file results in a fine-grain surface that are very gentle to the skin, but slightly abrasive to the nail.  It works perfectly for those tiny, fine baby nails.  It’s also very effective on adult nails too.

A traditional emery board is coated with small pieces of rock (Emery rock) which gives it its abrasive power.  It literally grinds down the nail, but often leaves jagged edges and it sure feels funny during the filing process.  Sometimes as a result of this, nails are more prone to splitting.  All of this is avoided with a glass file which very gently files down the nail.


You might think that a glass nail file is not the safest thing to carry around, but rest assured it’s fully tempered to be as safe as possible.  Unless it’s dropped from very high or thrown with great force, most glass files will last a very long time. Even with extensive daily use, such as in nail salons, glass files hold up just fine.

Also, most of the glass files on the market come with a carrying case to further protect it from damage.  Even in the unlikely event of a glass file breaking, it would be safe to touch the glass fragments.


Unlike emery boards, glass nail files are washable with soap and water to wash off any dirt or germs.  The surface is also non-porous so it will not absorb any smells or bacteria.  This is especially important for babies or children as we don’t want to introduce any dangerous bacteria via fingernails.

Emery boards are porous and should not be shared between multiple users as bacteria can spread as a result.  When emery boards are used in a salon setting, they are usually a single-use item.


Glass files are also usually very pretty looking, as they can have colors and designs overlayed onto them in the last part of the production process.  The designs and colors are set using a thermal process so there is no chance they will ever come off, they become a part of the glass surface.  Some even have crystals or other ornate designs.  A glass file like this can be treasured and cared for, for many years to come.

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