UPPAbaby ALTA High-Back Booster Seat Review

by Michelle Hand |

UPPAbaby will be releasing the UPPAbaby ALTA High Back Booster Seat in summer 2019. We will do a thorough review as soon as it is available. For now, here’s a sneak peek!

Reliable Brand

A respected manufacturer of travel accessories for children for over thirty years, UPPAbaby designs utility car seats and strollers that have won multiple safety awards. The UPPAbaby ALTA High Back Booster Seat will be the company’s first high-back model. It is intended for young children that weigh between forty to one hundred pounds. This adjustable car seat that will grow with your child.

Why Use a Booster?

Vehicle manufacturers design their seat belts to fit an adult body that is 4’9” and taller. With the ALTA, you can protect your child from injury in accidents in a safe travel environment until they reach this height. The high-back booster doesn’t become backless, meaning that the back doesn’t remove off of the seat. There are safety features in the high-back that provide shoulder, neck, and head support in the event of a collision. Removing it would eliminate these features, posing a danger to your child.

All booster seats make sure that the seat belt in your vehicle fits across your child’s body correctly. The ALTA has a safe-neck positioning system. Your vehicle’s seat belt slides into a slot on the side of the back panel so that it will cross the chest and torso in the right place. There is also an attachment on the seat of the ALTA that fits between your child’s legs, clipping the lap belt in position. This prevents your child from sliding from under the seat belt in the event of a severe car accident.

Adjustability to Grow With

The outstanding feature of this product is the adjustable back. With the push of a button, it slides up to accommodate taller children. The headrest has seven different positions for comfort, and the side panels have memory foam and EPP foam. These two types of foam are comfortable and shock-absorbent. A latching mechanism along the bottom secures it in your vehicle. As your children grow, they become quite active, moving the seat’s position as they fidget and play on car rides. The latch keeps the seat firmly in place, preventing the empty booster from flying forward in a front or back impact collision.

Stylish Design

The ALTA will come in four different designs: Jake (black mélange), Sasha (grey mélange with pink accents), Lucca (teal mélange), and Morgan (charcoal mélange). Although we aren’t sure how much the ALTA will cost, we are confident that, with all of the protective features and the adjustability of the seat, that it will be worth every penny.

More to Come!

Stay tuned to our site for the latest information and our full review, coming soon.

Michelle Hand
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