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Summer Infant 3Dgo Stroller Review

The Summer Infant 3Dgo Convenience Stroller is another fabulous umbrella stroller from Summer Infant.  We’ve reviewed their Myria, 3Dlite, 3Done, and 3Dflip strollers.  So what do we think of the 3Dgo?

Not only does the 3Dgo stroller offer parents a lightweight and durable stroller, but also a great value ready to enhance your parenting life. This stroller can fit into any budget and any car, so take a look at all the features and see if this is the right stroller for your family. 

Summer Infant 3Dgo Stroller Review

Weight & Size

The 3DGo only weighs 11 pounds, making this an extra lightweight stroller ready to hold a child up to 45 pounds.

As for the size, it’s about the size of a normal umbrella stroller and it’s meant to hold a child capable of supporting their head and body, so children ages 6 months and up. As it’s a lightweight stroller made for convenience and unfortunately, infants aren’t convenient because they need a lot of support.

Overall, the stroller measures 31.75 x 18.25 x 39 inches when standing and 44 x 8.5 x 7.5 when folded down. 

With the high only 39 inches or just over three feet, it’s definitely compact, which will cause some comfort issues for taller parents that need taller handles. If you are over 6 feet tall, you may want to consider a different stroller as this will not be a comfortable option for you to push around. 

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Like most strollers, the 3Dgo Convenience Stroller folds up so compactly, you can put it in your trunk and still have room for a folded up playpen, huge diaper bag, spare diaper bag, and maybe even a little bit of your stuff too! It also folds up compactly enough to slide under a bed, into a closet, into a front entryway, or even into a small apartment. 

To fold the stroller, you simply unclip the lockout bar in front of the storage basket on the back. Push the stroller toward the ground and release the stroller, clip the fold-lock on the right side of the stroller and you are done. Reverse to pull the stroller back into a standing position. 


Like the majority of strollers, this one has a canvas storage basket underneath the seat to store essentials. As this is a smaller stroller, you will not be able to fit as much stuff in the storage basket as you could with a full-sized stroller, nor can you hold as much weight.

Try to not overfill the basket but a little weight can help balance a lightweight stroller, although, the baby will usually handle this aspect!

The last area of storage for this entry-level stroller is a cup holder for parents on the side of one of the handles. It’s large enough for either your coffee or your child’s sippy cup. Sadly, the stroller does not provide a space for both, but the low price does make up for the lack of storage for small trips. 

You can always purchase a stroller caddy for longer trips. Consider a low-storage stroller like the 3Dgo for shorter jaunts or trips.

If you plan to keep your child in the stroller for longer periods, you may want a full-sized stroller for storage purposes and save your shoulders from extra carry weight. Check out all the top stroller options.


The stroller handles offer a plush grip for each hand on either side of the stroller. Again you make sacrifices for the convenience of a lightweight, portable stroller, and one of them is the handles. However, these L-shaped handles are high enough for most parents and comfortable for decent distances, but they are not great for holding a lot of baggage, like most umbrella strollers. 


For the seatbelt, you get a five-point harness for safety. The straps come padded for children to enjoy their ride a little more comfortably. It also comes with three shoulder slots to adjust and meet your baby’s growing height. 


The stroller offers a full-sized comfort seat for babies and toddlers. It’s plenty roomy for all babies up to 45 pounds.

Next, the stroller offers a footrest for little ones to put their feet on while in the seat. No one likes the feeling of pins and needles and dangling feet can get that feeling quickly!

When your baby wants to nap, or if your baby is still on the younger side of six months, you may want to recline the seat and you can adjust the recline on the seat to suit your needs. A simple strap on the back with a button controls the recline in one quick motion. Later, you can adjust the seat back up by simply pulling on the strap so your child can see the world. 

Finally, the seat comes with padding for comfort but it does lack a few features found in full-sized strollers. The stroller does not have a bar for the toddler or a snack tray either. These are not always necessities, especially if space-saving is a more important aspect for your needs. 


A mid-sized canopy protects your baby from the sun and from the rain. It even includes a little pop-out visor for a little added sun protection, however, you may need baby sunglasses. Also, the canopy isn’t large enough to protect little legs from rain or snow, so make sure to keep a blanket handy for colder days. 


All four corners of the stroller include two wheels for added stability and maneuverability. Both of the front wheels come with a swivel lock and the back wheels with brake locks to keep the stroller the way you want. Parents love how easily the stroller moves and the anti-shocks so your baby can stay asleep even on slightly uneven terrain. 


Assembling the stroller couldn’t be easier as everything clicks into the base. The main part is ready for you to simply pop the wheels into the bottom. Next, pop on the canopy and you are ready to stroll! 

Final Thoughts

If you are sick of full-sized bulky strollers you will love the convenience of the Summer Infant 3Dgo Stroller. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, great to travel with, and makes life on the go easier with a baby. The stroller maneuvers well and will fit into your new life as a parent seamlessly. 

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