Summer Infant 3DGO Stroller Review

Summer Infant 3DGO Stroller Review

by Experienced Mommy |

If you know high-end strollers, you know Summer Infant. In fact, the folks behind the scenes at Summer Infant have earned a pretty impressive reputation across the US and beyond for developing some of the most superb baby gear in general. Baby monitors, bedding, car seats, sleepers – you name it, Summer Infant has it covered.

And it looks like there’s another up and coming best-seller about to join the mix – the long-awaited Summer Infant 3DGO Stroller.

While we know for sure that the 3DGO Stroller is on its way, we’re still waiting for full detail from the manufacturer as to its specifications and whatnot. Not to mention, that all-important release date. But it’s pretty safe to say that given the name they’ve recently registered, the 3DGO will join the rest of the Summer Infant 3D Stroller collection and deliver much of the quality we’ve become used to.

A New Summer Infant Flagship?

What remains to be seen is where the new 3DGO gets positioned among the existing lineup. As it stands, the 3Dtote CS+ Convenience Stroller remains the flagship stroller of the collection, while the most affordable option is the impressive Go lite Convenience Stroller. Our guess is that the 3DGO will rank right in the middle as something of a crossover between the two collections.

Not that we’ve anything to go on – call it pure intuition!

But whatever form the Summer Infant 3DGO takes when it lands, we’re pretty sure of a few standards such as:

  • Premium wheels for a smooth ride and easy steering
  • A sleek, lightweight frame providing the perfect balance of strength and portability
  • In-built safety harness with comprehensive testing and expert approval
  • One-handed folding (with a bit of luck!)

Once again, we can’t be sure as to what’s in store when the Summer Infant 3DGO launches later this year, but we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground in the meantime for updates.

Still, if the most recent outings from Summer Infant are anything to go by, it’ll be more than worth the wait!

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