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Best Backseat Baby Mirror

by Sarah Stockett |

The first two or three years of your child’s life will be rear-facing in a car seat, so you will want the best backseat mirror you can find–the Baby Backseat Mirror for Car by So Peep with a large view, unbreakable glass, easy fastening straps, and a handy swivel; this car seat mirror will last you through all your rear-facing car seat days.

Before You Shop

Before you even begin shopping for a backseat mirror, you need to look at your backseat. Chances are, you don’t spend much time back there. Pop quiz:  Do you have headrests on your backseats?

There Are No Headrests

If you don’t have headrests in your backseat, that means that you’re not going to be able to use a mirror that tethers to your headrest. Instead, you need a backseat mirror that attaches via suction cup to your either your back or side window. A good solution for those of you in this situation is the Pnbb Shatterproof Baby Seat Mirror. Plus, this backseat mirror also comes with a visor clip so, when your little one can be front facing, you can move the mirror up front by you and still see your child.

Image of the Pnbb Shatterproof Baby Seat Mirror, Easily Watch Your Baby with Clear View and Adjustable Rotation Design

There Are Headrests

If you do have headrests, even if they are not adjustable or separate from the seat, many popular backseat mirrors will work for you. This makes shopping for a baby backseat mirror both easier and more difficult. Many manufacturers have adopted the double-strap fastening system and have mirrors on a swiveling arm. Unfortunately, this means that there are hundreds of backseat mirrors for you to choose from.

Be aware, though, if you do have a backseat where the headrest is one piece with the chair; you need to exercise caution when deciding on your backseat mirror. For example, the So Peep backseat mirror should work because the mirror is on an arm that can pivot and swivel in the base. This allows you to fasten the securing straps in an “X” instead of a cross pattern.

Not all backseat mirrors are made this way, though. Any mirrors that do not have an arm for pivoting and moving will not be able to rotate sideways. The inability to move means that you will have questionable functionality.

The mirror may or may not provide you a view of your child. Likewise, it’s also a possibility that the mirror may not stay secured to the seat.

If you have a backseat with adjustable headrests, you have it easy (aside from the large number of products you have to choose from). Even if you have a backseat with a headrest on either side and none in the middle, the So Peep backseat mirror is still an ideal choice for you. Because the arm attached to the mirror swivels, you can secure the mirror on a neighboring headrest and angle the mirror for the perfect view of your child.

Why the Backseat Mirror by So Peep?

Since there are hundreds of backseat mirrors to choose from, I want to explain why I choose this one. First, I should let you know that I had a bad experience with backseat mirrors with my first child. This bad experience helped guide me to make the decision today about the best backseat mirror currently available.

My Bad Experience with Eddie Bauer

Like all new mothers, I registered for a heap of items without really knowing what I was wanting or needing. One such item was a backseat mirror. Since I mainly registered at Target and the backseat mirror selection in my store was limited, I registered for an Eddie Bauer model.

When I got the mirror, I was horrified by how ridiculously horrible it was. First of all, it was literally impossible to install the mirror and angle it to face my baby. Second, once I removed the protective film, I was disgusted to find a “mirror” with about as much quality as a small baby toy. Truly, it was horrible. I believe Fun Houses mirrors would have worked better.

Because of this bad experience, I wanted to make sure that I selected a backseat mirror that gave parents an appropriate reflection of their child. And, since the times have changed, so have my standards. Today, I’m looking for the best of the best.

Easy Installation

The So Peep website boasts that you can install this backseat mirror in 30 seconds or less. Unlike other backseat mirrors that come with somewhat complex instructions and sometimes require assembly, the So Peep mirror is quick and easy to install with no assembly required.

As previously mentioned, this backseat mirror has a double-strap securing system. The straps fasten with plastic clips. Tighten the straps both horizontally and vertically around your headrest. Then, adjust the angle of the mirror so that you can safely see your baby while driving.

Remember, if your backseat has headrests on the right and left side, but not in the center where your child’s seat is, don’t worry. You can attach your backseat mirror on a neighboring headrest and simply angle the mirror so you can see your child.

Shatterproof Mirror

The mirror is made from shatterproof acrylic glass. This ensures that, even if the mirror does somehow come unsecured and fall, it won’t break and cut anyone. Also, speaking as a total klutz, this is good news to know that I won’t have to worry about breaking the mirror before it is even installed in my car.

Large View

Because the mirror is extra-large and convex, it offers the best view possible of your child. This feature is incredibly important, almost as important as secure installation, in my opinion.

The whole point of having this mirror is so that you can quickly check in on your child while you’re driving. What use is a small, distorted mirror that leaves you wondering, “What the heck is going on back there?”

When you look in the mirror to check on your child, you need to have immediate answers. You should be able to clearly see your child and the area inside the car seat. The last thing you want to be doing while you’re driving down the highway is guessing whether your child is safe because you can’t completely see what’s happening in the mirror.

100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

So Peep is so sure that you will fall in love with their backseat mirror that they offer a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. If, at any point in time and for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it to So Peep. You will be refunded.


With your purchase of a So Peep backseat mirror, you get a free e-book! Enjoy “Baby’s First Foods” as a complimentary gift from the folks at So Peep.

Technical Details

  • Weight:  15.2 ounces
  • Packaging dimensions:  11.7 x 9.2 x 3.7 inches
  • Mirror dimensions:  11.5 x 7.5 inches (or 295 mm x 195mm)
  • Are batteries required?:  No.

Valid Questions

When shopping for the absolute best of anything, questions will naturally arise. To validate my own opinion, I read other people’s reviews and found some really good questions that I had not thought of myself.

The best question I found asked exactly how and by whom the mirror had been tested. The answer was that So Peep has had their “car mirror tested for ‘Use and Abuse’ by an industry-leading US-Based Saftey Testing Facility. We have also had a Material Safety Test conducted. Testing included: Drop Testing from various heights, Tension Testing under various tensions, and a comprehensive Material Safety Analysis.”

Another good question I read asked if the mirror were mounted on the center headrest, would the parent be able to see twins on both sides of the car. The short answer is no, the mirror is not made to be used in that capacity. If you want to see multiple children, it would be best to have two mirrors positioned so you could see your children from your seat.

The final good question was in regards to the quality of the view. Sometimes, backseat mirrors have a very distorted view. The child can look like they are really far away or, in some cases, they can look blurry. Obviously, this is unacceptable for a safety device! Another person who owns the mirror answered that the view seems to be true to life and very clear.

My Recommendation

I recommend the Baby Backseat Mirror by So Peep because I believe this mirror will provide you with the best view of your child with the least worry and hassle. The clarity of the reflection will show you exactly what your child is doing so that you can safely drive while you parent.

With a double-strap system to secure the tested shatterproof mirror, you can be at ease that your mirror will stay in place even during the bounciest car rides. And, if something fails and the mirror does fall, you will know that your child won’t get cut by broken glass. Finally, if there is some reason that you don’t absolutely love your So Peep backseat mirror, you can return it for a 100% refund at any time.

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