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Philips AVENT Electric Comfort Breast Pump Review: Gentle Flow Expressor or Time Sucking Machine?

The Philips AVENT Single and Double Electric Comfort Breast Pumps are really comfortable! Their cushioning is warmed and the silicon nipples can be adjusted for a perfect fit. With the latest version of the pump I can now sit up while pumping instead of having to lean over to catch the milk. However, with added comfort comes other hassles like the fact the suctioning power isn’t very strong, it is time consuming and often times doesn’t draw out all of your milk, the bottles can also come loose and fall off spilling your milk and to top it all off it can be quite loud.

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Key Features

Gentle Pump: The Philips AVENT Single and Double Electric Comfort Breast Pumps are all about being natural, gentle and comfortable. When you turn the machine on it starts off by warming the nipple area and gently stimulating your milk to come out, before it begins the pumping process. The suction tends to be lighter than other pumps so it is less likely hurt. Because the nipple area is warmed and gentle your body will relax and as a result milk should flow more freely.

Three Suction Settings: There are three simple settings on this electric AVENT pump, low, medium and high. This makes the machine really is to use and allows you to pump at your own pace. They all will start off with the gentle stimulation mode and then will gradually increase to your desired suction level.

Can Sit Comfortably: For years whenever women would pump with electric breast pumps they would have to lean over in order to capture their milk as it fell but now the Philips AVENT  Pumps have a tilted feature which will suction and catch the milk even when you are relaxed and seated upright. So now you can pump from anywhere and be able to rest your back while you do it. This makes it easier to breastfeed at a desk at work or on the couch in your home.

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Adjustable Nipple Size: All women are beautiful and created differently which can sometimes be a problem if your nipple doesn’t work well with your breast pump. If your breast pump isn’t a good fit you’ll have trouble latching and it’ll rub your nipples raw. Philips breast pumps have worked around this by creating their cups to be adjustable so that everyone can have the perfect fit. The better the fit the more comfortable breast pumping will be.

Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Lightweight: Another huge selling point of the AVENT Electric Comfort Breast Pumps is their incredibly lightweight and simple design. At only 2 pounds these pumps are very easy to transport anywhere you go. The Double Pump even comes with a handy bag. The Single pump is small enough that it can fit into your diaper bag or even purse. Unlike its competition, Medela which ways up to 7 pounds, you can take it anywhere you go.

Closed System: A lot of breast pumps have an open system which has milk going through, or having access to the suction tubes, this makes them hard to clean and not very sanitary. With this Philips pump no milk ever goes through the suction tube. It is a completely separate part. The milk only touches the suction cup and the bottle. Both of those parts are removable and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. So, keeping your baby’s milk sanitary is really easy.

Regular Batteries: Though the Philips pump is primarily electric there is also a battery option. The batteries don’t come included but since it only takes 4 double A’s most people will have them at home or can easily acquire them at any local supermarket. Because you can use batteries this pump is ideal for pumping at work or anywhere you don’t want to be tethered to a wall.

Two-Year Warranty: Philips AVENT Single and Double Electric Comfort Breast Pumps all come with a two-year warranty. This warranty is exclusively for if the pump, or any of its components, break or don’t function properly. They will either fix or replace whatever is broken. However, they do NOT accept returns unless it is broken and won’t issue refunds if you don’t like the product.

Demonstration Video


Low Suction: The primary selling point of the Philips AVENT Breast Pump is comfort. However, the added comfort comes at the cost of good suction. Most breast pumps are less efficient than your baby will be, however this one has particularly low suction. It has a high setting but it isn’t anywhere near as high as its competition. This allows it to be comfortable but can do so at the cost of your milk production. Because its suction is low, and depletes over time, your milk supply could dry up and it could also not draw out all of your milk which could leave you feeling very engorged.

Time Consuming: Though this ties in with the fact these AVENT pumps have low suction it deserves its own paragraph. It can take a very long time to pump milk. Due to the low suction as well as the time it takes to go through the gentle stimulation process you can be pumping for as much as 30 minutes and not feel close to empty. For most mothers, time is a very valuable commodity. No one wants to be up for an hour in the middle of the night waiting for their breast milk to finish pumping. The single pump takes even longer to pump because you can only do one breast at a time.

Loud: Philips AVENT Single and Double Electric Comfort Breast Pumps claim that it is very quiet however most user reviews suggest the opposite citing that it is louder than its competition the Medela which isn’t all that quiet to begin with. Medela noise level comparison video. Noise is a very large factor to consider when picking a breast pump because often times you’ll need to pump in an area that isn’t completely private and it is inconvenient for it to be super noisy. Especially since pumping can take so long. The pump can be so loud that you feel driven to stop using the pump and buy another one simply because of the noise.

Loose Bottles: One of the selling points of the Philips pump is that your milk goes directly into the bottle however one of the downsides is that the bottles sometimes come loose from the cup and need to be tightened or they’ll fall off causing you to lose milk. If pumping takes a long time and the suction isn’t good enough to draw all of your milk out, then losing any of the liquid can feel quite devastating.

Off Switch on Motor: Yet another annoying issue that can cause you to lose precious drops of milk is that the off button is on the motor. So, in order to turn off the pump you have to take your hands off of the bottles and this can cause them to slip and spill milk you have spent many minutes pumping.

Require Pressure: Because of the weak suction power in the Philips pumps you’ll need to be using your hands to hold the cups on your breasts in order for the seal to not break. This means for the entire length of pumping you’ll have to put pressure on the cups. I don’t know about you but I can think of a lot more valuable uses for my time than sitting down holding cups on my breasts. The best way around this is by buying the hands-free option for the double pumps which will hold it in place for you.

No Returns: The Philips AVENT Single  Electric Comfort Breast Pump comes with an automatic two-year warranty however this only extends to the product breaking or getting damaged. And that does not mean they will allow you to return it for any other reason. So, if you don’t like the machine, it rubs you raw, it is too loud, the pressure doesn’t provide enough suction to draw your milk out or any other legitimate reason besides mechanical failure you are out of luck and stuck with the product.

Assembly and Use


In general, the Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump has three star reviews. This isn’t a terrible rating but it also isn’t reassuring when buying an expensive product that enables you to feed your baby. The primary complaints were the ones I listed above. The predominate reasons indicated for lower star ratings were the noise and low suction factors. Quite a few people also had machines that stopped working after a few uses or pumps whose suction gradually depleted down to nothing.

  • 7 stars, 115 Reviews – Target
  • 3 stars, 22 Reviews – Walmart
  • 2 stars, 30 Reviews – Baby Center
  • 5 stars, 44 reviews – Bed Bath and Beyond


  • Gentle
  • Lightweight
  • Can Sit Comfortably While Using
  • Closed System


  • Low Suction Pressure
  • Loud
  • No Returns
  • Time Consuming

My Overall Recommendation

If you have sensitive nipples and are most interested in the comfort of a pump, then the Philips AVENT Electric Comfort Breast Pumps are definitely for you. However, if you are like me and value efficiency and effectiveness over comfort then I wouldn’t recommend buying this product.  Another option that would be quieter and have better suction is the Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump.

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