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2020’s Best Nursing Bras- Supportive and Stylish Finds for Breastfeeding

Uni-boob. Poking underwires. Straps that slip. Cups that gap. Clips that don’t work. These are all problems that you don’t want to have to worry about while nursing. You’ve got enough going on, with feeding schedules and milk supply and trying to function like a normal person!

I’m an experienced mom who has nursed multiple babies. I’ve worn over 10 different kinds of nursing bras in all styles, and at this point, I know all the ins and outs of nursing bras.

I’ve picked all my favorites and ones I know will work well, and I’ve put them in this best nursing bra list.

Why It's BestMom Rating
Hotmilk Obsession Nursing BraUnderwire for Busty Ladies♥♥♥♥♥
Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing BraSoft and Comfortable for Lounging♥♥♥♥♥
Anita Underwire 5035 Nursing BraSeamless and Supportive♥♥♥♥♥
Cake Lingerie Nursing Sports BraRacerback and Underwire♥♥♥♥♥
WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing BraFront snaps and pretty♥♥♥♥♥

The 16 Best Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding

1. HOTmilk Obsession Nursing Bra

Best Nursing Bra for Large Breasts 

Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding and Maternity (Lilac, Medium)


HOTmilk’s Obsession Molded Spacer Flexi-Wire A-Frame Nursing Bra is the nursing bra of choice for moms with large breasts. This might be the perfect bra or as close as a nursing bra can get.

Most bras fall woefully short of full comfort, support, and shape. More bras should include wide comfort straps, smooth cups, a bit of fabric under the wire, and on an on. This bra meets the majority of the guidelines but comes with a hefty price tag. 

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 32-38 F-J including FF, GG, and HH. 

This supportive bra includes a flexi-wire for full support and comfort. The cups are smooth and ready to be worn under a t-shirt with a bit of padding for support and shape. While made mostly of polyester, some elastane adds a bit of stretch for nursing moms whose breast size can change with the fullness of milk. The cups are cotton lined for breathability.

The cups drop down with one hand clips. Meanwhile, the bra sports an A-frame to give the breast a little more support while nursing. Not to mention, the bra is beautiful even if it is nude in color. The skin-tone offers some discretion under clothing, even white shirts.

You will be happy to find an extra set of hooks to help you until your abdomen returns to its normal low shape.

Finally, the sizing is in UK sizing. If you were a G cup in American size, you are an F in UK sizes. 

The Bad 

Honestly, this best nursing bra for large breasts only has two slight downfalls.

First, the straps are about as wide as for someone with a B cup. At some point, whoever creates the bras will look at women’s shoulders and understand thin straps dig in with the weight of breasts and become a severe irritant and discomfort. This is more a criticism for the majority of bras and not just this one, but the straps could use some improvement.

Finally, the back only has three hooks. Yes, this is more than the standard two, but four would offer more support for nursing moms’ aching backs. 

Find all your best nursing bras for larger breasts in our review article.

2. Elomi Women’s Smoothing Nursing Bra

Best Plus Size Nursing Bra 

Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding and Maternity (Lilac, Medium)

The Elomi Women’s Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra is great not just for plus size women, but it can also work as a great nursing bra for large breasts, too.

Most nursing bras cater to cup sizes C and below. Most stores do not even accommodate bra sizes above a D or DD. Yet many women need more boob room and have to go on a massive hunt. It’s like women are punished for having out of the norm sizes. Elomi understands the struggle. They get you. Their bras may have some flaws but at least they will keep your girls tucked in!

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 34 E-H – 36-38 DD-H – 40 DD-GG – 42 DD-G – 44 DD-FF – 46 E-F – 48 DD-E

With most bras coming with lower than desired expectation, this one raises the bar in a few ways at least with more than the average size options. Made of mostly polyester, this nursing bra does have a little give for growth with a touch of elastane. The flexible wire adds comfort without compromising a nice rounded shape or support.

The cups come without seams to prevent itching or chafing. The cup drops away for easy access but has an A-frame for support and modesty. Finally, for the price, the nursing bra is a real bargain especially for hard to find sizes. Most of us get used to spending close to triple digits for a decent bra. 

The Bad 

Considering the options, or lack thereof, this bra comes with only minor issues. Any nursing mom will tell you a padded bra keeps the breast pads hidden. A bra should have a lining to keep breast comfortable and offer a modicum of dryness.

The clips on this nursing bra tend to be a bit difficult to undo, but this does keep them from slipping by accident. Also, a man must have created this bra as it only has two hooks in the back. Do they not understand how big and heavy boobs are?

Finally, a few moms complained the sizing runs large. 

3. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra

Best Wireless Nursing Bra

Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra (Black, Large)


The Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Full Coverage Nursing Bra looks like the most comfortable bra ever. It covers even cleavage, but offers some distinction between each breast.

The color is beautiful and feminine with a monochromatic floral print. Underneath the nursing bra is a large, wide band for comfort and no wire for plenty of room for the tatas. The question is, will this mid-priced bra offer any real support for engorged nursing breasts. Let’s take a look at the features and then you can decide. 

The Good 

Sizes – Small fits 30 B-F and 32 B-E – Medium fits 32 DDD-F, 34 B-F and 36 B-C – Large fits 36 D-F, 38 C-F – X-Large fits 40 B-F and 42 B-E. 

Beyond the color, the feminine details, this fabric feels like nylon heaven with just enough Spandex for a bit of give. Do not put this bra in the dryer. Nope, this needs to be air dried. As a matter of fact, I would wash in a no spin low cycle with no heat. Nylons do not get along well with dryers but they do get along with skin. If you ever wore pantyhose think of the softness against your legs (note the stretch; that part is different in the bra). 

Because of the softness and stretch, this makes the ideal maternity bra, too. Think of how comfy this pregnancy bra would be with the softness and stretch, then you could transition it into your best nursing bra.

The size range is epic. A nursing bra that can fit B cup all the way to F cup is a mighty feat of technology. The options for busty ladies are increasing! Even better, this bra is a soft cup with separation and a bit of shaping to keep your boobs in check.

The nursing bra/maternity bra is seamless to disappear beneath your clothes. A bit of fixed padding keeps the right shape and hides breast pads. 

With multiple hook rows and three lines across you get additional support. The cups drop down for easy access to your milk factory in the middle of the night. Finally, the wide band will not climb up or make your breast sweaty.

This bra is practically perfect. 

The Bad 

While this nursing bra is amazing, it is a lounge bra. Wear this at home or maybe a quick trip to Walmart for diapers. This is not a bra to wear to work or out to dinner unless your breasts have the magical staying power and lift we all daydream about.

And again, it’s the comfiness that make this a good candidate for a maternity bra. Just sayin.

A couple of minor issues from this nursing bra, but overall this could be the bra you have been searching for. 

First, it will pill after some time just like nylon tights do. If you are careful on how you wash, the pilling should take longer to begin.

Second, as this is a bit of a stretch bra you cannot expect it to hold it’s shape forever. It’s not like blue jeans from the 1980s before they started adding a little spandex. Those jeans could stand up on their own, they had no give at all! Now clothes are more giving but that give eventually turns into too much give with time. This isn’t a flaw just the nature of the fabric. Keep this in mind and be prepared to buy a second nursing bra.

Finally, a few customers complained the padding was not removable. 

4. Anita Women’s Nursing Bra

Most Supportive Nursing Bra

Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra (Black, Large)


The Anita Women’s Underwire 5035 Nursing Bra isn’t the prettiest but it doesn’t look like a bra from the early 1900s either. It’s just a comfortable-looking nursing bra meant to disappear beneath your shirt.

The main supportive measure of this bra is it’s staying power. This bra isn’t going to fall apart or lose its shape. It’s going to stay put together so you can stay put together. I had multiple Anita bras when I was nursing my three kids and they lasted the longest. 

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 32-34 C-J – 36 B-J – 38 B-I – 40-42 B-H – 44C

This nursing bra will disappear under your clothes. No seams, no frills just a smooth bra. There is a pattern but it’s built into the fabric and will not hinder your wardrobe choices. Some very sheer shirts may require a tank, but trust me, layers are your friends when you are nursing.

The straps are not padded but are a bit thicker and sit in the right spot to not fall off your shoulders. 

Next, the nursing bra has underwire for lift and support with a bit of fabric underneath to keep the wire from digging in.

If you find that underwires are necessary for larger cup sizes, but also uncomfortable, try this little trick. Get some fleece fabric and cut it into long thin strips to place under the wire. This way the wire can still keep your tatas up, but without digging in. As an added bonus, the fleece will soak up milk and sweat to keep it off your skin. Great for summer time use. 

All the basics are there. The nursing bra has Kwik Klips for easy opening and closing with a support strap to keep your boobs from running away. At the top of the cups is a loop for faster unfastening. And a three position, three hook back fastener.

Pick from black, skin color, nude, or white.

Lastly, the fabric is nylon and elastane for shape and comfort, but even better, this best nursing bra has a bit of molded shaping fabric built-in the cup for added support. 

The Bad 

Some women reported issues with the wiring. Underwire pops out with all bras at some point or another. Wire just tends to be stronger than fabric. A few great ways to prevent this is moleskin tape or a quick bit of sewing over the whole. You can even hot glue the wire back where it belongs, but don’t do that with the bra on!

Lastly, the bra does not have a lining and many women are opposed to no lining. 

5. Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Sleep Bra

Best Sleep Bra for Breastfeeding and Best Organic Cotton Nursing Bra

Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra (Black, Large)


Depending on who you ask, theKindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra is either a miracle bra or no support at all. Take a look at the picture above and it stands to reason the crisscross design isn’t meant to keep larger breasts trapped inside.

That being said, this bra comes in a plethora of colors and offers “gentle” support to even busty ladies for long nights of nursing. And again, it’s a good choice to go from maternity bra to nursing bra.

The Good 

Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Sleep Bra (Black, Large)

For a decent price, you can be the proud owner of a very comfortable sleep bra made of organic cotton.

What is so special about organic cotton?

First, it stands the test of time. Cotton lasts longer than rayon and other fabrics because it’s stronger.

Second, organic cotton is free of chemicals and therefore less irritating for sensitive skin. That’s a win, especially at this price as most companies bloat the cost once the word organic enters the picture. 

This best nursing bra does offer other features. 

Pick from an assortment of twelve colors. Try a subdued color like beige, black, gray, etc. You can also go a little wild and decorate your girls with a blue stripe, deep purple or pink stripe.

Next, the bra does include a little bit of spandex because boobs expand and shrink. Now if that could happen with our waistline. Well, the shrinking part preferably.

Using the nursing bra is even easier, just pull one side of the criss-cross, pop out a boob, and feed your baby. These bras do offer a teensy bit of support for busty ladies with an elastic chest band. You can pick from “normal” sizes or pick busty.

Finally, these nursing bras, like most cotton can go in the washer and the dryer. Bonus!

The Bad 

Ladies, this bra is about comfort, not support. Yes, it will keep your girls roughly in the right position and up a little higher, but this is not the Fort Knox of bras. Expecting full support from this bra is like putting up a two-foot fence and expecting to keep cats out.

A few moms did find the band to be too tight and they had some issues with clogged milk ducts. Make sure your band is not too tight.

Lastly, the bra does cut a bit low. Whether you are busty or smaller, your breasts are going to pop out when you sleep on your side or bend over too low.

Prepare for this as picking up breast pads off the floor in front of others will not go over well. Especially when you stuff them back in and claim the five-second rule applies to breasts pads too. 

If organic cotton isn’t a concern for you, Kindred Bravely also makes a 2 Pack of racerback nursing bras made of french terry fabric and busty options. 

6. Motherhood Maternity Nursing Sleep Bra

Best Plus Size Sleep Bra

Seamless UnderwireSupport Maternity Nursing Bra for Women(US 42G/Tag 95G, Beige)


The Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Plus-Size Wrap Front Nursing Sleep Bra is made with larger moms in mind because every mom should be comfortable when sleeping.

Most bra companies only cater to a few specific sizes. Motherhood caters to every shape and size for a better nursing experience for all moms. Spend your days and nights at home lounging in this fabulous nursing bra with easy access for nursing.

Even better, the price is so nice you can stock up and have a few extras for when others are in the wash or one for every night of the week! While not the most supportive, this sleeping nursing bra will keep breast pads in place while you sleep and allow easy access for nursing at 2 am. 

The Good 

Sizes – 1X, 2X, 3X 

This nursing bra is made to sleep in. Even better, with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, it’s breathable and has a little flex room for growth. Just pull the bra on over your head and position your girls neatly into the criss-cross cups for a night of sheer comfort and easy feeding. No wires to poke you. Soft fabric to caress your skin. Wide straps and a full back for support and comfort.

Choose from black, nude, gray, or blue striped. This is just a clean, simple bra to give light support for nursing babies in the night. Great for watching TV too or lounging, or even as a pregnancy bra. 

The Bad 

The Motherhood nursing bras are not adjustable because of the nature of their build. Some women will find the shoulders are too long for them and no way to adjust them down to size. Others complained the bra was too small.

Since the company doesn’t specify what cup sizes each size bra is for, you kind of have to guess, which is rather bothersome.

As with all criss-cross sleep bras, this one is not meant to offer more than light support. It will not keep your breasts in place when you bend over or when you roll over in the night. If you want a sleep bra with a lot of support, you will need to try a regular nursing bra and not a criss-cross style. 

7. Rosme Women’s Nursing Bra 

Most Affordable Nursing Bra

Seamless UnderwireSupport Maternity Nursing Bra for Women(US 42G/Tag 95G, Beige)


The Rosme Women’s Wireless Nursing Unpadded Cotton Bra Collection “Mamacita” is an affordable nursing bra with wide straps! You read that correctly. No spaghetti straps for this nursing bra.

Otherwise, the bra looks rather perfunctory. Not pretty, not ugly but then again, when you’re nursing you care more about support and comfort. This bra offers both. While not the most supportive nursing bra or even the most comfortable nursing bra, it’s the right price for some moms.

One hundred percent cotton goes a long way in comfort though, especially for a moms with sensitive skin. 

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 34 B, D, DD – 36-44 B-DD 

This nicely priced bra comes in two colors, black or white. Sorry, no nude colors available.

The bra is very simple with a seam across the breast to add shape because of the cotton. The cups drop down make nursing easy both day or night, as this nursing bra transitions well from a t-shirt to a nightgown.

Sewn lines separate each breast. Still close enough to talk, but not feel like they are in each others space.

As I said earlier, the straps are wide for support, which is great because the nursing bra is wire-free like most nursing bras to keep the milk flowing. You will love the light padding to keep the seams from irritating your already sensitive nipples.

Also, the band around the bottom is wide enough for comfort. Shaping fabric around the sides keeps your girls in line.

Finally, the bra has a tiny bow in the center for the cute factor. 

The Bad 

While 100 percent cotton is great for softness and longevity, cotton without spandex doesn’t offer near as much room for size fluctuations.

The only other issue is the bra may not be true to size without the give of spandex, you may want to order a size up or wait to order this nursing bra until you know your size with milk.

Finally, the nursing bra doesn’t use wires, so the support comes mostly from the straps, which is why they are so thick – because they have a job to do. 

8. Cake Lingerie Nursing Sports Bra

Best Sports Nursing Bra

Seamless UnderwireSupport Maternity Nursing Bra for Women(US 42G/Tag 95G, Beige)


Cake Lingerie’s Sports Nursing Bra with Underwire will keep your breasts happy at the gym. With a whole host of features, this sports bra may become your favorite even when you aren’t ready for a dose of post-birth yoga.

Even better, this nursing bra is not just for cup sizes you can find at the local stores but for larger sizes too! Finally, large breasted women are even getting decent maternity nursing bras! Now on with the show. 

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 32-36 B-H – 38 C-H – 40 D-H

The first and greatest aspect of this breast feeding bra is the O hook in the back. This makes it so you can attach the straps and make it into a racerback nursing bra. If you don’t need the straps for high impact or they start to get uncomfortable, just unhook the straps.

Next, the bra includes an underwire to keep your breasts where they belong and trust me, exercising with nursing boobs can be trouble enough. Not to mention, the wire lifts and separates. No need for extra sweaty boobs or bouncing boobs for that matter.

Another great feature is six rows of four hooks. This nursing sports bra means business and plans to support you no matter where you go. 

The features continue. The bra utilizes smooth spacer technology to reduce friction, along with molded cups for a smooth shape. Wear under a t-shirt or a tank top. Either way, the drop down cups means you can feed your baby easily while sipping on a post-workout smoothie.

Next, the fabric wicks away moisture to keep you dry, at least from sweat. No promises about leaking breast milk. Also, the fabric has mesh and stretch for innovative breathability.

The bra offers A-Frame drop down cups for easy supported feeding.

Finally, Cake Lingerie uses Oeko-Tex Standard 100  materials and accessories to avoid harmful substances near your intimate areas. 

The Bad 

Designed for compression for exercise, this feature causes the bras to be not as deep as some women need. Plan ahead and go up a size.

The strap adjusts, but only partially. Some women may find the straps too long.

Next, while it’s annoying that the hooks for the drop down cup make a clicking noise, this is not a deal breaker. The price though may be a deal breaker for some budgets.

Not a lot of issues compared to other nursing sports bras. Still a great option for nursing moms who want to get back in shape. 

For more information on this bra and some other great pregnancy and nursing bra options, read our article about maternity bras

9. BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women’s Dream Nursing Tank

Best Nursing Tank Top 

Seamless UnderwireSupport Maternity Nursing Bra for Women(US 42G/Tag 95G, Beige)


If you want support but also coverage, you may opt for a nursing cami instead of a bra. The BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women’s Dream Nursing Tank might be the best option available. Do note though, the bra part is not a cup size tank, but more of a sports bra with no separation.

Either way, a tank top around the house on lazy days are the epitome of comfort. Unless it’s cold outside, but then just wrap in an open front sweater and be done. Tuck baby in next to you and binge watch your favorite show. 

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 34-40 B/C – 34-40 D/DD/E – 34-40 F/G 

This nursing tank is made of mostly cotton and a bit of spandex for size fluctuations. The band is made of 100% elastane to give some support.

The nursing bra part is molded with two layers of cotton to give support and smooth out your busts. With discreet nursing clips, you can wear this as an inner shirt or by itself.

Even better, the tank goes all the way down to your hips with a fitted but not clingy fit. Just after pregnancy moms are sensitive about their bellies and rightly so. After the baby is out, the belly doesn’t immediately return to its former shape. Tank tops like this one give you the extra coverage you need to feel confident, even when it feels like your body is betraying you. 

The best feature though is foam inserts for shape and to hide your nipples, which tend to protrude more when nursing. Also, the neckline allows for a bit more coverage during this time of engorgement.

This versatile tank will see you through your nursing period with grace. Finally, the cotton keeps you comfortable and will last your entire nursing period. You may even find yourself wearing this long past nursing!

The Bad 

As with all bras, this one comes with a few issues all dependent on the woman. If you are busty you may have issues taking the nursing tank top off. These same women may find the bra isn’t large enough and may want to go up a size.

Next, the clasp can be a bit difficult to use. You may also experience uni-boob. If you prefer separation you may need to find a cup-size bra. Finally, the price could be lower. 

For more nursing camis check out our article for the best nursing tank tops

10. WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra

Best Padded Nursing Bra

Seamless UnderwireSupport Maternity Nursing Bra for Women(US 42G/Tag 95G, Beige)


The WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra is truly unique, with a side open cup instead of a drop down cup. Every boob is different with different needs. More unique cup options would make life better for nursing moms with different needs.

Even better, this nursing bra is pretty! There’s a bit of lace on a traditional looking bra and a delicate pink-beige color or you can pick black. The bra has extra stitches in all the right places to ensure quality.

Finally, the bra is perfect for daytime wear or nighttime. 

The Good 

Sizes – Medium fits 32 D, 34 B-D, 36 B-C – Medium Busty fits 32 DD-F, 34 DD-F – Large fits 36D, 38B-D, 40 B-C – Large busty fits 36 DD-F, 38 DD-F – X-Large fits 40 D, 42 B, 42 C-D

With four rows of four hooks, you will get great coverage from this U-shaped back. That makes it a good nursing bra for larger breasts.

The inner lining is made of 100% cotton and extra fabric set up to provide support and a beautiful shape. The bra is wire-free for full comfort and prevents any issues such as clogged milk ducts.

The straps are fully adjustable and line up well to keep you comfortable. Also, the band is wide enough for comfort and support.

The creator of this bra wanted a nursing bra that supported like a sports bra, but was pretty as a regular bra and made this to the delight of many women. A lot of thought went into the design, like a bit of padding offers shape and hides nipples, but not so much padding to make the breast spill over.

Finally, the cups open up to the side to an A-Frame opening to brace your breast inside for easier feeding. 

The Bad 

The majority of women love this bra.

A few women complained the snaps were a bit difficult to snap back in. Others complained the snaps would pop on their own.

Finally, a few other women complained the nursing bra gave a bit of a torpedo look, but not many. Every bra fits each woman differently. 

11. DotVol Women Plus Size Full Coverage Nursing Bra

Best T-Shirt Nursing Bra

DotVol Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Lightly Lined Criss Cross Maternity Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding(40D, Beige)


The DotVol Women Underwire Full Coverage Nursing Bra is the closest we could find to the perfect t-shirt bra. This nursing t-shirt bra is simple with seamless cups and is ready to look nice under anything you decide to wear.

Even better, you can nurse with ease. The drop-down cups allow for quick access, along with a bit of fabric to keep your bra and boob from falling all over the place. Find your favorite t-shirt and get ready to enjoy. 

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 34-38 B-H – 40-42 C-H 

You can pick either black or beige. Not super exciting, but will work well under your clothes. The beige will even disappear under white shirts, as it matches your skin.

The inner lining is 100% cotton for protection and comfort for your nipples.

Access your breasts for feeding with one-hand access to the clips. The inner sling will keep your breast where it belongs while you nurse. Bigger breasts will have a bit harder time keeping their breast in check with the sling, but the underwire will help keep your girls behaving too. 

Next, you will love the wide straps to prevent the bra from pulling your shoulders down or from digging in uncomfortably.

The edge has a little bit of lace for added style. The back has four rows of three hooks for stability.

Finally, the cup is padded and molded but with flexibility for changes in breast size.

All this for a lovely price by any budget standards. 

The Bad 

The only flaw with this nursing bra is the lack of a band under the wire. You will need to make your own for this particular bra.

Earlier, I stated how I combat underwire bras while nursing. I cut up some fleece into long strips just wide enough to go under the wire comfortably and not show. You can use flannel as well.

Either way, the fabric protects your sensitive skin from the discomfort of a digging underwire. As an added bonus the fabric soaks up sweat and leaked milk. You may want to have these strips with any bra. 

12. Kindred Bravely Marvella Nursing Bra

Best Wire-Free T-Shirt Nursing Bra

Bamboobies Nursing Bra, Maternity Underwear for Breastfeeding, Black, L, Large


Kindred Bravely Marvella Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free Bra for Breastfeeding offers deep cleavage for those mama’s who want to nurse and retain their sexiness.

Even more, the smooth cups allow for wearing this bra under anything you wear. Either a little black dress, a Little Mermaid T-shirt, or a boring gray hoodie. You will look amazing and your burgeoning bosom will rejoice at the opportunity to show off!

The price is a bit high, but well worth it to feel beautiful and keep easy access to your baby’s food. 

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 32-36 B-F – 38 C-E – 40 C-D

This bra comes with two options: the classic and the luxe. Ladies, pick the luxe because luxury is valuable. Not to mention that there’s no price difference between the two!

What’s the difference? The classic has a racerback that is not adjustable and is a pull on bra. The Luxe comes with a regular back with hooks and straps that can be used as regular straps or as a racerback. Options are always a better choice. 

Beyond the racerback, the nursing bra comes in six colors and goes all the way up to a size F. With a gentle structure and wireless design, the bra supports without annoying underwires. Let’s face it, if you don’t need wire, you don’t want a wire.

The bra is made of mostly nylon and enough spandex to allow your breasts to move as needed.

With easy drop-down cups and added fabric to stabilize when actively nursing, you will have no issues. You might even fall in love with this bra.

Finally, the nursing bra is lightly padded and molded for a beautiful shape. 

The Bad 

If you do not like showing off cleavage, this bra will frustrate you, as the line goes deep.

While this bra is grand, mothers with larger breasts will not find the same support they would with an underwire bra. And that deep, plunge look with smaller cups doesn’t help keep larger breast in, either.

Also, if you bend over, this bra will expose you to the world. A great bra though for going out or shopping, even for home use. Do not expect too much support, though. 

13. MOMANDA Nursing Lace Bralette

Best Pretty Nursing Bra

Bamboobies Nursing Bra, Maternity Underwear for Breastfeeding, Black, L, Large


MOMANDA’s Women’s Wire Free Deep V Lightly Lined Nursing Lace Bralette is the most beautiful nursing bra available.

Sadly, this bra only works for up smaller sizes, but the stunning bra does come in several colors and various styles. All of the styles are wrapped in lace with flattering cuts and racerbacks. Even the under fabric is pretty.

Lastly, the bra is extremely affordable!

The Good 

Bamboobies Nursing Bra, Maternity Underwear for Breastfeeding, Black, L, Large

Do not expect too much support from this gorgeous little bra. Made of mostly lacy polyamide and a little spandex for expanding sizes, this little nursing bralette features a V-neckline and lovely lace front to back. The bra does offer full coverage without underwire and may be comfortable and keep a beautiful shape.

This really is a best nursing bra to wear under those flowy tops where your bra shows a little bit. You get fashion and function, all in one.

The shoulder straps are adjustable. Also, the back closes with the typical hook and eye closure. Even the band around the bottom is lace.

Finally, the fabric closest to your skin is a bit wider-strapped for comfort and to allow discreet nursing. The top layer is the lace. 

The Bad 

While beautiful, this nursing bralette will not help with back pain or sagging if those are issues for you. There’s not any real support. This bra is definitely better for smaller cup sizes.

The nursing bra, while very affordable, tends to fall apart faster than other bras. You get what you pay for.

At the same time, make sure you wash the bra gently and skip the dryer completely if you wish to keep the bra longer. 

14. Royce Florence Deep Teal Nursing Bra

Best Pretty Nursing Bra for Larger Breasts

Bamboobies Nursing Bra, Maternity Underwear for Breastfeeding, Black, L, Large


The last nursing bra was pretty but made for smaller cup sizes. Royce’s 1258 Women’s Florence Deep Teal Nursing Bra is beautiful and made for larger sizes.

This bra is all rich colors like deep teal and vibrant pinks. Add in some brightly colored lace with a little bow and you will feel like the beautiful woman you are!

Keep a few comfy nursing bras for sleeping, lounging, and going out, but for your sanity, keep a gorgeous bra like this one to help you on the days when you look in the mirror and hate what you see. You will get your body back, but some days it’s harder to believe and a little something pretty will keep you feeling peppy and happy. 

The Good 

Cup Sizes – 32 D-G – 34 D-GG – 36 DD-H – 38 D-H

The floral teal fabric with strategically placed lace is not the only reason to buy this sorta sexy nursing bra.

The cup is split into three sections for shape and support. Your breasts will be close to each other, but separate. No uni-boob here or all the sweat that comes with a one piece bra.

Not only is the nursing bra feminine, but also discreet for nursing.

Finally, the straps are not super wide, but wide enough to not dig too deeply into your shoulders. 

The Bad 

The bra sadly has only two hooks in the back. Remember, you are buying this bra because it’s so pretty, not because it’s so capable of supporting your breasts.

Also, this bra runs a little on the small side. Otherwise, this bra doesn’t have a lot of information available.

Lastly, the price is high. Maybe put this on your baby registry and have someone else give this bra to you as a gift. 

15. Seamless Strapless Nursing Bra

Best Strapless Nursing Bra

Bamboobies Nursing Bra, Maternity Underwear for Breastfeeding, Black, L, Large


For those women who love to wear strapless shirts and dresses, you may want the Seamless Strapless Nursing Bra with Removable Pads. This bra allows you to dress any way you wish. Wear sleeveless or a halter dress or shirt with this simple strapless nursing bra. This bandeau style bra will definitely keep your wardrobe options open. 

The Good 

Size – Small 32-34 – Medium 34-36 – Large 36-38.5 

There’s not a lot to this bra. It’s a simple band of 95% nylon and 5% spandex for room for fluctuations. Pull over and wear under strapless or halter tops.

The band is made of two layers of fabric. The one closes to your skin stays put but allows access to your breasts. The other fabric goes over the first to keep your breasts covered.

This nursing bandeau is wire-free and has light coverage to keep it up where it belongs. The band is reinforced for support and snugness. Also, the strapless nursing bra is seamless to wear under anything and keeps your secrets to yourself.

Lastly, the bra has a bit of ruching in between your breast for a bit of separation. 

The Bad 

The bra stays snug without being too tight and helps moms to dress up any way they want, but does not offer a lot of support.

This bandeau is meant for small busted women. If your breasts are larger than a B cup, back away now, this will not work.

The nursing bra industry needs to catch up with bra options. Almost all strapless nursing bras are this style. You may want to invest in clear straps for more clothing options. 

If you are looking for a strapless pumping bra, try the Simple Wishes Tieback Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

16. Bamboobies Nursing Bra

Best Racerback Nursing Bra

Bamboobies Nursing Bra, Maternity Underwear for Breastfeeding, Black, L, Large


Bamboobies Nursing Bra is ready to rock your world.

With a racerback, this nursing bra will support you in all of your everyday activities. Whether watching TV, going for a walk, or grocery shopping, this bra will help you stay comfortable and keep your tatas where they belong.

While not quite a sports bra, this nursing bra has the makeup of one and can help with a low impact workout while still allowing for easy access for breastfeeding. Great for yoga, walking, pilates, and other low impact exercises.

The name Bamboobies would be enough reason for me to try out this bra, but take a look at the other great features. 

The Good 

Bamboobies Nursing Bra, Maternity Underwear for Breastfeeding, Black, L, Large

This is the only nursing bra on the list made of rayon from bamboo fabric. This fabric offers breathability and softness more so than cotton.

The bra is one piece, not individual cups, but it is seamless and stretches for full breasts.

The cups drop, but leave supportive fabric underneath. Also, the bra includes removable cup pads for discretion. 

Next, the nursing bra has an extender while you work on getting back to your normal shape.

Last, while the bra is a pullover it does have hook and eye closures for added stability. The racerback also adds stability. All of which is great, as this bra does not have underwire, just a thick band to keep your girls where they belong. They do tend to misbehave after pregnancy! 

The Bad 

First, this bra is not for busty ladies.

Next, you need to be careful how you wash this bra, as rayon fabric tends to not last as long as other fabric, but it is super soft and breathable. Make sure you hand wash and never ever even consider putting this bra in the dryer if you want to keep it for more than a month. 

FAQ’s for Nursing Bras

Why are so many nursing bras wireless?

Underwire may hold breasts up higher and offer more support, but some people believe underwire bras can inhibit the flow of breastmilk, cause clogged milk ducts, or cause mastitis. However, these beliefs are unfounded.

Like with most things, what causes issues for one person may not hinder another person. Some people may find that very tight bras can cause issues.

Overall, wireless nursing bras are more comfortable for your nursing breasts. Nursing can be difficult and painful. Your breasts are more sensitive and wire can trigger those sensitivities.

The choice is up to you if you want to use underwire nursing bras. If you find yourself with low milk flow, clogged milk ducts, or a breast infection, you may want to try wearing only wireless bras and see if it makes a difference for you.

You can also cycle between underwire during the day and wireless at night, and that can help also.

Otherwise, you can try the trick I talked about earlier and put a piece of fleece under your bra’s wires for comfort. Many large busted women have no choice and need the underwire for support. Keep your options open though, if possible. 

How do I know what cup size to get? Will My breasts grow a lot when I start nursing?

Every woman is different. Some women will put on one cup size with pregnancy, but not when nursing. For others, its the opposite. Some may not gain any size at all and others still may put on a cup size with pregnancy and another when their milk comes in.

There is no way to know for sure what size bra you will need.

Buy a few pregnancy or maternity bras with a little room for growth, and then buy the rest of the nursing bras you need once the baby is born and you know for sure what size your breasts need. You could also just buy a whole assortment and keep the receipt and return the ones that don’t fit. 

Why do nursing bras come with such small straps?

The only reasonable explanation I have is that nursing bras were created by men. Just kidding. Kind of.

The problem with wider straps is they will show with most shirts, which women do not tend to like.

Second, if they are too wide they can slip off the shoulder and be a complete nuisance for you. I do wish bra companies would find a happy medium though.

The Glamorise Front-Close Bra is not a nursing bra but has the most beautiful, comfortable, padded straps I have ever worn in my life. I live in this bra because of the straps. I wish I could have found a nursing bra with straps like the Glamorise bra.

We need to demand better bras. The good news is, bras improve every year. At least we aren’t wearing corsets! 

How many nursing bras will I need?

The minimum amount of nursing bras you should own is three. One to wash, one to wear, and one on standby.

If you have the funds, the best choice would be to have three sleep bras, three lounge bras, and three going-out-in-public bras. Not everyone can afford nine bras for a year. But if money isn’t an issue, nine bras will ensure comfort and always have a clean bra on standby.

More often than you think, you will have to change your bra because of leaking. Even with breast pads, you will inevitably leak through. 

I would suggest always having a nursing cover handy as it can cover up leaks until you can change bras. Read here for the best nursing covers

Do I need to wear a nursing bra in the swimming pool?

Forget a nursing bra under your swimsuit. Get a nursing swimsuit!

Here are two options: the movemama Nursing One Piece Halter Swimsuit for Breastfeeding and the Oceanlily Breastfeeding Nursing One Piece Swimsuit Black

If neither of these work for you, I would suggest wearing a racerback nursing cami as a swim top and pairing with some swim bottoms. 

Can’t I just wear a normal bra instead of a nursing bra?

You can wear normal bras, but you will have to take the bra off every time you want to nurse, which is extremely inconvenient especially in public. Normal bras do not give instant access to your boobs to feed your baby.

If you only plan on nursing for the first couple months and you do not want to invest a lot of money into nursing bras, then consider getting at least one good nursing bra to make those couple of months easier on yourself. 

Read our article about the best bras to wear after breastfeeding for more bra options. 

Do I need a bra for pumping?

Some women do pump for extended periods and find a pumping bra can be invaluable.

Bravado actually makes an accessory to help make pumping easier. Just attach the BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women’s Maternity Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory to your Bravado bra and pump away!

For more information about pumping check out our best breast pump article and other related articles

Which nursing bra style is better, A-Frame or Side-Sling?

This is more a personal choice.

The A-Frame drop-cups offer more support, but limit your ability to move your breast around for comfort when nursing. The side-slings offer more movement, but are not as supportive.

Try one of each if possible to find out which works best for you.

If you do not like either option, you can use the criss-cross sleep bras if you find this style to be easier. Also, you can use a bra with a front open panel. 

Overall, moms with larger breasts will find the A-Frame to be a better fit for comfort and stability. Especially in public, as moms don’t usually want to swing large breasts around.

If you are nursing twins, you will probably want an A-Frame as well for positioning.

The side-slings are better for home use or for smaller busted women, but can work for larger busts also. 

How can I keep my breasts comfortable during nursing?

Two great ways to stay comfortable nursing are nipple shields and nipple creams.

You can also use cabbage to help with tenderness and engorgement. Yes, you read that right. Some unknown property in cabbages soothe the breast. No wonder as a single cabbage leaf is practically the size and shape of a bra cup! Go figure.

My favorite go-to method to help with nursing was a warm bath. If I was engorged, the breastmilk would leak out and become a great way to soften the bathwater! 

Finally, try some ice packs for your breasts if heat doesn’t work. 

The best way to stay comfortable when nursing is to buy a comfortable nursing bra.

Do I need Nursing Pads for my Nursing Bra?

Yes! Nursing pads prevent leakage all over your skin and will keep you comfortable and dry.

First, no mom wants damp boobs all day long.

Second, leaking boobs are messy and just cause more work for you.

Third, leaking milk in public is socially unacceptable. Nursing in public is barely acceptable. Now imagine walking around with milk just dripping off your body. No thank you. Nursing pads are necessary.

Although, at night I find they move around too much and I just used cloth diapers to soak up milk. I just shoved them straight into my bra. Yes, they were bulky, but soft and not that uncomfortable.

Think about it, cloth diapers are meant to soak up liquid. Just don’t use the same cloth diapers on your breast that you use on your baby’s bottom!

Final Thoughts 

Picking a nursing bra is one of the most frustrating decisions during and after your pregnancy. It’s not like you can test drive one and send it back.

Also, while you may gain a cup size with pregnancy, you might or might not gain another once your milk comes in.

Next, you never know which nursing bra is going to be comfortable once you are nursing, which will be supportive, and which will keep a breast pad in place.

Nursing bras come in so many shapes and sizes, it’s hard to know if you should get a bra sized small, medium, or large, or one designed for your specific cup size. 

If you only pick one bra off this list, I would suggest the WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra as it’s beautiful, unique, and very functional. Also, this bra has the coveted A-Frame drop cup for easier nursing.

Each mom is different so feel free to find the best nursing bra option for your bra size and your needs. Some moms want underwire, others want comfort. The options are endless!

We are very picky about what bras went on our list and did exhaustive research to bring you the best of the best all in one spot. Many bras get mixed reviews because women’s needs are so different. That’s why we have such a wide range of options for you to look through.

Take the time to read about each bra above and find the one that will meet your needs and keep your comfy cozy for your entire pregnancy and nursing adventure.

Now go forth and nurse your baby!


WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra - Lightly Padded Supportive Breastfeeding Large Beige

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