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How to Make a Mom-to-Be Corsage: A Fun Baby Shower Extra

Your expectant mommy will feel special at her baby shower when you make a mom-to-be corsage for her.

We traditionally use corsages at special celebrations like weddings, proms and anniversary parties. And, these are usually made of all flowers, either silk or fresh, with a pretty bow.

We have two other ideas in mind for adorable corsages. Keep reading and find out how!

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Precious Ideas to Make a Mom-to-Be Corsage

There are so many ways you can use common craft supplies and baby items to make the most adorable baby shower corsages. Pick different colors and styles of ribbons, flowers, and adornments to fit the party colors, the nursery décor or the sex of the baby.

Baby Sock Corsage

Our first idea is probably my favorite: baby sock corsages. You take baby socks (like these adorable and affordable Luvable Friends newborn socks) and roll them into rosebuds.

And then, you attach a piece of covered floral wire by tucking into the bottom of the bud.

It’s held in place with floral tape. Oasis clear floral tape is perfect for this because it doesn’t leave any sticky residue and won’t show. When you stretch it, it sticks to itself.

Image of the Luvable Friends Baby Newborn Terry Socks, 6 Pack, Ballet Shoes, 0-3 Months

The sock rose buds are arranged with silk flowers. Baby’s breath flowers are good at filling in around the sock rosebuds. And another, larger flowers, such as roses, look pretty with the others.

Add a pacifier in the bouquet. Pick a good pacifier for breastfed babies just in case the mommy-to-be ends up breastfeeding.

Lastly wrap all the flowers together with floral tape and embellish with a pretty bow.

Need more help? Creative Baby Shower Ideas has a nice step-by-step tutorial.

After the party, the new mommy can take her corsage apart to use the pacifier and socks because it’s easy to just unwrap them from the tape and floral wire.

All Ribbons Corsage

I called these all ribbons corsages because they are almost entirely made of ribbons.

Get different styles of ribbons that suit each other. Start by buying a multi-pack of regular ribbon, like this Duoqu ribbon assortment, then add in fun styles to accent. You might use a cute check wide ribbon with a narrow glitter ribbon and organza ribbon. Many I’ve seen have about five different ribbons. Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry it’s not. And actually, the many ribbons create a beautiful full finished design.

Image of the Duoqu ribbon assortmentTo begin, you take some cardstock and cut into a circle. Cut a slit to slide a hair clip into for the mama-to be to clip it to her clothes easy-peasy.

The ribbons you picked are then cut into streams about 12 – 15 inches each. Staple those to the card stock so they all hang down in the same direction. You know award ribbons given out at the county fair? These are the same but with way more bling!

Once you have all the ribbons attached, take a large daisy bloom with no stem and remove its center. Be careful not to disassemble the entire flower in the process. Glue a pretty gem or painted sign to the center.

Lastly, I like to add a felt backing so the ugly staples are hidden.

To get more help on making a ribbon corsage, visit the tutorial by Your Little Birdie.

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