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How To Keep Baby’s Hair Out of Eyes

Whether your baby’s hair is wispy or thick, straight or curly, adorable can turn annoying fast when hair is constantly in your little one’s face.

But what’s a mom to do when baby girl hates barrettes and hair bands and is pulling them out of her hair? Or when he incessantly rubs his eyes when his not-quite-long-enough-to-be-tucked hair keeps poking him? 

If it’s simply driving you crazy to see your little ones’ mop covering their precious faces or you’re concerned about them touching their eyes with germy hands, the following tips and products may do the trick in a hairy situation. 

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Keeping Baby’s Hair Out of Their Eyes

Elastic Hair Ties

My daughter is in that awkward, yet adorable phase when her hair is not long enough to be tucked behind her ear but definitely long enough to bother her. She absolutely hates headbands and will only tolerate hair clips so long as she doesn’t notice them (which isn’t very long).

Using thin, elastic hair ties is the only thing that works for us. Most days, she is sporting a “water spout” hairstyle.

Youxuan Kids Elastics No Damage Colored Hair Bands Fashion Girls Hair Ties 1000 Count Small Size

I bought the brand Youxuan Kids Elastics No Damage Colored Hair Bands, and these work great, though I’m sure other brands would get the job done too. The Youxuan ties come in a pack of 1,000 and have lasted me months. I reuse each band several times, so I won’t need to repurchase for quite some time. 

My daughter has not figured out how to pull these out herself. When I do remove them, I’m extra careful not to tug at it. I’ll simply loosen the tie, so it doesn’t hurt her.

Barrettes with Better-Than-Average Grip

If your child will tolerate barrettes and hair clips, there are several options that provide a bit more grip to hang onto even the finest of hair. That means that they should withstand windy days, races on the playground and the wildest dance parties!

No Slippy Hair Clippy Girls' Baby-Newborn Bridget Two Pack Bow, Pink/White, 0-12 Months

The No Slippy Hair Clippy is designed as alligator clips which are lined with velvet ribbon that promise to stay put. The velvet detail means they are comfortable and won’t damage hair. 

The No Slippy Hair Clippy offers different sized clips, depending on how much hair your child has. It guarantees a no slip grip unless baby tugs on the clips.

Baby Wisp 4 Hand Tied Ribbon Tiny Hair Bows Barrettes Gift Set Baby Girls Infant Fine Hair Accessory Newborn

If your child has very fine hair and most clips slip off, even without baby girl pulling on them, check out the Mini Latch Clips from Baby Wisp

These clips are designed for nearly bald babies whose moms want to accessorize! The latches will grip the wispiest of hair for a secure hold. If your daughter has longer, thinner hair, Baby Wisps clips might do the trick!

Baby Hair Gel

If accessories don’t work or you don’t want your little boy sporting a mini man bun, baby hair gel may be your best bet. 

We compiled the list of the 9 Best Baby Hair Gels. Our top pick is the Free and Clear Hair Styling Gelbecause it comes recommended by dermatologists. 

Free & Clear Hair Styling Gel | Fragrance and Gluten Free | For Sensitive Skin | 7 Ounce (Fre-6465)

We like the Free and Clear Hair Styling Gel because it is formulated specifically for sensitive skin and scalp. It is free of fragrance, alcohol, dyes, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde and other preservatives. 

You should check with your pediatrician before using hair gel on very young infants. Some physicians recommend avoiding most skin-care products on newborns because of the risk of exposure to active chemicals, which may be absorbed at higher rates in the thinner, less developed skin of infants.

When choosing hair gels for your baby, use formulas designed for and safe to be used on children. The chemicals in adult hair gels could irritate a baby’s sensitive skin and scalp. You should especially avoid products with dyes and fragrances because they may cause allergic reactions. 

When in doubt before trying a new product, test a bit of it on the inside of your child’s wrist or arm. Stop using immediately if a rash appears or if your child’s skin feels itchy, hot or dry.

If you feel your baby is too young to use hair gels, water is another option to get hair out of eyes temporarily. This may be a good solution right before meal time or another activity that doesn’t take too much time. 

Another option is to use your baby’s lotion to slick hair back. While it may feel greasy, it’ll get the job done in controlling those locks. Our list for the best baby lotions can be found here

Baby’s First Haircut

If all else fails, a trim may be the last resort. I know, I know, some of us may not be ready to give up any aspect of babyhood for our little one. But if your child is that bothered by hair in his eyes or you feel it’s becoming a hygienic, safety issue because dirty hands are constantly being brought to her face, a haircut could be required.

And it doesn’t have to be an unnerving experience for your baby or you! Here are some tips:

  • Choose the right time of day. As with most other unpleasant activities, such as trips to the doctor’s office or store, choose a time when baby isn’t hungry or sleepy. That might be right after a feeding or meal. 
  • Have another pair of hands or two. Don’t try to cut your baby’s hair on your own without your partner, family member or friend around. You’ll need both of your hands to cut baby’s hair. And you’ll need someone else’s to hold baby’s hands to keep her calm and distracted, and possibly another set to entertain her!
  • Set aside the right tools. Minimally, you’ll need a comb, spray bottle and a pair of scissors. A treat post-haircut is definitely recommended!
  • Visit a professional. If you’re like me, you’ll hand off the first haircut to a pro. 

Keep in mind, a trim is temporary. Hair will grow and will once again get into baby’s eyes. Either you’ll have to keep up with the haircuts or your little one will mature enough to take direction, ie) don’t touch that barrette!

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