HALO Bassinet review

HALO Rockinest Rocker Review

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HALO will be releasing the HALO Rockinest Rocker soon. We will do a thorough review as soon as it is available.

HALO has built its reputation on manufacturing safe sleeping products for your baby. Inspired to help other parents after losing their daughter to SIDS, Bill and Cathy Schmid made it their mission to draw attention to this silent killer. While the company is known for their safe swaddling clothes and blankets, HALO continues to grow and innovate. They will be releasing their Rockinest Rocker soon, adding to their line of sleepers that are currently available.

The Bassinest sleepers from HALO completely revolutionized the first months of baby care for new parents. While most parents prefer to bond with their baby by sleeping with them, this is actually more dangerous for your baby. The blankets and sheets on your bed pose a suffocation hazard for your baby. The Bassinest swivel sleeper and the Bassinest glide sleeper allow you to sleep close to your baby without laying them on your bed.

The swivel and glide sleepers attach to a metal arm that fits around the side of your bed. You can spend precious time bonding with your baby while giving them a safe place to sleep. These models also have an added benefit for new mothers who are having a difficult recovery from childbirth. If you are mending from a C-section, you can remain on bedrest while having close access to your baby.

The HALO Rockinest Rocker will hit the market soon, and we anticipate that it will be as popular as their Bassinest line. Keep checking our site for our upcoming full review.

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