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BOB Revolution SE Vs FLEX Jogging Running Stroller Review

If you are looking for an all-terrain stroller, BOB offers two great models of jogging strollers for active moms and dads.

The Revolution Flex and the Revolution SE are similar in design and they have very similar features so it may be difficult to decide which is perfect for your family.

Hopefully, this review by a fellow experienced mom will give you the details you need to make the best choice.

BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

Image of the BOB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller, Black

BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller

Image of the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller, Black

Personally, I believe that the FLEX works best for my family because my husband is significantly taller than me.  He appreciates an adjustable handlebar that is only found on the FLEX and is not featured on the SE version.  Being able to change the angle of the handlebar helps you not have to slump over which could potentially hurt your back in the process.

To help you decide, we closely compared the Flex and SE to find the helpful similarities and notable differences.


The Flex and SE are practically identical in what they offer as a jogging stroller.  You can know that BOB’s Revolution strollers have high durability and safety ratings.  In each of these strollers, you will find a large, padded reclining seat that is adjustable.  Your baby will be safe and secure while out for a run. The ride is smooth over any terrain because of BOB’s top-of-the-line suspension and the three-wheel system found on both strollers.

The front-locking wheel will prevent drifting when you are out on a run. You will appreciate that the canopy is large on both strollers to protect your little one from the sun, wind, or rain. The Flex and the SE strollers have a one-handed folding mechanism that works in just two steps.  Keep in mind that the wheels are heavy and the frames are durable but that makes both stroller designs a bit bulky. Both strollers do not come with accessories like a snack tray or car seat adapter. They must be bought separately.

Both of these jogging strollers also feature a helpful handbrake.

Notable Differences

One significant difference between the two strollers is the padded adjustable handlebar featured on the Flex version. Taller parents may appreciate the ability to angle the handlebar in a way that suits them best. Also, keep in mind, that the Flex weighs just under twenty-nine pounds and the SE weighs twenty-five pounds.

Quick Glance Chart: SE vs. Flex

 BOB Revolution FlexBOB Revolution SE
PriceSlightly higher priced compared to the SESlightly lowered priced compared to the Flex
Weight28.5 pounds25 pounds
Height of Handlebar34.5 to 48 inches (adjustable handlebar)40 inches (non-adjustable handlebar)
Safety FeaturesFive-point harness, wrist strap, handbrake, front-locking wheelFive-point harness, wrist strap, handbrake, front-locking wheel
Folding MechanismTwo-step folding, one-handedTwo-step folding, one-handed
Accessories (Snack tray, cup holder, etc.)Sold separatelySold separately
Car seat compatibleAdaptors sold separatelyAdaptors sold separately
ColorsBlack, meadow, canyon, lagoon, redBlack, navy, orange

Bob Revolution SE Stroller in Detail

The SE stroller is ideal for everyday activities like going to the mall or zoo but also for long runs on varying terrain all while offering a smooth ride for your little one.  The front wheel can pivot or be locked into place. It can move around tight corners easily with this revolutionary swiveling front wheel. I always appreciate a stroller that offers a simple folding solution. This stroller folds with two clear steps. Keep in mind that it will not stand on its own once folded.

As mentioned, parents love BOB strollers for their state of the art incredible suspension system because babies can sleep and not be bothered while out on a long run or hike. Your baby will also be held comfortably in place by the five-point padded harness.  Without the attached infant carrier, a baby eight weeks and older can ride securely.  The suggested maximum weight for your child is seventy pounds. It should work well for your family until your baby grows into a toddler and even possibly beyond kindergarten or first grade.  This stroller weighs twenty-five pounds and measures 51.6 x 25.4 x 40 inches.

The SE offers various storage options and is designed with two interior pockets in addition to a seat-back pocket. There is also a storage hanging basket underneath for everything you may need like bottles, diapers, snacks, your wallet, and keys. 

What Other Moms are Saying about the Bob Revolution SE:

  • It pushes easily and turns on a dime.
  • It will fit very easily into the trunk of a small SUV.
  • It moves great on gravel and sandy surfaces.
  • It works great while sprinting and did not disturb the sleeping baby.
  • The sunshade is adequate and offers great protection.
  • It is slightly challenging getting things out of the under-basket but it does provide a good amount of space.
  • The tires are not cheap and plastic. They are actually real tires that can be reinflated as needed.

Revolution FLEX Stroller in Detail

The Revolution FLEX  works great as an all-terrain stroller whether you are simply going for a walk or actively engaged in your sport of choice.  The front wheel can swivel for helpful maneuverability or it can be locked in place for added stability. Parents love the adjustable suspension system by BOB because it takes bumps without disturbing your little one. The flex also offers the adjustable handlebar with nine different positions which it does not come part of the Revolution SE version.  Having a stroller with a handlebar that adjusts is great for parents of differing heights and may be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the best fit for your family.

As mentioned above, on the Flex, the front wheel swivels and it allows for great maneuverability whether in a wide open park or on narrow city sidewalks. You will likely decide to lock the front wheel to better navigate rough terrain. This stroller is designed to handle grass, sand, and gravel smoothly without too much extra effort on the mom or dad. Your little one should also be perfectly secure and comfortable no matter the terrain or bumps hit on your walk, hike, or run.

This stroller measures 25.4 x 44 x 43 inches and weighs just under twenty-nine pounds.  Suggested maximum height for your child is forty-four inches.  One notable advantage to the Flex is that the maximum weight of the child is slightly higher than the SE at seventy-five pounds.  Conveniently the seat reclines with just a simple adjustment that can be made with one hand.  It can be lowered down to a seventy-degree angle when your baby wants to nap.

That huge weight support makes this stroller ideal for even five-year-olds. See why the Revolution Flex is listed as a best stroller for jogging in our roundup this year.

You can then move the seat up for a completely vertical, upright seating position where your little one can engage more with the surroundings.  The air-filled tires are durable and made for a smooth ride whether for on-road and off-road use.  They can lose appropriate air pressure naturally over time or with inactivity like a bike tire. A hand or bike air pump is perfect and simple to reinflate them.

The FLEX stroller also is available in a Duallie two-seat model if you need a jogging stroller for two children.

What Other Moms are Saying about the Flex Stroller:

  • This jogging stroller is nearly indestructible.
  • It required me to buy a new car seat adapter.
  • The break is great and not hard to use like some of the other jogging strollers on the market.
  • The canopy shade is twice as big as other jogging strollers. It is made well and it has a peek window so you can keep an eye on your little one and make sure all is well on your walk or run.
  • The handlebar is so comfortable and I appreciate that it is adjustable.
  • Because of the adjustable handlebar, both a tall parent and a short parent can use this stroller without any challenges.
  • The large canopy is awesome. It almost covers an older child completely. It also will overlap over a car seat.


Both the FLEX and the SE are loved by active parents looking for a quality, versatile jogging stroller.  They have so many similar features that it might be quite difficult to decide which one is the absolute best for your family.

The BOB Revolution Strollers are backed by a limited five-year warranty on the frame in addition to the limited one-year warranty on other small parts and the fabric on the stroller. Both strollers have the unmatched suspension system that provides an exceptionally smooth right that this brand is known for. Some parents may find getting these strollers into and out of the car to a bit of a workout. The SE is slightly lighter.

Accessory adapters are available for both strollers that will allow for quick and easy attachment of the infant car seat adapter or the snack tray. There are infant car seat adapters available for several infant seats including the BRITAX/BOB, Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego.

The FLEX and the SE should meet your needs if you are looking for a reliable stroller that works well for both mom, dad, and baby no matter the terrain. The main negative review from other parents is about the tires on both of these strollers. Some say that they deflate too easily. They can be easily reinflated but it can be quite inconvenient.

I personally would choose the FLEX simply because of the adjustable handlebar. This would work best for our family because he is significantly taller than me. If this is not a challenge for your family, the SE is incredibly similar to the FLEX and would also be a great choice for your family as a jogging stroller.

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Amy Sylvestre
Amy Sylvestre

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