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The Best Toddler Water Shoes of 2020

Why are water shoes a necessity for little feet?

The best toddler water shoes keep your child’s feet safe in natural conditions like at a rocky beach, a slimy lake, or even from the hot pavement at a water park. Water shoes can prevent kids from slipping around or cutting their delicate, adorable feet.

We found the best toddler water shoe options with toe support, arch support, and velcro to put on quickly and easily. Don’t limit water shoes to water activities, as kids can wear water shoes in multiple situations like sports, walking to school, playing in puddles, the sandbox and anywhere else life takes them. These shoes save you time and money as they dry quickly and wash easily without changing shape. 

The Best Toddlers Water ShoesWhy It's BestMom Rating
hiitave Boys Swim Water Shoes Tons of Fun Patterns♥♥♥♥♥
CIOR Water Shoes Aqua Athletic Sneakers Comfortable Sneaker Style Water Shoes♥♥♥♥♥
CIOR Boys andGirls Water Swim Shoes Sneaker Style Water Shoes with Velcro♥♥♥♥♥
CIOR Kids Water Shoes Quick-Dry Easy Slip Ons with Toe Protection♥♥♥♥
Torotto Toddler Kids Water Shoes Foot Shaped Soles with Easy Slip On Velcro♥♥♥♥

18 of The Best Toddlers Water Shoes

Hiitave Kids Water Shoes

CIOR Kids Water Shoes Quick-Dry Boys and Girls Slip-On Aqua Beach Sneakers (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid),VY03,3rose Red,27

Water shoes don’t look they did when we experienced mommies were kids. Now they come in fun colors and patterns like the Hiitave Kids Water Shoes. These shoes slip on like a sock, but with an outsole of a shoe for complete comfort and support. 

The sole uses elastic thermoplastic rubber with a hive design for advanced skid resistance. Carry the shoes easily with a fabric loop at the heel, which also allows you to hang them on a hook to dry. Add in a breathable with an elastic cuff you can roll up into a ball for easy storage, and you have a great pair of shoes for your toddler. 

Finally, pick from over 15 different patterns toddlers will love. Comes in sizes 6-7 toddler up to 3.5-4 big kid to find the right fit for every child. 

CIOR Boys & Girls Aqua Athletic Sneakers

CIOR Kids Water Shoes Quick-Dry Boys and Girls Slip-On Aqua Beach Sneakers (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid),VY03,3rose Red,27

Cior makes multiple excellent water shoe options and the CIOR Boys & Girls Water Shoes offer an epic pair of sneakers to keep little feet safe without cartoon designs. Some kids want octopuses and others prefer an older-looking shoes. 

Though these look like regular sports shoes, it’s one hundred percent breathable with quick-drying upper mesh. These are great for wide feet, too, as they adjust with stretch straps, and you can tighten them once on the feet. Drain holes on the bottom help to get the shoes dryer as fast as the mesh uppers. 

These come in ten different colors for both boys and girls and start in size nine toddler up to 6 big kids sizes with half sizes too. Also, the shoes use EVA for lightweight, bounce -back, and durability. 

CIOR Boys & Girls Water Swim Shoes

Carter's Girl's Floatie Water Shoe, multi, 4 M US Toddler

If your kids switch from running to jumping in puddles, get them the CIOR Boys & Girls Water Shoes. They look and function like sneakers with no tying required and a velcro strap to keep them from falling off. Regular water shoes can’t offer as much versatility as sneakers with the ability to drain out excess water. 

Even the insole of this shoe helps to drain water with tons of breathability and the ability to absorb the shock of running. These also feature anti-slip outsoles made of EVA and rubber for secure traction even when in the water. Yet, they fit like a dream without the weight of typical sneakers and still offer a smooth neck to reduce chafing. 

Lastly, water can’t stay in these shoes thanks to holes on the bottom, and they even keep toes safe with anti-collision pads around the tip. Pick from over a dozen colors and a few different styles, including dual velcro for wide feet. The shoes come in size five toddlers up to 5 in big kids. 

CIOR Kids Toddler Water Shoes

Carter's Girl's Floatie Water Shoe, multi, 4 M US Toddler

 CIOR makes more traditional water shoes too for kids who spend a ton of time in the water. Roll the shoes, twist them, hang them, and wear them in any type of water for safe feet, even on harsh rocks. The uppers use mesh for quick drying while keeping little toes safe. 

On the bottom, you can find a full surround of rubber to keep feet happy no matter what they encounter in the water. It comes with a textured upper with a comfortable low ankle neck with full breathability. The insole too offers full breathability, and the shoes don’t have any buckles or velcro, just slip them on like slippers. 

Last of all, the shoes come in toddler size 9.5 up to big kid size 5.5. Choose from ten different colors with options for both boys and girls or neutral for everyone. 

Speedo Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes

Carter's Girl's Floatie Water Shoe, multi, 4 M US Toddler

Speedo doesn’t just make swimsuits, they also make the Speedo Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes with tons of style and four color options, all with a name you know and trust. They include 100% textile for the uppers and synthetic soles. The shoes velcro on one side to allow security and make them easy to slip on.

Air mesh inserts on the side of the uppers allow the shoes to dry quickly and allow for the most comfort possible. Meanwhile, the rubber sole allows for water dispersion, so once on land, your child can walk without sloshing around in water. These shoes will keep your child standing even in rocky lakes. 

Pick from toddler sizes 4-5 up to 10-11 toddler. Use the attached loop to hang the shoes to dry or for easy carrying. Speedo water shoes are a good option for children with wide feet too. 

Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker

Vivay Toddler Kids Water Shoes Quick Drying Swim Beach Shoes Aqua Socks for Boys & Girls

The Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker look like popular sneakers but are ready to go frog hunting in the pond with your little boy. The shoes come in twenty different colors from muted colors to vibrant and bold, so you can spot your child easily. 

Made mesh and 100% EVA, the uppers of this shoe can withstand water and mold while also using small holes to allow the waterproof shoes to let water flow out once your child gets out of the pool. A rubber synthetic sole allows for a skid-resistant grip. Even better, you can wash these shoes in the washing machine when they get dirty. 

Finally, pick from toddler or big kid sizes to keep these shoes around for years to protect your family’s feet no matter where you go, including the ocean. Hose them off and let them dry so you can live your life. 

Crocs Kids’ Boys and Girls Swiftwater Sandal

Vivay Toddler Kids Water Shoes Quick Drying Swim Beach Shoes Aqua Socks for Boys & Girls

Most of  Croc’s shoes are more waterproof, but not necessarily designed for water. The Crocs Kids’ Boys and Girls Swiftwater Sandals are designed specifically for water and will slip on to your child’s feet, drain water, and protect their toes. You may pay a little more for these shoes, but you’ll get all the advantages of the well-known brand and a one of a kind design. 

Because these are sandals, they have lots of holes to drain out water, but also the right fabric to drain water comfortably. The soles come with synthetic rubber with built-in arch support, which doesn’t come in most water shoes. If your child has flat feet, these are the best option because little feet need support. 

You can choose from six different colors to appeal to your son or daughter’s style and from toddler size six all the way up to little kid size 13. Also, this show offers more toe protection than any other shoe on this list. Take these shoes to the playground too, as they have tons of holes to help sand and mulch to leave the shoe instead of staying in and causing your child added discomfort. 

Carter’s Kids Girl’s Floatie Water Shoe

Vivay Toddler Kids Water Shoes Quick Drying Swim Beach Shoes Aqua Socks for Boys & Girls

If you like the look of simple canvas shoes, you will love the Carter’s Kids Girl’s Floatie Water Shoe for your daughter. Sadly, these adorable shoes only come in one pattern: pastel rainbow. They do come with thick white soles and comfortable seams around the ankle. These shoes make it easy to find your daughter, and they dry quickly.

A rubber synthetic sole keeps her safe while walking around on uneven slimy rocks while still offering flexibility and slipping on easily. The shoes do run a little big, but come in toddler size four up to little kid size twelve, so if you like them, buy a couple sizes up to keep the comfort available for years. 

OshKosh B’Gosh Kids Aquatic Water Shoe

Vivay Toddler Kids Water Shoes Quick Drying Swim Beach Shoes Aqua Socks for Boys & Girls

The OshKosh B’Gosh Kids Aquatic Water Shoes look more like sandals, and these are the best kind of toddler water shoes because they keep little feet dry and water out of your car while keeping providing stability for little footpads. 

Brightly colored sandals provide thick synthetic sole and a little extra toe protection in case they get them in trouble. The straps thread through the main part of the shoe to ensure a snug fit with a little bit of velcro. These also offer plenty of space for water to drain out of the shoe and a little fabric loop to hang the shoes for easier drying. 

Parents can pick from six different colors, three for boys and three for girls, as well as size from 4 toddlers to 12 toddlers to fit most children. Children with wide feet will enjoy the comfort space inside the shoe for play or sport. 

Adidas Kids’ Altaventure

Toddler Kids Water Shoes Lightweight Non-Slip Aqua Socks Shoes for Beach Walking for Boys Girls Toddler(smallUnicorn/Pink,22/23)

Adidas’ Kids’ Altaventure water sandals offer another great option for water play for toddlers. These come in three patterns: one for girls in purple, mint, and pink, plain black, or blues and yellow for boys. Like the other shoes, these include rubber sole and mesh uppers to keep feet protected when playing in rough and tumble places. 

These use hook and loop closure that help you get the shoes on and off your toddler so they can get back to their busy play schedule faster. The stretchy feel uppers keep feet cozy with toe protection too. Adidas sandals wash easily also, so you can always have clean adorable waterproof shoes for your toddler’s tiny feet from toddler size 4 to 9.5 with half sizes. 

Toddler Kids Water Shoes by Torotto 

Vivay Toddler Kids Water Shoes Quick Drying Swim Beach Shoes Aqua Socks for Boys & Girls

For the latest festive prints, pick the Toddler Kids Water Shoes by Torotto. Not only are the shoes sturdy, but so much fun in unique prints like unicorns, rainbow, galaxy, and other screen print designs ready to delight children. You can choose from forty different patterns including plain if patterns aren’t your style. 

The affordable shoes fit like ankle socks and even roll into a ball despite having a thin rubber sole to protect delicate feet from harsh conditions. Soft top material dries quickly and offers a lightweight option to keep kids moving with a highly elastic fabric. Children won’t slip either with no-slip soles to keep feet safe even in rocky water. 

Finally, find your child’s size from size 2 in toddler up to size 4 in big kids. A loop on the back allows you to hang the shoes to dry, then just roll the shoes up and toss into your beach bag for the next trip to the water. 

Merrell Girls’ Bare Steps H20 Water Shoe

JIASUQI Toddlers Outdoor Athletic Slip on Water Shoes for Swim River Black Green US 6-7 M Toddler

The Merrell Girls’ Bare Steps H20 Water Shoes includes leather and textile on the top to protect toes and has a synthetic rubber sole. Kids with wide feet will enjoy an extra-wide toe box for growing and wiggly toes. 

Furthermore, the outsole is shaped like a natural foot for extra comfort, and it has extra flexible grooves for a more barefoot feeling. The shoes may only come in yellow but offers ventilation for water to drain out and velcro to close the shoe while providing space to put feet in the shoe. 

Lastly, the shoes only come in pink or blue, but do come in multiple sizes from toddler sizes 4 to 10 with half sizes and wide sizes too. Get superior durability and traction with recycled materials from the slightly expensive shoes. You get great quality and long life for multiple children with these shoes. 

Vivay Kids Water Shoes

JIASUQI Toddlers Outdoor Athletic Slip on Water Shoes for Swim River Black Green US 6-7 M Toddler

The Vivay Kids Water Shoes come with every design you can imagine for a toddler including under the seas, mermaids, unicorns and more with these lightweight shoes that include a storage case with a zipper for easy on-the-go travel. 

The uppers on these shoes use a stretchy quick-drying fabric with ventilation, so kids’ feet dry quickly when out of the water and in the sun. Highly adhesive material, coupled with the rubber sole, prevents toddlers from sliding around and hurting themselves in wet and rocky terrain. All this and they feel more like socks or slippers than they do like sneakers. 

These shoes will roll up, stretch out, and keep little feet safe. Find the perfect pattern for both boys and girls and the right size too, with options starting from 3-4 in toddler sizes up to 3-4 in big kid sizes. 

JIASUQI Kids Boys and Girls Summer Athletic Water Shoes

JIASUQI Toddlers Outdoor Athletic Slip on Water Shoes for Swim River Black Green US 6-7 M Toddler

The JIASUQI Kids Boys and Girls Summer Athletic Water Shoes look like the future of shoes, and yet they still protect feet from slipping and sliding when in the water. Pick from a wide variety of over 30 patterns with options for girls and boys. You can also pick velcro closure or pick stretchy to slip on your feet. 

As the shoes are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, you know these will stretch to fit but then go back down to size and fit comfortably. The bottom comes with slip-resistant rubber soles for safety and comfort. These flexible shoes work great for swimming, the beach, yoga, sports, and any other activity with water. 

The shoes come in toddler sizes 3-4 up to big kid sizes 4-4.5 to fit most feet. Fold the shoes up and toss them in your beach bag or toss them in the wash if they get dirty, but don’t put them in the dryer or they will shrink. 

DADAWEN Baby’s Boy’s Girl’s Water Shoes

DADAWEN Baby's Boy's Girl's Water Shoes Lightweight Breathable Mesh Running Sneakers Sandals Blue US Size 5.5 M Toddler

The DADAWEN Baby’s Boy’s Girl’s Water Shoes come in bright easy to find colors with white rubber soles ready to keep your kids from slipping and sliding in all of the wrong places. Moms will love the ability to wash these shoes in the machine, but again, do not put them in the dryer.

A convenient strap with a teddy bear velcros the shoe in place. Though, the best part is the sturdy mess with tons of space for water to drain open. Children can use these shoes in sand, water, at a water park, and anywhere else you may need a hybrid sneakers. 

Pick from eleven different colors with options for both boys and girls. These come in toddler size four up to size 11.5 in little kid with half sizes. Soft and flexible shoes not only dry quickly, but travel where you need when you need. 

Sunville Toddler’s Athletic Water Shoes Aqua Socks

Sunville New Brand Toddler's Blue & Black Athletic Water Shoes Aqua Socks Size 6

With the Sunville Toddler’s Athletic Water Shoes Aqua Socks nylon water shoes, your toddler’s feet can sport stylish water shoes with super comfortable ankle slots and super grippy bottoms for traction. Kids or parents can even adjust the shoes to the right fit with a tight cord in the back. 

The soles come with tons of rubber traction and the shoes come in four colors: blue and black, black, pink, or black and yellow. Choose toddler sizes 5 through 10 for a respectable price. 

WALUCAN Boys & Girls Water Aqua Shoes

RANLY & SMILY Toddler Shoes Kids Aqua Water Shoes Baby Girls Summer Beach Sandals Colorful/Love/Pink US 7 Toddler

WALUCAN’s Boys & Girls Water Aqua Shoes come with both mesh and synthetic uppers for protection that still allows for drainage. Thick rubber soles aren’t quite as flexible as other shoes, but they do protect feet from pain, sun, sand, and rocks. Adjust the ankle with a cinch cord so kids can enjoy a firm grip with the soft rolled fabric. 

You can also choose from multiple colors and with velcro instead of adjustable ankles. Next, the shoes provide arch support with the built-in inner sock liner for cushion and temperature control. Also, these shoes will dry quickly for travel or for putting away when not needed. 

Finally, pick from pink, blue, or black in various shades. These shoes come in size 5.5 toddler up to 13.5 in little kid with half sizes available. These shoes are thinner and will not work for wide feet. 

RANLY & SMILY Kids Aquatic Cute Water Shoes

RANLY & SMILY Toddler Shoes Kids Aqua Water Shoes Baby Girls Summer Beach Sandals Colorful/Love/Pink US 7 Toddler

The last pair of shoes, the RANLY & SMILY Kids Aquatic Cute Water Shoes, are by far the cutest with an adorable Mary Jane-style with thick rubber soles and tons of toe protection with rounded soles reaching up farther. These shoes aren’t just for girls but for boys too with fun prints with dinosaurs, hearts, unicorns, and whales.

Kids will love the comfortable wide toe area and the slow arch support, while moms will appreciate the synthetic rubbers soles and washable waterproof material. The flexible soles offer skid protection all with non-marking outsoles and non-toxic materials. Use the hook and loop closure to make sure the shoes are easy to get on and off while still staying on your toddler’s feet when needed. In sizes 5 toddlers all the way up to 13 little kids. 

Other Shoes for Kids 

You will need more than just water shoes, so here are some of the best summer shoes for toddlers that include non-water options. And here are some good toddler rain boots as well.

FAQs About The Best Toddler Water Shoes 

Can someone be allergic to water shoes? 

Yes. Water shoes are often made of rubber or neoprene, both of which can cause an allergy. I know from first-hand experience that the rubber in water shoes can cause some people’s feet to swell and causes them to pass out. I passed out in the Pacific ocean. Most people do not have a problem with rubber (synthetic) or latex (natural) rubber. 

However, those who do have an allergy can end up with many different symptoms. The first time you put water shoes on your child, make sure to check for rash, hives, itchiness, redness, wheezing, runny nose, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, rapid breathing, and several other symptoms. If you notice your child having issues after putting on the shoes, take them off immediately, and seek medical help. 

Just remember, if your child has any reaction to neoprene, make sure they do not get rubber sandals either, as these can cause a problem. Some kids may not show an issue until the shoes get wet, so monitor your child with the shoes dry first and check after the child has had the shoes on in the water. 

What are the advantages of water shoes?

Not only are water shoes waterproof, they dry quickly and provide a sole to prevent people from injuring their feet while walking in tricky and slippery terrain. The benefits don’t stop there either. Other benefits included improved traction on most any wet surface. 

Water socks, shoes, and sandals also prevent sunburns on delicate feet and keep feet safe if they step on something like a sea urchin or other sea critters. The shoes can also help to regulate body temperature.

The options for water shoes are endless! They’re great for protecting feet, which is why you should have a pair if going anywhere with water. 

How do I wash my child’s water shoes? 

Most water shoes only need a hose down to get nice and clean. You can wash them in the sink or with the spray hose, or you can clean them outside with a hose. Otherwise, you only need to spot clean them. 

Some of the water shoes can go in the washing machine, but make sure to check the packaging to make sure before putting in the machine. No matter what, though, do not put rubber in the dryer as it will warp and not wear comfortably after that point. 

The shoes will last much longer if you hand wash only. You should keep an eye on the shoes to make sure they do not get mold.

Check for wear and tear after every use. If you are handy with a needle, you can sew up little tears. Otherwise, the shoes may need to go in the trash to avoid ripping off in the water. 

Can my kids wear sandals instead of water shoes?

Some sandals are waterproof, but the majority of sandals are not necessarily meant to be worn in the water. All water shoes are made with waterproof materials to dry quickly and help to keep feet dry and protected. If you find a waterproof sandal, then you have a decent option. 

However, water shoes cover more of the foot and do not fall off as easily as sandals, unless they strap around the entire ankle. Little tots generally do better with shoes they cannot take off themselves as they are less likely to lose the shoes, and that means you don’t have to continue paying for replacements. 

Final Thoughts About The Best Toddler Water Shoes 

The best toddlers water shoes protect toes and offer ventilating while still covering the entire foot like the CIOR Boys & Girls Water Shoes. Not only do these shoes work in the water, but your child can also wear these lightweight sneakers during sports and play. Keep your child’s feet safe no matter what water you take your child to, including beaches, lakes, and water parks. 

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