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The Best Organic Baby Food of 2020

Apples, peaches, and pears are often among baby’s first foods. But did you know that these foods are on the EWGs “Dirty Dozen” list, which shows the 12 fruits and vegetables that contain the most pesticides?

If you want to limit your baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals in food and do something that’s better for the environment, feed your baby organic baby food.

Here are the best organic baby food choices from all of the best brands and in many different varieties. From pouches to cereal to snacks, we’ve got you covered.

The 7 Best Organic Baby FoodsWhy It's BestMom Rating
Earth's Best Organic Stage 2 Baby FoodMinimally processed; Recyclable and reusable glass jars; no fillers♥♥♥♥♥
Gerber Organic 2nd FoodsRipe flavors; See-through pouch; Rounder and softer spout♥♥♥♥♥
Plum Organics Organic Baby FoodGently cooked; Clean ingredient list; Recyclable lids♥♥♥♥
Sprout Organic Baby Food PouchesIngredients like beans and grains; Clear packaging; No preservatives♥♥♥♥♥
Once Upon a Farm Baby Food PouchCold-pressed baby food; Fresher flavor; Recyclable pouches♥♥♥♥♥
Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food PouchesLow price; Many flavors; Bigger pouches♥♥♥♥

Best Organic Baby Foods

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food

Image of the Earth's Best Organic Stage 2 Baby Food, Favorite Fruits Variety Pack, 4 oz. Jar (12 Count)

Earth’s Best has high-quality food that baby is sure to love. 

From single blends to blends containing cereal, this Earth’s Best Organic Stage 2 Baby Food, Favorite Fruits Variety Pack features all kinds of fruit. There are three jars each of four different blends to equal 12 total. You can also purchase a vegetable variety to get baby used to eating their greens. 

Either way, the foods come minimally processed. There are no added flavors, colors, preservatives, or fillers. Each of the ingredients is USDA certified organic, which means that they are also non-GMO.

This is designed for babies 6 months old and up. The flavors are:

  • Pear
  • Apple & apricot 
  • Banana, peach & raspberry
  • Oatmeal & Banana

These blends are more suited to an experienced eater who has moved past single foods.

This fruit variety pack comes packaged in recyclable or reusable glass jars that are BPA-free.

While your baby will like the flavors, one thing to watch out for is quality issues. Some batches may be thinner or thicker than others, so consistency inconsistency can be an issue.

Gerber Organic Baby Food

Image of the Gerber Organic 2nd Foods, Fruit & Veggie Variety Pack Pureed Baby Food, 3.5 Ounce Pouch, 18 Count

Everyone has heard of Gerber. The Gerber Organic 2nd Foods, Fruit & Veggie Variety Pack will make your baby a Gerber baby with their high quality and tasty flavors.

First, the flavors are fabulous. This 18 pack includes six convenient pouches each of the following flavors:

  • Apple, blueberry, and spinach
  • Carrot, apple, mango
  • Pear, peach, strawberry

The mix of fruit and veggies makes the perfect lunch because baby gets the best of both worlds. Because these blends are more advanced, they’re considered a 2nd food, for babies 6 months and up.

Next, the quality. Gerber claims that they know where each of their fruits and vegetables is grown. They’re grown in non-GMO Project Verified fields and small farms and picked up the peak of ripeness. There’s no salt, no sugar, and no scary additives. Just fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

The one problem with quality seems to be in the packaging. While the pouch material is see-through so that you can check for mold or other impurities before you feed it to baby, often the outer packaging or shipping packaging is inadequate and a bit sketchy.

The spout on these Gerber pouches is unique. It’s softer and more rounded than other brands, which helps slow the flow of food from the pouch. This is great if you are squeezing it onto a spoon, but not great for an older baby who wants to suck it all out of the pouch in a hurry.

Plum Organics Baby Food

Image of the Plum Organics Stage 2, Organic Baby Food, Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack, 4 Ounce pouches (Pack of 18)

Plum organic as makes one of our favorite organic baby formulas, so naturally we would look to them when it was time for solids. The Plum Organics Stage 2 Fruit & Veggies Variety Pack has delicious flavors and pure ingredients at a killer price!

The organic fruits and veggies in these 4 oz pouches aren’t just the run-of-the-mill flavors. You’ll get 6 each of:

  • Pear, spinach, and pea
  • Purple carrot and blueberry
  • Banana and pumpkin

The fun fruits and unique veggies are gently cooked to keep nutrients in place and put in the pouch without anything else. No additives, sweeteners, or salts, and it’s even kosher parve because it is so pure.

Did I mention these taste good? They’re not as bland as other brands’ baby food. And instead of adding citric acid or another type of preservative, they just add organic lemon juice to help the pouches stay fresh and keep their flavor.

You’ll feel good about the fact that this B-Corp made baby food comes in resealable, BPA free pouches that make a smaller environmental impact. You can even recycle the lids!

The price really can’t be beaten. Yes, you have to order 18 baby food pouches at a time, but at under $0.40/ounce, it’s totally worth it!

Like all pouches, you have to be careful with quality when ordering these. Luckily, these have a clear window on the back so you can make sure there’s no mold before you feed baby. Still, always check the expiration date and look for damaged packaging before feeding this stage 2 food to you 6 month or older baby.

Bonus: When baby gets older, feed them these tasty Plum Organic Mighty 4 Pouches, which feature ingredients like yogurt, oats, and chia seeds. Toddlers and big kids love them, too!

Happy Tot Organic Super Foods Baby Food Pouches

Image of the Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 Super Foods Variety Pack, 4.22 Ounce Pouch (Pack of 16) Green Beans/Pear/Pea, Sweet Potato/Apple/Carrot/Cinnamon, Apple/Butternut/Spinach/Mango/Pear (Packaging May Vary)

The Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 Super Foods Variety Pack is baby food for older babies who demand thicker texture and more advanced nutrition.

The organic variety pack includes 4 pouches of the following 4 flavors:

  • Green beans, pears, and peas
  • Sweet potato, apple, carrot, and cinnamon
  • Apple and butternut squash
  • Pears, mango, and spinach 

All flavors include chia. These superfood seeds are a great source of protein, fiber, and calcium, plus Omega-3s to help growing brains. They give a bit more substance to fruit and veggie blends, which older and hungrier babies will love. 

This is a stage 4 food, for babies 12 months and up. Although this does have a thicker and almost grainy texture, it could still work for a younger baby that’s got chewing textured foods down. But the main purpose of this nutritionally-dense baby food is to feed a toddler with gaps in their diet as a result of picky eating, which happens to every baby at some point.

These pouches are BPA free, certified organic, and feature nothing but fruits, veggies, chia, lemon juice, and a little vitamin C.

Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Organic Baby Food

Happy Baby Organic Clearly Crafted Stage 2 Baby Food Variety Pack, Pear Squash & Blackberries, Apple Kale & Avocado, Apple Guava & Beet, Pear Kale & Spinach, 4 Ounce Pouch (Pack of 16)

Once baby hits stage 2, they’ll love the Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Variety Pack because of the goodness of veggies enhanced with the sweetness of fruit.

By about 7 or 8 months, most babies know what foods they like and don’t like. The Happy Baby combos will help them to try the flavors that they’re still learning to like (such as beets and spinach) by mixing them with their favorite fruits. The other combinations are fruits mixed with grains to make for a hearty breakfast that baby is sure to love.

The 10 flavor combinations include:

  • Apples, kale, and avocados 
  • Pears, kale, and spinach
  • Apples, pumpkin, and carrots
  • Pears, zucchini, and peas
  • Apples, guavas, and beets
  • Bananas, raspberries, and oats
  • Apples, blueberries, and oats
  • Pears, pumpkin, and passionfruit
  • Pears, squash, and blackberries
  • Bananas, sweet potatoes, and papayas

And because there is one of every flavor, they won’t fall into a flavor and nutrient rut. These are targeting somewhat experienced eaters, aged 6 months and up.

The clear packaging on these 4-ounce packages helps you to see the baby food inside and check the quality so that you don’t squeeze any icky surprises onto baby’s spoon.  Just be mindful of online quality issues and expiration dates when ordering.

Sprout Organic Meat Baby Food Pouches

Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches Stage 3, Harvest Vegetables Apricots w/ Chicken, 4 Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

Not all babies like meat-flavored baby food because it tastes like, well, canned dog food if I’m honest. But the Sprout Organic Stage 3 Baby Food Pouches, Meat Variety pack combines a bit of iron and protein-dense food with delicious veggies to make the meat so much tastier.

This stage 3 blend is for 8 months and up because it has advanced foods, particularly the meats. And of course, the meat isn’t organic itself, but it is pasture-fed and/or free-range, plus it’s got zero antibiotics and hormones. The mixed-in veggies are organic and thus non-GMO.

You also won’t find any fillers, additives, or concentrates. Plus, no sugars. The packaging is BPA-free and the plastic cap is totally recyclable. 

It comes with six Harvest Vegetables with Apricots and Chicken. You can also pick from multiple stages and other options from Sprout. 

The 3 to 4 grams of protein per pouch will help baby’s body and mind to grow, and it’ll help them to stay full for longer as they get older. Your older baby will appreciate the flavor that salt gives to the pouches, but parents probably won’t be too fond of the sodium. 

Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches

Image of the Sprout Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Pouches, 12 Flavor Variety Sampler, 12 Pouches

Your little foodie baby will love the Sprout Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Pouches, 12 Flavor Variety Sampler if they’ve never met a food they didn’t like. 

There’s a whopping 12 different flavors for baby to test out:

  • Spinach, apple, and banana 
  • Sweet potato, white beans, and cinnamon 
  • Apple, oatmeal, raisins, with cinnamon 
  • Mixed berry oatmeal 
  • Carrot, apple, mango 
  • Carrot, chickpeas, zucchini, pear 
  • Strawberry, pear, banana 
  • Butternut, blueberry, and apple, with beans 
  • Blueberry banana oatmeal 
  • Apple, banana, and butternut squash 
  • Sweet potato, apple, and spinach 
  • Apple blueberry

All the fruits, veggies, beans and grains are USDA Certified Organic. There’s no additives or fillers or sugars or anything else sketchy. The clear, BPA-free packaging shows you exactly what’s inside before baby digs in. 

The consistency of each flavor is different, so have breastmilk or formula and some baby cereal on hand to get it where your baby needs it to be. And when baby picks their favorite flavor, you can order that one flavor in a multi-pack!

Watch the bean flavored one, which your baby might not like at first. Also, some of the fruit ones a bit on the tangy side. 

Mama Bear Organic Baby Food

Image of the Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Organic Baby Food, Stage 1, Pear, 4 Ounce Pouch (Pack of 12)

While it’s not one of the older, tried-and-true brands, the Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Organic Baby Food is a great option for those Amazon-lovers on a budget. It’s satisfaction guaranteed, so it’s always worth a try!

There’s not a whole lot to say about this basic baby food. It’s great for brand-new, stage 1 eaters. It comes in delicious flavors like pear and apple. As baby gets older, advance them to the bigger and better flavors like pumpkin, apple, peach, and buckwheat or mango, apple, carrot, and peach.

No matter the flavor you choose, it’ll be free from pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, and gluten. It’s so clean that it’s considered Orthodox Union Kosher!

The BPA free packaging isn’t see-through like a lot of the other organic options. That’s a bummer since consistency from batch to batch seems to be an issue. 

Still, these are some of the cheapest organic baby food pouches on this list. And parents of picky eaters applaud their fruit-only options. 

Earth’s Best Organic Multi-Grain Cereal

Image of the Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain Multi-Grain Cereal, 8 Ounce (Pack of 12)

Baby cannot survive on applesauce alone. That’s why Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Multi-Grain Cereal is available — to give a wholesome, organic option for growing babies.

The perk of baby cereal is that it has a bland flavor and texture that babies like. And while this multi-grain cereal does have a stronger grain flavor than traditional rice cereal, it also has many more nutrients and no scary arsenic.

The three-grain blend includes:

  • Barley
  • Oat
  • Spelt  

Because spelt is a type of wheat, this is not gluten-free. However, all of the grains are organic and delicious. They provide high amounts of fiber, protein, and 15% of Vitamin E needs. It’s also high in iron and all the B vitamins.

The label is clean, with just grains and vitamins and minerals. The texture is fluffy but thick, so I’d say it’s for experienced cereal eaters. 

Be cautious if buying this cereal online- buy from trusted sources only to make sure you are getting the real deal that’s not expired or tampered with. 

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food comes in lots of varieties and stages, from just Pears Pears Pears to all kinds of tasty combos.

The pear and blueberry baby breakfast is one of my favorites for both baby and toddler. It has yogurt and brown rice in addition to the fresh fruit, so it’s filling for little tummies. The protein and fiber help keep them full for at least a couple of hours, which with kids under 4 is quite the feat!

I also love that the other varieties offer unique and nutritious veggies and fruits, like parsnips and papayas. Of course, these more adventurous blends are made for babies 6 months and up.

All of Ella’s kitchen options are certified USDA organic. You’ll find nothing but whole foods on the ingredients list. Instead of preservatives or fillers, Ella’s kitchen uses just a splash of organic lemon juice to keep things from going bad. 

However, some people (ahem, babies) don’t like the zing and natural acid that the lemon adds. Others don’t like the earthy blandness that the rice adds. Plus, the yogurt is unsweetened, which is so much healthier, but not as yummy as the sugary sweet stuff.

And unlike a lot of popular baby brands, that use water in the cooking process, these pouches have zero added water to thin out the ingredients and make them less hearty.

The cap and pouch are both BPA-free. You can recycle both through the EllaCycles program. Just mail the pouches to the UK-based TerraCycle and they’ll take care of the special recycling these pouches need. 

Serenity Kids Baby Food

Serenity Kids Baby Food, Organic Savory Veggies Variety Pack with Organic Roots, Sweet Potato, Squashes and Butternut with Spinach, For 6+ Months, 3.5 Ounce Pouch (8 Pack)

The Serenity Kids Baby Food variety offers well loved options of baby food. Pick from veggies like root, squashes, sweet potato and spinach, or butternut and spinach. Also, the brand offers meats to all with high reviews. 

I’m not going to lie though, the price is kind of high. An eight pack which can only last a couple of days costs about the same price as eating out. However, they come in convenient pouches you can store in your diaper bag or pantry. 

But if you are strictly organic, you’ll like those varieties, too. In stead of stages, their food is for ages six months and up. The brand offers the lowest amount of sugar and mimics the macronutrients of breastmilk with added organic avocado oil and organic olive oil too. Not many baby foods offers essential fatty acids to help with absorption and brain development. 

Instead of just veggies you get all the benefits with no fillers, gllten, preservatives, GMOs, salts, hormones, antibiotics or other harmful ingredients. You get the best taste and ingredients available. 

The two problems with this particular baby food are the cap and the price. 

Mind you, not all babies will love the flavors as everyone is different. Also, the pouches make serving a chore unless your baby is willing to suck their veggies out of a container. Baby food jars are much easier, although these are potentially less messy. 

Second, it is one of the more expensive options on the list, with a considerably higher price-per-ounce than other brands. 

Still, for a reliable brand and unique and nutrient-dense food, it’s pretty well worth it.

Happy Baby Organic Clearly Crafted Oats and Quinoa Baby Cereal

Image of Happy Baby Organic Clearly Crafted Cereal Whole Grains Oats & Quinoa, 7 Ounce Bags (6 Count) Organic Baby Cereal in a Resealable Pouch with Iron to Support Baby's Brain Development a Great First Food

You’ve heard of the health benefits of quinoa, so get some of that superfood superpower for your baby with the Happy Baby Organic Clearly Crafted Oats and Quinoa Baby Cereal!

Quinoa is a complete protein. This gives your baby’s body and brain all the building blocks it needs while helping to keep their little tummy satisfied. That’s so much better than white rice!

Just 4 ingredients in this blend and each with a purpose: organic oats and quinoa to make the cereal itself, ascorbic acid to preserve and provide vitamin c, and some iron for your baby’s growing body.

Any baby can try and love this cereal because it has zero allergens and a lovely, hearty texture. It does have a smell that takes getting used to, but that’s just the earthiness of the quinoa.

First Choice 16-Pack Organic Baby Food Pouches

Get a variety of 16 pounces of fruits and oatmeal. Inside you will find flavors like apple, mango, sweet potato and millet, pear mango, avocado, apple banana, and pear peach. Each comes with oatmeal to help your baby to fill up. 

This is the cleanest ingredient list you’ll see- nothing but fresh, organic fruit, oatmeal, and lemon juice! The nutrient quality of the food is kept at its highest, thanks to the kosher, organic, and non-GMO list of ingredients. And it’s made to help babies to easily digest their food. 

The pouches include easy access spouts and durable packaging that’s perfect for easy travel. 

These pouches can be also convenient because they don’t need to be refrigerated until they are opened. 

Since these pouches are just applesauce and flavored applesauce with oatmeal essentially, they’re suitable for six-month-old eaters. You can even eat them yourself for a little natural sugar boost in the afternoon! 

Encourage your child to feed themselves and promote a love of healthy fruits and veggies. Not every baby will love the flavors or having fruit mixed with cereal. The high-quality means its worth the cost.

Finally, the pouches come in a box and each flavor has a different color to make feeding even easier. 

Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food

Image of the Peter Rabbit Organics Super Oats

Peter Rabbit Organic Baby Food has a cute package, but the stuff inside is good, too! With over 15 flavors to choose from, you can give baby a wide variety of tastes and nutrients.

Like most other foods on this list, these pouches have all organic ingredients and use organic lemon juice to make them shelf-stable. They’re also put in BPA free pouches.

Pick from just fruits or fruits and veggies. Putting apples or pears in with the veggies helps picky eaters to get the vegetables they need without having to choke down plain spinach.

If your baby is older or needs heartier meals, then I highly suggest the Peter Rabbit Organics Super Oats baby food pouch. It has superfoods like chia, blueberries, oats, and quinoa that provide healthy omegas, protein, and fiber.

I like that these pouches have a thicker texture. They don’t feel too watered down or runny, and they don’t need added baby cereal to absorb the extra liquids.

The 4.4 ounce size is also slightly bigger than other pouches, which are usually closer to 3 ounces.

And considering that these come in at well under $2 per pouch, they’re a great deal for organic baby food.

Gerber Organic Single-Grain Oatmeal Baby Cereal

Image of Gerber Baby Cereal, 1st Foods, Oatmeal, Pack - 1

Because of the arsenic concerns with rice cereal, oatmeal has become the new baby starter food. Gerber Organic Single-Grain Oatmeal Baby Cereal is a clean and healthy option to get baby started on solid foods.

For starters, this organic oatmeal has a mild flavor and a great texture. The small, light oatmeal flakes dissolve well in breast milk, formula, or water. As baby hits age one, you can even use it to make a nice fluffy oatmeal with regular milk.

As many breastfeeding mothers know, one nutrient that’s not found in abundance in breastmilk is iron. One serving of this oatmeal contains 45% of your baby’s daily iron needs. So that means if they get just a half cup of oatmeal per day, they’ll be getting nearly all of their iron needs.

In addition to iron, oatmeal is popular because it has protein and fiber. It also has vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and 6B vitamins. There’s also calcium added to this oatmeal to help baby’s growing bones and budding teeth.

This organic oatmeal is ideal because it’s non-GMO, and doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors. If you are looking for a super clean label though, you may not like that this has been fortified with so many additives.

Another downside of the Gerber organic oatmeal baby cereal is that it does contain wheat, so it’s not gluten-free. If you think your baby may have a gluten sensitivity, you’ll want to find a different choice.

Gerber Organic Lil Crunchies

Image of Gerber Organic Lil' Crunches Baked Corn Snack White Cheddar & Broccoli (Pack of 6)

There’s a good chance that your older baby or toddler has watched with envy as an older sibling (or a parent!) eat a Cheeto. Well, give them their own baby puffy snack, aka the Gerber Organic Lil Crunchies.

You can buy these snacks in a white cheddar and broccoli variety or a white bean and hummus variety. I love the idea of sneaking a few extra veggies in, so I opt for the broccoli cheddar puffs. 

And since they’re made with organic navy beans and organic rice, baby still gets loads of fiber and healthy carbs. And there’s 2 grams of protein per serving, which is pretty impressive for a snack!

The container is recyclable, lid and all. Gotta love the overall environmental impact level of this product.

These dissolve easily, but they’re large in size for finger food. They’re best left for babies age 9 months and up that have learned how to self-feed and chew.

One downside: there are only 3 servings per can. That means that you are paying about a dollar a serving for a snack. Plus, baby can blow through these pretty quickly. Best stock up!

Happy Baby Organic Puffs

Image of the Happy Baby Organic Puffs

Puffs are the perfect first food since they dissolve so quickly. Happy Baby Organic Puffs contain fruits and veggies in a few different varieties to keep your little snacker from getting bored.

So what’s in this puff that makes it dissolve so quickly? Organic brown and white rice flours and apple juice. Then there’s some superfood powder, like broccoli powder, blueberry powder, and others.

And while the rest of the label looks like a bunch of scientific jargon, it’s actually a bunch of vitamins and minerals to make the snack nutritious. Most notable is choline, which is an essential nutrient for brain and eye health.

There are no added sugars or sweeteners. All the sugar comes from the fruit juices and powders.

The bad news- at around $1.50 per ounce, this baby snack is more expensive than most baby food!

Still, they dissolve nicely and are a great training tool for teaching baby to self-feed.

How We Selected the Best Organic Baby Food

Only Certified Organic

Thankfully, there are strict regulations on organic labeling. So if it says that it’s been certified USDA organic, you know that it’s had stringent growing and handling and processing rules followed.

You may also see products that are certified organic by QAI, Oregon Tilth, CCOF, and other third-party certifiers.

If a product is labeled organic, that means that all agricultural products have been organically grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. 

Look out for labels that say things like made with organic apples instead of saying certified organic and having the USDA organic seal. The apples may be organic, but other items may not be!

Best Baby Food for Stage 1 and Up

Baby foods come in all stages. Each baby has a different texture need and preference, so we chose baby foods at different levels. 

Most brands have choices at each level of eating.

Confused about the stages? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Stage 1: Beginner foods. These are very smooth in texture and often more watery. The choices at this stage include the most basic fruits and vegetables, like apples, bananas, peas, and carrots. Baby cereal is also considered a stage 1 food. Suitable for babies 4-6 months.
  • Stage 2: Pures. By the time baby can sit up unassisted and has mastered the basic foods without a bad reaction, they can move on to blends with more flavor and texture. Foods at this stage often have new flavors combined with tried-and-true favors. Many foods start adding grains at this point. Suitable for babies 6-9 months.
  • Stage 3: Advanced Pures. At this point, baby is ready to chew! Stage 3 foods have a chunkier and thicker texture, as well as new foods like yogurt, seeds, and beans. Baby is often crawling and wanting to self-feed at this age, so it’s a great time to introduce snacks and puffs. Suitable for babies 9 months and up.
  • Stage 4: Toddler Food. Once baby hits a year, they’re ready for real food! Most toddlers can eat what grown-ups eat as long as it’s cut into appropriate bite-sized pieces. Baby foods at this age consist of meals, snacks, or thick pures with hearty ingredients. Suitable for children 12 months and up.

Best Organic Baby Food Pouches

You’ll see a couple of jarred options on this list, but for the most part, we chose baby food pouches.

Why? Convenience! Pouches are just easier to take on-the-go. They take up less space and you don’t have to worry about glass breaking in the diaper bag.  And in a pinch, baby can slurp the food right out of the pouch, so there’s no need for bowls and spoons.

The one downside here is that the pouches usually aren’t recyclable. But some are and most are striving to become recyclable in the next few years.

If you want more jarred options, check out the best jarred baby food.

Best Baby Food Brands 

Like a lot of foods, there are hundreds of different organic baby food brands. On this list, you’ll see the most reputable name brands only.

Earth’s Best organic baby food is a favorite (maybe because it has the word best in the name?), as is Happy Baby Organic baby food and Plum Organics baby food. Gerber organic and Beech-Nut organic are two other big baby brands with widely available organic lineups.

The other brands on this list are trusted as well, although they are a bit lesser-known than the big names.

And while we did not include store brands, such as O Organics and Simple Truth Organic and Parents Choice Organic, that doesn’t mean they aren’t great brands. We excluded them because they are not widely available at many retailers.

Baby Food Brands to Avoid

After a recent study was published that showed that there are harmful heavy metals in nearly all baby foods on the market, many people want to know which baby food brands to avoid. 

Frighteningly, 61 brands were tested and 95% of them showed traces of heavy metals, including cadmium, lead, mercury, and arsenic. One in four foods contained all four of these!

But rather than avoiding any one brand, the study actually suggests making five small changes in order to drastically reduce your baby’s exposure to harmful heavy metals:

  1. Switch from rice-based snacks and puffs to non-rice bake snacks and puffs
  2. Use fresh, frozen foods as teethers instead of buying teething biscuits or rice rusks
  3. Choose oatmeal or multigrain baby cereal over rice baby cereal
  4. Give your baby water, breastmilk, or formula to drink instead of fruit juice
  5. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in baby’s diet and limit servings of carrots or sweet potatoes to one serving per day

Making these choices, rather than avoiding certain brands, reduces your baby’s exposure by as much as 93%!

FAQs About Organic Baby Food

What is the best organic baby food?

Any food that has the USDA certified organic label is a good organic baby food!

Beyond that, you’re simply looking at differences in flavors, prices, and labeling.

Many parents claim that cold-pressed baby food is the best organic baby food because it maintains the most nutrients. The Once Upon a Farm variety on this list is our favorite cold-pressed organic baby food.

What is the healthiest baby food?

Pure pures are going to be the healthiest baby food.

Anytime you get into processed food, such as snacks or meals, they’ve often had preservatives, salt, or even sweeteners added. Look for a clean ingredient label that features nothing but organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic greens, and any other organic whole foods. 

Is organic baby food better?

The use of pesticides and other chemicals on food for human consumption is concerning for many. It is unknown whether the human body is able to flush out residue from pesticides in the food, and some studies have even pointed towards links between pesticides and cancers or other issues down the line.

Because organic foods are inherently non-GMO, many families choose organic because they do not contain any genetically modified organisms.

While there are no definitive answers on whether GMO’s or pesticides are harmful to the human body, many people prefer to air on the side of caution and stick with clean, non-genetically modified ingredients that they know to be safe.

One thing worth noting is that many experts agree that organically grown food has no nutrient advantage over conventionally grown foods. So even if baby doesn’t eat all organic, they’re still getting the same nutrition.

Each parent wants to give their baby the best possible food, and for many, that’s organic baby food. That’s because there are no chemicals in the growing, processing, or label of these organic baby food. Just pure nutrition for your sweet little babe.

What is cold-pressed organic baby food?

Cold-pressed organic baby food is made using a high-pressure system to process, package, and pasteurize the baby food.

Traditional baby food making methods include cooking the foods over heat, placing them in packaging, and then using heat pasteurization to help get rid of any leftover bacteria. While this is an effective method, heat can also kill nutrients in the food along with harmful bacteria.

Cold-pressed baby food maintains more nutrients while still providing a safe and delicious choice for your baby. But, these foods often have to be refrigerated, because the pasteurization is slightly less effective.

Are organic baby food pouches better than jars?

It’s a tossup. Pouches are certainly more convenient and readily available, but jars are recyclable and reusable.

When it comes to what you choose for your baby, you’ll just have to look at what’s more important to you. If convenience and the ability to let your baby feed themselves is more important, go with baby food pouches. If environmental responsibility is more important, choose a jarred food or choose one of the baby foods on our list that have a recyclable pouch.

Does organic baby food need to be refrigerated?

Cold-pressed organic baby food is the only type of baby food that absolutely has to be refrigerated.

Any other organic baby food choices can be refrigerated to help improve flavor and texture. Many babies prefer cold fruit foods to room temperature or warm and fruit foods. This is especially true with yogurt flavored baby food, as my family has come to find out.

The Final Word

Any organic baby food on this list will leave your child well fed and well taken care of. While I can’t choose the best organic baby food for your family, I can tell you what I’m going to feed my kiddo.

Whenever possible, I make organic baby food for my baby (using this cookbook). I simply dice up a couple of extra organic potatoes or cook a few extra organic vegetables when I make the family dinner, and I pure them with an immersion blender and feed them to baby over the next couple of days.

But as a work-from-home mom of three, I can’t always make fresh food for my baby. And some days I’m just plain tired, and I want someone to make baby’s dinner for me!

My favorite organic baby foods are the Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Multi-Grain Cereal and the Peter Rabbit Organic Baby Food. I’m confident that the flavor and nutrition in both of these products are great for my baby. And, they’re both affordable for my family as well.

No matter what brand you choose, just make sure to choose healthy ingredients that are certified USDA organic. And whenever possible, recycle the pouches, caps, jars, and lids.

What organic baby foods does your baby like? What flavors or brands do they refuse to eat? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Michelle Hand, Editor
Michelle Hand, Editor
Michelle is the mom of a brand new baby, a sweet and sassy toddler, and a funny first grader. She is a writer, editor, researcher, and Christ follower. She loves helping fellow moms find the best products to help their families thrive! When she has some free time, she likes hiking the local mountain trails, singing and playing the piano, baking up new treats, and reading the classics.

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