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The Best Kids Ski Helmets of 2020

Approximately 20% of all skiing injuries are to the head and of those, 20% involve loss of consciousness. That’s why getting your child a ski helmet is the best way to protect their developing brain if they wipe out or crash while cruising down the powdery slopes.

Read on to learn more about the best kids ski helmets and find our handy buying guide that will help you ensure you pick out the right helmet for your child. 

Top 5 Best Kids Ski HelmetsWhy It's BestMom Rating
OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet Youth to adult sizes for great fit; ASTM certified♥♥♥♥♥
Retrospec Traverse H1 Ski & Snowboard HelmetCertified ABS shell; Converts to bike/skate helmet♥♥♥♥♥
TurboSke Ski HelmetMesh covered vents and comfy ear pads; ASTM certified♥♥♥♥♥
Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard HelmetLightweight and colorful; meets CPSC standards♥♥♥♥♥
JetBlaze Ski HelmetSize adjustment dial and in-mold construction; ASTM and European EN1077 certified♥♥♥♥♥

Best Kids Ski Helmets

OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet with ASTM Certified Safety

Image of the OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet - with ASTM Certified Safety, 9 Options - for Men, Women & Youth (Pink,L)

The OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet with ASTM Certified Safety comes in several colors with sizes for children as well as parents, ranging from 48cm to 61cm. It is ASTM certified and features a shock-absorbing EPS core surrounded by a reinforced ABS shell. 

One of the great things about adjusting this ski helmet is the included dial. Once you size appropriately for your child’s head, you can use the dial to create a customized fit that offers the most protection. 

The OutdoorMaster ski helmet also comes with a removable fleece lining and removable ear pads. This lets your child stay warm without the bulkiness of earmuffs or a beanie. Additionally, the lining and ear pads are easy to wash if they get sweaty after a long day out on the slopes.

One downside is that the ear pads don’t sit far enough down to completely cover the ears. 

Something else that adds to the overall comfort of this ski helmet is the ventilation. There are 14 individual vents for plenty of airflow through the helmet. 


  • Dial to adjust the size and fit of the helmet 
  • ASTM certified 
  • Comes in 9 color options 
  • Removable fleece lining and ear pads that are easy to wash
  • Good amount of ventilation 


  • Ear pads don’t sit low enough

Retrospec Traverse H1 Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Image of the Retrospec Traverse H1 Ski & Snowboard Helmet, Convertible to Bike/Skate, Teal Gloss, Medium (55-59cm)

The Retrospec Traverse H1 Ski & Snowboard Helmet, Convertible to Bike/Skate is a great choice for kids who need flexibility in a helmet. It converts to a bike/skate helmet, so you can be sure they’ll get plenty of use for it whether they are out riding with friends or riding on the slopes over winter break. 

The fit of this helmet is adjustable because of the chin strap and ErgoKnob adjustable dial that changes the size of the hardware in the helmet. This customizable fit ensures your child gets the maximum protection from the helmet. The ErgoKnob can be twisted with one hand, which is nice for once your child has all their gear on.

The certified ABS shell wraps a shock-absorbent layer of EPS foam. This also has 10 vents that help with regulating temperature through the helmet and removable plush earmuffs for added warmth. The earmuffs also have a pocket that lets you use headphones with them. A

nother nice feature is the goggle clip, which helps keep goggles in place over the helmet. 

This helmet has an interchangeable foam insert that lets you switch between a ski/snowboarding helmet and a bicycling or skateboarding helmet. For parents who want their kid to get more use out of the helmet than just when vacationing, this is a great option.

Even though this comes with a padded chin strap intended to cushion the chin, the padding is bulky and can press against the throat when the helmet is secured. This is also a little bulky overall when worn as a bicycle helmet. 


  • Very adjustable size 
  • Easy to turn knob to adjust the helmet
  • Inserts let you switch between ski/snowboard helmet and bicycle helmet 
  • Removable plush earmuffs
  • Headphone pockets in the ear 
  • Certified ABS shell and EPS foam


  • Padding on chin strap is bulky
  • Bulky when worn as a bicycle helmet 

TurboSke Ski Helmet

Image of the TurboSke Ski Helmet, Snow Helmet for Men, Women and Youth (L, Black)

The TurboSke Ski Helmet, Snow Helmet for Men, Women and Youth is perfect for every member of the family. It features an adjustable chin strap and glove-friendly dial, as well as comfort and safety features perfect for hitting the slopes. 

This ski helmet is ATSM tested and has two reinforced layers for protection, including a hard ABS outer shell and high-quality EPS foam on the inside. There are several vents placed around the helmet for airflow, however, they are covered with mesh to keep the snow out. One pair of vents sit over the goggles, which stop the goggles from fogging up. 

Some other nice features include the goggle clip, as well as a washable and removable liner and ear pads. These keep your head warm but can be removed if you’re skiing in warmer weather.

Something to note is that the ear pads to come out a little easily, especially if the helmet fits tighter when you set it on your head. 


  • ASTM tested for safety
  • ABS outer shell and EPS inner
  • Airflow vents with mesh covers to keep snow out 
  • Vents over the goggles area 
  • Goggle clip
  • Washable and removable liner and ear pads 


  • Ear covers fall out easily when you’re putting the helmet on

Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Image of the Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet, Matte Magenta, Small (52-55cm)

The Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet is designed a little less bulky than the Retrospec helmet already mentioned. This is available in several colors and comes in extra small or small size. 

While this does have an adjustable chin strap to help you achieve the right fit, the helmet does not have an adjustable knob like some of the others so you’ll want to be sure you choose the right size. The outer shell is made of hard ABS while the interior has EPS foam.

Whether this is used on the slopes or as a bicycle helmet, it meets CPSC safety requirements. It is incredibly lightweight because it does not have the same hardware as the other helmets mentioned so far.

Other features of this helmet include a goggle clip that keeps goggles secured onto the helmet and plush earmuffs for warmth. Once the earmuffs are removed, this meets the regulations for a bicycle helmet.

There are also ten air vents to regulate the temperature in the helmet and keep your child’s head from overheating and a moisture-wicking liner. 


  • Less bulky than some other helmets 
  • Moisture-wicking liner 
  • Removable earmuffs 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Works as a bicycle helmet too
  • Adjustable chin strap


  • Doesn’t have adjustable sizing 
  • Not as thick as some other helmets 

JetBlaze Ski Helmet

Image of the JetBlaze Ski Helmet, Snow Sports Helmet, Snowboard Helmet for Men Women Youth

The JetBlaze Ski Helmet, Snow Sports Helmet is dual-certified with USA ASTM and European EN1077 safety standards. It has an external shell made of strong ABS material and high-quality EPS foam on the inside. The reinforced layers provide plenty of protection. 

A size adjustment dial and chinstrap ensure this fits your child’s head perfectly, with the size adjustment dial being glove-friendly and easy to adjust with a single hand.

The helmet also has twelve total air flow vents and eight air flow vents that can be opened or closed by pushing a switch. This gives you control over the temperature inside your helmet by controlling airflow.

The JetBlaze ski helmet uses in-mold construction with an ABS outer shell and EPS foam that has been fused together. It also comes with ear covers that provide warmth but still allow you to hear well because of the strategically placed holes in the design. The liner inside the helmet is also removable for easy washing. 

Even though this helmet is adjustable, it doesn’t have a lot of padding. It fits best for people with rounder heads because kids with oblong heads may experience some rubbing from the edge of the helmet, especially in the area that goes across the forehead. 


  • Dual-certified for safety 
  • Size adjustment dial and adjustable chinstrap for a custom fit 
  • In-mold construction for lightweight, durable design 
  • Ear covers with hearing holes 
  • Removable liner is easy to wash 
  • Air flow vents can be opened/closed


  • Works better for rounded head 
  • Can rub on kids with more oblong heads 

Giro Slingshot Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo

Image of the Giro Slingshot Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo Matte Magenta/Daizee XS/S (49-52CM)

The Giro Slingshot Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo is a safe, fun way to let your child show off some of their personality with their ski helmet. It comes with a helmet and matching goggles in several fun designs including aliens, penguins, shark, and more that follow CE EN 1077 guidelines. 

With the goggles included, this best kids ski helmet has what your child needs to hit the slope. The matching youth goggles fit perfectly with the helmet and has a double layer of foam around the face for extra comfort. Additionally, anti-fog technology ensures your child can see perfectly as they ride down the slopes and avoid hazards.

Unfortunately, there is no clip to secure the goggles in place and they do not come with any kind of carrying case to prevent scratching. 

The helmet itself is made using an In-Form Fit System with a dial that can easily be turned even with gloves on. It even has vertical tuning, which lets the helmet accommodate different head shapes and a different pair of goggles if your child has a brand they prefer. 

To prevent overheating, Super Cool vents have been included on the top of the helmet. This also has a plush liner and ear pads for warmth.

For safety, this has a polycarbonate outer shell and a foam liner fused together with in-mold construction. They create a lightweight helmet perfect for younger kids. 


  • Has vertical adjustment to adjust the helmet to your child’s head shape
  • Adjustable knob and chinstrap
  • Come with matching goggle 
  • Double layer of foam on the goggles and fog-free lenses
  • Super cool vents to prevent overheating
  • Lightweight, durable design 


  • No goggle clip
  • No carrying case for goggles 

Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids

Image of the Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids and Youth - ASTM Certified - US Ski Team Official Supplier

The Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids and Youth is ASTM certified and manufactured by a US Ski Team Official Supplier, so you can expect quality. This ski helmet is recommended for ages 3-8 and comes with two different foam liners, so you can switch out the sizes and the helmet grows with your child.

The Wildhorn kids ski helmet comes in several designs including fun colors and cute characters, as well as a matching pair of goggles. The in-mold construction make the helmet durable but lightweight. In addition to the liners offering a customizable fit, this also has an adjustable dial fit system to adjust the circumference of the helmet. 

The goggles included in this set are nice because the lens adjusts to work in sunny or cloudy conditions and features a 47% VLT semi-mirrored lenses. Each set of goggles comes with different ratings, so you’ll want to check them out if you go for a different design and consider the benefits. The goggles also have an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating, as well as 100% UV protection. With adjustable straps, its easy to get the perfect fit with the goggles. 

The helmet itself also has ventilation channels that draw cool, fresh air through the front. Hot air and moisture exit through the back. Not only does this regulate temperature in the helmet, but it also works with the anti-fog properties to keep goggles clear. 


  • ASTM certified 
  • Fun designs with vivid colors and cute characters 
  • Durable and lightweight design 
  • Comes with high-quality adjustable goggles 
  • Adjusts vertically and around 
  • Designed to grow with your child 


  • We couldn’t find any! 

Giro Launch Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo

Image of the Giro Launch Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo Matte Orange Dino/Dino Snow Flash SM (52-55.5CM) Helmet 7104869 Goggle 7105715

The Giro Launch Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo comes with a stylish matte helmet and adjustable goggles. The Launch is Giro’s top-selling youth helmet and offers several ways the helmet can be adjusted to get the perfect fit. It has CE EN1077 safety compliance. 

The helmet itself adjusts using an In-Form Fit System that works by turning a knob near the base of the helmet. This is easy to turn and adjust with one hand, even while wearing gloves. This helmet also has vertical adjustment that changes the profile to fit different goggles and customizes the fit for your child’s head. 

Another benefit of the Giro kids ski helmet is the Super Cool vents that allow air flow through the helmet, regulating the temperature while your child rides down the slopes. The included goggles have anti-fog coating and double-layer face foam. While they should fit well, they can be a little tight over the helmet.

There are also ear pads and a soft, plush liner for warmth and comfort while riding. 

For kids who are worried about their helmet not looking ‘cool’ enough, this is a good choice. In addition to a wide variety of colors and designs, some of the helmets have extras like a shark helmet featuring a fin on top and an alien helmet with alien eyes. 


  • Wide variety of cool and colorful designs 
  • Comes with matching goggles 
  • Adjusts to fit the shape of your child’s head perfectly 
  • Goggles have anti-fog coating 
  • Cool air vents to regulate temperature


  • Fit of the goggles can be a little tight over the helmet 

GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet for Kids

Image of the GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet for Kids-Youth-Women-Men - Snowboard Helmet Pass ASTM Certified Safety, 3 Sizes Options

The GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet for Kids-Youth-Women-Men is ASTM certified meeting both F2040 and F1446 standards, as well as CE EN1077 certification. The outer shell is made of durable ABS and the EPS core absorbs shock felt on impact if your little one wipes out on the slopes. 

The helmet is warm without causing overheating because of a removable plush liner and 13 individual vents that allow cool air to flow through the helmet. This also has removable ear pads. Something to note is that the internal lining is a little thin, so your child will want to add a beanie for more padding. 

There is a small visor on the front of this that is added to block some sun. However, the visor is removable depending on preference and the profile needed for your child’s goggles. There is a strap used to secure the goggles while they’re over the helmet, preventing them from falling off. 

Like many others, this features a knob to easily adjust the sizing of the helmet. This is a nice feature that allows for a better fit for your child.

As an added benefit, this comes with a 30-day guarantee so parents don’t have to worry about spending money on something that doesn’t work for their child. 


  • ASTM and CE EN1077 certified 
  • 13 vents for air flow 
  • Removable liner and ear pads 
  • Removable visor 
  • Goggle strap on the back of the helmet
  • Adjustable sizing 


  • Inner lining of helmet is a little thin

Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

Image of the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet - US Ski Team Official Supplier - Performance & Safety w/Active Ventilation

The Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet – Performance & Safety w/Active Ventilation is manufactured by Wildhorn, supplier of the US Ski Team. This performs well, provides safety, and is a great choice for comfort if your child is going to be spending a lot of time on the slopes. It also meets EN1077 and ASTM standards. 

The lightweight, ergonomic design sits comfortably on the head and weighs around 25% less than similar products. It is low-profile which accommodates different head shapes and ski goggles. In-mold construction fuses together EPS foam and an outer shell of durable polycarbonate material. Additionally, there is a Fine Tune Adjustment system that uses a knob to let this be micro-adjusted for the perfect fit. 

Another nice feature is the removable ear pads and fleece liner, which add warmth to the helmet but can easily be washed. The ear pads also hold Wildhorn Bluetooth speakers if your child wants to listen to music while they are zipping down the slopes. 

In addition to having a lightweight, comfortable design, this comes with Wildhorn’s patented VNT technology with adjustable vents that you can open and close to regulate the temperature of the helmet. This lets your child ski in all kinds of temperatures.

Something to note, however, is that the lever to adjust the vents is hard to maneuver while you’re wearing the helmet, especially if you are wearing gloves (check out some great kids gloves here!)


  • Meets ASTM and EN1077 standards 
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design 
  • Uses PC material, EPS foam, and in-mold construction
  • Removable ear pads and fleece liner 
  • VNT technology to keep your child’s head cool
  • Option to use Bluetooth headphones with the ear pads 


  • Hard to maneuver open/close switch for vents 

Buying Criteria for Kids Ski Helmets


The safety features of a helmet typically don’t function properly unless the helmet fits your child’s head right. Even though most helmets have adjustable straps, the straps don’t change the fit of the actual helmet. You’ll still need something that sits securely on their head. 

Having the right size is important because a helmet that is too large is going to shift through the day. It also leaves certain areas unprotected because it won’t sit against the head everywhere. If the helmet is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and wearing it won’t be a pleasant experience. 

Sizing of helmets varies depending on what company manufactured the ski helmet. You’ll want to find a brand with a sizing chart and use the circumference of your child’s head to find the perfect fit. 

Shape of the Helmet

Every person’s head shape is unique. When you’re choosing a helmet to protect your child on impact, you want something that conforms to the head as much as possible. Consider the overall shape of the helmet, in regards to if the design or rounder or more oblong. 

Something else to look for when considering the shape of the helmet is the profile. The profile describes how low the helmet sits on the face and in the back, as well as the amount of room left when the goggles are in place. 

If you are trying to find a good fit, the best kids ski helmet is one that offers vertical tuning. Vertical tuning changes the overall shape and height of the helmet. When used with an adjustment knob and chin strap, having these different adjustable features is the best possible way to get the right fit for your child. 

Safety Features 

The primary purpose of a kid’s ski helmet is to protect them if they wipe out, not to look stylish. While sizing has a big effect on how safe a ski helmet is, the materials and technology used in the helmet also affect overall safety.

The most common kid’s ski helmets feature in-mold construction. In-mold construction means that the foam layer and outer shell have polystyrene beads injected between them. When steamed, these beads expand and create a durable foam layer. The expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) creates a durable, strong helmet that resists cracking and absorbs energy on impact. ABS polycarbonate is another common material used for this process and it works in the same way. 

For teens who like to do stunts or racing, there is a higher risk of injury. One safety feature to consider is MIPS or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. A team of the Royal Institute of Technology based in Stockholm, Sweden created MIPS technology in 2001 to further reduce impact to the brain after a skiing or snowboarding accident. 

Unlike traditional protection, MIPS works to reduce rotational forces when the helmet is impacted at an angle. There is a low-friction layer between the liner and outer shell of the helmet that slides around, reducing impact to the brain.  Of course, the average child who is just sliding down the slopes may not need MIPS technology. It is designed for action sports.

ASTM/CPSC Certification

Something else to note regarding safety is that finding a helmet that is ASTM or CPSC certified is a good idea. The ASTM (American Standard Testing and Materials) International and the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commision) set standards for safety helmets for many sports, including skiing and snow sports. Helmets that are ASTM or CPSC certified meet the minimum requirements for safety to reduce or prevent brain injuries and fractures. 


One of the biggest factors regarding comfort is the overall fit of the helmet. Something that is too tight is going to squeeze your child’s head, making it uncomfortable to wear. If a helmet is too loose, it will slide around and won’t provide the protection your child needs. 

The materials and placement of padding around the helmet also affects overall comfort. Some manufacturers place extra padding in contact areas to avoid irritation (like on the forehead and sides of the helmet). Something to note is that this comfort foam doesn’t improve the safety of the helmet at all. 

Another feature that impacts comfort is ventilation. Ventilation provides air flow through the helmet and stops your child’s head from getting too sweaty while they are skiing, making it more likely that they’ll keep it on.


While style should be far from the first thing you consider, some kids might be more inclined to put their helmet on if it looks cool. There are a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles available.

Another option would be to buy sticker decals if your child wants to decorate the outside of their helmet. Not only does this encourage them to wear their helmet, but it also gives them a chance to personalize it so it doesn’t get lost. 

Extra Features

Ski helmet manufacturers often add extra features to their helmets to make them stand out from others and offer a unique experience to kids who wear them. You can find helmets with extra room for snow goggles, detachable ear pads or liners for warmth, vents, built-in speakers, a carrying case, and more. Think about what your child needs/wants out on the slopes as you consider the extra features.

FAQs About Kids Ski Helmets

Where is the best place to buy a ski helmet for kids? 

There are a lot of retailers that sell ski helmets, especially sporting stores. Many also claim they have the best kids ski helmets. However, sporting stores may only carry snowboard and ski helmets seasonally, especially if you live in a warmer climate.

Shopping for ski helmets online is another good alternative. When you shop online, there’s a wider selection of styles. There is also flexibility on how much you spend. 

As you won’t be able to physically see the helmet or try it on, you’ll want to check out kids ski helmet reviews. Additionally, try to use a sizing chart for ski helmets that you buy online to be sure it will fit your child’s head properly. 

How do I size a child’s ski helmet? 

The most important measurement when buying a child’s ski helmet is the circumference of your child’s head. You will need a tape measure to get this measurement. Alternatively, you can wrap a piece of string around their head and then lay it flat against a ruler to see how long it is. 

The area of the head that needs measured sits about one-inch above the ears and wraps around the widest part of your child’s head. Doing the widest part ensures the helmet isn’t too tight in any areas, which can cause rubbing, chafing, and discomfort. In many cases, the circumference for ski helmets is measured in centimeters instead of inches. If you can’t measure in metric, multiply the number of inches by 2.54 to get the centimeter measurement. 

Once you know what the circumference of your child’s head is, you’ll want to look at a sizing chart for the specific helmet you are thinking of buying for your child. Like most clothing items and hats, ski and snowboard helmets are manufactured in different sizes depending on the brand. There may be several centimeters that separate one company’s medium from another company’s medium because there is no industry-standard sizing. 

Sometimes, your child’s head circumference will fall between two sizes. If this happens, you should always go with the larger size because it will offer the most protection and your child will grow into it. Most helmets offer at least an adjustable chin strap and some have hardware that adjusts the actual circumference of the helmet. 

How long do ski helmets last?

Snowboarding and ski helmets are built to take an impact, so they are generally very durable. Even so, materials naturally break down over time. Most ski helmet manufacturers recommend that you replace your ski helmet every five years. You should also replace it if there are any cracks or apparent damage in the outer shell or inner foam, especially following a crash. 

As ski helmets are made to absorb impact, you don’t have to worry about replacing them if they are dropped or scratched. A good rule of thumb with scratches is to put your fingernail inside. If it is deep enough and wide enough that your fingernail fits, you’ll need a replacement to ensure your child’s head is protected if they wipe out on the slopes. 

Of course, you’ll also want to pay attention to the overall fit of your child’s helmet. As they grow, it is likely they’ll need a larger size. 

How do ski helmets work? 

Ski helmets work to protect the human brain from impact. Impact damages the brain by moving it around inside the skull, jerking nerves and blood vessels around and even causing bleeding in serious incidents.

In most cases, helmets have a layer of crushable foam on the inside. When this foam crumples in an accident, it absorbs the energy from the impact and reduces the energy that travels through your brain. By reducing the peak impact, there is a significantly lower chance of a brain injury.

Helmets also have a hard outer shell that makes space between the brain and the force of the impact. However, not all helmets are created equally. Those that do not have crushable foam (like construction helmets) are fine for protecting you from low-hanging beams or falling debris in the workplace, however, they aren’t going to withstand the impact from a skiing crash. It’s important that you purchase a kid’s ski helmet that can handle the force of impact after a crash. 

Do ski helmets protect from concussions? 

Ski helmets (and other helmets) are created with the purpose of reducing impact after a crash. While this prevents serious brain injuries and skull fractures, helmets do not prevent concussions. Currently, there are no ski helmets to prevent concussions available and you should not purchase from manufacturers that make this false claim about their product. 

Final Word 

The bottom line is that the ideal kids ski helmet is one that is going to provide cushioning and support to your child’s brain if they wipe out on the slopes. You might have better luck letting them choose the color and style they want, however, the fit of the helmet and the safety features are most important.

Our top pick from these best kids ski helmets was the Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids and Youth. It offers vertical and circumference adjustments so the helmet conforms to the shape of my children’s heads. The included goggles are also high quality and adjustable. As an added benefit, the cute characters and color designs made it easy for each of my boys to find a helmet that they liked.  

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