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The Best Infant Bike Helmets Reviewed and Compared

by Adrina Palmer |

Hello, Mamas! Today I bring you the best bike helmet for your baby. I have scoured the web and saved you valuable hours of research so you can focus on the important stuff, taking care of your baby and exercising. The Nutcase Baby Nutty helmet is the go-to protective head cover for babies while on the bike trails. Whether your chubby-cheeked infant is in a carrier attached to the back of your bicycle or in a trailer, I have the skinny to help you get skinny.

Best Infant Bike HelmetWhy It Is BestMom Rating
Nutcase Baby NuttyAdjustable, Lightweight, Ventilated, No Pinch, Sturdy.♥♥♥♥♥
Giro ScampGreat Cushion, Unbulky, Multiple Sizes, Flat Back, Matte Finish.♥♥♥♥
Joovy NoodleExtended Visor, Adjustable Dial, Extra Pads, Solid.♥♥♥♥♥
Lazer BobNon-Bulky, No Velcro, Reflective Tape.♥♥♥♥♥
Bell Infant SproutPinch Guard, Great Price, Hi-Impact Reflectors♥♥♥♥♥


The Best: Nutcase Baby Nutty

Image of the Nutcase - Baby Nutty Bike Helmet for Babies and Toddlers, Go Green Go

The first two things that come to mind when considering a helmet for a baby are safety and comfort. That is why the best choice is Baby Nutty by Nutcase. This adorable helmet will not only cradle your baby’s noggin but keep your baby looking up to see the world around them as you bike. The lightweight design offers eleven air vents with bug net to allow your baby’s head to breathe, even on the hottest day. This helmet comes complete with an additional set of pads to get the perfect fit for comfort.

Why I love it 

Unlike the Giro Scamp Helmet, the Nutty does not sport a sun visor, giving your baby a full view of the road. The Nutcase brand comes in multiple sizes to support multiple measurements and get the best fit for your little one. The no-pinch design of the chin strap is essential to a proper helmet and the Nutty rates highest in this department.

It Is Sturdy:  The back strap is made of elastic for the most stability without discomfort and is adjustable for a perfect fit.

It Is Pretty: This adorable helmet comes in multiple patterns including Petal Power pink for girls, Go Green Go with leaves for boys, or Moo, black and white print for animal-loving babies.

Why I Don’t Love it 

The only drawbacks to this otherwise magnificent product are a limited size range for infants under a year old and a chin strap that loosens with use. The recommended sizes are in centimeters and the helmet is best for the circumference of 47 to 50 cm.

The almost price tag can be hard to swallow but is a small price to pay to know your little one’s head is safe and secure no matter where the road leads you.

Alternatives for baby helmets with no sun visor include the Schwinn Infant Helmet. While the Schwinn Baby Helmet is a decent alternative at a lower price, Amazon reviews lead heavily toward the Nutcase Nutty Helmet for safety and comfort.


Image of the Schwinn Infant Helmet, Jungle


The Runner-Up: Giro Scamp

Image of the Giro Scamp Youth Bike Helmet Matte Blue S

The Giro Scamp is the next best helmet with a price that is a little easier to swallow. This little hero of a helmet is the smallest available on the market, fitting a range of 45 to 49 centimeters plus extra padding. Toddlers can wear the next size up. What makes this helmet so marvelous is the flat back to support baby’s head during a ride in the trailer. Another great feature is the matte finish to help avoid sunlight increasing the heat on your little one’s head.

Why I Love It 

It is Sturdy: Giro implements a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System into each helmet to ensure a quality product. The turn dial adjustment system ensures a proper fit for a sturdy support system for your child’s protection.

It is pretty: This sleek helmet looks like a tiny adult helmet with fun colors to encourage children to ride in safety. Stay simple with solid colors like black, pink, green, and blue, or branch out to multi-colored covers to show off your child’s flair.

It doesn’t cost much: While not the cheapest helmet, it does cost less than the Nutty, with similar features. The Giro brand is more expensive than the Bell (review below), but with a higher quality product to back up the price.

Why I Don’t Love It

The Scamp helmet only has a couple of cons. The straps can be a little difficult to adjust and the padding could be thicker for a more comfortable fit. Otherwise, this tiny-sized helmet offers all the same benefits of an adult sized helmet – great ventilation, a sun visor to protect your child’s eyes from the glaring sun, lightweight for longer use, and a four-point attachment to the base.

A good alternative to the Giro Scamp is the Giro Me 2, priced similiarly near but comes with lower reviews than the Giro Scamp including issues with the fit, comfort, and quality.

Image of the Giro GH26160 Youth Me 2 Bike Helmet, Pink Leopard


Joovy Noodle

Image of the Joovy Noodle Helmet, Pink

Keep your baby both fashionably sleek and comfortable in the Joovy Helmet babies will want to wear. The adjustable fit dial tailors the fit and the extended visor keeps the sun out of your child’s eyes. This half pound lightweight helmet fits heads 18.5 inches to 20.5 inches with nylon straps and a pinch-proof chin strap. Fourteen air vents with bug mesh and lots of cushions will keep your baby secure and happy.

Why I Love It 

It is Sturdy: Helmets should have a sturdy base that attaches securely to the outside foam cover. The base should fit snuggly without weighing down the head. Enter Joovy Noodle. Thi sturdy helmet does all these things with panache to ensure that if your little one falls, they will get right back up again.

It is pretty: This adorable helmet keeps life simple with several solid color choices sure to meet your needs in pink, black, orange, red, and teal.

It doesn’t cost much: The Joovy Noodle is priced lower than many options on this page around the midpoint level.

Why I Don’t Love It 

The Noodle runs into a few problems – the dial and straps can be difficult to adjust to the contours of your babies noodles and the strap does not offer a chin guard for extra comfort. Otherwise, the only other complaint from buyers is the red color appears pinker than advertised. While in third place, the Noodle is a strong contender for protection and quality.

The alternative to the Joovy Noodle is the Crazy Mars available in multiple sizes.

Image of the Crazy Mars Mountain Biking Helmet-Bicycle Helmet Men Bike Helmets Lightweight Helmet for Adult Cycling Green


The Next in Line: Lazer Bob

Image of the Lazer BOB Infant Helmet: White with Multi-Color Dots, One Size

The Lazer Bob (Bob stands for Baby on Board) helmet falls short of the other three helmets in growth, air flow, and adjustability but still has decent ratings with a great price, making your dollars stretch without forgetting quality and safety. This model only comes with six air vents, which means your little one will be sweating in a few minutes under the sun. But with 360-degree reflective stickers, this might be the best model for nighttime bikers. Special padding to keep the chin cool is a thoughtful additive to help your child enjoy exercise!

Why I Love It

It is Sturdy: While not the sturdiest helmet on the market other brands could follow suit on nighttime protection with more reflective tape.

It is pretty: Forget boring with the Lazer Bob! This cute mini helmet comes in fun patterns like festive dots, blue fishes, stripes, and geometric patterns.

It doesn’t cost much: You cannot beat the bang for the buck!

Why I Don’t Love It

Many buyers found this model fell apart far before it reached old age. The back adjustment band loosens, creating a wobbly helmet. The buckle pinches children’s sensitive neck and chin areas, which could lead to kids unwilling to wear protective headgear. Overall, the Lazer helmet received high marks despite these issues.

A strong alternative to the Lazer Bob is the Schwinn Teddy Bear helmet which is more affordable but you get what you pay for with this plastic helmet. The Nutty out-scored the Lazer Bob for its ability to fit baby and overall comfort, especially for babies chin.

Image of the Schwinn Infant 3D Teddy Bear Helmet


The Last Contestant: Bell Infant Sprout

Image of the Bell 7063263 Infant Blue Goo Sprout Helmet

The last helmet is the most affordable but the lower price tag sacrifices a lot of necessary helmet qualities. The Sprout lost points for reliability and bulkiness. A bulk size and shape forces children to glance down while riding because of weight and size. This helmet was the least comfortable for riding within both a trailer and a bike seat. This runner-up also did not have enough extra cushions for growth and would have to be replaced the soonest.

Why I Love It

It is pretty: The Sprout sports fun colors and patterns such as girly bows, dragons, silver flowers, pink poodles, and green and blue puppies. Little ones will love the looks!

It doesn’t cost much: The Sprout is easy on the budget.

Why I Don’t Love It

It is Sturdy: While this helmet meets all the standards for support the quality is not as high to allow for a lower price. Spending a few extra dollars would get better quality and better support for your child’s head.

An alternative to the Bell Sprout is the more costly Bell Mini in childish prints but at the cost of easier adjustments for fit.

Image of the Bell Mini Infant Bike Helmet- Mint Bows


Guide to Selecting a Baby Bike Helmet

Helmets should come CPSC certified that is Consumer Product Safety Commissions – or the government’s stamp of approval that a child meets all the safety measurements for children’s products. The best features to focus on when shopping for a baby helmet include:


Keeping your baby’s noodle safe is the most important aspect to check for in a baby helmet. The quality of products used to engineer the protective head covering is essential to protect little noggins. The inner band should be secured to keep the outer shell intact and on the babies head. A quality helmet will avoid using flimsy methods to secure the inner casing to the outer shell.


The size of the helmet matters. A helmet too small can hurt your baby. A helmet too big will not provide safety. Measure around the forehead just above the ears and over the eyebrows to get an accurate measurement of your child’s circumference.


The fit of the helmet should be snug without being tight to provide support and protection of the helmet coming off in a fall. The helmet should fit across the child’s forehead and not push up on their hairline.


The helmet should come with plenty of inner cushioning to allow enough comfort for a baby to wear the helmet for the duration of a bike ride. Without cushions, the helmet would also be more likely to move around and be less supportive.


Baby helmets should have plenty of ventilation to keep baby dry and cool. Overheating can happen to a baby quickly. Check for several air vents and large openings all over the helmet.


No two babies come in the same size. Look for a helmet that has plenty of adjustable features on the back base support and the chin strap to ensure a proper fit in case you should fall while biking.

Flat Back

Flat back helmets are easier for babies who will be riding in a trailer to cause less neck discomfort and allow babies full view of their surroundings.

FAQ’s about Baby Bike Helmets

  • Should I put a helmet rated for a one-year-old on my eight-month-old?

    Most infant helmets are designed for babies over the age of one. However, since all baby heads come in different sizes, focus on finding a helmet that fits your baby best.

  • Should I look for a helmet with a flat back if I am going to use a bike carrier instead of a trailer?

    Most infant helmets come with a flat back to accommodate trailer use. While unnecessary, a flat back would allow a better view for babies even in a bike carrier.

  • Is a magnetic buckle safe for my baby?

    Magnetic buckles might not be the best option for children who fidget and they may play with the magnetic closure during a bike ride, which could lead to the helmet not being secured during a fall. If your child is willing to leave the buckle alone, then a magnetic buckle is less likely to pinch their sensitive skin or come loose like a traditional buckle.

Final Thoughts and Verdict

The Nutcase Nutty Baby Helmet provides all the modern amenities of safety and security but a helmet is a personal decision that requires a try on. Try several helmets on your babies head before making a final decision.

Image of the Nutcase - Baby Nutty Bike Helmet for Babies and Toddlers, Go Green Go

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