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The Best Cloth Diaper Sprayers of 2021

Most people avoid cloth diapers because of the mess, but with the right sprayer, you can use cloth diapers without a whole lot more work. We found the best cloth diaper sprayer options to help you save time, work, and money too! And did you know those toilet sprayers are an eco-friendly way to clean cloth diapers? They can even double as a bidet for grown-ups, too! Keep reading for the best choices on the market.

Best Cloth Diaper Sprayer:

Best Toilet Sprayer (You Can Use for Cloth Diapers):

Best Cloth Diaper Sprayers

The Purrfectzone Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer is a handheld sprayer that does not have a splatter shield, where the Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield Bundle includes a mess free shield for extra convenience. 

Purrfectzone Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet Handheld Sprayer Kit- Easy to Install, Great Hygiene with Less Money Spent

The Purrfectzone Bidet Cloth Diaper Sprayer is a hand-held sprayer with a range of pressure. You can decide if you want full force or just a dribble by how far you push down on the trigger button. Pushed all the way down, the sprayer can handle any mess you find in your child’s diaper. 

As the sprayer is environmentally friendly, you don’t have to worry about losing any of the benefits of cloth diapering. It will also save your washing machine from extra work (and you, too!). No more trying to get everything to come off of a cloth diaper and then still having to wash it in the sink. Just wash with the sprayer and move it to a bucket for the machine. 

Moreover, the kit includes high-quality components to let you install the bidet set yourself. It includes the spray holder that goes right on the toilet, so you don’t have to put a hole in your wall. Also, it includes the valve adapter, plumber tape, acres and anchor, and washers, along with the hose and handle. 

However, you will need to turn off the shut-off adapter after each use to close the water supply to the bidet. If you don’t turn it off, you risk weakening the inner parts.

Use it on the sink in the laundry room, wash the dog, and so much more without taking up space or making your wallet cry.

Achiotely Handheld Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Ezelia High Pressure Fixed Shower Head, Anti-Leak 9 Settings Rainfall Showerhead with Massage Spa, Chrome Face, Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint, California Compliant 1.8 GPM

With the Achiotely Handheld Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer, you get a beautiful sprayer ready to enhance your bathroom with a brushed nickel finish. It attaches right to the side of your toilet to work as a bidet, and it’s perfect for cleaning dirty diapers right in the toilet. No more trying to shake poop off the diaper!

You can control the water pressure for more thorough cleanliness without the threat of poop dropping on you. It’s also environmentally friendly because it saves on toilet paper.

Furthermore, the bidet is great for hygiene to keep you clean without tons of toilet paper, irritating your skin, or leaving behind bodily residue. It’s a great option for families that don’t use toilet paper and opt to use cloth for everyone’s bathroom needs. Women with their period or even hemorrhoids can improve their cleanliness as well for a healthy boost. 

The kit comes with simple installation instructions and comes with all of the components. No need to pay an expensive plumber because you can attach it yourself. Also, you can hang it on the wall or mount it to your toilet.

Read the manual to see if you need to shut off the valve after each use. 

Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield Bundle

Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield Bundle - Includes Best Patented Shield and Premium Adjustable Diapers Sprayer - Pre-Rinse Messy Laundry and Prevent Mess

The Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer Bundle allows you to spray cloth diapers clean. It comes with everything you need in the box to assemble it and comes with a bonus. 

What is this bonus you ask? It’s a splatter shield that does not require assembly, and it folds flat for storage. Now you can place the diaper on the clip, put the guard inside the toilet, and wash without getting any toilet water on you. 

From there, you can simply drop the residue-free diaper into your pail liner for laundry day. It’s the easiest way to deal with a mess from a tiny baby. 

What’s more, the product is free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC. You can even use it as a bidet, for potty training, or anything else you can imagine. Moreover, you can save money by using fewer paper products, which are harsh on the environment. 

The kit comes from an inventive family wishing to improve the way we wash dirty cloth diapers. Poop doesn’t have to be a messy problem with a spray bidet. Although the price is a little higher, you get an even better two-piece product.

Find out why the spray pal diaper sprayer reviews rave about the combination of sprayer and shield!

Bumworks Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet

Bumworks Handheld Bidet Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet | Bum Gun Butt Washer, Hand Held Bidet Hose Attachment Water Jet Spray Set | Baday Toilet Kit (Bedit Toilet Badae Biday Boday Toilet Seat)

Use the Bumworks Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet to clean your bum and also spray cloth diapers clean and save yourself nasty messes.

Sure, babies poop a lot, but that doesn’t mean you need to clean it off the messy way, with towels or a scraper. 

Water works to get the poop off with high pressure and save you from constantly having to wash your hands. It’s an easy set to install, too, with shiny steel pieces. Moreover, the price is so nice you can afford to put one in every bathroom or even put one in the sink in your laundry room. 

The push handle makes it easy to push water out of the nozzle. It also has a clean design made of brass and chrome plated to make it affordable. 

What you will really love is that it takes just 10 minutes to install the bidet sprayer without any tools. The flexible water supply line integrates with your toilet and makes it more functional. Make sure to use all the pieces, including the washer, to avoid leaking. 

Finally, it mounts to the toilet for easy access and fewer holes in the wall. Two rows of water holes on the nozzles offer you the most water pressure to clean off dirty diapers with ease. 

While the BumGenius diaper sprayer isn’t available anymore, you can get the Bumworks cloth diaper sprayer instead!

Handheld Bidet Toilet Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit

Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, SonTiy Hand Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet Water Sprayer Bidet Attachment Bathroom Jet Spray for Personal Hygiene, Brass Sprayer Head, 3 Year Warranty

The Handheld Bidet Toilet Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit gives you more control over the water pressure. It also offers unrivaled water flow. You can turn the water on or off easily and moves with ease to help you clean diapers. 

Don’t limit this to using for diapers, though, as you can use it to clean the toilet, wash the dog, potty train children, and more. If you don’t wash your diapers in the toilet, you can attach this to a sink in the laundry room, too. The sprayer is ergonomic, too, making it easier to use any way you want. 

Moreover, it assembles to your toilet in just five minutes without tools or a plumber. People can use it for cleaning disabled individuals, those with constipation, women recovering from a c-section, and so much more. 

Lastly, the set comes with a warranty to ensure high quality. It’s one of the more expensive bidet sprayers, but you get what you pay for, and this one comes with a tested 500,000 use life span. All those with a larger wand, brass body, and a chrome finish.

JP Bathroom Master’s Hand-Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer

JP Bathroom Master's Hand Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer & Bidet Sprayer for Toilet | Easy to Install Toilet Bidet Sprayer Kit with Adjustable Pressure Control (THUMB CONTROL)

The Hand-Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer is unique because it has more water holes to spray more water faster. It comes with an easy clip you can push up or down and not keep your finger on to operate. 

With the mass amount of water, you can clean diapers in a snap. Moreover, it’s leakproof so you can soak the cloth diapers and not yourself! Cleaning diapers has never been so easy. 

Install the bidet in just minutes. Attach it to the wall or to the toilet, and all the other parts come in the box too. Also, adjust the water pressure to the exact amount you need with the easily adjustable switch to go very gently or full pressure. 

Don’t just use this for diapers, use it to reduce toilet paper usage, and get your behind cleaner than toilet paper is capable of on its own! 

Finally, the set comes with a safety promise, manufacturer warranty, and a 90-day full refund policy. 

KAIFEE Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer

If you want an ergonomically designed bidet with a targeted sprayer, try the KAIFEE Bidet Sprayer for Toilet and Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer. The spray nozzle is smaller, but this makes it easier to clean without making a mess. Moreover, the hand is curved for an ergonomic design with a place for your fingers to sit comfortably. 

Get a gentle or jet spray just by a simple adjustment. It’s the perfect option for people who want to use it not just for washing cloth diapers but also for those who want to clean their posterior or need to take care of someone who cannot go to the bathroom on their own.

You can install it in just five minutes without tools. Also, you can mount it to the wall or the toilet.

Even better, it uses high-quality 304 stainless steel. It even resists corrosion and comes with a soft gloss to look good in your bathroom. The sprayer also won’t oxidize or fall apart. If it does, you don’t have to worry, as it has a three-year warranty. 

Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit by Easy Giggles

Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit by Easy Giggles - Handheld Bidet Spray for Toilet with Brushed Nickel Finish and Complete Accessories

The Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit is ready to sit on your toilet and help you clean diapers or your tushy. It comes with a 1-year-warranty and all stainless parts. 

You will love its ability to clean liquidy poop off cloth diapers to save you the need to scrape or sit there and try to get the poop off the diaper. Also, you can use the sprayer to clean the toilet, wash, and reduce toilet paper usage. No more dunk and swish and getting your hand covered in toilet water. 

Adjust the water pressure to your desired level by turning the lever on the T-valve to a comfortable level. It works with most US toilets and comes with all the parts you need. It mounts directly to the toilet to take up less space and save you from putting holes in the wall. 

The sprayer works great, adjusts to your needs, and offers the most flexibility. All this with stainless steel and brass parts ready to stand the test of time.

No need to hire anyone to install the set either as it’s an easy DIY project you can do for a sense of accomplishment. If you rather, have your husband set it up for you, just make sure he uses all of the included parts!

Do remember to turn off the water supply after each use to ensure the longevity of the bidet sprayer. 

Best Toilet Sprayers (You Can Use For Cloth Diapers)

The SonTiy Bidet Sprayer is available in a beautiful rose gold color, whereas the Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer and the SmarterFresh Luxury Handheld Bidet Sprayer are available in the traditional nickel finish.  

Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set

【New Version】Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer, Premium Stainless Steel Bathroom Bidet Sprayer Set, Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer with Superior Complete Accessories, Support Wall or Toilet Mount

The Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set saves you time and money by flushing away mess, so you don’t have to touch it or use disposable papers.

You can use it for children and adults, but we love it for babies’ cloth diapers. It comes with stainless steel and lead-free brass for durability. Moreover, the bidet sprayer resists oxidation and corrosion. 

As the inner hose uses high-grade EPDM with high-density nylon braiding to prevent leaking even with high pressure. Use the trigger to achieve the spray you need for a cleaner life. 

Use the bidet for easier cleaning for adults, especially after pregnancy, when you are still sore. Then, use it to clean your child’s cloth diapers a more sanitary way. You can even use it to make cleaning the toilet a breeze with a steady stream of water!

Choose the jet spray or soft spray to get the water pressure you need to suit your purpose. Mount the handle holder to the wall or the toilet. Also, you don’t need a plumber, as the kits super easy to install yourself. 

Save trees with the sprayer as you can clean diapers without paper! Not to mention, reduced toilet paper saves you money too. 

Finally, with 18 holes on the nozzle, you get uniform water distribution. Make sure to follow all of the instructions to prevent leaking, and don’t forget the washers!

SmarterFresh Bidet Sprayer 

SmarterFresh Diaper Sprayer – Superior Splatter-Proof Stainless Steel Sprayer Cleans The Messiest Cloth Diapers – Complete Diaper Washer Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

The SmarterFresh Bidet Sprayer offers superior craftmanship with heavy-duty 304 stainless steel with brass inner triggers. It also has an anti-twist inner tube pipe and brass body ready to last for years. As a matter of fact, they guarantee their product for life. 

Now you can wash the poop off cloth diapers without splatter! No more dunking cloth diapers into the toilet for the dunk and swish game in germ-infested water. Why do the work when water can wash away bodily functions? 

With amazing pressure and a leakproof design, you can use the bidet for washing diapers, cleaning the toilet, or washing.  Just turn on the water by turning the T-valve, spray the diaper, then toss it in your dirty diaper pail or a wet bag. 

Set the bidet sprayer up without a professional in just ten minutes. No need to run to the hardware store either, as everything you need comes in the box. 

If you don’t wash your diapers in the toilet, you can hook this up in the shower, sink, laundry room, or anywhere else you need to adjust the pressure to clean dirty diapers.

Reduce the disgusting aspect of diapering with cloth diapers and save your hands in the process!

All Metal Handheld Bidet Sprayer by Hammerhead Showers

All Metal Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Chrome | Universal T-Valve Adapter Attachment | Perfect Toilet Paper Substitute | Leak Free, DIY Installation, Built to Last with Stainless Steel and Brass

For sleek bidet sprayer, you need theAll Metal Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet. It comes with solid brass and stainless steel parts for high-quality and durability. You also get a universal T-valve ready to work with any toilet. 

The mount for the sprayer handle can go on the wall or on the toilet tank to work with your preferred design. Now you can adjust the pressure with the easy-to-use spray nozzle with an easy-to-hold handle. It has a long hose, too, for extra functionality. 

No more spending several minutes trying to remove your baby’s number two. Get rid of that number two in under a minute, saving your valuable time for more important things like cooking or finally getting to take a nap! 

Furthermore, you can save money on toilet paper with this environmentally friendly product. It’s made right here in America with recyclable packaging. 

Install the unit yourself without tools or a professional, with clear and easy-to-follow instructions. If you don’t love it, you can get your money back. But you won’t want to return it as it’s made to last with no plastic, only metal. 

FLPMIX Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

FLPMIX Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet - Can Be Hot and Cold Water - Adjustable Pressure Control Sprayers Kit for Toilet, Baby Cloth Diaper, Bathroom Cleaner, Pet Shower, Personal Hygiene(Chrome)

The FLPMIX Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet allows you the use of either hot or cold water. Besides that, it’s designed to work for your with a switch that stays in place. Toggle it on or off and start using. 

It’s extremely affordable and won’t clog. The international 4-point thread makes it easy to connect to your hose and toilet. Also, it installs in just minutes without a professional in about half an hour. 

However, this unit is made to last. Although it’s anti-break ABS plastic, it does make it lighter and easier to hold for long amounts of time. It’s designed to avoid leaking, so it works for you instead of against you. 

The company does suggest you turn the T-valve off when not in use. Also, you can attach the bidet sprayer to the wall or the toilet, and everything you need is in the box. 

Bidet Sprayer for Toilet by SonTiy

Hand Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, SonTiy Cloth Diaper Sprayers Bathroom Bidet Shower Handheld Shattaf, Precision Pressure Control Jet Spray Attachment Rose Gold Brass Sprayer Head, 3 Year Warranty

Are you looking for a rose gold finish? You need the Bidet Sprayer for Toilet by SonTiy. It’s beautiful and ready to fit in your bathroom if you oppose steel finish and want a shock of beautiful color. 

The benefits don’t stop there, you can choose from three spray levels, including slow, medium, or fast. It even comes with a longer, more ergonomic design you can hold easily to clean dirty diapers. The sprayer even includes an easy to switch toggle for easy use while cleaning. 

However, the hose is not as flexible as the other options but definitely looks nicer in the gorgeous color. You can install it on the wall or the toilet in just minutes. 

While it costs a significant amount of money, you get half a million uses or more for superior quality. Moreover, the nozzle comes with a smaller, more targeted head to work exactly where you want and not get water everywhere. It’s worth the price for the thoughtful design and multiple uses ready to clean diapers and anything else you need. 

Comparing Diaper Sprayers

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Criteria 

Do you need a sprayer for cloth diapers? No, but it makes life waaaaaay easier.

Before making your final decision, take a look at some of the essential factors involving cloth diaper sprayers before making a final decision.

Durability and Cost

Durability is easily the most important feature of a bidet sprayer.

Those made of steel tend to last longer than the other options like plastic.

However, you need to find a sprayer in your price range you can afford. Balance out the best quality at the best price in your budget, and you have a winner! 

Environmentally Friendly 

You probably chose cloth diapers to do your part to protect the environment or to protect your infant’s delicate skin. Either way, a bidet sprayer can continue to help you leave a smaller carbon footprint.

A bidet uses less water and paper to clean a diaper than traditional methods while also saving you time and money. 

With a bidet sprayer, you can also eliminate the need for flushable cloth diaper liners. With less scrubbing, a bidet sprayer can even help your diapers last for longer with less time soaking in water to get them clean.

Last, of all, you can use a bidet to help cut down on toilet wipes, toilet paper, and other products for other people in the house too!

Adjustable Pressure 

Weak water doesn’t clean as well as fast-paced water. Make sure you pick a bidet sprayer ready to keep up with the task of cleaning dirty diapers. All the options we have chosen work more like mini pressure washers instead of a faucet. 

However, you don’t want the water to be so high pressured you cannot control it and keep the water going into the toilet instead of all over your bathroom. It’s the diapers that need a wash, not you!

Lastly, find a trigger that works for your fingers and helps you to control the water as you go or one that allows you to leave it in place without holding your finger on the trigger. 

FAQs – Cloth Diaper Sprayers

Can I really install a cloth diaper sprayer myself?

Absolutely. It looks more difficult than it actually is to install a bidet sprayer. The vast majority of sprayers include clear instructions. Also, YouTube has tons of videos like this one: 

Do I really need to turn off the T-valve after each use? 

If possible, yes, as it can protect your investment. Also, you should make sure to empty the water in the sprayer too by turning it on again real quick. 

Why? Because when you leave the vale on, it leaves pressure on the connections in the sprayer. Over time, this can wear out the parts and lead to leaks.

Turning off the valve also prevents kids (and immature teenagers or adults) from using the sprayer as a new spray gun or toy!

I don’t want even a chance of poop splashing on me, how can I prevent this? 

Sprayers can cause splash-back, especially on higher settings. To avoid this issue, find an option with a low spray setting that you can adjust up. Make sure to turn it down when moving around.

Another option includes using a spray shield to prevent any water from getting away from the diaper or toilet. 


The Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Sprayer and Splatter Shield Bundle is the best option as it comes with a patented shield along with a sprayer.

You can use it to not only clean your diapers but also as a bidet for adults and other children, too. Once you add a bidet sprayer to your bathroom, you will wonder how you ever lived without it in your life!

Clean your cloth diaper the easy way, with a spray designed to pressure wash poop off your diapers and where it belongs – in the toilet. Not only are sprayers affordable but environmentally friendly, so you can take care of diapers and hygiene without sacrificing your values!

Cleaning cloth diapers without a sprayer is a mess you don’t have to deal with ever again. 


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