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The Best Changing Tables: Diaper Duty Made Easier

The average child will have their diaper changed ten times a day and use approximately 7,000 diapers before they’re potty trained.

Yes, a parent can change those diapers on the bed, floor, or any flat surface. But a changing table allows you to change diapers at a comfortable height, so consider saving your back muscles.

Browse this list of the best changing tables and find the best one for the duty…

The Best Baby Changing TablesWhy It's BestMom Rating
Delta Children Nursery Side Changing TableA simple and sturdy design with a great price tag♥♥♥♥♥
Dream On Me Emily Changing TableClassic and traditional design that's easy to assemble♥♥♥♥♥
Delta Children Universal 3 Drawer DresserLots of storage and usable after diaper days are done♥♥♥♥♥
Costzon Folding Baby Changing TableHigher changing area with a folding frame♥♥♥♥
Badger Basket Corner Baby Changing TableUnique shape works well for corners and smaller rooms♥♥♥♥

The 8 Best Changing Tables

Costzon Baby Changing Table with Hampers 

Costzon Baby Changing Table, Infant Diaper Changing Table Organization, Diaper Storage Nursery Station with Hamper and 3 Baskets (Gray+White)

Most changing tables offer shelves for storing baby equipment and clothing, but you must supply your own storage bins. The Costzon Baby Changing Table with Hampers throws in the storage hampers for free. This wooden changing table has a clean and organized look and wins the prize for the most color options with seven different choices.

Some parents said the assembly was a bit challenging; others had no problem.


  • Water-resistant pad included
  • Equipped with safety strap
  • Comes with storage hampers


  • Ease of assembly had mixed reviews

Dream on Me Emily Changing Table 

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table, Espresso

The Dream on Me Emily Changing Table is a budget-friendly choice if you desire a traditional, wooden changing table. Color choices include white, natural, black, espresso, cherry, and steel gray.

The specs say it holds up to 30 pounds, but some parents report it seems too lightweight for older infants. 


  • Easy assembly
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lightweight

Costzon Folding Diaper Station 

Costzon Baby Changing Table, Folding Diaper Station Nursery Organizer for Infant (Gray)

The Costzon Folding Diaper Station, constructed of steel and canvas, has a lightweight, eleven pound frame.  Three storage compartments are included and it comes in two color choices: gray or black. The manufacturer says the table can be used as a massage table for baby and its comparably taller size may make it easier for a parent to change, dress, or massage their baby.

The specs mention it is foldable and portable because it can be folded in half when you need to store it out of the way. The downside of this is that you’d have to take all your items off of the shelves before doing so. This makes it a poor choice if you’ll be moving it frequently and using it for storage. It features a water-resistant cover and does not include a safety belt.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Can be dismantled and easily stored


  • Non-furniture look

Graco Changing Table  

Delta Children Universal 3 Drawer Dresser, Espresso Cherry

The Graco Changing Table boasts an extra deep surface, which means more safety for baby during diaper changes. Made of high-quality wood, this is a traditional-looking diaper table. It features deep shelves for storage, which can transition nicely to toys and clothing as the child grows.

Parents report that the assembly is easy and it comes in four colors: white, pebble gray, cherry, and espresso. 


  • Comes with water-resistant pad
  • Equipped with safety strap
  • Made of solid wood


  • Mid-price range

Delta Children Universal 3-Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Universal 3 Drawer Dresser, Espresso Cherry

More pricey than a simple changing table, the Delta Universal Dresser is really a dresser that can be made into a changing table with a changing kit add-on.

This versatile dresser may be the perfect solution for a family that doesn’t want a changing table sitting around taking up space when the child is older. At that point, they can take off the attachment and employ a lovely piece of storage furniture. Spacious drawers can hold baby gear and this model comes in a choice of six tasteful colors: black, black cherry espresso, espresso cherry, dark chocolate, gray, and white. 


  • Lots of storage
  • Transitions to use as a dresser


  • High-end price
  • Changing frame sold separately
  • Changing pad sold separately

Badger Basket Corner Changing Table  

Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with Pad, Hamper and Basket

If you are short on space, take a look at the Badger Basket Corner Changing Table. This unique changing table allows you to change the baby with feet pointing toward you. The Badger Corner Changing Table comes equipped with a storage basket and a handled hamper in the largest storage space, but you could put a diaper pail there instead. Comes in white, espresso and gray.

It’s worth noting that while some parents may need a corner changing table due to space issues, for parents that are used to changing a baby sideways, changing baby with their feet toward you could be a challenge.


  • Comes with changing pad and safety strap
  • Fits in small rooms; space-saving
  • Two storage baskets included


  • Baby is positioned differently – with feet toward you
  • Higher-end price

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Portable Playard with Changing Table  

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Packable Portable Playard with Changing Table - Braden

The Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard with Changing Table contains a changing table within a portable playard. If you are on-the-go and traveling a lot with an infant, this might be an ideal option.

This combo is a playard, a bassinet, and a changing table, complete with lockable wheels and side storage pockets. The playard uses cool, breathable mesh on sides and some of the coverings can be removed and washed. When it’s time to go, you can fold the combo in half and tote it in an included travel bag.

For another combo playard and changing table, check out the Chicco Fast Asleep Playard.


  • Comes with foam changing mat
  • Transitional and multifunctional


  • Suitable for infants only up to 25 pounds
  • Height is lower than other changing tables

Delta Children Nursery Side Table 

Delta Children Nursery Side Table Designed for Effortless Dressings and Diaper Changes, White

The Delta Children Nursery Side Table is inexpensive and only comes in white. But approving parents say it’s sturdy and easy to assemble.

The Delta does not come with a changing pad, but it accommodates standard changing pads.

If you are looking for a sensible, no-nonsense changing table, this may be the one. 


  • Budget-priced
  • Sturdy


  • No changing pad
  • No safety belt

Changing Table Tips & Safety

Using a changing table is ergonomically friendly (saves those back muscles) and it gives parents a place to conveniently stash essentials. However, having your baby high off the floor can be a safety hazard.

Every year, approximately 3,000 babies are injured in accidents involving a changing table. Some of these injuries are life-threatening; even fatal.

Parents know that babies wiggle and squirm, especially when they are being changed or dressed. Babies are surprisingly strong and determined and an active baby can easily roll off the table. 

When it comes to changing table safety, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The more barriers on the sides of the changing area, the better
  • Rolling tables should have their wheels locked and sitting on a flat surface, away from dangerous objects
  • Using a contoured pad with raised sides and a safety belt may help prevent accidents
  • It’s a good practice to always keep one hand on your baby when using a changing table
  • Never, ever leave your baby unattended while he is on the changing table. 

Using the storage space provided for diapers and wipes assures that everything you need is close at hand. Make sure, however, that your baby can’t reach out and grab changing essentials, or you might see your baby’s face covered with creamy white diaper cream (true story). 

Most parents use a changing table until their child reaches age one, or a height of 32 inches (the standard length of a changing table), but check the manufacturer’s guidelines for height, weight, and age recommendations. 

Final Take

A changing table can be a helpful piece of equipment to make daily diaper duties easier. However, there’s a limited season for this piece of furniture.

Knowing this, I’d recommend the budget-friendly Delta Children Nursery Side Table because it’s sturdy and sensible.

If you would like to make a larger investment, the Delta Universal Dresser is an item that can be transitioned into a piece of childhood furniture once the diaper days are done.

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