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The Best Baby Doll Strollers of 2021

Doll strollers allow little kids to pretend to be grown-ups with imaginative play. Roleplaying is one of the best ways for children to learn empathy and caring for other people. Find the best baby doll strollers available on the market right here so your little girl can start learning important skills at a tender age. 

Best Baby Doll Pram Stroller:
Best Simple Baby Doll Stroller:
Best Double Baby Doll Stroller:
Best Triple Baby Doll Stroller:
Best Wooden Baby Doll Stroller:
Best Baby Doll Wagon:

Best Baby Doll Pram Strollers

Compared to the pram strollers on this list, the Hauck Doll Pram is the best-selling stroller at a reasonable price. While the Hauck Pram and Olivia’s Deluxe Stroller allow kids to remove the bassinet from the stroller (2-in-1), the Badger Pram, New York Pram, and Badger Polka Dot Pram are 3-in-1 strollers.

Olivia’s Little World Deluxe Stroller 

Olivia's Little World - Polka Dots Princess Baby Doll Deluxe Stroller - My First Baby Doll Foldable Stroller with Easy Removable Bassinet & Basket for Doll Accessories - Pink & Gray

Get an amazing Parisian stroller with the Deluxe Stroller.

While the other strollers on the list use a steel gray or black frame, this one comes in vintage white coupled with pink and gray polka dot fabric. It’s also an adorable old fashion pram just like the ones used generations ago. 

What’s truly special about this stroller is the bassinet can come out and serve as a Moses basket for sleeping dollies. Fold the stroller down when you need to store it and keep the doll accessories in the included diaper bag.

This is by far the cutest option for little girls ages three and up, and it’s washable too!

Hauck Love Doll Pram

Hauck Love Heart Doll Pram, Toy

The Hauck Love Doll Pram takes girly to a whole new level with layers of pink on top of pink with polka dots and hearts to make little girls’ lives as bright and sparkly as their personalities. With a little white added in for whimsy, this pram-style stroller is ready to fold down for storage and looks cute even in your daughter’s closet. The only thing it’s missing is an 18-inch doll!

While the retractable canopy, foam handles, and large basket add to the charm, it’s the bassinet that makes this stroller amazing. Your little girl can take the basket off the stroller base can carry the baby around with the two handles like a little Moses basket. It’s truly the most adorable stroller for little girls three and up. 

Badger 3-in-1 Pram Stroller

Badger Basket 3-in-1 Doll Pram, Carrier, and Stroller (fits American Girl Dolls), Pink/Dots

Let your child transport their baby in the Badger 3-in-1 Pram for a taste of the past. The first thing you will notice about this pram is its feminine pink and white polka dot design.

Second, it’s styled after prams from over a hundred years ago. Children can use the stroller with or without the carrier.

The stroller has a fixed wheel position, making it easy to move and it includes a plastic body with high-quality fabric. It’s sized for 18-inch dolls or smaller, including American Girl dolls. While it doesn’t fold up, it’s gorgeous and ready to work as both a fun toy and beautiful decor in any room. 

Hello Kitty Doll Wagon

Hello Kitty Toy Wagon

The Hello Kitty Doll Wagon is a super cute baby doll wagon with a pink Hello Kitty pattern all over. Dolls up to 18 inches will fit well in the removable baby carrier.

A small storage area is beneath the pram carrier, allowing your little one to throw their toys and doll necessities in there when they’re on the go. Children can easily grab the two handles of the carrier to pick up baby. Of course, once play is over, the pram easily folds down for travel or storage.

As a wagon, it can hold more than just dolls too making it extra useful and adorable. 

New York Doll Bassinet Stroller

The New York Doll Collection Heart Printed Doll Bassinet Stroller with Travel Carry Bag for 18 Inch Doll, A149

Your little one will fall in love with this Bassinet Stroller from The New York Doll Collection. 

This is definitely a feminine stroller with a bright red and white heart pattern. Dolls up to 18 inches can fit in this stroller and carrier cot (which can be used in the stroller or out of it). 

Just like a real stroller, the seat sits straight up or lays down. You can easily fold the stroller down when not in use. 

Mommy and Me Doll Pram

Mommy and Me Deluxe Doll Pram My Sweet Princess Doll Stroller with Basket, and Free Carriage Bag, 32

The Mommy and Me Doll Pram looks both modern and vintage at the same time. With both vintage legs and basket but a modern bassinet ready to make your girl’s baby dreams come true. 

At 32 inches tall, it’s perfect for taller little girls and comes with a storage bag.

However, the stroller isn’t adjustable but does come with a cover on the pram and can hold a couple of baby dolls. It doesn’t fold up either but has a discernible charm not found in other strollers for dolls.

Yesteria Doll Stroller

Yesteria Baby Doll Stroller Foldable Pram with Swiveling Wheels Pretend Play Toy for Toddlers and Kids

The pink floral Yesteria Doll Stroller is a foldable and multifunctional stroller. An adjustable canopy can move from one end to the other end of the carrier for the perfect position.

The carrier can be removed from the stroller at any time to be played with separately. It is designed to hold baby dolls that are up to 16 inches long, which is a tad shorter than what some other carriers can hold.

Keep in mind that this stroller is designed for young children because of its short height. I would recommend it for a 2 to 3-year-old.

Badger 3-in-1 Doll Pram

Badger Basket 3-in-1 Doll Pram, Carrier, and Stroller (fits American Girl Dolls), Pink Gingham

Are you looking for a fancy pram? The Badger 3-in-1 Doll Pram fits dolls up to 22″ long — which is more than what most strollers hold. 

This 3-in-1 pram allows your child to push the baby in the stroller while in the carrier or to play with the stroller and carrier separately. This allows for more imaginative play as your child can pretend to put baby to sleep in the carrier and then take the doll out to take the doll for a walk in the stroller.

The carrier features straps for carrying, a canopy, and a cover to keep baby cozy. 

Designed for children 3 years and up, this 3-in-1 Doll Pram would be great for even 2-year-olds! 

Best Simple Baby Doll Strollers

The Precious Toys Stroller is the most budget-friendly stroller whereas the Baby Alive Stroller is the most high-end stroller. The Baby Alive stroller and Olivia’s Stroller are jogging strollers.

Baby Alive Lifestyle Stroller

Hasbro Baby Alive D85891 Lifestyle Stroller Toy , Pink

Fans of Baby Alive will love the Baby Alive Lifestyle Stroller. Not only is it adorable with a floral pattern paired with bright pinks and purples, but it’s also designed for comfort.

Little girls will enjoy pushing the maneuverable stroller with four wheels. 

Despite four wheels, this is a jogging stroller, and it’s designed to prevent dolls from falling out, which can be a problem with some doll strollers. Furthermore, it has a large basket underneath for doll accessories, just like a real baby stroller. Fold the stroller down when done and store it for later use. 

Princess Jogging Stroller

Olivia's Little World - Polka Dots Princess Baby Doll Jogging Stroller - My First Foldable Baby Doll Stroller with Basket for Doll Accessories - Gift Toys for Girls - Pink & Gray

If you want a more modern design, try the Princess Jogging Stroller. It is made by Olivia’s Little World with high-quality and good ratings.

It comes in an adorable polka dot fabric with brown and pink colors.

Dolls will love the stroller – that’s if they had thoughts – because it’s comfortable with footrests, a retractable canopy, and a safety belt. When your daughter is done pretending to be a mama, store the iron stroller by folding it up and placing it out of the way.

This is the perfect sized choice for girls ages 3 and up. 

DREAM COLLECTION Doll Set with Stroller


Gift a whole stroller set with this Doll Set from DREAM COLLECTION. Most strollers don’t include many accessories if any at all. With this set, you get accessories AND a baby doll.

Included within this set are a stroller, 12″ baby doll, extra outfit, diaper bag, bib, teether ring, and bottle. 

This is a 7-piece set for a very reasonable price so if you’re looking for high-quality long-lasting items, this isn’t the product to buy. Instead, this would be a simple and inexpensive gift for a toddler that includes everything needed for fun. 

Lissi Doll Set with 16″ Doll

Lissi Doll Umbrella Stroller Set with 16

Get a doll and an umbrella stroller plus a few accessories with the Lissi Doll with 16″ Doll. The two-tone pink stroller looks like a bright version of real strollers and comes with a dressed doll to push around.

Little girls even get a plate and utensils to feed their little baby food!

The stroller folds up for storage or for travel. Next, it can hold a baby up to 16 inches tall. Girls ages three and up can enjoy this fun little set and start copying their mom. This is especially great for a family that just had a baby. 

Precious Toys Umbrella Stroller

Precious Toys Hot Pink Umbrella Doll Stroller, Black Handles and Hot Pink Frame - 0128A

If you are looking to save a few bucks, get the Precious Toys Umbrella Stroller. While this stroller isn’t fancy, it will definitely transport a doll around the house or even outside.

Like a traditional stroller, this one folds up compactly for storage under a bed or in a closet. 

When your daughter is ready to go, she can take a 16-inch doll out for a stroll in a hot pink and black stroller. It’s fully assembled and tested to meet safety regulations. Also, it’s the right size for toddlers for pretend play. 

My First Doll Stroller

My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll

The My First Doll Stroller is the perfect beginner stroller with durable denim fabric ready to last as long as your favorite jeans. This is your typical stroller umbrella with an adjustable canopy and a basket underneath. However, it’s doll-sized, and you don’t have to worry about where to store your coffee cup because your two-year-old will be pushing the stroller.  

What’s great about the stroller is it folds up almost flat, making it perfect for dolls who occasionally need a break from cruising around the playroom. It’s an affordable choice for dolls up to 18 inches tall.

It includes an adorable embroidered pink heart on the front and ruffles on the canopy to make it even cuter. 

Best Double Baby Doll Strollers

For a high-end double stroller, the Joovy Caboose is high-quality, folds up, and allows Joovy doll car seats to connect to it. Olivia’s Jogging Stroller is a more budget-friendly option compared to the other double strollers.

Adora Twin Jogger Stroller

Adora Zig Zag Twin Jogger Stroller for Baby Doll

Little girls with twin dolls need the Adora Twin Jogger Stroller because it’s designed for double dolls to sit comfortably for a ride around the playroom.  It’s large enough for 16-inch dolls although it doesn’t come with a doll. 

However, the adorable and modern-styled stroller does come with an adjustable canopy and a large storage basket underneath for authenticity. The stroller folds down for storage when it’s time to put it away.

Keep in mind that this stroller is only 22″ tall, which is shorter than some other strollers mentioned in this article, so you probably shouldn’t purchase it for an older child.

Joovy Toy Stroller 

Joovy Toy Caboose, Doll Stroller, Doll Accessory, Pink Dot

The Joovy Toy Stroller is unique for several reasons. First, it’s blue instead of pink, making it a great option for little boys or girls who don’t love pink.

Next, the Joovy functions much like real strollers, as it can hold an infant doll car seat with an extension arm. It also has a five-point harness that can help to teach proper infant care. 

Moreover, the stroller has a large basket, a tandem seat in the back, a removable canopy, and a two-position footrest. The seat reclines, and standing dolls can even stand on the tow-along platform too! 

Olivia’s Twin Jogging Stroller

Olivia's Little World - Polka Dots Princess Baby Doll Twin Jogging Stroller, Foldable Double Stroller with Storage Basket and Safety Lock, Pink/Gray

The Olivia’s Twin Jogging Stroller is a cute jogging stroller that features a classic polka dot look. 

Similar to a real double stroller, this baby doll jogging stroller features a storage basket underneath, a retractable canopy, an adjustable handlebar, and can fold down easily for storage or travel. The stroller even locks in place so that it won’t fold down when a child is playing with it. 

At 29.52″ tall, this twin jogging stroller is not designed for older children as it is pretty small in height. 

Badger Front-to-Back Stroller 

Badger Basket Folding Double Front-to-Back Doll Stroller (fits American Girl Dolls), Pink/White

The Front-to-Back Stroller from Badger Basket is similar to a real-life double stroller. There’s an adjustable handlebar, canopy, storage area, and the stroller folds up when not in use.

You can fit baby dolls up to 18″ tall including dolls from American Girl, Our Generation, Bitty Baby, and more.

Children can sit dolls in each seat and buckle them in with a two-point harness. Then with the canopy pulled, they can view the babies through the peek-a-boo window in the canopy.

Buyers say this stroller is great for older kids especially but the quality of the stroller could be better.

Baby Alive Stroller

Baby Alive Littles, Push ‘N Kick Stroller, Little Lucy

If you are looking for a stroller perfect for Baby Alive dolls, you need the Baby Alive Stroller. What’s a lot of fun about this stroller is an interactive stroller and it comes with a doll plus accessories. 

The dolls – the stroller can fit two dolls – kick just like real legs!

However, the stroller is extremely small and short, although meaning older girls won’t enjoy it as much. It’s best for girls ages three and up, according to the manufacturer. 

Best Triple Baby Doll Stroller

Badger Triple Doll Stroller

Badger Basket Triple Doll Stroller - Pink Polka Dots (fits American Girl Dolls)

With the Badger Triple Doll Stroller, little girls can push around three dolls or stuffed animals at one time! 

The stroller folds down for easy travel, although, doesn’t give your toddler real car keys or access to your trunk. Three American Girl dolls or other 18 inch dolls can ride in the stroller with ease. They even get protection from the sun with an extended canopy. 

What you will love about the stroller is it’s designed with older girls in mind. The stroller can hold dolls up to 18 inches and works well for girls over the age of three.

While the stroller doesn’t have a storage basket, the umbrella-style stroller offers tons of role-playing fun to toddlers and little girls. The wheels are rubber padded too to keep the stroller from scratching floors. Do keep away from children under three years old. 

Best Wooden Baby Doll Strollers

Each of these strollers have a simple design but the Melissa & Doug Play Stroller could also be used as a high chair for baby dolls.

Melissa & Doug Play Stroller

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Wooden Play Stroller for Dolls-Stuffed Animals - White (18”H x 8”W x 11”D Assembled)

Let’s not overlook an old-fashioned stroller ready to work perfectly for toddlers. The Melissa & Doug Play Stroller comes in shades of white, blue, yellow, green, and red with cute little hearts. Instead of the typical pink, girls or boys who want more color variety can enjoy this wooden stroller. 

At 20-inches tall, it’s perfect for stuffed animals and dolls. A little pocket allows little girls to store their toy cellphone and car keys. Overall, it’s a high-quality item ready to encourage empathy in little children as they stroll around with their favorite dolly or teddy.

The Buddy Stroller

Are you searching for a vintage-style baby stroller made of wood? Check out the The Buddy Stroller because it speaks of times passed with a wooden frame and cheery fabric.

Moreover, this stroller promotes motor development as young girls as young as a year can use the stroller to start learning to push. 

Also, the wood is FSC-certified and safe with a non-toxic finish. The stroller measures 20.5 x 15.5 x 14.5 and folds down for easy storage. Even the wheels are covered with rubber to keep your floor safe and help little girls transport their dolls around the house. 

LINE BabyPram

LINE Baby Doll Wooden Pram in Pink

With the LINE Baby Pram you get an adorable pastel pink wooden stroller ready to last for several generations of toddlers.

Although this doesn’t look like the strollers available for moms to push babies in, it does have an easy-to-use design that’s perfect for little girls. However, it is a little small and won’t fit an 18-inch doll. 

The natural wood and water-based paint ensure your daughter will be safe as she walks in the park pretty in pink. Encourage your little girl’s creativity, imagination, and social skills. It even comes with rubber rings around the wheels to keep the wooden wheels from scratching your floor. 

Best Baby Doll Wagon


TRIOKID My First Kids Toy Wagon for Doll Trioswagon Blueberry Blue Deluxe Outdoor Doll Stroller Drawable Fabric with Adjustable Handle

Want something other than a traditional baby doll stroller? Consider gifting your little one the Toy Wagon from TRIOKID. 

With an almost 5-star rating, this baby doll wagon is super cute and lightweight, making it easy to pull around. The handlebar is adjustable so it can be fixed to the perfect height for your child (up to 20.5 inches). A small mesh basket is inside the wagon; a perfect place for storing a baby’s bottle or other accessories when you’re on the go.

Make sure to check your child’s height before purchasing to make sure the handle won’t be too short. Many parents say the handlebar adjusted to their child’s height perfectly but there were some buyers who said the handlebar was still too short. 

Comparing Baby Doll Strollers

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Criteria for Best Baby Doll Strollers

We found the best strollers by top brands to give you a comprehensive selection so you can make the best choice for the child in your life. Before you make your final choice, take a look at why a doll stroller is an essential toy ready to help your toddler or child grow. 


Strollers help children to play with dolls or stuffed animals and build emotional intelligence by caring for other beings. Roleplay is a necessary way to help kids gain social skills in early development. They can also learn responsibility and compassion. 

Also, playing with a stroller helps with language skills, imagination, and even physical skills such as motor skills. Children like to copy parents, and a toy stroller will help kids to copy both mom and dad. They also provide a fun way to play with other friends encouraging more social skill-building. 

If you are about to have a baby in your home or already have a baby, a toy stroller may help your child to enjoy “parenting.” They want to copy what their parents do, and they will do what they see, so if they see you pushing the new baby, they will enjoy pushing their own baby. Just make sure they don’t push their new sibling without supervision!


Always check the recommended ages of the stroller you want and make sure it’s age-appropriate for your child. Also, make sure the stroller can support the size doll your daughter has to avoid any issue with the stroller moving correctly. All the brands above are quality brands that test to ensure proper safety for little children. 


Doll strollers can come with many features similar to really baby strollers. Honestly, children only need an umbrella stroller for play, but they often enjoy a stroller that’s similar to their mom’s. The most important features though are maneuverable wheels and an easy to hold handle. 

If you want to save on space, pick a stroller that folds up or comes with a bassinet. Then you can store baby dolls in the stroller!

FAQs – Baby Doll Strollers

Is it okay to let my son play with dolls and doll strollers?

Absolutely! Babies are a huge part of life for both boys and girls. Also, both need to learn empathy and imaginative play. 

Playing with dolls helps with emotional intelligence, which is something both boys and girls need. Boys grow up to be men and fathers, and learning young to care for a doll may help them to grow emotionally and help to prepare them for the responsibility.

Some boys also love racing, and a stroller may be their favorite way to race!

Can my toddler use a doll stroller as a walker?

Doll strollers do not make the best walkers as they are not bottom-heavy. New walkers need extra support to stay standing, and strollers will not provide that weight. However, once your baby is walking without falling, they are ready to use a stroller to help improve coordination, muscle growth, and other skills. 

If you do plan to use a stroller as a walker, make sure to choose a wooden stroller to provide the heavy-weight a new walker needs for support. 

My daughter doesn’t want to play with dolls, should I get her a stroller? 

Your daughter may not play with a doll because she doesn’t have a stroller! For some kids, wheels are just more fun, and a stroller provides wheels to move dolls around. Also, a stroller can be used for a teddy bear or other plush animals. Some precocious kids may even put the family cat in the stroller!

Little girls who don’t have any interest in stuffed animals or carting around the family cat may not need a doll stroller, and that’s okay. 


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