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The Best Baby Bath Mats of 2021

If you’ve ever spent your baby’s bath time wrestling and rescuing them as they slip and slide in the tub, then you need a bath mat! The best baby bath mats keep your baby safe in the tub by providing a grippy space for their little bottom to use. The result is no injuries and much less stress. From fun designs to soft and even textured mats, we have all the best options right here. 

Best Baby Bath Mat Overall:

Best Baby Bath Mats

The Yimobra Shower Mat and TIKE SMART Shower Mat are the longest baby bath mats at 16 x 40 inches and 16 x 39 inches respectively. 

TIKE SMART Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

TIKE SMART Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub & Shower Mat 39”x16” (Smooth/Non-Textured Tubs Only) Safe, Clean, Machine-Washable, Superior Grip&Drainage, Vinyl, Transparent Purple

The TIKE SMART Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat is a bubbly mat filled with color ready to surround your tub in safety. As it’s made of vinyl, it’s only for smooth bathtubs. However, it’s extra-long at 39 inches by 16 inches to keep your baby safe no matter where they sit in the tub. 

Pick from bright colors like yellows and pinks or from neutral colors like browns and grays. It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial. You can even toss it in the washing machine if you want to get it extra clean. 

Last, of all, the mat is free of phthalate, BPA, and allergens. What we love the most is the mat has a cutout for the drain hole and tons of ventilating holds in the grid around the bubbles to keep the mat free of mildew and mold. 

Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat

Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat, Yellow

The Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat is not only adorable in the shape of a duck, but it’s ready to prevent your baby from sliding around the bathtub. With a bright yellow color, it’s easy to see you won’t have any trouble ensuring you get the baby on the mat and keep them there. Moreover, your baby will love the adorable color and cute design. 

As for safety, the mat has skid-resistant suction cups to hold the mat in place. Also, the textured material grips little feet and keeps them from falling even in water. You can easily roll up the mat for storage or cleaning. 

Finally, it measures 16 inches by 32.5 inches to fit in any tub. It doesn’t cover the entire tub and does leave some spots uncovered. It may come with a strong smell when you first use it because of the PVC material. 

Yimobra Original Bath Tub Shower Mat 

Use the Yimobra Original Bath Tub Shower Mat to cover almost your entire bathtub with gripping material. It’s big, durable, and comfortable. Moreover, the mat has a cutout for the drain. 

The mat measures 16 inches by 40 inches, but what you will love are the soft cushy circles and venting holes. The unique design prevents mold and adds comfort while suctioning feet to the bottom of the tub. Also, it has 200 suction cups to keep it in place. 

What’s best about this mat is you can toss the PVC right into the washing machine to give it a bath too! Moreover, you get eleven color choices, all for a very affordable price. It’s also free of BPA, latex, and phthalate. 

Do not use on textured or tile tubs. 

OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Soft Rubber Bathroom Bathmat with Strong Suction Cups (Blue)

If you are looking for a soft and cushy mat, get the OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat Soft because its the most comfortable option. Furthermore, if you don’t want PVC, then you may prefer the rubber design of this bath mat. 

Pick from two color options: sky blue and light gray. Either way, you won’t slip around on this 31.5 x 15.75-inch bath mat. The smaller width allows it to fit in smaller tubs with several rows of suction cups. 

The cobblestone surface massages feet (or baby’s tush!) while you bathe. It’s also an extra-thick rubber to provide cushioning. It does not have ventilation, so you may want to remove it after a bath to dry out. 

BeeHomee Bath Mats for Tub

BEEHOMEE Bath Mats for Tub Kids - Large Cartoon Non-Slip Bathroom Bathtub Kid Mat for Baby Toddler Anti-Slip Shower Mats for Floor 35x15,Machine Washable XL Size Bathroom Mats (Blue-Octopus)

Fill your bathtub with sealife using the BeeHomee Bath Mats for Tub Kids. It’s not only adorable but a great way for kids to learn about aquatic creatures. Chose from three different designs to work with your decor. 

Babies and kids will love the comical eyes on each of the fish, along with the bright colors and bubbles. Mom will love the easy suction with hundreds of suction cups. Although, you will need to hang to vent after each bath. 

The textured pattern helps feet grip the large mat and fuels the fun with a wave-like appearance. Also, the durable mat measures a generous 16 inches by 35 inches. It’s made of high-quality PVC that may have a smell during the first few uses. 

Whale Non-Slip Mat

Towwi Baby Bath Seats Chair for Sitting up Toddler Baby Bathtub for Infants with Whale Non-Slip Mat

The Whale Non-Slip Mat adds a little charm to your bathtub with an adorable whale design and a built-in seat. The mat takes up a large part of the tub and the seat sits in the back to help hold your baby up.

Keep in mind, despite the built-in seat, do not leave your baby alone in the tub ever for any reason. While it can help you to support your baby and keep your baby upright for washing, it will not replace your hands. 

Remove the seat when your baby no longer needs it and then you can use just the mat. 

Next, the phthalate-free mat reduces mildew build-up and sections well to stay perfectly in place and dry quickly. If you want, you can hang it on the showerhead via the tail to help it get extra dry. 

The mat measures 15 x 12 x 7 inches, making it a good option for smaller or narrower tubs. Now you can keep your kiddos safe from slipping in the tub. It’s a great option if you just transitioned out of or are planning on transitioning out of a baby bathtub

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat

Cover your tub with the Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat to completely prevent slipping and sliding. The large mat measures wider than other mats at 14 inches by 30 inches. It should fit in just about any tub.

Furthermore, the mat isn’t an eyesore in a neutral gray, and it comes with a cute multi-color dot design for extra gripping. The suction cups are placed on the bottom strategically around the edge of the mat, with a few on the inside. Ventilating holes are spread throughout to keep mildew and mold from growing. 

The mat is made of PVC without BPAs and will have an unpleasant smell at first, like most PVC mats. It can be used in both a tub or a shower to prevent accidents in the tub. 

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Mat 

Gorilla Grip Patented Bath Tub and Shower Mat, 35x16, Machine Washable, Extra Large Bathtub Mats with Drain Holes and Suction Cups to Keep Floor Clean, Soft on Feet, Bathroom Accessories, Gray

The Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath Mat provides a safe way to bathe your baby. What you will love are all the fun color options, including translucent colors and matte options, too, in a variety of over 20 colors. The benefits don’t end there either!

First, the mat is machine washable. Second, it’s free of BPA, latex, and phthalates. Next, its antibacterial with drain holes to prevent mold and mildew. 

The bottom is covered in suction cups to keep the mat from sliding and, in turn, keep your baby and children from sliding. Also, with the extra-large size of 35 x 16 inches, it can cover larger portions of your tub. 

Lastly, the mat is soft on your feet, making it more comfortable for little feet and bottoms. The plastic material is durable and ready to last for a long time. 

Mickey Mouse “Summer Fun” Bath Mat

Disney Mickey Mouse

The Mickey Mouse “Summer Fun” Bath Mat turns your bathtub into a Disney vacation spot. Now your child can take a bath with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto. The theme includes a surfboard, the beach, and the ocean along with a border with shells and palm trees. 

While the mat doesn’t have drainage holes, it has tons of suction cups to keep it in place. You will, however, need to remove and drain the mat to prevent mold and mildew. Either way, it will provide cushion and skid resistance with safe and reliable PVC material. 

Finally, the mat measures 28 x 15.8 inches making it a mid-range size that won’t interfere with your drain. Wash it with soap and air dry to clean. 

Bligli Bath Anti-Slip Mat

Bligli Bathtub Mat Baby Kids Bath Mat Anti-Slip Mat Cartoon Non-Slip Bath Mat Massage Shower Mat with Suction Cups Children 39 x 69 cm

Duckies always make bath time more fun and now you can get the Bligli Bathtub Mat Baby Kids Bath Mat Anti-Slip Mat for more ducks. Grabs summer rubber ducks or other bath toys to go with the bathmat. 

The mat is translucent with colorful ducks in green, blue, yellow, orange, and pink to make your bathtub a vibrant playland for your kids. More importantly, the mat will keep little ones from slipping and sliding. Wash the 15.3 in by 27.1 in bath mat in the machine when it gets dirty and hangs over the tub after each bath because it doesn’t have drain holes. 

Next, the textured mat cushions feet. Unlike many rectangular mats, this one is more of an elongated oval for added appeal. Moreover, the mat is BPA-free, non-toxic, phthalate-free, and latex-free, along with no strong smell. 

Sultan’s Linens Foldable Non-Slip Rubber Bath Mat

Give your bathtub a little luxury with the Sultan’s Linens Foldable Non-Slip Rubber Bath Mat. It comes with cushiony squares in a honeycomb texture with drain holes. You can also pick from three colors including teal, gray, or pink.

The textured mat does not use suction cups, as the foldable rubber mat works without annoying suction cups that can hold mold or mildew. Moreover, suction cups can damage your bathtub, and this mat helps to prevent this problem. 

You will also love that the mat folds up if you need it out of the way. It’s also large at 29 x 14 inches, although it is narrow making it a great option for less generous-sized tubs. Use this mat for adults, too!

Rubbermaid White Bath Mat

Rubbermaid #7035-04-WHT 14x22.5 SM White Bath Mat

The Rubbermaid White Bath Mat is rather boring but blends into any bathroom with ease. The solid white bathmat is made of plastic and vinyl and it’s rather heavy which nicely displays the high quality of the mat. 

While the mat doesn’t have any drain holes, it’s machine washable and antibacterial. As it inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, you can expect a long life from the mat. It measures a mid-range size of 14 inches by 22.5, making it work for almost any bathtub. 

Tubmats Original Patented Bath Mat

If you like bubble wrap, pick the Tubmats Original Patented Bath Mat

No, you cannot actually pop the bubble-like texture, but you can pick from four different colors. 

The mat is made of vinyl, and it offers a patented design that massages feet, making this a great option for both adults and babies. It’s easy to clean as you can put it in the washing machine, although you should not put any vinyl mat in the dryer. 

Last, of all, the mat measures 16 inches by 35 inches for a generous size ready to work in larger bathtubs. It also comes with tons of suction cups and literally hundreds of holes to minimize water and soap from causing mold or mildew. 

BOWERBIRD Premium Air Cushion Bathtub Mat

BOWERBIRD Premium Air Cushion Bathtub Mat with 800+ Air-Filled Cells, Provide Unprecedented Cushioned and Soft Comfort, Reduce Fatigue on Your Feet

The BOWERBIRD Premium Air Cushion Bathtub Mat give you the cushy bath experience you and your baby craves. A honeycomb pattern with an anti-fatigue air-filled mat provides unheard-of comfort. Use it for your child’s bath, then enjoy a bath of your own to relax like a queen!

Suction cups keep the mat from shifting around while your baby is in the tub. It’s made of heavy-duty rubber without BPA, toxins, phthalate, and latex. It’s also antibacterial and mildew resistant. The size measures 27 inches by 15 inches.

However, the mat only comes in a cream color, but you can wash it in the machine to get it extra clean. Bring the spa to your house with this luxurious mat, especially if your house only has a single tub, and you have to share it with the baby!

YINENN Bathtub Mat with Suction Cups

Give your baby a fun bath mat with the YINENN Bathtub Mat Non Slip with Suction Cups. The multiple holes help to keep the rubber mat soft and in place instead of slipping and sliding. The massive amount of holes help to drain the water to prevent the mat from building up mold, mildew, or soap. 

Next, the mat is made of high-quality rubber that is recyclable and environmentally friendly. It’s free of BPA, phthalate, and latex. You won’t get assaulted with a nasty smell like with a PVC mat. 

On the bottom, you will find tons of suction cups designed to keep the avocado green mat in place. If you don’t like the color, you have eight other options. 

It’s the only bathmat designed to last for several years without getting disgusting. Also, it measures wider for larger tubs at 17 inches by 20 inches. The pebble design on top makes your tub and looks like a spa. 

Aprice Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

Add ducks to bath with the Aprice Non-Slip Bathtub Mat. It’s a very simple design of a solid blue mat with three rows of yellow does all in silhouette. Underneath, the mat is covered in suction cups to keep baby free from slipping. 

The bathmat is made of eco-friendly materials and tested to meet environmental standards. They are also easy to clean as you can wash them in the machine. However, it does not have drain holes, so you will want to let it dry on the side of the tub after each use. 

Lastly, the mat measures a smaller 27 inches by 14 inches, meaning it won’t fill the bathtub. It’s a great option for smaller or narrow tubs. Now you can keep your baby safe in style just add in some rubber ducks to increase the fun. 

KMAT Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

KMAT Shower Mat Non Slip Bathtub Mats Bath Mats for Shower Tub with Suction Cups and Drain Holes,Bathmat Bath Tub Mat (BPA, Latex, Phthalate Free),Blue

If you want a non-traditional bath mat get the KMAT Shower Mat Non-Slip Bathtub Mat. It looks like a bamboo placemat but keeps your feet from slipping and your baby, too! The mat is a lattice style with a ton of natural drain holes. 

Furthermore, the mat offers you two colors and medium size. It measures 25 inches by 15.7 inches so it can fit in narrow bathtubs too. It’s an eco-friendly non-slip mat made with premium TPE and PP material without BPA, latex, or phthalates. 

In conclusion, the mat is textured and ready to keep babies seated. The mat means less work for you as you won’t have to take it out to dry it out and prevent mold. However, you will want to wash it occasionally to prevent soap build-up on the suction cups. 

ALL PRIDE Bathtub and Shower Mat

The basketweave ALL PRIDE Bathtub and Shower Mat comes with an incredible price and tons of color options. You can pick from colors babies and children will love with vibrant brights to casual neutrals. 

It’s made of eco-friendly PVC and measures 16 inches by 28 inches. The fun basketweave design allows for tons of natural drainage holes. On the bottom, you get tons of suction cups to keep the mat from slipping when your baby is in the bath. 

The design also means you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning up the tub after. Furthermore, the texture massages little bottoms and feet while in the tub, too, for a little added comfort. Toss the mat in the was when it needs an extra clean. 

WARRHDirect Bathtub Mat for Baby

Babies love adorable cartoon characters. The WARRHDirect Bathtub Mat Baby Non Slip offers cutesy narwhals with added sealife for detail. Moreover, the mat comes with a massaging swirling texture to help grip baby feet to place. 

Besides the narwhals, the mat is a clear color, and it is in brights hues to grab babies’ attention. Also, the mat features hundreds of suction cups to ensure your baby doesn’t slide by accident in the tub. 

Finally, the bathtub mat measures 27.5 by 15.7 inches, and it is made of non-toxic PVC. Do make sure to wet the suction cups before use to make sure they adhere to the tub properly. If you don’t want narwhals, you can also pick from sea life or duckies for more cute patterns. 

Playtex Cushy Comfy Safety Bath Mat

Ginsey, Grey Playtex Cushy Comfy Safety Bath Mat

Add some simple to your bathroom with the Playtex Cushy Comfy Safety Bath Mat. It’s made of 100% PVC with a slip-resistant texture. It even has tons of suction cups to make sure your baby will stay seated while in the tub. 

The durable design offers a long lifespan. Wash the mat with a little soap and water and hang it on a hook to dry as it does not have drain holes built-in. However, you can pick from two colors of neutral gray or neon pink. 

What we love about the mat is the extra-large size of 36 inches by 17.5, making it perfect for even larger bathtubs. Now you are ready to use your favorite baby bath products to wash your baby without fear of them slipping and getting injured in the tub. 

FeschDesign Non-Slip Bath Tub Mat

The FeschDesign Non-Slip Bath Tub Mat is made with natural rubber without any creepy material. It’s the perfect option for people who want to keep a safe environment for their baby. 

It offers a single white color with tight-gripping technology. Moreover, it provides excellent traction and non-slipping capabilities in your bathtub. It’s easy to clean with an 80’s style wacky geometric texture on top babies, and kids will enjoy trying to figure it out. 

Also, the large mat measures 16 x 28 inches, and it’s easy to clean. Keep your bathroom simple and safe with this versatile bathmat that won’t be an eyesore in your bathroom. Do note it does not have drain holes, so you will need to hang it to dry. 

Best Baby Bath Mats Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Criteria 

Before making your final decision, check out a few important factors to make sure you get the right mat for your needs. 


Most bath mats are made of rubber, latex, or PVC, which is often called vinyl. Latex and rubber can be all-natural but are usually made with synthetic versions to make them more affordable, although you can find natural versions. However, the vast majority are safe and non-toxic despite the potential for a strong smell. 

Rubber is often the most comfortable option as are some bath mats with cushion, like the BOWERBIRD Premium Air Cushion Bathtub Mat

Also, make sure to check for allergies, too, as babies can be allergic to latex, rubber, and even PVC


While the vast majority of bath mats are boring, some come with fun designs meant for children. However, most bathrooms are not just for children but for adults, too. Consider your bathroom and who will be using the bathroom before picking a cute ducky pattern. 

Shape and Size 

With bathmats, you don’t have a lot of options in shape or size. Most are either rectangular or oval. However, you do get a lot of size options. Make sure to measure your tub before choosing a bathmat. 

It’s best to choose a mat as large as possible as babies and toddlers love to move around a lot. You don’t want any uncovered spots if your baby is a mover! Also, if you have a larger mat, make sure to get one with a cutout for your drain to encourage proper water movement. 


If you have very little ventilation in your bathroom, make sure to pick a mat with ventilating holes built into the mat to prevent mold and mildew. Many mats do not have ventilation built-in and will require a little extra cleaning to make sure they aren’t going to cause mold issues.

Always wash bath mats once a month to prevent soap scum build-up, which won’t help your baby get clean!

FAQs – Baby Bath Mats

When will my baby be old enough to take a bath in a full-size tub? 

You can switch to a regular bathtub when your baby is able to sit unassisted.

However, remember to never leave your baby alone while they are in the tub until they are six years old or older. Even if a baby can sit up on their own, they are still not able to get out of water when they fall over or encounter other issues. 

Is a bath mat the same thing as a bath rug? 

No, the two are not the same.

A bath rug is made out of some type of fabric or soft material, and you put it outside of a shower or bathtub to help dry your feet after bathing and keep you from slipping on smooth floors. Meanwhile, a bathmat goes in the tub to prevent your baby from slipping while bathing. 

Do I have to have a bath mat in the tub for my baby? 

Not necessarily, however, a bathmat prevents babies from slipping. Let’s face it, babies are slippery when they are dry, let alone when they are wet! A bathmat is an affordable way to prevent injuries and keep your baby safe, and you too!

Consider a gripping bathmat for outside the tub too to keep you from slipping around as well. 


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