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The 21 Best Air Hockey Tables For Kids of 2021

Air hockey has been around since the late 1960s. It has stood the test of time for both hockey fans and game fans because it’s a great way to have fun indoors. 

Take a look at the twenty-five best air hockey table options and find the best option for your home. 

Best Air Hockey Table for Kids:

Best Mini Air Hockey Table:

Best Tabletop Air Hockey Table:

Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids

EastPoint Sports 72″ Air Attack Hover Hockey Table

EastPoint Sports NHL 72” Air Attack Air Hockey Table with LED Scoring System – Perfect for Family Game Room, Adult rec Room, basements, Man cave, or Garage

Pick the EastPoint Sports 72″ Air Attack Hover Hockey Table for a regal appearance ready to enhance any space in your home, except maybe your living room. It’s too high to serve as a coffee table, but it does include leg levelers to ensure you get a level playing field.

It’s midsize at 72 x 40 x 32, meaning it will take up a decent amount of space in your garage, basement, or playroom. Don’t worry- it’s so nice looking that your friends will all be asking where you got this beauty. It even has comfort corners and edges to help kids enjoy using the table.

The real advantage of the table is the Glazetek playfield that resists wear and tear. Also, it has power corners to keep the action going and the pucks in motion. 

Moreover, the table includes a side-mounted LED scorekeeper that lights up and automatically tracks play. You will have to assemble the legs on the table, though, but the legs are sturdy and ready to last for years.

Hall of Games Edgewood 84″ Air Powered Hockey Table

Hall of Games Edgewood 84

Turn your game room into a destination with the Hall of Games Edgewood 84″ Air Powered Hockey Table. It takes the modern look to new heights with a reinvented frame and solid construction. It has slightly rounded metal corners in a matte black finish with MDF laminate and metal aprons. 

On top, the sides offer a unique reinforced aluminum cover to prevent pucks from flying off the table and for extra stability. The extra secure legs are made of wood grain PVC laminate with metal crossbars for security. This table will not fall apart unless massively abused. 

At 84 inches long by 44 inches wide and 32 inches tall, it’s ready for teenagers or taller kids and adults. Little kids might need a step ladder, but you will never need to replace, and your kids can enjoy it for their childhood and teen years too. 

Lastly, it comes with a whopping 120 volt AC UL certified motor for maximum and even airflow over the entire table. It even includes unique lines for added appeal. Also, it has an easy access control panel to make scorekeeping a breeze. 

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Hathaway Midtown 6′ Air Hockey Family Game Table

Hathaway Midtown 6' Air Hockey Family Game Table with Electronic Scoring, High-Powered Blower, Cherry Wood-Tone, Strikers and Pucks

The Hathaway Midtown 6′ Air Hockey Family Game Table offers a retro game table like you would expect to see in an arcade in the sixties. It comes with a silver and cherry finish with distinctive on top markings. 

Use this table to create a focal point in your game room. Once you finish admiring the stunning design, use the stylish table for incredible airplay thanks to the 110-volt blower and almost 2,000 airholes for an impressive glide. 

Furthermore, the table comes with an electric scorekeeper with motion-detecting to provide accurate play. The table measures an impressive 64 x 30 x 31 inches in dimensions, making this the table ready to fill up your game room or family space. It even comes with a money-back guarantee if you don’t love the table, but with the design and ease of play, you will start new family memories with this air hockey table. 

Last of all, the table comes with expert craftsmanship with wood-tone laminate, chrome finishes, and stable design with leg levelers. The only way it could be better is if the high price included solid wood. 

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table Featuring All-Rail LED Lighting and In-Game Music

The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Interactive Air Hockey Table is the perfect addition to your house’s game room or man cave. That is if your hubby doesn’t try to keep this sleek air hockey table game all to himself. It looks like it belongs in a game place like the local laser tag shop. 

With a modern black and white design, the board offers a light-up blacktop with rounded corners perfect for air hockey. The company adds in little specks of blue for a festive design, too. Kids ages eight and up will spend hours playing laser air hockey with the interactive table. 

Next, the table includes ultra-bright strikers and pucks for increased fun. Dual motors propel the fun by providing continuous airflow. Keep track of the score with the electronic scoring, which lights up in a noticeable purple for easy viewing. 

Keep in mind the table is solid in weight at 75 pounds, and it won’t move easily. Make sure to assemble it at its final location, so you don’t need to try to move it after. 

Playcraft Derby 6′ Air Hockey Table

Playcraft Derby 6' Air Hockey Table - Cherry

Some people want an air hockey table in a room, and others want a room designed around an air hockey table. Enter the Playcraft Derby 6′ Air Hockey Table, which is ready to become the focal point of any game room. Not only is this table beautiful, but its also the retro style you have been dreaming of adding to your home. 

While the price is a little higher, this is the table ready to not just entertain kids, but adults, too, with a cherry laminate exterior and a high gloss playing surface that resists scratching. MDF constructed legs with pedestals increase the strength of the table. 

Even the top of the table features a retro line style with gorgeous accents. The corners are rounded with chrome, and so are the goal catchers too. 

Furthermore, the table has a 110 volt UL approved air fan motor for ultimate airflow. Although it doesn’t have a slider scorer, it comes with a quality electronic scorer ready to keep points tallied. You will have to assemble the table, but it’s a simple process, and the result is a gorgeous table ready to enhance any space. 

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table: 72 Inch Indoor Arcade Gaming Set with Electronic Overhead Score System, Sound Effects

If you want a table to serve as the focal point of a room, get the ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table. It’s six feet long with not one but two tables for two fun games ready to keep kids active even on rainy days. Not only do you get a full air hockey table, but in just a few seconds, change the table into a ping pong table complete with paddles and net. 

The high-end table provides high-performance materials and design. It provides powerful fans to help pucks glide across the table. This is the table ready to make your media room or basement into the game room of your dreams. 

Enjoy an LED electronic scorer, leg levelers, and a streamlined design. Store the paddles on the side and enjoy all the other bells and whistles. The set even includes pushers, pucks, balls, posts, a net, and paddles. 

Find out why ESPN is the place for sports, even when it comes to table sports. 

Best Mini Air Hockey Tables

Lanos Air Hockey Table for Kids

Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults | 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table with Electronic Scoreboard, Powerful Air Blower, 2 Pushers, and 2 Hockey Pucks | Ice Hockey Game Room Table

Pick the Lanos Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults if you want a cheerful design ready to improve your game room. It comes with real light wood and inlaid colors with blue accents on the legs and rounded corners. The muted tones enhance rooms without over-powering your space. 

Additionally, the lightweight table only weighs 28 pounds, meaning you can move the 47 x 23 x 31-inch table around on a whim. The compact design also means it will fit in smaller spaces, too. It includes levelers on the legs for adjustability. 

The modern table includes an electronically powered airflow with a 12-volt motor fan to stimulate the puck’s ability to glide across the table. Even the scorekeeper is electronic, although you have the option to use the manual scorer. 

Setup is an easy process and then you can play or your kids can take over. They will love the built-in lines on the top and the rubber padding around the sides for comfort. Now you can have sports on rainy days, too!

Best Choice Products 54in Large Air Hockey Table

Best Choice Products 58in Mid-Size Arcade Style Air Hockey Table for Game Room, Home, Office w/ 2 Pucks, 2 Pushers, Digital LED Score Board, Powerful 12V Motor, Carrying Bag

The Best Choice Products 54in Large Air Hockey Table is ready to provide a simple game of air hockey. What’s truly great about this table is the company provides a storage bag you can attach to the table to hold the pucks and pushers. Sure, kids probably won’t use the bag, but it’s the thought that counts. 

Also, the table measures 56.5 by 27 by 31.5 inches making it a bit of a space saver. It also offers full stability bars on all four sides and extra strong legs from high-quality composite wood and PVC. The table is heavy, too, at just over 43 pounds. Children over the age of eight years will love this table and the size. 

Next, it comes with rounded corners and an edgy design ready to entice kids to play. A 12 volt DC motor and adapter spread a steady stream of airflow to allow the puck to glide across the tabletop with ease. 

Add in an electric LED scorekeeper and a manual option on the sides for tracking who’s in the lead, and you have a super functional table. It even offers tons of on top markings for increase gameplay too. 

Hathaway Hat Trick 4-Ft Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Hat Trick 4-Ft Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults with Electronic and Manual Scoring, Leg Levelers

If your favorite team uses purple and black, then you need the Hathaway Hat Trick 4-Ft Air Hockey Table. It’s a simple board without the designated lines you find on other boards, instead of focusing on movement lines ready to help propel players into motion. Also, it includes fun designs on the full sides for added decor. 

Like many of Hathaway products, this fantastic product includes a six-month warranty. Getting a high-quality product doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

At 37 pounds with dimensions of 53 inches long by 29 inches wide, it’s a long enough table to provide hours of fun for both kids and adults. It’s still easy to move, too, while providing ease of movement when you need to make room for a couch or foosball table. The height is just right for kids and you can level the table with the legs. 

Furthermore, the fast-paced game incorporates a massive 110-volt fan to send streams of air through over a thousand holes for the best airflow possible. It’s a table designed to last with an engineered wood construction with reinforcements and rounded corners. 

Finally, it includes goal catchers and two types of scoring – electronic and slider. It’s time for quality fun. 

MD Sports 48″ Air Powered Hockey Table

MD Sports 48

Get a stand up table without stealing to much space with the MD Sports 48″ Air Powered Hockey Table. It’s a stand-alone table that measures 46.5 x 24 x 30 inches. It’s the perfect size for playing without needing a dedicated room. 

The hockey table has rounded corners paired with a black, white, and lime green theme. A thick leg panel provides stability, and leg levelers help to ensure a flat surface to improve the hockey table experience. 

Next, the table comes with an impressive interactive LED electric scoring system, or you can go old school with a manual slide scorer. If you’d rather, use the manual for each game win and the electric for games won. You will need to plug-in the 12V DC motor for strong and consistent air. 

Lanos Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults | 5 Foot Air Hockey Game Table with Electronic Scoreboard, Powerful Dual-Air Blowers, 4 Pushers, and 2 Hockey Pucks | Ice Hockey Game Room Table

Colorful games rooms need the Lanos Air Hockey Table to spice up your space. It comes with edgy blues and oranges with an ultra-sturdy design ready to last for decades. Moreover, the table is lightweight at just 28 pounds to make moving it a quick chore and not a full job. 

At 5 feet long, this 26 inches wide table provides plenty of game space without stealing the room. Simply add it into your game room without losing all your space and still provide tons of space for moving around the table or for those who want to watch on the sides. 

Rounded corners and a festive top with tons of detail increase the fun of this table. Another great advantage is it comes with dual electric blowers with a massive 100 volts of air. It minimizes friction so pucks can fly across the table—all with an electric scoreboard, four strikers, and two pucks. 

If you don’t love it, return the dense fiber wood table for your money back or a replacement. Don’t worry, you will love the sturdy foam-protected legs and the goal catcher too much to send this gorgeous table back. 

MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set

MD Sports Table Tennis, Slide Hockey, Foosball, Billiards, 54” 4-in-1 Combination Game Set with side Lock Clips - Quick Set-Up, Interchangeable, Fully Equipped, Model Number: CBF054_058M

Combine air hockey with real hockey for a legendary game room with the MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set. Not only does this include an air hockey table but also a pool table, table tennis, and foosball table. Now kids can have tons of fun all with one table. 

The table measures a compact 54 by 35.35 by 24.5 inches, making it the perfect size for smaller children and ready to provide hours of fun. You will need to store the additional tabletops. 

Enjoy multiple ways to play for added value for one low price. No matter who comes to the house, your kids can entertain them in multiple ways, quietly and far away from where you are looking for new recipes on Pinterest. 

Lastly, it also the table ensures authenticity, so if you don’t love it, you can get your money back. Kids will also enjoy tons of fun, easy-to-see lines for keeping track of the game. Also, it comes with leg levelers for a guaranteed flat surface. 

Sportcraft 48″ Air Hockey Table With Electronic Scorer


If you want a simple and affordable air hockey table, you need the Sportcraft 48″ Air Hockey Table With Electronic Scorer. It comes with a room-saving design and rounded corners to give kids what they need. It also has a winter design ready to enchant children as they race to hit the goal. 

The table provides 48 x 24 x 30 inches of playing space with sturdy barred legs ready to stand up tall, but not too tall, as it’s a little shorter, making it great for height-challenged children. It comes with two pushers and pucks along with an electric motor for continuous airflow, ready to help pucks glide across the table. 

Furthermore, the designs on top make playing the game easier, so the focus is on hitting the goal instead of figuring out who is on which side of the board. Mind you, you have to assemble the board a little, but that’s true of most purchases. We promise it’s not from Ikea, so the assembly is simple.  

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table Includes 2 LED Hockey Pushers and LED Puck

Add the Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table to your game room for epic levels of fun. The table features an incredible amount of design and detail with a theme of ice and fire battling for a champion. The table includes a frame with sturdy legs ready to uphold two players racing for a winner with an impressive amount of air. 

At 54 x 27 x 31 inches, it’s the right height for kids, and it’s stable too, with just under 40 pounds of weight. Parts of the game light up, like the puck and paddles. Also, the game includes an electric scoreboard and puck catcher too. 

Not many tables glow in the dark, but this one does. Moreover, the legs adjust to make sure the table is level even if your floors are not. Bring on the fun!

Best Tabletop Air Hockey Tables

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Rally and Roar Electronic Tabletop Air Hockey Game, Includes 2 Pucks, 2 Pushers, Built In Scoreboard

The Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table is a fabulous tabletop mini table ready to provide fun without requiring dedicated space. You will need to do a little assembly to get the table up and running; however, the price is well worth the work. Moreover, the table comes with a fun design with modern hints of wood for beauty and hints of blue with orange

Yes, it’s made for kids, but adults will love this table, too as it’s portable, includes a 12V motor, and legs for taller people. Take it to the playroom or to the living room to entertain whoever is in your home. All this and it comes with real airflow for fast and smooth puck action. 

The top allows for easy, smooth play with built-in lines for easier scoring. Also, for scoring, it comes with an electric scorer for easy tracking. Add in premium construction and foam for protection and you know your table will last a long time. 

Make sure to grab 2 AAA batteries for the scorer before you play your first game. If you rather, you can also use the built-in slide scorer. It’s large enough for adults or children to make a family fun game ready to rock game night. 

Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table

Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys by Hey! Play! Fun Table- Top Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults- Battery-Operated (22 Inches)

The Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table is perfect for small spaces. Not everyone that loves the game has room for a gigantic air hockey table. Instead, get the beautifully crafted wooden table with built-in sliding scorers. 

Not only is the table ultra-affordable, but it’s also tiny at just 22 x 12 x 4 inches. You can take it camping, to boring events, or even a birthday party if you feel so inclined. The portable table is lightweight and comes with a puck return for easy capture of the puck. 

Next, the game comes with real airflow, as it has an air motor inside to make the puck hover and glide across the surface. You will need eight AA batteries, which are not included, and a screwdriver to replace the batteries. Fall in love with air hockey again with this tiny table, but tell your kids to be gentle because the wood can crack. 

Sport Squad HX Table Top Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults - Electric Motor Fan - Includes 2 Pushers and 2 Air Hockey Pucks - Great for Playing on The Floor, Tabletop, or Dorm Room, one s

The Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table offers an affordable tabletop air hockey table with an electric motor fan. Even better, the size of the table measures 20 x 40 x 5 inches, making it long enough for decent competition. However, the size won’t steal your space and instead provides entertainment. When you are done, shove it in a closet or under a bed. 

Next, the table includes a high output fan for a realistic arcade experience thanks to a 12-volt motor and an adapter, so you don’t go broke buying more batteries. Assembly takes just five mines as you only need to attach the goal boxes, then you can play. It also includes two strikers and two pucks along with an abacus style scorer. 

The compact game is ready for a trip in the car to a friend’s house or even on a camping trip. It even has nonmarking rubber pads on the bottom instead of legs to take up less space. On the table, lines lay out the playing field so kids can keep score. 

Finally, its a table meant to make hockey easy for the whole family. Although it’s made for kids, it’s large enough for adults to enjoy the game, too. 

Best Choice Products 40in Air Hockey Arcade Table

Best Choice Products 40in Portable Tabletop Air Hockey Arcade Table for Game Room, Living Room w/ 100V Motor, Powerful Electric Fan, 2 Strikers, 2 Pucks

The Best Choice Products 40in Air Hockey Arcade Table is an extremely affordable way to add a little hockey to your home. With this table, you get an option that’s beautiful enough to work as decoration with wood sides and rounded corners. 

What you will really love about this tabletop arcade game is the 100v motor ready to make swishing the puck across the small top. The board measures 40 x 20 x 8.5. It comes with legs to raise the playing field to a comfortable level, too. 

At 16 pounds, this tabletop air hockey table is ready to bring the fun on the road with you. Set up is super-fast, too, so you can play instead of spend time assembling. It’s a great option for parties to entertain kids (or adults) with a little competitive fun. 

Set the game up on the floor and use the abacus style score. Lines help to distinguish between sides of the top, and a circle in the center provides a starting point. Now kids just need to score a goal by pushing the red puck into the built-in goals. 

Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table

Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table, LED Electronic Scoring Indoor Sports Game for Kids (42

The Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table looks like a graffiti board ready to impress even picky teenagers. It’s not just a very easy price to swallow but also a small table ready to fit anywhere in your home. In shades of black, white, red, and blue, it will look great in a kids room. 

Also, the game comes with an electric scorer or manual sliding scorer if you prefer. An electric blower provides real airflow to reduce friction. That’s right, kids can get a better gaming experience thanks to fantastic and smooth airflow. 

Unlike many tabletop hockey tables, this one comes with legs for a more stable game and to lift it up for easier play. Moreover, the table comes with smooth rounded corners, a goal box, an electric blower, and two pushers with two pucks. Plug-in the 12V DC motor for less friction and more winning. 

The table includes fun graphics on top for better visibility and easier gameplay. It’s time for fun without stealing space as you can even store this table under a bed. 

Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table with Powerful Electronic Blower, 2 Paddles, and 2 Pucks.

Get the Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table for your beach-themed room, as it comes with a weathered wood appearance along with deep blues and yellows. At 40 inches in length by 19.63 inches wide and 8 inches in height, you could even take this table to the beach with you to add a little hockey to sunny days by the ocean. 

It comes with a compact and sturdy design with four legs for added height. At just under 15 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to move from the playroom to the living room for an impromptu competitive match against the neighbor next door. All with a modern design your friends will rave over. 

Assembly is simple, and it comes with free accessories, including the pucks and paddles. Of course, it also comes with a 12V motor for the air feature you crave. Get a three-month warrant from Harvil for added benefit and proof of quality. 

Finally, the dense fiberboard table includes a manual slide scorer and vibrant graphics for easier playing. Get steady airflow so you can worry about playing and not about the money you just spent. 

Air Hockey Table Top for Kids

Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults, Compact-Size, Completed Air Hockey Table Top Accessories Plug-in Powered Air Hockey Set 2 Pucks+2 Paddles+Led Score Board+Electric Motor Fan+Blowers for Game Room

If you want a tabletop set, try the Air Hockey Table Top for Kids. It’s small, modern, and ready to keep score. Next, it comes with a Dc-12V motor and an electric fan for powerful and quiet airflow. Your kids won’t have to worry about friction as the air provides smooth hockey. 

Next, the table keeps score with an electric scorer. It also comes with both pucks and paddles. Now you just have to make sure the kids put them away instead of losing them! If your kids do lose them, you can buy spares

Moreover, assembly is easy, and the game is portable. At just 18 pounds, its lightweight and easy to move, making it a great option for game night. If you don’t want to hear it in the living room, simply move it to the kid’s room or playroom. 

Finally, the air hockey table is not just affordable but also colorful, which will draw kids in. It comes with a built-in manual slide scorer too. The dimensions are 38 x 19 x 5 inches. 

Comparing Air Hockey Tables

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Criteria for Air Hockey Tables For Kids

Before you make your final choice, take a look at the benefits of an air hockey table along with some important factors to consider. 


The best air hockey tables are made of wood or sturdy metal. Sadly, most are now made of cheaper materials to reduce the price and weight of the table. Now only the smaller tables are made of wood or the ones that are so expensive they might as well be made of gold. 

However, all air hockey tables need to meet specific safety requirements so you can be sure any air hockey table will not cause safety issues for your children. Pick the table you love the most and make sure your kids treat the table respectfully to give it the longest life possible. 

However, do make sure the table you choose comes with leg levelers as a level surfaces is a necessity. Also, rounded corners make the table more comfortable and less likely to cause issues. 


Smaller air hockey tables usually come with a 12-volt power supply, which can definitely provide some glide, but not at massive quantities. If you want more airflow and better glide, choose a 100- to 120-volt table. 

Next, all tables need away to get the air to the top of the table, and they do so with strategic holes in the tabletop. The more holes, the more airflow. If you get a table and it only has a couple of holes, the glide will not impress, so pick a table with massive air holes for the best sliding possibilities. 


For a proper game of air hockey, the table needs pucks and pushers. All of the tables above come with both and usually with two of each. Consider getting a storage container for the pieces to make sure they don’t get lost. 

Otherwise, one of the fantastic benefits of an air hockey table is you don’t need any other pieces to enjoy the table. Instead, you will have plenty of room in your game room for board games or Lego sets or any other toys you want in the game room. 

Score Keeping 

The vast majority of air hockey tables come with two forms of scorekeeping – a manual and electronic version. Having both may seem unnecessary, but it’s helpful to keep track of multiple games on the manual scorer and the current game on the electric scorer. Also, if the power ever goes out, it’s nice to have the manual score option, too. 

Style and Size

Which style you pick is up to you and your needs. Some people prefer vintage, while others want modern. Do take your style into consideration as you don’t want to pick an air hockey table that will be an eyesore that you regret buying. 

Also, consider the other uses of the room the table will go in. Is the room a game room for kids or adults? Is it a multi-purpose room that also serves as a guest room? Pick the size of your table based on space and need. 

Furthermore, always measure your space before picking a table. You don’t want to get the table in the space and find out it’s too large and now it is stealing the room. 


Air hockey tables come with a few benefits like mental health and fun. Not only does an air hockey table help to keep your kids mentally alert but can also improve muscle memory, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, strategy, and more. It can improve your kid’s math and computing skills, along with their friendly competitive needs. 

Next, an air hockey table can keep kids active even at night or on rainy days. Despite the light activity, it’s still movement and gets the blood pumping! It’s also an electronics-free form of entertainment, which gets kids of the iPad and video games. 

However, the best benefit of an air hockey table is it gathers people and improves social skills. While kids can kind of play the game alone, it’s definitely more fun with two people. Also, the game can help kids to learn how to win and lose well. 

FAQs About Air Hockey Tables For Kids

What are the rules and gameplay for air hockey? 

The rules for air hockey are pretty simple, and kids will love how easy the game is to play. What’s the goal? Get the puck into the opponent’s goal. 

Once you kids get older, they can try the game with a few more advanced rules like coin tosses, face-offs, and even puck possession. If you want to try the full list of rules, you can, or you can simply let your kids come up with house rules. 

How long will an air hockey table last? 

An air hockey table can last a decent amount of time as long as your children are gentle with the table. Also, make sure to clean the table regularly. If cared for properly, your table can last far past your kid’s desire to play the game, which means you can sell it and get some of your money back a decade later. 

What size air hockey table should I pick?

If you want a regulation air hockey table, you will need one that measures s 99.5 x 51.4 x 31, but mind you, those are expensive. Most home tables aren’t even close to regulation size. Before picking a table, measure to make sure you have space and base your decision on the space available. 

How many people can play air hockey at the same time?

The game is a two-player game as it comes with two sliders. However, kids can always play teams or find other ways to create a more inclusive game. As with most games, the third person can play the winner of the first game and so on. 

Final Word

Air hockey tables create a great way for kids to stay active, even indoors, without running through the house. The tables also come with a ton of benefits like added improved reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and so much more. More importantly, an air hockey table can turn your game room into an epic destination that all kids will want to spend their time in with your kids. 

EastPoint Sports 72

The best table available is the EastPoint Sports 72″ Air Attack Hockey Table because it comes with a sleek design and unique features. While it’s pricy, you get more for your money as the table is large and comes with a fabulous sports-themed game room design. The table also has power corners for more action. 

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