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Baby Jogger City Suite Multi-Level Playard Review

The City Suite Multi-Level Playard by Baby Jogger is one of the many new changes the company added to its collection in early 2020.

Check out all of the features now and decide if you want to add the multi-level playard to your shopping list today!

baby jogger playard

Introducing the Baby Jogger City Suite Multi-Level Playard 

With many wonderful features, the new playard offers many advantages useful to parents and enjoyable for babies to make life easier all around.

Weight and Transport

Playpens use to be heavy and bulky to setup and moving around from one room to another was a chore, but not with the City Suite! At just 13.5 pounds, this playard transitions from one room to the next or to a bassinet without issue. No additional parts required either as this is a simple playard with easy to use features. 

The playard comes with a bassinet mode, which we will talk about in more depth below, but offers a feature unique to this playpen.

Many playards come with a bassinet now, but most often require the bassinet to be removed before folding the playard down. Baby Jogger fixed this problem and a few others with their new addition though an inner shell may require removal for the bassinet when your baby outgrows its use. 

Not only does the City Suite easily fold down to practically flat, but it can also fold down in both playard and bassinet mode. These new changes make storing easier as once it’s flat, you can store the pen under a bed, a couch, in a closet, or somewhere else tucked out of the way.

You can also place it in the included carry bag for easy transport in your car or on a trip for a safe place to let your infant sleep even when traveling. 

Folding up happens in a couple of steps by first removing the inner poles. Second, you fold down one side and then the other into a flat box. Lastly, you place the unit into the carry bag, and you’re ready to go!

Bassinet and Toddler

baby jogger playard bassinet

When your baby first comes home, not only will he be tiny, but he also will need picking up often. Save your back with the bassinet mode, which puts your baby closer to the top of the playard for easy access for you.

This mode also reduces extra space for babies who often find more comfort in tight quarters like in the womb than wide-open spaces they are unaccustomed to. 

The infant bassinet can hold an infant up to 18 pounds, and then you need to take out the bassinet and keep the baby in the lower setting of the pen. Once your baby can roll-over, sit-up, or move of his own volition, it’s also time to remove the bassinet even if they are under 18 pounds.

The company has not yet stated the weight limit for the main compartment, however, most playards can hold up to 30 pounds safely. However, the company does state it’s safe to use for children up to 35 inches tall. Until they reach the height limit, babies and toddlers can use the playard for napping, playing, and keeping out of harm’s way. 

Babies are quite creative and ever so intelligent, so remember to put in toys your child cannot climb on. Even at just seven or eight months, some babies figure out how to stack up toys to climb out of their yard! Though, the mesh sides are created in a way to help discourage proper footing to get out on their own. 

Image of Baby Jogger City Suite Multi Level Playard (Graphite)


The majority of playpens and playards use a main mattress for the bottom baseboard but use a separate attachment for the bassinet. Baby Jogger has found a way to reduce the mattresses down to a single unit for both purposes.  Use the mattress first as the bassinet before switching to using it at the bottom of the pen.

Either way you use the mattress, you can fold up the playard flat in either mode. This is quite different from many pack n plays that use the mattress to wrap around the folded up item in a boxy shape. The mattress is one of the reasons the whole unit maintains it’s lightweight status. 


As of now, the only accessories available are waterproof sheets, an organizer for parents, and a changing pad, which are all sold separately. Though, with a lightweight, portable playpen, you won’t need a whole lot more than a few toys and books.

With the rather high price of the playard, though, it’s sad these items do not come with the set and require further money spent with no prices available yet. 

The parent organizer holds diapers and wipes on the side of the pen for easy access. Add in the changing table, and now you can keep the mattress from getting dirty when changing your child’s bottom. A waterproof sheet will help greatly if your baby leaks through since no one wants to continue smelling dirty diaper smells. 


The entire surface washes with an easy wipe clean and stain-resistant fabric. You can even use the baby wipes in your parent organizer to make the job easier! The waterproof sheets and changing pad clean up easily as well and possibly in the washing machine, but do not put either in the dryer to extend their life.


Like most of Baby Jogger’s products, their City Suite playard comes in sleek black with gray accents. A padded gray bumper fits around the top of the netting to keep your baby safe from the inner gadgets with security measures to prevent a child from removing the fabric or getting caught in it either.

The base of the unit measures a couple of inches wider than the top to give your kids plenty for room but still allow for comfort in a tighter space. 

Mesh netting all around stays inside the security poles to keep the unit sturdy and cozy for baby. Extra vinyl-like fabric at the bottom also helps to ensure the longevity of the playard. All around, it’s a simple design and color scheme to blend in with your decor and not stand out like many brightly colored playards. 

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Final Thoughts About the City Suite Playard

Every product Baby Jogger makes offers innovative products to help parents raise babies and toddlers with ease, and their new City Suite Playard will be no exception.

It offers unique features like the same mattress for both the bottom and the basinet, an easier to fold playpen that lays flat, along with soft jersey fabric padding around the top.

The product to lives up to the brand’s name and well worth the high price for its versatility and ease of transport. 

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