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The Thule Sleek Stroller Review- The Best Modular City Stroller of 2021

If you are in the market for a top of the line stroller, then look no further- the Thule Sleek Stroller is the most versatile stroller of 2021.

Designed for city life, this stroller will make urban outings easy and fun. In addition, if you are the parent of one child now, but plan to expand your family, this is the right stroller for you as well. It is designed to include room for more than one child.

You are going to be floored by this flexible and stylish stroller with 15 different configurations to grow with your family. You will be love this stroller for its ease in running errands, walking for exercise, or for travel and your child will love the super comfortable stroller too.

Thule Sleek Overview

  • Stroller weighs 27.9 lbs
  • For 6 months to 48.5 lbs
  • Can be used from birth with bassinet or car seat (sold separately)
  • Open dimensions (in): 24 W x 33.5 D x 38.1-42.9 H
  • Folded dimensions (in): 24 W x 32.7 D x 16.5 H
  • Extendable and ventilated canopy
  • Reversible seat for parent or forward facing
  • Reclining seat with three positions
  • Rotating bumper bar for easy seating
  • Shock absorbing, no-puncture 4-wheel suspension and wheels for rough terrains
  • 11-inch wheels in the back and 8-inch wheels in the front
  • Fold with one button with or without the seat for different spaces
  • Adjustable handlebar for every parent’s height
  • Large cargo basket with zipper and magnets
  • Expandable for future children or for twins.
  • Includes a rain cover


From reclining seats to expandable options, everything you could want or need in a stroller is available in the Thule Sleek Stroller. Take a look at all the options Thule has to offer to help you take your children anywhere you go in comfort and style.


When you take the stroller out of the box you may find a lack of instructions to assist in assembly the stroller. Even the instructions offer little more than a few pictures to assist in assembling. The Thule website does not offer any additional information on assembling their product. However, the stroller is made in all ways for simplicity and ease of use, assembly should be no exception.

Wheels, Suspension, & Brakes

Driving this stroller will be a breeze even in rough terrains. Why? Because the suspension on this stroller is insane! This stroller is like a Jeep, take it on the highway or take it on the trails, either way, the stroller will stroll with little effort. The front wheels spin in a full circle or you can lock them into place with the push of a button.

Next, the back wheels have built-in suspension. The brake is a simple button you push with your foot for complete ease. The wheels are puncture proof and filled with foam for ease of movement. Even better, the wheels light up as do the rims for improved visibility even in the dark. Last, parents will love that each wheel has independent shock absorbing suspension to keep your baby asleep even on the bumpiest road.

Folding & Travel

Fold down with the push of a button. No, seriously. But if that isn’t folded down tight enough, take off the seat and the bumper bar so the stroller can fit back into any trunk or closet. Another nice feature is the auto lock prevents the stroller from popping back into the upright position and attacking you. Definitely a nice feature. Finally, both wheels can be removed for tight storage spaces.

Built-In Storage

While the stroller does not have a built-in cup holder for either mom or baby, the beauty of this stroller is the modular design and you can purchase anything you need separately. You can buy the cup holder or an organizer with space for two cups. What could be better are the high prices for accessories compounded with an already high price but at least the option exists.

The storage compartment under the seat is outstanding. The unique use of magnets helps to create a versatile and expandable storage compartment. Moreover, the cargo basket has a zipper to keep all of your stuff inside and dry. Do not overload the basket as it can only hold 11 pounds. Another nice feature is a dedicated hook for a purse or diaper bag.

The Plush Harness

The belt comes with padding on all five sides. Your baby will be living the good life wrapped in stroller securely with this harness. With three different growth positions, you will find switching to a new size up is a breeze with the cleverly designed latches. Also, the buckle is a beautiful blue that is easy to spot for quickly buckling your little one into his seat.

Enough good can not be said about this full surround padding for your baby. Not only will she be comfortable but she will not get red marks on her tiny little neck from a canvas belt. Lastly, the padding is even around the waist, which is quite unique for strollers.


The Thule canopy is a work of art. A masterpiece really and for several reasons. First, the canopy is adjustable for the sun to be either lower or higher depending on the position of the sun.

Second, you can zip the part of the canopy you do not need out of the way so it doesn’t flop around.

Third, both modes have a peek-a-boo window to check on your baby without making eye contact. If this is your first baby, you have no idea how important this little window will be for your sanity.

Fourth, the window can be moved up or down to accommodate sun exposure as well.

Finally, the canopy offers 50+ UPF protection.


The Thule Sleek Stroller is the Rolls Royce of comfort. The seating area is large with generous height space and footwells. Next, the seat reclines to an upright position or can lean back to a lie-down position with three different recline modes. If this isn’t enough to have you drooling for this stroller, in less than a minute, you can change the position of the seat to front facing or parent facing. Hello, brilliant!

The stroller is comfortable for mom too with an adjustable handlebar which can go up 8.5 inches for taller parents and shorter for smaller parents. Another feature is the adjustable footrest for more comfort. Last, the bumper bar comes partially off to allow ease of getting your little one in and out.

Ages & Stages

With the right attachment, this stroller can work for up to three kids. Buy the stroller for baby number one then add a second seat for baby number two. By the time baby number three arrives baby number one will either be walking or old enough to ride on a Glider Board. Overall, the stroller has thirteen different changes available to suit your family’s needs.

The main issue with the stroller is each change comes with an additional price tag. Although, the stroller does come with upper seat adapters to save you a little money. What Thule did do was make each accessory or seat easy to add on to the stroller.

If you have a car seat you can even add a Car Seat Adapter. Keep in mind that the adapter only works for Maxi-Cosi and a few other select brands. Overall, this stroller offers a wide range of choices to accommodate anyone’s needs up to three children.


Thule does not offer a lot of information about the safety of the Sleek stroller. They do have a personal safety statement on their website offering to meet or exceed international safety standards. The company also does internal testing for safety in all conditions.  Additional safety seals show up for their stroller one for an international company called TV Rheinland (the website is in English).

Based on the design of the stroller and the materials used, the stroller is top notch in every area including safety. Last of all, each stroller comes with the Thule guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty (except for fabrics and parts which is limited to 3 years).

Colors & Design

The design is gorgeous. Take a look:

This stroller is as comfortable in a park as it is in a museum. The Sleek stroller is like a nice wool peacoat, just as comfortable in blue jeans as it is with dress slacks. Even better, you have five elegant and unobtrusive colors to chose from, which are light grey, dark grey, black, red, or navy blue.


Modular Design

Here is a full list of additions to the modular design Sleek Stroller:


The price tag is the difficult part to swallow about this beautiful stroller. Think of buying tickets for a concert. You can either buy seats up in the nose-bleed section, right in front of the band, or somewhere in between. This stroller is in the front row, spitting distance from your favorite singer. Yes, the stroller is that expensive. You need a bunch of zeros on your paycheck to afford this top of the line and extremely versatile stroller.

To further compound the price, each extension or expansion adds to the expense. Even if you bought a second stroller to accommodate a second child – even a double stroller – you could still have change left over from purchasing the older single stroller and the double stroller. Heck, you could even buy a bike stroller too and still not have spent as much as you would on this stroller. But if you want a top of the line, completely adaptable stroller then you will not mind the European prices of this beauty.

About Thule

The Thule brand – pronounced “tooly” – is a Swedish company responsible for 75 years of strollers and products dedicated to making life easier for parents. They even make innovative products like car roof racks and bike racks!

Style is very important to Thule, which is noticeable in the Sleek Stroller with its streamlined physique and modern appearance. Innovation is another area where Thule excels. That’s why their newest stroller has a modular design to adapt to any family situation.


  • Easy to steer
  • Beautiful, sleek design
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Easy to fold – with or without the seat attached
  • Easy to remove or add parts
  • Each wheel has its own shock-absorbing suspension
  • Everything is replaceable
  • Includes a rain cover
  • Outstanding cargo storage
  • Extreme comfort and protection for the baby
  • 50+ UV protection
  • 3 Reclining positions
  • Adjustable footwell
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • May work with Graco Car Seats


  • The stroller could be more compact
  • The seat may wobble a little bit if not clicked into place properly
  • Can be very bulky when folded down for some cars
  • Expansions are expensive – the entire stroller is extremely expensive

Customer Reviews

The Thule Sleek Stroller is still new to the market, which means not a lot of reviews just yet.

  • 4.3 Stars, 7 Reviews – Amazon

Final Thoughts

If you have the money to spend on a state-of-the-art upper-class stroller, we highly recommend the Thule Sleek Stroller. While the stroller could compact to a smaller size for ease of storage and travel, everything else about the stroller is exceptional and designed to make life easier for parents. The company attached a hefty price tag but offers so much for the price.

First, the modular design allows parents to design a stroller tailored to their specific needs.

Second, the stroller grows with your family to include up to three children.

Third, the stroll is a work of art in terms of beauty and functionality.

Fourth, the clever use of magnets and zippers helps parent store and check on their child.

Finally, the stroller is designed for busy parents and will go where ever life takes you.

If you can get past the price this is the stroller of choice.


Adrina Palmer
Adrina Palmer

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