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Summer Infant Baby Pixel Cadet Baby Monitor Review 2020

The newest version of the Baby Pixel is here- what is it like?

It’s 2020, so everything has to be digital. Including our baby monitors. Enter the Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3-inch Color Video Monitor. It promises to offer even better features than its predecessors. It has features like SleepZone technology, night vision, remote control features, 2 way talk back, and the ability to grow. The price is less than the original Baby Pixel, too! You’ve got to give this reliable and user-friendly baby monitor a try.

Let’s dive into the details. Then we’ll compare it to the Baby Pixel and give you our final recommendation on the Baby Pixel Cadet.

The Camera

This is the part of the baby monitor that’s got to work well, or the whole thing is a bust. And this camera is crisp, clear, and reliable.

Image of Summer Baby Pixel Cadet Video Baby Monitor with 4.3-Inch Color Display, Remote Steering Camera  Baby Video Monitor with Clearer Nighttime Views and SleepZone Boundary Alerts

Perfect Movement

The camera has remote steering so that you can view your child’s entire room on the monitor. You can pan the camera to the left, to the right, up, and down. With a three-level zoom, the camera lets you get as close to your baby as you need to without being in the room.

In the Darkest Night

Some cameras are fantastic during the day, but are a useless hunk of junk as soon as the sun goes down. Summer Infant’s pixel camera has night vision, allowing you to see into your nursery at any time, day or night. And while the night vision tech isn’t exactly military grade since it’s just a black and white feedback, it still gets the job done. I do like that there aren’t lights on the camera itself- the night vision is internal to the lense, so lights flicking on won’t wake baby.

Not Just Images

The camera won’t just transport images of your sleeping babe to you. It can communicate back to baby as well. Summer Infant’s Baby Cadet Monitor will play ambient sounds of white noise or lullabies if your baby has trouble falling asleep. But that’s not all! If your child wakes up during their nap or night, you can use the two-way talk back feature to soothe him or her until you get there. Maybe just a few comforting words and shushing can make the difference between baby waking up or falling back asleep. And the noises/sounds are crystal clear. No robot mom voice.

The Monitor

We’ve established that it’s a great camera. But what’s a great camera without a monitor to view and control it?

Image of Summer Baby Pixel Cadet Video Baby Monitor with 4.3-Inch Color Display, Remote Steering Camera  Baby Video Monitor with Clearer Nighttime Views and SleepZone Boundary Alerts

Versatile and Convenient

This monitor can go with you wherever you are in the house. It is handheld with a large viewing screen (4.3-inches ain’t bad, y’all!), and it comes with rechargeable batteries and a convenient kickstand for placing on a flat surface. Basically it does all you need it too, and with digital clarity no less!

About that battery though it’s not great. The battery life is surprising short- just a few hours. That means that you will have to recharge it at least every other day, or more if you use it more than once a day. That’s by far the biggest complaint with this system.

Oh, and if you would rather have your monitor in one convenient place instead of moving it all the time, you can choose to mount the monitor to the wall. The Summer Infant Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3-inch Color Video Monitor has a mounting kit included with your purchase.

Tell-All Technology

This monitor shows so much more than just an image of your baby. Here’s what else it shows you:

  • Baby’s SleepZone: I go into full detail on this below!
  • Temperature: There is a display that reads the temperature of your nursery in an easy-to-read number so that you can adjust the thermostat as necessary to provide the perfect sleeping temp.
  • Controls: Monitor brightness and volume controls are one the sides of the monitor.
  • Power Mode: A one-touch switch changes to power-save mode.
  • Smart Alerts: The monitor alerts when you have a low battery, or you are outside of the 1,000-foot range.

Extra Perks

You’ll get all the smart stuff that the camera and monitor have. But there are a few more fun features for the Cadet system, all covered by a 1 year warranty.

Wakes With Baby

With voice-activated technology, the Baby Cadet alerts you when your baby starts to make sounds associated with waking hours. The camera simply tells the monitor to wake up because there might be a baby waking up. If there are 30 seconds without these sounds, the monitor will go into power-saver mode. This saves you time (you don’t have to check the monitor every 3 seconds to see if baby is waking) and battery power (aka $$$)!

Too Smart for Its Own Good?

With SleepZone technology, you can set a perimeter around the sleeping space that your baby would normally occupy. The monitor will alert you when your baby moves out of this boundary. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with this technology. It’s great if baby is napping on a bed and you want to be sure they don’t roll off. It’s also great for little babies that don’t move around a lot, yet you still want to make sure they don’t get stuck in the corner or something.

But for older babies and toddlers that spend their whole nap acting like they are wrestling an alligator, it gets kind of annoying. It keeps alerting you that baby is moving, even though they are just moving around in their sleep. I think that a bigger SleepZone box would solve this problem.

Image of Summer Baby Pixel Cadet Video Baby Monitor with 4.3-Inch Color Display, Remote Steering Camera  Baby Video Monitor with Clearer Nighttime Views and SleepZone Boundary Alerts

Grows With Your Family

The Summer Infant Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3-inch Color Video Monitor is ideal for those with growing families: you can add four cameras in multiple rooms that all feed into the same monitor. You can flip between the cameras to keep an eye on all of your children. Choose what room you want to view or an 8-second-long auto rotation between the images.

Image of Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor (Monitor, Baby Pixel)

I love this feature because this makes it so much more than just a simple baby monitor. As a mom that works from home, I love the idea of being in my office and being able to see my dog sleeping in the living room, my baby napping in the crib, and my older kiddo playing in their room. It’s like I have eyes in every room!

Fair warning here: you do have to purchase the cameras separately, and they don’t come cheap. If you need a baby monitor that has just one camera or audio only, see our baby monitor best list.

How Does it Compare to the Baby Pixel?

With the release of the Summer Infant Cadet Baby Monitor, the new product will be among several different models of audio and video monitors. The Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor, their most recent and original model, has become a hit among new parents for its excellent graphics and technology.

Image of Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor (Monitor, Baby Pixel)

Baby Pixel Features

With the Baby Pixel, you can observe your baby while you are not in the room and communicate with your child before you get there. Although the motion sensor technology of the Baby Pixel is patent-pending, the product has already become one of the brand’s best-sellers. Here’s a feature summary:

  • The Baby Pixel has a motion sensor which alerts you when your baby is awake.
  • 2 Color Night Light and camera pan/tilt/zoom
  • Its night vision with Moonlite Boost allows you to see your sleeping baby in full color, even when the lights are out.
  • 5 inch touchscreen shows a clock and controls the camera.
  • If you have a growing family, you can add up to four cameras to the Baby Pixel system.
  • Other features include a temperature reader, a voice-activated wake-up system, and a voice monitor on the 5 inch screen.

Image of the Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor, White, One Size

Differences: Baby Pixel vs Baby Pixel Cadet

The biggest difference is that the new Cadet baby monitor has a smaller screen and buttons on the monitor. This means that all the remote control features must be done manually.  Also, the Moonlite Boost on the Baby Pixel’s night vision is much better than the regular night vision on the Cadet. It also has a night light, where the Cadet does not. The Cadet is noticeably cheaper to make up for the smaller screen size and reduced tech.

Final Recommendation

When it comes to video baby monitors,  I consider 3 big things: number of cameras, privacy of video feed, and price. All the other details are just bonuses. This baby monitor checks all those boxes. It can grow and have up to 4 cameras displayed on the one monitor. The technology is all digital, so it’s 100% private. And the price for all this just can’t be beat. I like Summer Infant, and I love the Summer Infant Baby Pixel Cadet 4.3-inch Color Video Monitor. I would recommend it to any parent without hesitation!

Michelle Hand, Editor
Michelle Hand, Editor
Michelle is the mom of a brand new baby, a sweet and sassy toddler, and a funny first grader. She is a writer, editor, researcher, and Christ follower. She loves helping fellow moms find the best products to help their families thrive! When she has some free time, she likes hiking the local mountain trails, singing and playing the piano, baking up new treats, and reading the classics.

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