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Sleep N Feed Baby Nesting System Review

by Michelle Hand |

Can this nesting system really be the only pillow you need for the whole first year?

The Sleep N Feed Baby Nesting System is an all-around solution to sleeping, feeding, and just comforting your child. It’s designed to be a staple in your home as well as a all-in-one travel solution. This deluxe pillow has many different positions that can accommodate many types of sleepers and eaters. It also has straps for convenient carrying and on the go sleeping. Overall, this pricey pillow lives up to all its promises, and delivers an amazing system that comforts baby and helps mom get it all done.

You can use this pillow in a grand total of 11 different ways to help you keep your baby comfortable. The system itself is made up of eight pillow with velcro, plus the base. Yours truly got to test this pillow on my own baby, so I’m going to break down all the positions for you.

Sleeping and Feeding Configurations

Since the main point of a baby nest is to help baby sleep, we’ll start there. Then we’ll move on to the feeding positions..


Configuration 1: Newborn Nest

Attaching all 8 pillows creates a really soft, cozy spot in the middle for your baby to lay. I like this position because baby is supported on all sides, and they have the soft base underneath them. It encourages them to sleep on their back like the AAP suggests. Besides sleeping, your newborn baby can also just lounge in this, and you won’t have to worry about them getting into trouble.

Configuration 2: 3-6 Month Nest

For this next configuration, you simply remove any of the interior pillows to accommodate your baby’s length or width. My favorite position here is to keep one of the top interior pillows and one of the side interior pillows. This gives baby room to lay out without compromising that sense of security and comfort that the pillows next to them provide.

The customization level is great, because you could also leave in both side pillows and remove the top and bottom pillows for a tall baby, or you could remove both side pillows and leave the top and bottom pillows for a baby who is chunky or likes to spread out while they sleep. It’s also great for discouraging rolling over, which is nice for naps on the bed.

Configuration 3: 6-9 Month Nest

The 6-9 Nest is pretty much the same as the 3-6 month nest, except you remove 3 or even all 4 of the pillows. You can judge this based on your baby size. I love this because as my baby’s got older, they like the feeling of someone laying next to them while they slept. That’s how all of my kids weaseled their way into our bed at this age. They just slept better laying next to someone. This nest works fantastically because you can lay your baby down with their back or side touching one of the pillows, and they will think that they’re being snuggled. They’ll sleep like a champ.



Configuration 4: 9-12 Month Nest

This configuration is the same as above. All the interior pillows will be removed, and then you can take off the bottom outer pillow. This is perfect for giving your older baby the chance to stretch out. This is also my 12 month old daughter’s favorite way to use this pillow. We lay this in her crib for naps and she loves the sense of security it gives her. She’s old enough that we don’t have to worry about suffocation risk as much, so it’s been a very amazing sleep aid for us. Just be careful when using a baby pillow or nest- they can be dangerous if used improperly!


Configuration 8 : The Nursing Pillow

The first way you can use the pillow as a feeding pillow is to transform it into a nursing pillow. You just take an interior and exterior curved pillow and place it into the included nursing cover.

I’m not sure how to feel about this nursing pillow. As a die-hard Boppy user, I found this pillow much more difficult to use. It honestly worked better for propping up my arm while I held a sleeping baby versus supporting the baby’s weight while they ate. It’s not very large and it’s kind of lumpy (take a look at the pics!).I tried using all four of the the curved pillows in different combinations inside of the cover, and every time it was like the cover just didn’t fit quite right. I even had a hard time getting the cover zipped.

What I do love about this is that the cover is this amazingly soft Dintex material, the same material that’s on the velcro pillows themselves. Overall, the pillow works well in a pinch and is a cool extra use for this nest.




Configuration 9: Biological Nursing

Now we get into the co-sleeping/eating type positions. This position is made for laid-back breastfeeding.

You put the exterior top, bottom, and one side pillows on the base. Then you’ll put the top and bottom and same side pillow on the interior. Then, take the large exterior pillow and place it at an angle in the center of the base. Then you can place the small interior side pillow in front of that. What you should have is a little nook for baby to lay while they nurse. Their back, head, and bum will be completely supported while you lay down and nurse them. Again, the level of customization here is great, because you can remove one of those supporting pillows as baby gets larger, or you could switch it to a larger or smaller one depending on your baby’s needs.

Configuration 10: Side Lying Feeding

To use the side lying position, you’ll place 3 exterior pillows: the top, the bottom, and one side. Next, place a curved pillow at the top of the interior. Then, take the exterior long pillow and place it in the center of the base. Now baby has a supported and cozy place to lay while they are side feeding.

Configuration 11: Co-Sleeper

This last sleeping/feeding position is really similar to the one above. All you do is put all of the pillows on the base, and then remove the interior and exterior pillows on the same side. So what you’ll have is a c-shaped co-sleeper. This means that baby can snuggle up next to you or easily be breastfed, but they’ll have their own defined space. Again, this makes for some very peaceful night times and naps with zero worries.

This has to be my favorite position for this entire system! Here’s what I did. I used it in the way I said while I would nurse my daughter to sleep. Then, I would slowly scoot her to the center of the base, and then replace that exterior side pillow. Then she was in her own little nest in the center of our king-sized bed. I could comfortably nap next to her without worrying about one or both of us rolling over and causing a problem.

A fair warning here, the velcro is super noisy! It’s also really strong, which means your whole base is going to move as you try and move that velcro. Lucky for me, my daughter is a sound sleeper. But if your baby is a light sleeper, I would not recommend moving the pillows while they’re sleeping, or they are guaranteed to wake up.

Playing and Exploring

There’s more to this nesting system than sleeping and eating!

Configuration 5: Tummy Time Mat

This configuration is super simple. You simply place one of the curved pillows on the base towards the top center. And poof! You have a tummy time mat. You can even get really creative and velcro toys to the mat to make it interesting for your baby. The possibilities are pretty endless with this basic and soft tummy time mat. However, the mat does collect a lot of dirt and hair, so it might get a little dirty for baby’s face to be on it.

Configuration 6: The Backpack

This is where the whole travel and convenience part comes into play. You can take this system- yes, all eight pills plus the base- wherever you need to go. All you have to do is make sure that all the pillows are in their proper place, and then you fold the top and bottom of the mat up like a taco. Then just click the buckle, turn the mat around, and wear it like a backpack using the straps. For us, it made even day trips to the grandparent’s house is so much easier. We knew that baby had a safe place to nap whenever they needed it.

Cleaning and Storing

This pillow is so user-friendly! It’s easy to clean and store and is totally safe for baby.

Configuration 7: Storage

You know how we just discussed how to travel with this thing as a backpack? Well, you can leave it in that folded up position for storage. If you have less space, let’s say on a closet shelf, then this mode is perfect. If you want to store it flat, like under the crib, you can store it in the zippered bag that it comes with. That bag even has handles, so you could use it that way to to carry it around flat, too.

The fabulous Dintex fabric is toxin-free, antimicrobial, and temperature regulating. Did I mention one of the absolute best parts about this nesting system? It’s machine washable. All of it!

Each of the pillows has a really nice built-in zipper that’s discreet and super handy. You can remove the pillow covers and wash them, and you can wash the entire base mat. That means that dribbles of breast-milk, spit up episodes, and leaky diapers, can’t take away from the wonderfulness of this pillow.

Extra Use: Pregnancy Pillows

So I know this really isn’t a suggested use for the pillow, but all I could think when I was playing with the different pieces is how well the longer rolled pieces would work for pregnancy! They are the perfect size and shape to just gently put underneath of your back, belly, or legs to give just a little extra support. I’m telling you, you buy the Sleep N Feed about halfway through pregnancy, and you can literally use it for the next couple of years!


  • Customizable positions
  • Helps baby sleep better
  • Easy to travel with
  • Stores and cleans well


  • Nursing pillow isn’t great
  • Velcro is really loud!
  • Mat collects lint and hair
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

If you’re a mom that believes that your baby should have their very own space, such as a crib to sleep in, then this pillow certainly isn’t for you. But if you believe in the power of co-sleeping, and/or you’re a nursing mama, then the Sleep N Feed Baby Nesting System is seriously a lifesaver. I wish I would have found this when my daughter was a newborn, because we used to use rolled up blankets or pillows to do the same thing that this system does.

I love that the shapes and sizes of the velcro pillows accommodate babies of all ages and stages. I love that you can fold this up and wear it as a backpack to take it with you wherever you’re going. And I super love that you can wash the whole thing.

This pillow is pricey, but, you have to remember that you’re getting a sleeping system that your baby can use for up to and over a year. I would highly recommend the Sleep N Feed Baby Nesting System to any mamma out there!

Michelle Hand
Michelle Hand is the mom of a very busy one-year-old and a super fun kindergartener. She splits her time between writing and hanging out with her family. She loves researching and writing to help moms find the best products. When she has some free time, she likes hiking, singing and playing the piano, reading, and taking her dog for walks.

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