Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Review by a Seasoned Mom

by Michelle Hand |

Is this adorable sleeper from Fisher-Price a life changer or a deal breaker?

A good sleeper, rocker, or swing can make those first few months so much more enjoyable. The Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is a great choice. It’s lightweight, portable, and super cozy. It has songs, sound effects, a detachable toy, and most importantly, a hands-free rocking mechanism. While these are life changers, the motor itself may be a deal breaker for this sleeper.

Delightful Design

I feel like I’m going to mention how cute this thing is a million times. But I don’t even care, because I just can’t get over how much I like the design. I had an older version of this sleeper for my son, but the updated design colors are so much better! The gender neutral one is nice, but I especially like the girly version for my soon arriving daughter.

Good for reflux. Besides the cuteness of the design, I also love the function of the design. This sleeper puts baby at an upward angle. This helps so much with fussiness and gas! As a mom of a boy who spit up at every single feeding, I can attest to how much the angled napping helped reduce that. The breathable padding is cozy enough that baby feels comfortable, and the plush newborn insert is fantastically soft.

Putting it together. Here’s my one complaint about the design: it’s hard to put together. The product comes in a shockingly small box. There are many pieces that have to be placed together, and the directions aren’t exactly clear. I recruited my husband to help me, and it definitely took both of our brains and muscles to get this thing put together. Once together, it was really secure and I had no qualms with it’s ability to hold up.

Rest Where You Need It

This chair can work as either a bassinet-type sleeper or a playtime seat. That’s what makes it nice. But for us, we needed it to function as one thing in our bedroom and another thing in our kitchen. The portability of the Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper makes it super versatile.

Lightweight. This sleeper only weighs about 8 and a half pounds. That’s nothing us parents can’t handle! The design is pretty streamlined and there’s not much on the unit that doesn’t need to be there. I liked this because I could easily lift it from my kitchen into my living room to get it where I needed it to be.

Folds for storage. The folding feature is nice. And it’s really easy to do. All you have to do is push the buttons at the front and back where the bars cross and fold the sleeper in half. It really does fold up pretty flat. I loved this because we took it on vacation with us twice when my son was little. It fit nicely in our car and didn’t take up too much space in the guest bedroom. If you only use it for nighttime and want to store it during the day like we sometimes did, you can fold it up and slide it under the bed until nighttime.

Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Demo Videos

Look Ma, No Hands!

Wouldn’t it be great if parents could have an extra set of hands? Two hands just never seems to be enough. That’s why the auto rock feature of this sleeper is fantastic. I don’t have to use my hands to do anything.

Hands-free rocking. All you have to do is push a button and your baby will be rocked off to peaceful sleep . There are two different speed settings for the rocking, plus there’s two different time settings. The first is 6 whole hours, which is great for nighttime when you want them to stay asleep for a long time. The other is 30 minutes long, which is enough to get baby to sleep for their nap. I feel like the rocking was so smooth and not jerky, which I’ve had happen with other automated baby products. My only complaint with the motions of this sleeper is that there is no vibration. With the older model my son had, it only had vibration and manual rocking. He loved the vibrations and I do miss them with this unit. Still, the hands-free rocking almost makes me forget about it.

Totally AC powered. I both love and hate this feature. I love it because I don’t have to spend all my time and money changing batteries. That would get annoying fast, considering how often we used our sleeper with our son. The thing I hate about it is that I can only place it where there is a plug. In our bedroom and the nursery, this isn’t a problem. But in the kitchen and living room, plugs aren’t easy to come by, and the ones we do have are all occupied. At least the sleeper has a cord management system for when it’s not being used. That helps me like it more.

The Extras

This is a sleeper that rocks on its own and is really cute. That’s fairly obvious from pictures and the name. But what about all the other bells and whistles? The Auto Rock ‘n Play has a few.

Machine washable pad. I’m putting this one first because it’s the most important to me. This sleeper is really cute, but it’s not so cute when it’s covered in all kinds of baby fluids. That’s why I love that the pad is removable and machine washable. It just unbuckles and comes right off so you can throw it in the washer. And the material holds up. It stays soft and nice even though it’s been washed a few times. If your mess is smaller, it’s pretty easy to spot clean the fabric too.

Soothing sounds. The same motorized unit that rocks the cradle also has some built-in sounds. There’s 12 songs and 3 other noises. The songs are a mix of classical music and lullabies. The other noises are nature sounds. You can adjust the volume to however high you want it. I wish there was white noise available, because my son loved it. But, there is some form of white noise from the motor. I’ve noticed that it makes a small whirring sound that isn’t obnoxious. I have noticed that it’s getting louder the more I turn the unit on, and it has started to make a grinding noise, too. I’ve heard rumours about this sleeper having a faulty motor, and I hope mine isn’t on its way to giving out.

Detachable toy. Fisher-Price has included a little toy that can be attached at the top or to the three point harness. This is nice for when you are using the sleeper as more of a playtime chair. The toy isn’t too thrilling, just some textured rings. These are great for teething and exploring for a second, but that’s about it. It’s an okay toy that can be moved and played with apart from the unit, but I think I’ll try attaching a different toy once my daughter gets older and wants to play.

Customer Reviews

  • 4 stars, 399 reviews- Target
  • 4.2 stars, 358 reviews- Walmart
  • 3.8 stars, 132 reviews- Bed Bath & Beyond
  • 4.3 stars, 253 reviews- Sam’s Club


  • Adorable design
  • Incline good for baby digestion
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Hands-free rocking
  • Machine washable pad
  • Nice, adjustable music


  • Awful to put together
  • No vibration
  • Have to be near an AC wall outlet
  • Toy is less-than-thrilling
  • Faulty and loud motor


There are a lot of really fancy sleepers on the market, but they don’t do anything better than the Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. This sleeper is so great that it has won several parenting and mommy “best of” awards. For a nice price, you’ll get a comfortable sleeper that rocks all on it’s own. It’s cute, lightweight, portable, and has nice extras like a toy and some sounds. You can wash the padding if you need to. It is terrible to put together, and the motor might not be so perfect, but Fisher-Price has great customer service that’s set on consumer satisfaction. If you want a great basic sleeper and playtime seat, this is a great buy.

Michelle Hand
Michelle Hand is the mom of a very busy one-year-old and a super fun kindergartener. She splits her time between writing and hanging out with her family. She loves researching and writing to help moms find the best products. When she has some free time, she likes hiking, singing and playing the piano, reading, and taking her dog for walks.

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