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Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor Review

I’m the over-worrier type of mom. Even though I know its important to encourage children to become independent, all bets were off when I brought my little one home from the hospital. I wanted to know where he was every second of the day- I even started working from home, so I didn’t have to leave him with a babysitter while I worked.

Image of the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera with Sound- and Movement-Detecting Audio Unit

Something I knew that I needed coming home was a baby monitor and I was happy to receive the Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor. Disclosure: The Safety 1st HD baby monitor was provided by the manufacturer for this review. I am happy to report that this was one of the best baby monitors I’ve ever used and it really gave me peace of mind since I knew my baby was okay 24/7.

Do I Really Need a Baby Monitor?

Most new parents imagine themselves spending every minute of the day with their little one. The reality? You are going to want to take a shower eventually and baby is not going to sleep in your room forever. While you may not need a baby monitor early in your baby’s life, especially if you are putting their bassinet or crib in your room for the first few months, then you may not need a baby monitor right away. However, this really depends on if you have someone willing to come over and listen for the baby when you run outside to take the trash to the curb or want to take a shower.

safety 1st monitor base sitting on kitchen counter
Monitor Base

The Baby 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor: My First Take

All around, I felt confident taking the monitor out of the box. It felt sturdy and was built well. As I read over the list of features (we’ll get to those shortly), I was confident that it would do everything I needed it to so I had a little peace of mind. That’s not something easy for me to achieve.

baby laying in crib with mobile phone connected to baby monitor app
Real Time Video from Baby Room

Set up was a breeze. I installed the batteries, downloaded the app to my phone, and connected to the WiFi of my house. I love that I can keep the monitor’ with me wherever I go, since I can just slide my phone into my pocket like I normally do and go about my day.

Whether I’m in the kitchen doing dishes, tidying up in the living room, or taking a shower, my phone is nearby, and I can hear what my baby is doing all the time. I really appreciated the option for battery powered, since I will want to keep all the electrical outlets in my son’s room covered once he starts moving around and it gave me that option. I also didn’t have to worry about power failures.

baby monitor base can be used on battery power in case power goes out or you are away from an electrical outlet
Base Battery Powered for Use Away from Outlet

Incredible Sound and Video Quality

The quality of the camera let me see everything. It has 720p HD video quality and infrared video for night that offers clear visibility up to 15 feet. I could see my little one take breaths in the middle of the night and the motion sensor alerted me when he was up and moving around. This was perfect when he started rolling around at night, as I wanted him to stay sleeping on his back the first few months to reduce SIDS or choking.

Even though the camera does not have the option to pan, it has a 130-degree viewing angle that gives you a clear view of your little one’s crib and more. There isn’t an option to install more than one camera. If this is a deal breaker for you, check out some of these 2 camera baby monitors.

monitor video from baby monitor from mobile phone
Really Clear Video

Where I positioned the crib, I even heard my son breathing when I took the time to listen. This was the reassurance that I needed day and night to stop me from dropping everything and rushing to his room every five minutes. I also got a little more sleep than I might have otherwise, as this feature kept me from rushing to his room to check on him every 20 minutes at nightI just had to roll over and grab my phone off the table to get that reassurance I so desperately needed.

safety 1st hd baby monitor camera with infrared takes clear video in low light
HD Camera

Packed Full of Features

Here’s a breakdown of some of the useful features of this baby monitor.

Runs on Battery or Electric

This has a 12-hour battery life for back-up. If I’m ever low on batteries, it can be plugged it. I am currently using the monitor plugged in simply because my little one is not up and moving around yet. It would be nice if the battery lasted a little longer, but I understand the drain that features like speak-to-baby, a motion detector, and constant sound and video feed must have on the battery life. I’d rather replace batteries than give up the peace of mind I have after installing this device.

Image of the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera with Sound- and Movement-Detecting Audio Unit

Everything included in set-up kit

Speak to Baby

I don’t think I’d be able to leave the house without knowing I can reassure my little one when I’m not there. I’ve sung my little one to sleep from a restaurant bathroom when my mother was watching him and reassured him when he woke up crying when I was doing some work outside. Its nice knowing that I can be there for him even when I’m not physically in the room and I think this will only strengthen our bond.

safety 1st monitor base controls with microphone and speakers
Monitor Let’s You Speak to Baby

Motion Detector

Even though I can check in on my little one whenever I would like to with the constant live stream, it is nice that the motion detector alerts on the Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor alerts me when my son is moving around. This is great when I am doing different tasks through the day, since my eyes are not on my phone around the clock.

The alert lets me know that I should check inwhether my little one is rolling around, has woken up from his nap, or is flailing in his sleep. It is also a great safety feature since I can hear and see when my little one may be choking, coughing, or rolling around. We haven’t had any incidents yet (and I hope we never do), but I can feel good knowing that if we do, I can respond quickly and potentially save my little one’s life.

Works with Multiple Phones

Another great feature of the monitor is that after initial set up, the live stream and features can be shared with multiple phones. My husband downloaded the app once he was home and my mom could use it too once she finally convinced me to take a night off and go out. I was also able to check in with the baby regularly through the nightno more stressful nights out for me.

Image of the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera with Sound- and Movement-Detecting Audio Unit

Easy to share precious moments through the app

Easy to Use

Some baby monitors come covered in knobs and buttons, each of them designed to control a different feature. Because this app works with your phone, the buttons are all clearly labeled, and you can navigate the app with ease.

There is still a slight learning curve for people who aren’t so tech-savvy, however, it is easy enough to figure out. If you can’t, Safety 1st has a great customer support team and an easy-to-understand manual is included with the monitor.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a Baby Monitor

baby monitor camera sitting on crib rail
Baby Monitor Infrared and High Definition

Like many products for your child, there are dozens of options to consider that come with a wide range of features and prices. If the Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor isn’t a good fit for you, be sure to take the following things into consideration as you look for a monitor that is a better fit:

  • Range– A baby monitor will not be very useful during the day if you are doing work in the garden and you cannot see your baby. Be sure to choose a range that works in all areas of your house and choose a monitor that connects to WiFi if you want to use it when you are outside of the home as well.
  • Quality of Camera– If you cannot actually see your little one, then a camera does not really serve its purpose. Additionally, consider the range of the camera lens and if it will be able to view your baby’s entire crib/nursery, as well as if it works at night. Some monitors also allow you to take video clips and photos, so you never miss a cute moment.
  • Audio– Having a microphone that picks up sounds from the baby’s nursery will alert you when your little one sniffles or coughs.
  • Power Supply– Some monitors are designed to plug into the wall, while others run by battery. Consider things like battery life and accessibility to an outlet.
  • Hardware– Some monitors are designed to work with your cell phone, while others should be used with included hardware. Be sure all the components are included and that it is compatible with the operating system on your phone.
  • Safety– It’s less likely that your baby monitor will get hacked these days, but just to be on the safe side, make sure that any baby monitor has safety features, like encryption and closed networks.
  • Additional Features– Things like being able to talk to your baby while they are in their crib, sharing the app with different devices, temperature and humidity sensors, and other features may also be included. Consider what you need, as well as what fits into your budget.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install app and connect to WiFi
  • Battery powered in case of power failures and for use away from electrical outlets
  • Video quality is super sharp on mobile phone
  • Mic very sensitive and able to pick up sound from a distance
  • Camera does well in dark and light
  • Speak to baby feature works well
  • Controls are intuitive and easy to use
  • Motion detector was sensitive and worked fine
  • Well built, makes me feel confident it will be reliable


  • None! Seriously, one of the best monitors I have ever used

Final Considerations

For me, the Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor was one of the most useful baby items that I have in my collection. I can see myself using this as my little one gets older, even when he is playing in his pack-and-play as a toddler. As much as I’d love to watch over him 24/7, I know it’s impossible to do that.  Being able to see him, hear him, and talk to him through the night is going to give me the peace of mind that I need to carry on with my daily tasks (and get some much-needed sleep).

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Image of the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera with Sound- and Movement-Detecting Audio Unit

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