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Review: Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress

An all natural crib mattress is appealing, but is it as comfortable for baby?

You’d be amazed at the amount of chemicals that are put into modern-day mattresses. That’s why organic and all natural crib mattresses, like the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress, are so appealing to parents. There’s assurance that you aren’t exposing baby to unwanted chemicals. However lovely organic cotton may be, it might not make for the most durable or comfortable stuffing for this particularly expensive crib mattress.

Naturepedic Classic Organic Crib Mattress (Lightweight) 2-Stage | 100% Certified - Safe Baby Bed

Update: There’s a newer and better version of this mattress: the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattress. It still has the same support level, but with no springs and a seamless design.

The Good Stuff(ing)

I don’t think I’d ever really thought about what was in my baby’s mattress. I figured that they made baby mattresses the same way they made adult ones, and since I had slept on an adult mattress my whole life and been fine, the same would go for my baby. But after some interesting news articles connecting crib mattress construction and SIDS, I took a closer look at what’s inside my kid’s mattress. And now I see why organic cotton stuffing is so fantastic in a best crib mattress.

Uses organic cotton. The Naturepedic Classic Crib Mattress has only organic cotton as the filling. What’s the big deal about that? Well, first of all, that means that no man-made foams or fillings are being used. That’s comforting for parents who are concerned about their child being inadvertently exposed to dangerous chemicals while sleeping. Since it’s officially certified organic according to the Global Organic Textile Standards, there are no underlying or additional chemicals hiding in the filling.  Cotton makes for a more breathable mattress filling, too.

But what about support? Cotton is clearly lovely, but can it offer the same support as other materials? In this mattress, it can. This crib contains the cotton batting filling, but it also has metal inner-springs. It has 150 springs, to be exact (hence the name), and a 9 gauge outer edging. This makes it meet the Consumer Product and Safety Commission’s (CPSC) recommendations for a firm and safe crib mattress.

Sinking slowly. Despite all this good stuff, the mattress seemed to sink a little over time. It started out being very firm and seemingly well made. Maybe it’s just a defect in one particular mattress, but little sinkholes developed all over the mattress. Flipping or flopping the mattress was of no avail. It wasn’t so big as to be a big problem, but I can foresee an opinionated toddler complaining about the mattress in the near future.

What’s Outside Counts, Too

So back to the chemical issue. Not only do mattress fillings contain potentially harmful chemicals, but so do the outer wrappings of crib mattresses. Naturepedic clearly knows this and that’s why the outer parts of the No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress are all natural and parent-friendly to boot.

Waterproof fabric. After having a child who spit-up a lot and leaked through diapers, I quickly learned how wonderful waterproof things are. That’s especially true when it comes to mattresses. I can’t even count how many accidents my sweet little guy had while sleeping in his crib. Naturepedic found a way to make this mattress waterproof while still being natural.

The outer portion of the mattress is made from 100% food-grade polyethylene. As a double whammy, the polyethylene cover also works to keep out bed bugs and dust mites. There’s no doubt that my baby and the mattress will both be safe!

Edges might make that harder. The Classic Crib Mattress from Naturepedic has the traditional rolled edges, which have been a staple of crib mattress design for years. This might not bother some, but for me, I have seen the wonders of a seamless crib mattress. I personally like the seamless edging more. Naturepedic does offer a crib mattress with the seamless edging, and I feel like it’s worth the extra money. It keeps things cleaner- both in design and in being able to wipe the whole mattress clean (no areas for debris or liquid to hide).

Naturepedic Classic Organic Crib Mattress (Lightweight) 2-Stage | 100% Certified - Safe Baby Bed

Behind the Scenes

In the Crib

We’ve covered the function, design, and other more scientific aspects of the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress, so now let’s look at the day-to-day aspects. Most importantly, let’s look at the mattress once it’s actually put in the crib.

Square edges. This is a really cool aspect that my son’s first mattress didn’t have. The edges of this mattress are totally square. Like, pointy square. This was strange to me at first, then I learned about why they made it that way- it meets more of those helpful CPSC standards for crib safety . Because the mattress is designed this way, it fits tightly into the corners of the crib and also makes it sit very close to the edges of the crib so that there are no gaps anywhere for baby to find trouble.

The tight fit also means that this mattress just won’t fit in some cribs. Ikea cribs and some convertible cribs seem to be particularly vulnerable to this issue. My Graco convertible crib fit the mattress just fine, but it was quite snug with hardly a centimeter to spare. Definitely, measure your actual crib space before ordering this particular crib mattress!

Heavier than some. As nasty as that chemical-seeped, man-made traditional crib mattress foam is, it does have one redeeming feature: it’s very light. The same can’t be said for the cotton and metal filing of this all natural mattress. While it’s not terribly heavy, it does weigh about 20 pounds. I suppose that means that I’ll be getting a tiny workout every time I change the crib’s sheet’s, which could be pretty often. Not a deal breaker, but something to note.

Allergy friendly. One thing I really like about this mattress is that it’s virtually hypoallergenic. I have asthma and allergies, and I’m sure one of my beautiful children will inherit those allergy prone genes. Since the mattress contains only cotton and no soy, latex, wool, or allergens, I know that my baby won’t be getting a stuffy nose from the crib any time soon. Plus, that awesome aforementioned polyethylene covering keeps those dust mites at bay. The result is allergen-free sleep for my sweet baby.

Safety Standards

I would truly be amiss as a baby product reviewer if I didn’t mention the safety aspects of a product. And with crib mattresses that stay in our home for years and see lots of use, making sure it’s safe is a really important point of focus.

Fireproof. All those chemicals I keep mentioning? Well, their intended purpose is to make the mattress fireproof. Since those foams and fillings are some of the most flammable substances in any home, the chemicals are added to make the mattress less of a fire hazard. There’s no need for all of that with a Naturepedic Classic Crib Mattress. The natural materials used are less flammable than man-made stuff, and the design was created with fire safety in mind. The crib mattress meets all federal and state flammability standards with zero problems.

Passes chemical emissions. Since all the chemicals in your things can affect the air quality in your home, you don’t want your crib mattress to add to the bad air in your home. Naturepedic made its Classic Mattress to have lower chemical emissions according to the GREENGUARD Gold standard. It’s comforting knowing that your crib mattress won’t cause any harm to the air in your home and therefore your sweet baby’s lungs.

Image of Naturepedic 2 Stage Classic Seamless Crib Mattress

Warranty and Workmanship

The final thing I want to mention is the workmanship of this mattress. You might be thinking who cares, but I love that this mattress was crafted in the U.S.A. by Amish workers. These guys take real pride in their work and pay attention to each and every detail.  I feel confident in my mattress because it wasn’t mass-produced by some machine that can miss big mistakes. Because the family-owned company is so proud of their product, it has a limited lifetime warranty. This aspect matters to me because it shows that the people behind this product actually care about it, not just about the money they make.

Customer Reviews

  • 4.8 stars, 22 reviews- Target
  • 4.5 stars, 66 reviews- Toys R Us
  • 4.6 stars, 5 reviews- The Land of Nod


  • Organic and all-natural filling with firm support
  • No chemical exposure for baby
  • Waterproof and natural outer fabric
  • Meets all flammability and safety standards
  • Good craftsmanship with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Cotton sinks over time
  • Edges can hide debris and make a place for spills to seep
  • Might not fit all cribs
  • Heavier than some other crib mattresses
  • More expensive than regular crib mattress

Mom’s Conclusion

I really, really like this mattress. The Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress is expensive, but I really feel like you get what you pay for. The organic and all natural components means that baby is utterly safe from chemical exposure in the crib. It has firm support, and although the cotton seems to sink a bit over time, I think that can be expected from nearly any mattress. I’m willing to overlook the heaviness to get a crib mattress that’s durable, safe, and well-made. My final conclusion is that this is one of the best natural crib mattresses out there.

One recommendation: pay extra and get the newer version. The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Mattress now has the same support, without the springs, and all the same eco-friendly features for growing kiddos. Plus, it’s double sided and has a seamless design. It’s worth every extra penny.

Naturepedic Classic Organic Crib Mattress (Lightweight) 2-Stage | 100% Certified - Safe Baby Bed

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