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Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review

Many new parents want to watch over their little one every moment of the day. But, you have to sleep sometime, right? This innovative mattress features a unique woven design, creating a breathable material that reduces the risk of suffocation while your baby sleeps.

As an added bonus, its durability allows it to transition with your baby as they grow into a toddler. These things all sound greatbut are the features worth the price tag? Keep reading this Newton baby crib mattress review to find out.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed | 100% Breathable Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk, 100% Washable, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Better Than Organic - White

The Breatheable Crib Mattress

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of the most important features of the mattress, including its design, safety, construction, washability, and how it stands up to daily use by infants and toddlers.

Unique Design That Puts Safety Above All Else

The Newton crib mattress is made using a unique process. Inside, the core is made of Wovenaire, a unique material created by weaving together food-grade polymer in water. This creates a three-dimensional cushion, with 10% materials and 90% air by the end of the process. The outer cover is created from a three-dimensional spacer material. This creates a mattress that is incredibly breathable and lightweight.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed | 100% Breathable Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk, 100% Washable, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Better Than Organic - White

The breathability will be especially beneficial once your little one begins rolling over. As the material is breathable, the risk of suffocation is significantly reduced. It’s breathability also helps your baby sleep more comfortably, since they will not be sweating through the night. With your peace of mind and your little one’s comfort, everyone will get a better night of sleep.

Quality Materials

While this is not an organic mattress, the materials used are free of harmful chemicals that could harm your baby. It is GreenGuard Gold Certified, which means it is approved for use by individuals like children and the elderly, who may have sensitive respiratory systems. It has low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions and does not contain allergens, glue, latex, springs, and foam. The best baby mattress is also 100% recyclable, though it will be many years before you consider getting rid of it.

Despite the lack of chemicals, however, the mattress does have an odor straight from the box. You may want to air it out for a while before allowing your little one to use it for the first time.

Durable Enough to Transition with Your Little One

The core of the Newton Baby Crib Mattress is made from incredibly durable polymer. Though it is made of 90% air, it will not become compressed with use. There is no need to flip it over or position your child differently to maintain its surface. The outer cover is also incredibly durable, provided you wash it as recommended.

Some parents may wince when they see the price tag of this crib mattress compared to others. However, this mattress easily transitions from the crib to a toddler bed once your child is ready. This, paired with the durable and easy-to-clean materials it is made of, allows this single mattress to last your son or daughter for years.

Washability for Infant and Toddler Messes

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed - 100% Breathable Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk, 100% Washable, 2-Stage, Non-Toxic Better Than Organic, Removable Cover - Deluxe 5.5

Kids are messyfrom diaper blowouts and accidents to spit-up and drink spills, and everything in betweenparents are constantly cleaning up after their little ones. The protective outer cover is made of a 100% polyester material that is washableeither by machine or by hand. The company provides care instructions for washing and drying, so you can be sure you do not damage the outer cover or affect the durability of the mattress. The inside is also easy to washits as simple as putting it into the bathtub, rinsing it, and allowing it to dry.

Not only is the cover washable, but it is also hypoallergenic. This means that it does not trap water or sweat. It also prevents the build-up of microbes and bacteria that accumulate in traditional mattresses made of fabric, foam, and other materials.


Your child will not care about the safetythey want comfort. The breathability stops excessive sweating at night. Additionally, the core of the materials is springy and supportive. It is firm enough that your infant will be safe in their crib but springy enough that your toddler will be comfortable sleeping on it. Unfortunately, the 3-D polyester material that makes the cover may not be comfortable on your baby’s face. It is plush and quilted, however, the texture may bother some children.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed | 100% Breathable Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk, 100% Washable, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Better Than Organic - White


This mattress is an investment, especially with its high price point and ability to last for years. Fortunately, the Newton company stands behind their product. They have a 100-day guarantee that lets you try the mattress in your home. If it is not a good fit, you can return the mattress at any time.

Sleep Safety Guidelines

According to the CDC, approximately 1,500 infants under the age of 1 died from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the United States in 2016. This is something that happens suddenly and without warning, usually to a perfectly healthy infant. The rate of death has decreased significantly since the 1990s, with one of the factors being safe sleep practices.

There are several guidelines that parents should follow to reduce the risk of SIDs death, suffocation, and other types of infant sleep death. Keep the following things in mind:

  1. You should always put your little one to sleep on their back. Until age 1, position your child on their back when you lay them down. It is okay if they begin to roll over on their own. To encourage safe sleeping, give them plenty of tummy time to strengthen the muscles they use to roll.
  2. You should never put your child to sleep in clothing that has strings or a tight neckline. Avoid covering your little one’s head while they sleep.
  3. Do not put blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or crib bumpers in the crib with your infant. These can cause your child to suffocate.
  4. Always check the safety of cribs, bassinets, play yards, and other sleeping areas. Avoid using drop-side cribs and be sure your baby’s furniture has been approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  5. Avoid regular sleep in your child’s car seat. While it is okay to let them nap in the car, you should be careful of their head position. If they lean forward too much, it can cut off their airway.
  6. There are other steps you can take to prevent SIDS. Breastfeeding, avoiding secondhand smoke, and having your baby vaccinated also reduce the risk of SIDS.

FAQs About Infant and Toddler Sleep

How do I know when my child is ready to transition to a toddler bed?

As kids learn to walk, they also learn to climb. If your child is starting to climb over crib rails, it may be best to transition them out of a baby crib into a toddler bed for their safety. Generally, it is recommended your child does not transition until they are 35 tall. Then, you can transition to a toddler with a bed rail to stop them from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night.

How much should my infant sleep?

Infants sleep patterns change as they grow. Some babies sleep 8-12 hours at night aside from feeding, as well as most of the day. As they age, they may sleep less at night and more during the day, or vice versa. The amount of stimulation they have at certain times can also affect how long they sleep.

By age 18-24 months, most toddlers begin having 2-3 naps per day and sleeping around 10 hours at night. Again, the amount of sleep varies based on naptime, stimulation, and other factors. If you have any concerns about sleep patterns, bring them up to your pediatrician.

Does my toddler need naps?

Toddlers typically phase out of nap time between ages 3 and 5. Some require 1-2-hour naps, while others don’t nap at all. It is recommended that your child have a period of quiet time, even if they do not nap. At night, you can expect your toddler to sleep 8-12 hours, depending on their age and how often they nap. Do not worry if your little one sleeps longer some daysthey may be going through a growth spurt or their body might be fighting off an illness.

Does my toddler need to sleep on his or her back?

As most babies are rolling around on their own well before the age of 1, toddlers do not need to be put to bed on their back. Allow your little one to sleep however they are most comfortable. You can also let them use pillows, blankets, and stuffed animalsjust don’t overdo it!


  • The breathable design is safer for your infant
  • Durable enough to be used as a crib mattress and then on a toddler bed
  • Completely washable, inside and out
  • Hypoallergenic and prevents the build-up of microbes and bacteria
  • 100-day period where you can try the mattress and then return it if you do not like it


  • The material of cover may not be comfortable to sleep on without a sheet
  • The mattress has a chemical-like smell when it is new
  • Expensive compared to other mattresses

Closing Recommendations

The Newton Baby Crib Mattress is worth the investment. While it may be costly, it will last your little one for years to come. Its unique, breathable design reduces the risk of suffocation and prevents overheating. It is washable, hypoallergenic, and will easily transition from your infant’s crib to your toddler’s bed. If that were not enough, they have a 100-day guarantee for customers who are unhappy.

Samantha Davis is a part-time writer and a full-time mommy of two boys, Apollo (age 5) and Adrien (age 7). She has been working as a writer for seven years and loves the freedom it gives her to spend time with her boys and fiance.and do things like camping, swimming, and painting. She is also a parent to three fur babies- two dogs and a cat!