Medela Safe & Dry Thin Nursing Pads Review

Medela Safe & Dry Thin Nursing Pads Review

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by Adrina Palmer |

The newest breast pads to the market are the Medela Safe & Dry Nursing Pads.

Medela is determined to make mamas jobs easier during the first year of a baby’s life. These new pads are the epitome of innovative with a unique oval shape. Even better, at only 2mm thick you could compare these to the thickness of a credit card. Maybe they are not that thin, but we are moving closer to the future with invisible products with excessive absorbency.

Let’s take a closer look and see if these new nursing pads stack up to the other popular brands on the market.

Medela Safe & Dry Features

  • Unique oval shape
  • More surface area underneath the nipple
  • Polymer core to lock-in moisture
  • Less than 2mmm thick
  • Five layers of ultra-thin absorbency
  • Leakguard to prevent side leaks
  • Soft and flexible to shape to your breast
  • Super soft and hypoallergenic
  • Disposable
  • Portable – individually wrapped
  • Discreet under clothing

Are They Portable?

Yes. The pads are individually wrapped to pack in your diaper bag or purse, which is handy for moms on the go. The problem with individually wrapped is all the wrappers when you just want to cover your tatas before they start leaking again. You have to pick: do you want portable or do you want easy to reach? You could always unwrap them all at once. Your choice.

Do They Show?

These breast pads are contoured and flexible for not only the ultimate fit but for discretion under your shirt. That being said, most breast pads show at least a little bit of an outline unless you wear a padded bra. Some show more than others. Thankfully, these ones show less than some other brands because of how extremely thinness. Think of a thick piece of cardboard for a mental image.

Do They Absorb?

They absorb like a thirsty camel in the desert. Just kidding, Medela has not invented camel humps for breast pads just yet (besides those would really show and we don’t want that), but these are the next best thing. With three layers of absorbent polymer core, waterproof backing, and a flexible leak-guard front, you can expect superior absorption and moisture-wicking comfort. Do not expect them to last more than a couple of good leakings, but the same is true of most breast pads.

Do They Have Adhesive and Stay In Place?

The adhesive is strong on this one. Not only will it stay in place but the sticker back has a wider coverage sticker to stay in place better. Other breast pads tend to have a single strip instead of this lovely square shape. The only problem with the sticker on the breast pad are toddlers tend to like stickers. You’re safe if you only have a baby.

Medela’s safe & dry pads will help with light to moderate leaking. Mom’s with lots of flow may want to keep twice as many on hand or find some pads meant for heavier volume. Best bet would be to keep these thin ones in your diaper bag for public appearances and keep the thick unflattering ones on your bedside table.

Are They a Good Shape?

What makes these pads tick? The honeycomb texture lining draws liquids away from your skin while still be soft and comfortable. Even better, the design offers more coverage under the nipples which is the direction the milk is headed. Also, the indents tell you where to place the pads for best coverage. The front has added trim on the sides to block the liquid in and away from your bra because no mom wants a ring around the breasts or seepage on the sheets. Finally, the ingenious oval shape covers better and stays in place.

How The Medela Safe & Dry Compares to Other Breast Pads

How do the Medela Safe & Dry Thin Disposable Nursing Pads measure up to the other most popular pads on the market? Take a look.

Medela Safe & Dry vs Nuk – Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads

The Nuk Ultra-Thin Nursing Padsmay be the most affordable brand but have a few disadvantages. The pads do not contour to your body, which suggests leaking pads. On the flipside, these pads are less noticeable than the Lansinoh pads under a non-padded bra despite less contouring and not as comfortable. Another downside is these do not come individually wrapped. If you plan to take them with you, pack them in a sandwich bag for cleanliness. No one wants purse gunk on their breast pads. Last, these nursing pads lack adhesive, although this could be a bonus for some moms.

Medela Safe & Dry vs Lansinoh Nursing Pads

The shape of these Lansinoh pads looks like a cell in the process of splitting. No joke. The benefit being if one side fills up, flip the pad over and fill the other separate side for a two for one deal. Otherwise, these pads have a similar honeycomb texture as the Medela pads but look a bit larger. Unlike the Medela pads, these are a straight-up circular shape and contour to your tatas. An added bonus is two adhesive stickers. The stickers do not stand several bra pulldowns for nursing, however.

Lansinoh pads are portable with individual wrapping for convenience. Another score for these is they do not stick to your breast for exceptional comfort. Next, these come in three different leakage coverage light, medium, and heavy to support all moms. Finally, what you really want to know: these soak up any leaks and may well be the best option for nights.

Medela Safe & Dry vs Nursing Pads by Bamboobies

Buy the Bamboobies pads if you want natural pads. These adorable pads include an indented heart design for your viewing pleasure. Mammas with sensitive tatas will love seeing bamboo on the label. However, bamboo isn’t the softest material but may be better for moms trying to avoid chemicals. The problem is when did you know a tree to soak up a lot of milk? These do absorb but into a strange gel consistency, which is all fine and dandy until the pad breaks open in your purse. Also, the pads tend to show through clothing.

Medela Safe & Dry vs Philips Avent Day Disposable Breast Pads

The Avent pads hold their shape but tend to not stay in place, which is the good news. The bad is the adhesive does not stay in place because the sticker is only on half the pad. While contoured the pads tend to appear a bit rumpled under clothing – not very flattering. The advantage is they are portable with individual wrapping so you can toss them in the diaper bag. Finally, while smaller than some of the other pads they absorb like a champ and are comfy to boot.

Medela Safe & Dry vs Johnson’s Nursing Pads


Johnson’s Nursing Pads are unique because of the nipple-shaped indent. I know what you are thinking, the nipple indent will show under clothing but if you are new to nursing you don’t know how sensitive nipples are when nursing and any extra protection is a gift (like these Best Nipple Creams!). Not only are these pads made for comfort but for absorbency. Unfortunately, these tend to be a bit thicker for the absorbency and do not taper for less visibility. Use these pads for around the house or when your nipples feel like they are going to fall off.

About Medela

A Swiss company that opened in 1961, Medela is a research company that partners with medical universities and hospitals to create the most cutting-edge products valued across the globe. Fostering a close relationship with their customers, Medela makes their innovations from customer input and scientific research. A medical supply company that specializes in encouraging new mothers to feed their children naturally, Medela’s breastfeeding products and vacuum pumps are used all over the globe. Their pumps make our list of the Best Brest Pumps because they are so wonderful, so check them out for sure!

The company already has nursing pads in their inventory, the Medela Ultra-Thin Disposable Nursing Pads. Breast pads are a must-have for new mothers, especially when they return to work. The Ultra-Thin Disposable pads contour to the natural shape of a woman’s breast, with leak guards on the side. Designed to be discreet, the pads will protect you from little to moderate breast leakage in between breastfeedings.

The bra inserts are a hypoallergenic material to prevent allergic reactions. With five layers of padding, with an ultra-absorbent polymer center, the Medela Ultra-Thin Disposable Nursing Pads keep you dry without being bulky. Due to the company’s innovations, the five layers fit into a 2 mm pad. Individually wrapped for convenience, you can use this sanitary product at home or on-the-go.

The Medela Safe & Dry Nursing Pads should be a similar product to the Ultra-Thin pads. If they are as protective and comfortable as the Ultra-Thin pads, they should be the best nursing pads for heavy leaking. Keep checking our site for our full review, coming soon.

Final Thoughts 

The new Medela Safe & Dry Nursing pads offer the promise of comfort, absorbency, and disappearing under your shirt. Oh and no milk stains to clearly display you are nursing your newborn in your arms.

The oval shape and honeycomb top layer will keep your breast dry for light to moderate leaks better than other brands because the pad has more space underneath the nipple which is where the milk is going to leak. Other brands tend to keep the nipples in the center of the pad.

All of the innovation in these pads will make nursing your baby a better – and drier – experience. Go forth and nurse your baby in comfort and dryness.

Adrina Palmer
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