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Medela Safe & Dry Nursing Pads Review

by Experienced Mommy |

Medela will be releasing Medela Safe & Dry Nursing Pads soon. We will do a thorough review as soon as they are available.

A Swiss company that opened in 1961, Medela is a research company that partners with medical universities and hospitals to create the most cutting-edge products valued across the globe. Fostering a close relationship with their customers, Medela makes their innovations from customer input and scientific research. A medical supply company that specializes in encouraging new mothers to feed their children naturally, Medela’s breastfeeding products and vacuum pumps are used all over the globe.

The company already has nursing pads in their inventory, the Medela Ultra-Thin Disposable Nursing Pads. Breast pads are a must-have for new mothers, especially when they return to work. The Ultra-Thin Disposable pads contour to the natural shape of a woman’s breast, with leak guards on the side. Designed to be discreet, the pads will protect you from little to moderate breast leakage in between breastfeedings.

The bra inserts are a hypoallergenic material to prevent allergic reactions. With five layers of padding, with an ultra-absorbent polymer center, the Medela Ultra-Thin Disposable Nursing Pads keep you dry without being bulky. Due to the company’s innovations, the five layers fit into a 2 mm pad. Individually wrapped for convenience, you can use this sanitary product at home or on-the-go.

The Medela Safe & Dry Nursing Pads should be a similar product to the Ultra-Thin pads. If they are as protective and comfortable as the Ultra-Thin pads, they should be the best nursing pads for heavy leaking. Keep checking our site for our full review, coming soon.

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