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Halo Sleepsure Infant Monitor Review

The Halo Sleepsure Infant Monitor isn’t available on the market just yet, but Halo is in the process of getting the new addition to their line ready to sell. We promise to update you with all the information as soon as it’s available. 

Halo Sleepsack

The popular baby brand became famous for its baby swaddling products called Sleepsacks. Instead of putting your baby in a blanket that can become a choking hazard, get a sleepsack to fit on like a gown, and keep your baby warm and safe. The company makes sacks to fit preemies up to 5t for toddlers. 

You can pick from several different styles, including simple zip-up sacks or zip-up and swaddling sacks. Moreover, you can choose from an extensive collection of colors and patterns to suit any tastes. The gown fits over your baby’s clothes and provides tons of room for baby’s feet too. 

The gowns don’t ride up or have loose zippers; they are just the right amount of warmth to keep babies comfortable while sleeping. You can also pick from several fabrics, including cotton, muslin, or micro-fleece, to keep your baby warm year-round. Also, the sleepsacks are recognized as “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institue

Other Products 

Besides sleepsacks, Halo also makes a line of high-quality bassinets called the Halo BassiNest. The incredible bassinet swivels and keeps your baby close to your bed for easy access. Furthermore, the side walls are made of mesh and lower easy, so you can reach your baby while still in bed. 

The whole bassinet is height adjustable and comes with storage pockets to stash a few diapers and wipes or bottles. It makes it easy to care for a newborn without co-sleeping. With the BassiNest, you get a safe way to keep your baby next to you for feedings or diaper changes for the first four months. 

Halo offers three versions of the BassiNest, including the Essentia, Luxe Plus, and the Premiere. Each of these can be upgraded with tons of accessories like mattress covers and pads, mobiles, extra storage, and even a newborn insert.  

Lastly, the company also makes the DreamNest – a portable playard ready to rock your baby. You can also use it as a portable crib or a standalone cot. It also functions as a baby care center with a built-in changing area, even on the go. 

Final Thoughts 

While the Halo SleepSure Infant Monitor isn’t ready yet, it will be soon, and we will get you all the facts as soon as it’s available. Make sure to mark this page to store for future information. We expect great things from the very popular Halo brand. 

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Adrina Palmer
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