Reviewing the Graco Affix and the Graco Turbobooster: Which is Better?

Graco Turbobooster Grow Review

by Samantha Davis |

New and coming soon in the Graco car seat lineup is the Graco Turbobooster Grow. While we don’t have details about the Grow, we have reviewed many other Graco car seats and really love them because they are solid, safe and budget friendly.

Great Booster Features

Although it isn’t clear what Turbobooster Grow will have to offer, we are always interested in these categories for car seats:


  • Style! Guess what? The seat is going to be in your car for years. You don’t want it to 1) embarrass you (too much) or 2) make you hate it every time you see it.
  • Comfort. Do you want anything else for your child to complain about? Do you want to give them another reason not to get in the car? Thought so.
  • Dollars. There is plenty to buy out there for your baby and expensive is truly not always best. And best is often not worth the price. Second-best will always do for the right price.
  • Transfer and multiple cars. Unless your car seat will never need to be in more than one vehicle, this is important because it can be so frustrating.
  • Safety. Obvious, and fortunately car seats are very safe, but something you want to double check before each purchase.
  • Durability. We don’t like parts that wear out and don’t work anymore. We don’t like material that tears, stains, fades, pills, pulls, splits or keeps coming off. And we really don’t like buckles, straps and latches that are obstinate about buckling, strapping and latching. I guess we are just picky that way.

Image of the Will the Turbobooster Grow look anything like the existing Turbobooster?


Samantha Davis
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