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A Review of the Graco TurboBooster Grow Highback Booster

Even though parents would do anything to keep their children safe, they do not always have the budget for top-of-the-line safety seats. Graco is a more budget-friendly option that does not sacrifice on safety.

One of their latest models is the Graco TurboBooster Grow, which features three modes that can be used for children between 40 and 120 pounds. As an added benefit, it has a seat belt trainer that can be removed for a second child, as well as features like a washable, plush cover and cup holders.

Graco TurboBooster Grow High Back Booster Seat, Featuring RightGuide Seat Belt Trainer, West Point

Safety Features

The Graco TurboBooster Grow Highback Booster has three modes of safety, which keeps your little one protected once they are out of a harness. It has features like a LATCH system for vehicle security, and lap and shoulder guides.

3 Modes of Safety for Front-Facing Safety

This booster seat is designed to be used with children from ages 40-120 pounds and 43-57. It can be used once your child is ready to be forward-facing without a harness, usually around 4 years old.

  • Belt-Positioning Highback Booster- The highback booster has a headrest that grows with your little one, being designed for kids tall and 40-100 pounds.
  • Belt-Positioning Backless Booster- The backless booster works for children who are 40-100 pounds. It is a little taller than the seat belt trainer but works using a shoulder positioning strap belt guide.
  • RightGuide Portable Seat Belt Trainer- This is designed to work with kids that are 50-120 pounds. It works by guiding the lap belt in the proper place using handles that fold out from under the seat. A shoulder clip brings down the shoulder strap so it is safely positioned across your little one’s chest. As an added bonus, it can be removed from the seat and used with a second child.

Additional Safety Features

Rated Best Bet by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Graco Grow TurboBooster has everything your little one needs to be safe in an accident. The belt positioner of the TurboBooster and the Trainer work with the safety belt in your vehicle to keep your child protected in an accident. It has been tested with success at twice the force required for car seat safety and provides protection in rollover accidents, front crashes, rear-impact crashes, and side-impact crashes.

You also do not need to worry about the car seat breaking down from extreme heat or cold. It has been heat-tested and cold-tested for structural integrity. Additionally, EPS foam absorbs energy upon impact. Even though this booster is structurally sound, it will need to be replaced if it is in a car accident. This is something you should expect with any booster.

Why Your Little One Will Love It


When a seat grows with your child, they have the advantage of safety and comfort. With a headrest that adjusts in 7 positions, it provides head and neck support. The wings on the headrest can also be leaned against. This means they can rest their head or take a nap on long car rides.

Graco TurboBooster Grow High Back Booster Seat, Featuring RightGuide Seat Belt Trainer, West Point

Another benefit is the soft, plush cover that envelopes the entire seat. This means no sharp edges or pinched skin. Your little one can ride in style and comfort.

Accommodates Drinks, Snacks, and Toys

Two separate cup holders can be used for your little one to keep a snack, drink, or a favorite toy. This means there is a less chance of them dropping whatever they are holding. Less whining and less mess!


As your child becomes more comfortable with their seat, those that are independent may want to use it themselves. This is possible because of the easy-to-use guide system. Additionally, the seat is easy to installso easy that a child can do it!

Why Parents Will Love the Graco TurboBooster


If your child has siblings or you carpool, you’ll love that the TurboBooster comes with two parts; the back-positioning booster and the RightGuide Portable Seat belt Trainer. When not in use, the trainer attaches to the booster seat and the handles fold underneath. You simply remove it, pull out the guide handles, and position it on the seat of your car. The booster seat remains functional with or without the seat belt trainer intact.

Graco TurboBooster Grow High Back Booster Seat, Featuring RightGuide Seat Belt Trainer, West Point

Not only is this booster seat functional, but you will also get years of use out of it. Both the booster and the trainer are safe for ten years of use. You’ll be using it for siblings, playdates, carpooling, and more for years to come.

Easy to Use

One of the great features of this booster is the Graco LATCH system. It features a latch on either side of the car seat that clicks into place for added security. By attaching directly to the anchor system of your vehicle, the LATCH system adds security in an accident. It also stops the booster from flying forward if you hit the brakes too hard when it is not in use. Another great part of the LATCH system is how easy it is to useyou can tighten and loosen the straps at the push of a button located on the front of the seat.

The seven-position headrest is a nice feature for parents as well. You can adjust it with one hand. The adjustability means that your child can sit in the backed model longer. This is important because backed boosters generally provide more protection than a backless model. Stability and side protection are increased because of the back of the seat.


In addition to an easy-to-use LATCH system, this seat is a breeze to install. Simply click the three separate parts (the booster seat, the trainer, and the back) into place. After an audible click, you know the pieces are secured together. The seat belt is also easy to use with the seatjust position the lap belt using the guides and position the shoulder strap using the back of the booster or the shoulder clip provide for use with the booster.


Kids in the car can be a mess. The machine washable cover of the Graco TurboBooster Grow Highback Booster makes clean up easy. The cup holders are also removable and dishwasher safe. However, the cup holders are integrated into the design. They must be in place when the booster seat is being used. This can be inconvenient if you have to sit several kids across the backseat of your car because it causes the seat to take up more room.

Lightweight and Portable

Once your child is 50+ pounds, they can use just the RightGuide trainer. Rather than struggling to carry a full-sized seat between cars, you can move the trainer back and forth. The trainer is small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry. It is similar to the MiFold Booster (which you can check out in this MiFold review) in this regard. The trainer is small enough that your child can place it in the bookbag and take it on the go, making it perfect for when they are riding with a grandparent, older sibling, or carpool mom after school. You never have to worry about relying on someone else to provide their booster.

How Do I Know My Child is Ready for a Booster Seat?

As this model comes without a harness option, it should not be used until your son or daughter is at least four years old and meets the minimum height and weight requirements. For this seat, the minimum requirements are a height of 43 and a weight of 40 pounds. By ensuring your child is the right size, you ensure the seat will provide them the protection they need in a car accident. It does not matter if the best booster seat has top ratings for safety if your child is not the right size for the seat.

Graco TurboBooster Grow High Back Booster Seat, Featuring RightGuide Seat Belt Trainer, West Point

While many parents are excited to see their little one grow, it is important to remember that each graduation is a step-down in protection. Rear-facing baby seats offer the most protection, for example, because infants are at the lowest stage of development. They require better head and neck protection to avoid injury in an accident. As your child develops, their bones grow, and they support their head better. Then, they can be turned around.

Prior to this stage, parents may want to keep their child in a front-facing harnessed seat. This model does not come with a harness, so you may need to purchase an additional car seat if your child is between these stages. Even though you should consider your child’s age, keep in mind that not all children gain height and weight at the same rate. Not every four-year-old will meet the requirements for this seat.


  • Machine washable seat and dishwasher safe cup holders
  • Easy enough to use that independent kids can buckle themselves
  • RightGuide separates from the booster, letting one car seat sit 2 kids
  • Excels at safety standards
  • Adjustable headrest has seven positions and can be adjusted with one hand


  • Cup holders can’t be removed to make extra space in the car
  • Tall back may interfere with some car headrests when in higher positions

Final Take

If you want a car seat that features the options to seat two kids and grows with your toddler, the Graco TurboBooster Grow Highback is the best booster available. Its unique design makes it functional. As an added benefit, it has comfort features like cup holders, an adjustable headrest, and plush seating. If you need a booster for your toddler on a budget, this offers all the safety and comfort of a higher-end Britax model without the high cost. This includes protection in front, rear, side, and rollover crashes, as well as safety in testing at nearly twice the minimum standard.

While it is loaded with features for safety and comfort, this booster may not work for everyone. Check out our other best booster seat reviews if this doesn’t seem like a good fit.

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