Graco Sunglock Dreamer Car Seat Review

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Graco’s newest, yet to be released car seat in the Snuglock tradition is the Snuglock Dreamer. As there are no details on the car set at this point, we wanted to let you know it is on our radar. We will let you know when it is announced and the release date in case you are in the position of needing to buy and want to have the most current Graco car seat available.

Graco Car Seats

Graco has the highest car seat sale volume of the major manufacturers in the US market. Their popularity stems from high-quality products priced at a level that makes them accessible to most of the population. They are also widely available both online and in physical stores like Walmart and Target.

Graco’s Snuglock technology has design elements in the car seat bases and seats themselves that make them easier to install and confidence that they are in right and tight.

The Snugride Snuglock line of infant car seats is extensive. So Graco tends to create technology that they carry forward into the new product models. This is especially the case with the tech that works and gets good customer feedback like Snuglock has.

It is unclear what the Snuglock Dreamer will add to the feature-set as “Dreamer” is a pretty generic term. The name implies sleep-related benefits which probably means attention to some comfort-oriented design elements.

Image of the Graco Sungride Snuglock 35 Elite infant car seat:Image of the Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite Infant Car Seat, Oakley

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