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The Best Chemistry Sets For Kids of 2021

This isn’t your high school chemistry class, mamas. Whether your child has an interest in science or is a budding chemist, I have dug deep to find the best chemistry sets for kids. 

Top 5 Best Chemistry Sets for KidsWhy It's BestRating
Ooze Labs Chemistry StationIncludes lab station, 20 experiments, Ages 6 and up♥♥♥♥♥
WILD! Science Test Tube Chemistry Lab 50 experiments, Child-proof containers, Ages 8-12♥♥♥♥♥
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry SetCombines Magic & Chemistry, 10 experiments, Ages 8 & up♥♥♥♥♥
Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids20 experiments, Good for beginners♥♥♥♥♥
SNAEN Super Lab Science Kit30 experiments, Lab station, Storage on bottom♥♥♥♥♥

The 15 Best Chemistry Sets For Kids 

Ooze Labs Chemistry Station 

Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit, 20 Non-Hazardous Experiments Including Safe Slime, Chromatography, Acids, Bases & More, Multi-Color

To kick off my list of the best chemistry sets for kids is the Ooze Labs Chemistry Station, which is a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor award winner. 

Firstly, the set comes with 57 pieces of equipment for 20 different experiments. 

Some examples of the experiments are:

  • Glowing Slime
  • Color-Changing Slime
  • Salt Crystals
  • Underwater volcano
  • Rainbow in a Test Tube
  • Oozing Bubbles 
  • Moving Colors
  • Self-inflating Balloon

Secondly, the Chemistry set comes with a station base, test tubes & test tube racks, measuring cups and spoons, chemicals, dye tablets, and much more. All chemicals are non-hazardous, although it is still important to supervise. 

In addition, there will be things you must supply from your home. You may not have some of these items, so be prepared for that. This includes red cabbage, soil, candle, jelly jar, corn starch, plastic cups, non-permanent colored markers, sand, milk, powdered sugar, and lemon juice. 

Thirdly, it comes with a 16 page manual with an additional 10 double-sided experiment cards, which help your kiddo set up and execute each experiment. Your child can easily clip their experiment card to the lab station for easy reading.  There are also holders on the base for placing test tubes. 

Finally, the Chemistry Station is suitable for children ages 6 and up. 

WILD! Science Test Tube Chemistry Lab 

WILD! Science Test Tube Chemistry Lab - 50+ Fun Experiments and Reactions - Science Kits for Kids Age 8-12 - STEM Projects - Chemistry Set

The WILD! Science Test Tube Chemistry Lab offers 50 experiments and reactions which gives your child the opportunity to feel like a real scientist. 

Firstly, the set will give your kiddo the chance to learn all about solids, liquids, and gases. 

Examples of included experiments:

  • Create a greenhouse environment
  • Make a test tube lava lamp
  • Learn how cakes rise
  • Clean coins

Secondly, the set does include a fully illustrated booklet with all the instructions your little chemist would need for their experiments. What’s neat is the experiments were created by real scientists, which may make your kiddo feel like they are a real one, too. 

Thirdly, while the majority of the equipment is included in the set, you will need a variety of common household items such as ice, dishwashing liquid, vegetable oil, matches, juice, and salt.

Safety is key with any chemistry set. The set does include child-proof, no-spill containers that can be used over and over again. The test tubes and beakers are plastic, so no concerns with them breaking if they fall off the table. It includes gloves and safety goggles. 

Finally, the Chemistry Lab is best suited for children ages 8-12. A parent should probably be handy to help with some of the experiments. Make sure to keep the set out of little hands. It does include chemicals, like copper sulfate, which could be dangerous if digested. 


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set - Perform 10 Amazing Easy Tricks with Science, Create a Magic Show with White Gloves & Magic Wand

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set is the perfect combination of two things kids love. I mean, what could be more fun than mixing chemistry with magic? I’ll wait. 

Firstly, the set comes with 10 experiments allowing your child to feel like a scientist and magician all at once. The instruction booklet comes with detailed illustrations, making it easy for your kiddo to follow along. 

Some of the included magical experiments are:

  • Make snow appear
  • Make a coin float
  • Catch bubbles
  • Magically change colors
  • Make water disappear

Secondly, the set comes with 21 components needed to conduct the experiments. You will need a few items around your house, including paper towels, dish soap, and a paper clip. 

Thirdly, the set is best suited for scientists ages 8 and up. Always be mindful about small hands grabbing some of the included chemicals. 

Finally, while it doesn’t offer as many experiments as other kits, it does come at a reasonable price. It also sets itself apart from other chemistry sets by having the magic component. 

Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids 

Science Kit for Kids - 21 Experiments Science Set, Great Gifts for 6, 7, 8 , 9+ Year Old Girls and Boys

The Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids gives your child the opportunity to conduct over 20 experiments.

Firstly, the kit includes a kid-friendly instruction manual, making it easy for your child to follow along. In addition, they can also access step-by-step videos online, demonstrated by real kids. 

Secondly, the experiments are broken down into three categories: Eruption, Unmixable, and Crystals. 

A few of the included experiments are:

  • Volcano Eruption
  • Create a Lava Lamp
  • Making Crystals

Thirdly, the set ensures safety is practiced for all experiments. All the equipment is plastic, ensuring there is no accidental breakage of glass. The test tubes also have a safety twist on their cap. 

While a good amount of equipment is included, I’m a little disappointed in how much stuff you need to have at home. While some of the items are basic like water, soap, salt, egg, and scissors. Others include Mentos candy, a 2 litter diet cola, and a 2 litter regular cola. Just something to keep in mind as you are setting up the chemistry set. 

Finally, I feel this set is good for beginner scientists, as young as Kindergarten. It’s a great way for them to begin a love of Science. 

SNAEN Super Lab Science Kit 

SNAEN Super Lab Science Kit with 30 Magic Scientific Experiments,STEM Education Toys for Kids Ages 3+,Build A Chemistry Station, Homeschool, Deluxe 110 Piece Set

The SNAEN Super Lab Science Kit is the ultimate in science kits. 

Firstly, the set comes with 30 experiments and includes over 100 pieces, including a variety of test tubes, chemicals, measuring cups and spoons, safety goggles, and much more. Make sure you have some salt, dish detergent, and oil on hand for some of the experiments.

Examples of the included experiments:

  • Water Blowing Balloons
  • Making Water Sprites
  • Rainbow Ferris wheel
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Candle Suction
  • Rainbow Rain
  • Multicolor Soil

Secondly, the lab station setup is really neat. It allows a place for your child to put their test tubes and offers a 360-degree rotation design. Instead of having everything sprawled across your dining room table, the lab station allows everything to be kept in one place. 

In addition, the bottom of the station can be used for storage, which makes it so convenient for clean-up. Once everything is put away, just snap on the lid and your child can easily store it away until next time. 

Thirdly, safety was definitely taken into consideration with the set. All the tools are made from a durable ABS material, as opposed to glass. In addition, all the chemical materials went through a safety test. The chemicals are stored in bottles, rather than pouches which makes handling much easier. 

Finally, the SNAEN Science Kit is a bit pricier than others on my list, however, you get a ton with this one. In my opinion, it’s worth the price tag if you are willing to pay for it. 

It advertises as appropriate for children ages 3 and up. Always make sure you are supervising when your child is using the kit, to ensure they don’t put anything in their mouth. 

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set 

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set - Mega Science Kit with Over 15 Easy Experiments, Make a Volcano, Launch a Rocket, Create Fizzy Reactions, & More, STEM Toy, an Amazon Exclusive Science Kit

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set gives your little scientist the opportunity to do 45 awesome activities. 

Firstly, while it says 45 activities are included, you actually get equipment for 15 experiments and then can use the included guide to perform 30 additional ones. You will need common household items to conduct these. 

Some of the included experiments are:

  • Rocket Launch
  • Geyser Eruption
  • Using Gas to Blow Up a Balloon
  • Build an Underwater Volcano
  • Make Pop Crystal Fireworks
  • Make Your Own Volcano

When they make their own volcano, they actually get the opportunity to mold and paint it however they’d like. 

Secondly, it comes with easy-to-follow directions, allowing your little scientist the opportunity to create the experiments themselves. 

Finally, the set is designed for children ages 8 and up. As with all chemistry sets, make sure to keep an eye on things, even if you think your older child knows what they are doing. 

Crayola Color Chemistry Set

The Crayola Color Chemistry Set offers instructions for a whopping 50 experiments. Keep in mind the set only offers the equipment for 16 of those. 

The set was designed by experts with easy-to-follow activities. Also, it’s non-toxic and ready to promote STEM learning. You may need to purchase more supplies to practice some of the extra activities. 

As with the previous Chemistry set, your child gets to mold and create their own volcano. When it’s finished, they can paint it with the included paint set. 

Secondly, the experiments are created by real Crayola scientists. Who knew they made more than Crayons? Included is a step-by-step instruction booklet, allowing your child to easily follow along. 

Finally, the set is suitable for children 7 and up. I will say, my son received this for his 5th birthday and he had no problem doing the experiments, with some help from me, of course. I would make sure to keep it out of reach of the little ones due to small pieces, including color tablets. 

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dual LED Student Microscope 

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dual LED Student Microscope – 50+ pc Science Kit Includes Set of 10 Prepared Biological & 10 Blank Slides, Lab Shrimp Experiment, 10x-25x Optical Glass Lenses and more! (Silver)

While the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dual LED Student Microscope isn’t a chemistry set, it allows your child to feel like a real scientist. 

Firstly, the microscope offers 2 pairs of optical glass lenses, 20x and 50x. The eyepieces are adjustable to fit children or adults. The entire set includes 50 pieces. The microscope comes with 10 prepared slides for your little scientist to explore. 

In addition, you receive brine shrimp eggs with a hatchery station, storage box, petri dish, tweezers, eyedropper, and 10 prepared slides.  

Examples of included slides are:

  • Earthworm
  • Epidermis of Allium Cepa (aka Onion Skin)
  • Daisy Leaf
  • Dicotyledon Stem

There are blank slides included in case your little scientist wants to create their own. Your child doesn’t have to just use the slides, they can examine anything they find! 

Secondly, the microscope features upper and lower ultra-bright LED lights, making it easier to view their item. The lower lights are used to observe the specimen slides and the upper lights help examine any 3D objects your child wishes to look at. 

The set comes with a learning guide telling your tiny scientist all about the slides included in the set as well as some history on microscopes. 

Thirdly, with the included brine shrimp experiment, your child is able to observe the life cycle of these sea creatures. You may have heard brine shrimp referred to by their other name, sea monkeys.

They will learn about visual analysis, scientific procedure, and note-taking. It’s a great hands-on learning experience. As a note, the brine shrimp eggs can remain dormant for years if kept dry. As soon as they are exposed to water, they will begin their hatching process. 

Finally, the price isn’t cheap on this one but quality microscopes don’t come at a low price. The microscope is lightweight, at 2 lbs. It does require 2 AA batteries, which are not included. 

The suitable age for the microscope is 8 and up. I think the main thing is, with anyone too young, you risk them dropping it and breaking it. In addition, you wouldn’t want them putting any of the included pieces in their mouth. I would feel comfortable with my 5 and 6 year old using it though. 

Educational Insights Talking Microscope

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope Featuring Bindi Irwin: Microscope for Kids, STEM & Science Toy, Interactive Learning, Ages 3+

The Educational Insights Talking Microscope is perfect for the smaller scientists. 

Firstly, the microscope features the voice of Bindi Irwin, the famous wildlife warrior from Australia. As your child puts the slides under the microscope, they will hear Bindi explain what they are seeing. It’s a great opportunity for preschoolers to learn about plants, animals, and household items. 

Secondly, the set comes with 20 prepared slides for your child to view. As they are looking at the slides, they can choose from either fact mode or quiz mode. Your child can learn about all the items and then test their knowledge. 

Some of the included slides are:

  • Minerals
  • Bugs
  • Plants
  • Hair

Keep in mind, the slides are images of the items, and not the actual specimens. 

Finally, the talking microscope is perfect for kids 4 and up. It does require 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. In addition, you are able to choose from 4 different languages: English, Spanish, French, and German. 

The only drawback is you cannot add any other slides to the microscope except for what is included. In addition, you can’t really look at other items through it. It really is a toy vs. a real microscope. 

Playz STEM A+ Kids Chemistry 

Playz STEM A+ Kids Chemistry Junior Experiments & Reactions Science Lab Kit - 32+ Experiments, 36 Page Laboratory Guide, and 27+ Tools & Ingredients for Boys, Girls, Teenagers, & Kids

The Playz STEM A+ Kids Chemistry is the perfect set for your budding chemist. 

Firstly, the set includes more than 16 tools and ingredients to create 32 experiments. It comes with very detailed, full-color instructions to make sure your little scientist knows exactly what to do. 

Some of the experiments are:

  • Make a Color Shower
  • Construct a Homemade Fire Extinguisher
  • Grow Crystals
  • Create Live Foam Monsters
  • Use Invisible Ink for Secret Messages

Secondly, the set comes equipped with safety goggles, test tubes, a candle, balloons, a lab coat, food coloring, chemicals, and more. 

Thirdly, you will need several items from your home in order to complete the experiments. This includes dishwashing liquid, apple juice, lemonade, milk, white vinegar, mouthwash, and soap. 

Finally, the set is well suited for children ages 8 and up. 

Kids First Chemistry Set 

Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set Science Kit

No experience is necessary with the Kids First Chemistry Set.

Firstly, the set is ready for your little scientists to try out 27 different experiments with the 26 included pieces. To page sure your kiddo has no trouble following along, there is a 48 page, full-colored manual. The manual also has some important and interesting scientific information. 

Some of the fun experiments your little scientist will get to try are:

  • Making sugar and salt crystals
  • Color Mixing 
  • Water Solubility Tests
  • Acids Tests

Secondly, some of the equipment you receive includes measuring spoons and cups, a petri dish, test tubes, pH test strips, a magnifying glass, and pipettes. 

In addition, you will need to do some shopping before your kiddo gets started on the Chemistry set. A few items you should have on hand are vinegar, red cabbage, candles, lemon juice, markers, rock salt, and baking soda. 

Finally, I feel like this is a good basic, starter Chemistry set but you and your child may get frustrated with the list of supplies you need to provide for the experiments. I will say, the benefit to having to supply the majority of the supplies is getting to do the experiments more than once. Unfortunately, with some of the kits, once you do an experiment, you can’t do it again because you’ve used the necessary equipment. 

The set is great for scientists ages 8 and up. 

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

The Magic School Bus - Chemistry Lab

Seatbelts, everyone! Ms. Frizzle is back at it with The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab. Can I just mention how much I always loved that show? My kids have gotten into the newer episodes that are on now and I just think it’s a great, fun way to learn about science. 

Firstly, the bus-shaped chemistry lab comes with 51 experiment cards, a data notebook for recording observations, safety goggles, chemicals test tubes, a ruler, petri dish, dropper, balloons, and more. 

Some of the fun experiments your scientist will get to do are:

  • Volcano Explosion
  • Transform Slime into Bouncy Balls
  • Create Bubble Sculptures
  • Sticky Ice
  • Milk Rainbow
  • Create Slime

Finally, scientists as young as five can enjoy The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab. 

Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set

Learning Resources Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set, Preschool Science Kit, STEM Toys, Science Experiments for Kids, 45 Piece Set, Ages 3+

The Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set is perfect for preschoolers interested in science. 

Firstly, the set comes with a microscope, test tubes, beakers, safety goggles, flasks, stoppers, and funnels. 

Some of the included experiments are:

  • Volcano
  • Rainbow Ice
  • Color Changing Celery
  • Tie-Dye Milk
  • Snow Storm

Your child can pour their liquid through the funnels and watch it go through the twisty tubes before it reaches the beaker. 

Secondly, your kiddo can follow the step-by-step instructions on the 20 included activity cards and write down their results in the write & wipe journal. 

The set will help your child learn about cause & effect, making predictions, observation, and math concepts. 

Finally, the lab set is great for kiddos ages 3 and up. Just make sure to keep an eye on your budding scientist. 

As a note, the plastic flasks and stand are lightweight, so be careful when filling them up to avoid anything from tipping over. 

If you are looking for other ways to challenge your preschooler, check out our list of the best brain games for toddlers. 

Discovery Extreme Chemistry Kit

Discovery Extreme Chemistry Stem Science Kit by Horizon Group Usa, 40 Fun Experiments, Make Your Own Crystals, DIY Glowing Slime, Fizzy Eruptions, Gooey Worms & More, Multicolor

We can’t forget about the bigger kids, which is where the Discovery Extreme Chemistry Kit comes in. 

Firstly, the kit has the equipment to conduct 40 experiments. Some of the items included are a variety of chemicals, test tubes, a black light pen, measuring cup, mixing sticks, and a plastic cup. 

Your scientist can try out a variety of experiments including:

  • Collapsing Foam
  • Create a Glow Stick
  • The Disappearing Flame
  • Make your own Worms
  • The Eternal Flame
  • Humidity Test
  • Super Bubbly Blast

Secondly, the kit comes with step-by-step instructions to aid your child in completing the experiments. In addition, they will also receive an illustrated poster with fun facts about chemistry. 

As with the majority of the best chemistry sets for kids, you will need some household items. This includes but not limited to vinegar, liquid soap, eggs, and disposable cups. 

Finally, the set is best suited for children ages 12 and up. The instruction booklet has no pictures so it really is suitable for an older child who is comfortable reading the directions. The directions also aren’t super detailed, so your child should have some idea of what they are doing. 

Ben Franklin Toys Chemistry Lab

Ben Franklin Toys Chemistry Lab Pad Science Kit

To finish up my list of the best chemistry sets for kids is the Ben Franklin Toys Chemistry Lab

Firstly, the set offers 12+ experiments with over 50 pieces of equipment to help carry them out. In addition, the set includes handy, easy-to-follow experiment cards. 

The set will provide your child with safety goggles, storage containers, beakers, funnels, a syringe, and a petri dish. They will also receive their own copy of the Periodic Table of Elements. It’s never too early to start learning! 

Some of the experiments your child will get to try are:

  • Elephant Toothpaste 
  • Slime
  • Snow Making
  • Naked Egg
  • Wiggly Worms

Secondly, I really like the chemistry experiment log that comes with the set. It’s a great place for your child to jot down the results of their experiments. 

Thirdly, there is a variety of items you will need to provide. This includes pipe cleaners, white flowers, a yeast packet, a balloon, and a lemon. Common household items include salt, vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and corn starch. 

Finally, the set is great for children ages 5-8. I’m all for chemistry sets that a younger child can participate in. 

As a bonus, there is a certificate of excellence award you can present to your child when they complete all the experiments. The younger kids might enjoy this extra feature! 

How we Selected the Chemistry Sets

Learning should be fun and the more fun it is, the more your kiddo will want to engage in it! That’s why I looked for the best chemistry sets for kids that engage them mentally, but also where they have a fun time. Several factors went into choosing the best of the best:

Appropriate Equipment Included

Not much is worse than getting your child excited about doing an experiment and then realizing you don’t have half the at-home supplies required. Typically, most experiments need at least baking soda, vinegar, water, and salt. However, once the needed supplies get a little out of hand, I become less interested in the set. 

I also appreciated the chemistry sets that provided a nice set-up for the child, like a lab station where they can easily set up the test tubes. While experiments can cause messes, I’m all in favor of reducing the possibility of huge ones. 

Good Price

The problem with some chemistry sets is once your child goes through all the experiments, that’s it. It’s not a toy that will stick around for years to come. However, the knowledge gained and all the fun along the way are worth the price. 

Thankfully, the best chemistry sets for kids stay at a reasonable price point. The reality is your child isn’t going to zip through all the experiments in one day. You could easily spend a whole summer using one chemistry set if you spread out how often you do them. 

Suitable For a Variety of Ages

The majority of the best chemistry sets for kids are suitable for older kids, however, there are some specifically designed for preschoolers. Whenever I see the suggested age range of a product, I always take into consideration my kids, who are 3, 5, and 6. 

While sometimes the age range is put there for safety reasons, sometimes it’s because the information is geared towards older kids. My 6-year-old is a great reader but he certainly can’t read everything a 10-year-old can, nor will he necessarily understand it. 

FAQs about Chemistry Sets For Kids

What is the benefit of chemistry sets?

Chemistry sets offer a STEM learning experience. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. You might see lots of kids’ products on the market labeled “STEM” but what does it truly mean?

STEM education fosters your child’s creativity and encourages experimentation. If they don’t try, how will they know it works? In addition, STEM activities teach problem-solving and encourage teamwork.  

Finally, I also find it to be a great bonding time for a parent and child. Although it’s not always perfect, I enjoy working alongside my children on projects like this. It’s always neat to watch your child figure out how to do something. 

What is the best kids’ first chemistry set?

In my opinion, any of the chemistry sets I reviewed could be used as a first set. None of them have any complicated directions and are truly built for children. They all come with detailed instructions, helping your little scientist along the way. 

The only thing to keep in mind is what the appropriate age range is. It is important to keep that in mind when selecting a chemistry set. 

If you are looking for other fun experimental sets, try one of the best slime kits. Your child will definitely enjoy the messy creations that lay ahead of them. You can stand by with paper towels. 

Are there chemistry sets for younger kids?

You may have noticed the suggested age range for the best chemistry sets doesn’t usually dip below 6 years of age. I will say, if your child is past the stage of putting everything in their mouth, these chemistry sets would be a safe bet for them, pending you are there to supervise. 

Remember, it’s never too early to have your child start learning about science. 

If you are interested in some great learning toys for your children without the mess, check out the best math toys for kids. 

Are kids’ chemistry sets safe?

If you are worried about your child burning the house down with a kids’ chemistry set, you can rest easy. The best chemistry sets for kids are pretty harmless, minus the potential mess. This even includes volcano eruptions. 

However, you should watch little ones around the pieces that come with the sets. Several sets include color-changing tablets that can easily be mistaken for candy. 

Wrap Up 

I am a huge fan of chemistry sets. While they always have the opportunity to get messy, it really lets your child gets hands-on with their very own experiment. I feel my kids would thoroughly enjoy any of the chemistry sets on my list, but I always like to have a top choice, since you likely won’t be buying all of them. 

My number one pick would be the Ooze Lab Chemistry Station. I really like the feature of the lab station. It keeps everything in one place and allows your child to have several experiments going on at once. I also appreciate the suggested age range which at 6, instead of older like many of the best chemistry sets for kids. 


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