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Britax USA and 2017 B-Ready Stroller Reviews: Two models, One Choice: Is It Worth It?

The Britax USA B-Ready Stroller and its newer model, the 2017 B-Ready, are both impressive with their features – but not necessarily their price. Britax is a tried and true infant brand. Their brand is bit higher end and usually their products are up to this standard.

The USA B-Ready

Image of Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Black

This Britax USA B-Ready stroller is high end stroller with special additions and features. It can be used for newborns to toddlers and can be used as a double stroller. The Britax 2017 B-Ready shows some improvement over the USA. This review will explore the features of the USA B-Ready but will also touch on the 2017 additions. Both come in a basic black color and look quite basic at first glance. Both are expensive, but the 2017 is quite a bit higher.

The 2017 B-Ready
Image of Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Black

Bucket Seat, Stroller Seat, Double Seat, Oh My!

The Britax USA B-Ready stroller, and the 2017 B-ready, have an almost overwhelming amount of seat options. Parents these days are always looking for the newest and best thing money can buy. They will throw their money at items that can adapt for them, that will work for years, and suit their changing needs as parents. The infant and toddler years can be especially trying and anything to make that easier will always be a winner in the parent’s eyes.

What would be easier? For one, not having to purchase an additional stroller when your child ages out and not having to buy a separate double stroller. if you choose to have a second child close in age to your first. Check.  For starters, this stroller has 12(!) different seating options.

Britax USA B Ready with infant seat

The basic stroller seat comes with the stroller. The frame is automatically compatible with a Britax infant car seat for your convenience. Don’t have a Britax seat? Not a problem. An adapter attachment accessory can be purchased to attach car seats from other brands. But for just one kid, there’s a better top rated car seat stroller combo, the B-Agile and B-Safe 35.

It’s a Double: This stroller is also a double stroller. You can purchase a car seat adapter to attach to the bottom an additional infant seat in the instance you have twins. If you have two children close in age, you can buy an additional stroller seat to attach to the bottom frame of the stroller to haul both small children around.

Image of Britax B-Ready G2 Stroller, Black

For a newborn baby, you can buy a bassinet accessory for your baby to be more comfortable while strolling. This bassinet can also be used while an older child seats in stroller seat on the bottom though it is a tight squeeze for the child on bottom. In my opinion, if your kid is two, they may be too big to sit comfortably under the bassinet seat.

Britax USA Stroller - lots of seating options

Some other variations include:

  • A regular stroller seat forward facing
  • Two regular stroller seats, both forward facing
  • A single infant car seat, rear facing
  • Two infant car seats, one rear facing, the other forward facing
  • A stroller seat on bottom and a rear facing infant car seat on top
  • A stroller seat on bottom and a forward facing infant car seat on top
  • A forward facing infant car seat on bottom and stroller seat on top
  • A rear facing infant car seat on bottom and a stroller seat on top
  • A single bassinet
  • A bassinet on top and a stroller seat on bottom


Britax USA B Ready with infant seat and lower seat














Key Features of the Britax B Ready Strollers

2 Faced: The stroller seat can be faced either way. Either together or separate. Anyone else confused? It is safe to say that this stroller isn’t lacking any variety when it comes to seating options. Everyone should be happy. The 2017 B-Ready has all 12 seating options. The USA B-Ready has the same features.

$$$ The downside? All the extras are extra. Meaning more money spent. But again, if you are having multiple children close in age this is a sound investment. That is a personal choice. Honestly, if I had twins, this stroller would be a great asset.

For kids close in age: If your children are one or two years apart, all of these extra features seem to be very well worth it as well. But my kids are 3.5 years apart so a lot of these combinations are useless to me since my oldest will not be in a stroller except for long day trips or long walks (and even then, he may want to walk). Still, the B-Ready single stroller seat options are plentiful and unique.

Up to Age 6 – If They Aren’t on a Bike Already? Both the USA B-Ready and 2017 B-Ready have a stroller seat that has a recommended age of 6 months and will accommodate a child up to 55 lbs. That is with the regular seat that comes with the stroller, not the car seat or bassinet. Regardless, that is a good shelf life.

Feature & Benefits Video

Cruising Around

Let’s get down to it. How does this stroller move and function? Both B-Ready’s have four levels of recline for the comfort of your child ranging from completely flat, which is perfect for naps, and straight up which is ideal for looking around.

A Soft Ride: Instead of air, the four tires are foam filled. This ultimately leads to a smoother ride. The handlebar is adjustable to accommodate different heights. No complaints. The Britax stroller serves its ultimate purpose which is pushing around a small child with ease. There are no major issues with handling, pushing, and mobility. It moves smoothly and easily. No issues. That is great because what is a stroller if it is inconvenient to push and move?

The only complaints on mobility came from others who have used other strollers that they had liked better. Most reviewers had no complaints and even praised the B-Ready’s handling and how easy it is to push.

Heavy: However, the B-Ready is heavy. Alone it weighs 26 lbs. It is also bulky and can be hard to fold to put away. This is an opinion and it really depends on your strength level and what you can handle. If it is hard to lift out of your car but does well otherwise, but is it really a big problem?

Accessible but Small Storage: There is a storage basket and it is conveniently accessible from all four sides. And that is even with the addition of any type of seat facing in any direction on the bottom. Unfortunately, the storage basket inset isn’t very big. Deal breaker? Depends on what you need.

For everyday use, it should be fine. Drinks, diapers, snacks, phone and keys will all fit just fine. Jackets and an extra change of clothes for day trips will be snug. In fact, you’ll probably need an additional bag. Just base your basket needs on what you will need it for. Most of us will be using it for short trips or day-to-day use, so the Britax basket size should suit just fine. It is a bonus that you can access it from all sides.

There is a cup holder but it is small and attaches to the side. It is nothing special but is sturdy enough. There is no tray for the adult. A child cup holder and tray can be purchased separately. So, that is yet another extra cost. I think it should have been included.

Other extra accessory upgrades include:

  • A rain cover
  • A UV/Mosquito Cover
  • A boot cover
  • Stroller organizer

When it comes to upgrading both B-Ready models, it is pricey. Which is a negative since the B-Ready is pricey to begin with. The 2017 B-Ready is more expensive than the USA B-Ready. It makes you wonder why some of it wasn’t just included in the high price. Like the child cup holder. Why charge so much and not include something so simple as a cup holder for the child?

Demo Video

The Look

Both the Britax USA B-Ready and the Britax 2017 B-Ready have a modern look. Both are black which means it is gender neutral. It only comes in black. The one color dark design is most likely because it is a double stroller meant for multiple children. The design is modern and it is definitely sleek. The B-Ready is perfect for the modern parent.

Despite any faults, this stroller is highly rated. The Britax USA B-Ready averages 4.5-5 out of 5 stars.

4.5/5 stars 168 reviews-Target

The Britax 2017 B-Ready is also very highly rated.

The reviews even show improvement in this newer model.

4.75/5 stars 11 reviews-Target

5/5 stars 28 reviews-Walmart


  • So many seating options
  • Perfect for twins and children close in age
  • Gender neutral black color
  • Everything easily attaches


  • Everything is extra, not much included
  • High price
  • Heavy

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that both the Britax USA B-Ready and the Britax 2017 USA B-Ready are expensive. The price more so reflects the brand than it does the stroller. Yes, there are an insane amount of seat options but all of the extra seats will cost you more money. If you need a double stroller, and can afford it, this B-Ready series may be for you.

If you do not need a double, or will not be needing a double stroller for a long time, you probably want to pass. There are other strollers out there that will suit you needs for half the cost. These expensive Britax models aren’t the only strollers that will move smoothly and impress you. Be sure to read our best double stroller article to help you find a better option.

Larissa Marulli
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