Britax B-Clever Stroller Review – Does it live up to its name?

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The Britax B-Clever stroller is the next and newest in the manufacturer’s line of innovated strollers. Although Britax has car seats in its roots, the company has created some of the best strollers on the market.

With a name like B-Clever we are expecting some unique features and maybe some new ways to solve common problems that strollers have in these areas:

  • storage and front access to storage
  • weight and maneuverability
  • accessories for both parent and baby (like cup holders and mobile phone compartments)
  • comfort and safety
  • ease of folding
  • convenient braking
  • adjustable handles for different heights
  • canopy coverage
  • covers for warmth
  • seating and recline configurations
  • compatibility for different infant car seats for flexibility as a travel system
  • quality parts and materials
  • ride
  • style

Of course, no stroller can do everything, nor should it try.

Britax released the B-Free stroller recently and it had a lot of positive features in the categories above. Unfortunately at 22 pounds, it is a little heavy. That doesn’t make it a bad choice, but a few extra pounds gets wearisome over time when you use the thing multiple times per day.

The B-Free price is also a bit high but will probably come down.

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