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Black Friday Baby Deals [2021]

Here are the top Black Friday baby deals and mom deals by category. Many of the deals that started on November 27 will continue through Cyber Monday and many more will last until mid-next week.

Black Friday Children’s Book Deals

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Black Friday Stroller Deals ( Jogger, Double, Umbrella Strollers and More )

See full list of today’s Stroller Deals here

Black Friday Nursery Deals ( Cribs, Bassinetts, Furniture, Playards and More )

See full list of today’s Nursery Deals here

Black Friday Feeding Deals ( Breast Pumps, Food/Formula, Bottles, Highchairs and More )

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Black Friday Travel Gear Deals ( Backpacks, Carriers, Travel Beds and More )

Black Friday Pregnancy and Maternity Deals ( Pillows, Prenatal Monitoring and More )

Black Friday Safety Deals ( Baby Monitors, Gates, Door-Cabinet Locks and More )

See full list of today’s Safety Deals here

Black Friday Activity and Entertainment Deals ( Bouncers, Jumpers, Swings, Gyms, Playmats, Walkers and More )

Black Friday Diapering Deals ( Diaper Bags, Diapers, Changing Tables-Pads, Pails and More )

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Black Friday Potty Training Deals ( Seats, Seat Covers, Training Pants and More )

Black Friday Baby Care Deals ( Bathing, Grooming, Health, Pacifiers and More )

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Black Friday Baby and Toddler Toy Deals

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Black Friday Toy Deals ( Games, Indoor/Outdoor, Electronic, Dolls and Much More )

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Black Friday Clothes Deals ( Girl and Boy Clothes, Shoes and Accessories )

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Black Friday Gift Deals ( Albums, Baskets, Gift Sets and More )

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Other Black Friday Deals

This year, Prime members and voice shoppers (those using Alexa to shop) will get cool benefits like early access and exclusive deals.

This page shows product deals that were available leading up to and on Black Friday then on into Cyber Monday.

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When we find nice juicy deals, we’ll update this page and send out a notification to mom’s who clicked to get notified.

Check Back for Updates

So as you can see, a pretty comprehensive range of products are on this year’s Black Friday bargain list.

Whatever you’ve got your sights set on, keep checking back in frequently because the prices move hour to hour on some of these items.  And keep the usual common-sense rule in mind if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Happy bargain hunting!


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Experienced Mommy

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