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Best Stroller Wagon for Fun, Safety, and Convenience

Don’t waste your money on a double stroller with a measly 80 to 90-pound weight limit. Invest in a stroller wagon with a 100 to 150-pound weight limit to grow with your kids. Here’s our list of the best stroller wagons to help you make the best choice.

Best Stroller Wagon with Canopy:
Best Push Wagon Stroller:
Best Wagon with Car Seat Attachment:
Best 4 Seater Wagon:
Best Stroller Wagon for Sand:

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Best Stroller Wagons

The Pivot Xplore and the Keenz 7S are Amazon Choice stroller wagons, which are highly rated, well priced, and available to ship immediately. Both are also highly rated by parents for sturdiness, maneuverability, and leg room. The very costly Veer Cruiser is the best of the best with parents saying that it is durable, easy to maneuver, versatile, and comfortable. While lowest in cost, the Radio Flyer Wagon is not low on customer reviews with families saying it is great for traveling, especially on the beach and easy to pull on the sand. Also costly, the popular WONDERFOLD X4 is a heavy duty, comfy wagon that seats 4 children and parents with multiple small children love being able to put all their children in one place. Parents love the mid-priced Hauck Eco for its all terrain, rugged use for only 2 children.

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

One thing that might come as a shocker when you are searching for the right stroller wagon is the name brands that are available. Many of the big name stroller companies don’t yet have a stroller option. Evenflo’s Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon is a high-quality product from a high-quality brand.


This might be the most versatile stroller wagon on the market. The telescoping stroller handle can be rotated to the front or back of the stroller for both pushing or pulling. Using one easily-flipped handle for both functions saves space and makes things simple, too.

This wagon folds up just like a stroller would. The front and the back fold down toward each other from the joint in the middle, and the handle sticks up. No more trying to fiddle with a collapsable wagon that has a complicated fold. Just hold down the release lever and fold as you would your other strollers. Plus, the smaller footprint is ideal for saving on precious trunk space.

The total weight limit is 120 pounds. That’s 55 pounds per seat. If your kids are lighter than that, then you will have plenty of extra room for even heavy cargo. And with that high of a weight limit, you know that you can get many years of use out of this stroller.

You can fit one or two kids of any age in this stroller. Another killer feature is the ability to accommodate babies. While most wagons are made for toddlers only, this wagon has a car seat adapter (sold separately) as well as an attachable stroller seat (also sold separately) that will allow you to take a smaller child with you.

All-terrain wheels, foot-friendly brakes, and a width of only 27 inches mean that this amazing stroller wagon can go anywhere you want to take it, from the park to the beach to Disneyworld!

evenflo pivot xplore wheel size vs radio flyer discovery


One of my favorite features is the snack trays. There is one for each seating spot, so there’s no fighting over who gets to put their drink in the drink holder. Best of all, both the trays can attach to the middle of the wagon to create a little snack table of sorts. And there’s still plenty of space for the kids to sit in.

And if you have more drinks than kids (because parents are allowed to sneak a juice box, too), there are extra drink holders on the outside of the stroller. They are made from fabric and have an elastic band at the top to accommodate everything from water bottles to sippy cups to Starbucks drinks.

The other storage bonus is the cargo basket. This can be put on the back of the stroller to help hold toys or other gear. But if it’s not needed, it can be rotated to sit on the inside of the stroller thanks to the moveable and reversible design.

Want the protection of a canopy without the hassle, bulk, and height? Just pop the retractable UPF 50+ canopies of the Pivot Xplore out. They look and work like a stroller canopy and there is one for each side. Each canopy has adjustable angles so you can put them where the sun is. You can even make them meet in the middle for max shade.

As far as the seats go, each kid gets a cozy seat with a 3-point seat belt and a footwell for extra space. Each seat also has a little bit of padding to keep tiny tushes comfy.

evenflo pivot xplore padded seat and inner storage pocket

Best of all, the price of this highly functional stroller is fabulous! It’s less expensive than some of the other, less feature-laden options on this list!


  • Rotating push/pull handle
  • Compact fold
  • Car seat adapter and second stroller seat available
  • Lots of customizable storage
  • Canopies and seatbelts
  • Great price


  • Car seat adapter hogs the whole wagon
  • Handles like a school bus
  • Difficult to fold and unfold

We were almost tempted to put this fabulous wagon on our best double stroller list, so be sure to check that out!

Evenflo Pivot Video Review

Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon

The Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon has features that are convenient for parents and comfortable for little ones. While it is one of the pricier options, many parents find the extra cost is worth it.


Once your little one can sit up on their own, they can use this Keenz wagon. Inside, two five-point harnesses keep your children safe. While the wagon is roomy, it does not have a footwell. This means your children have to share space and they also sit in the dirt from their shoes. Space might be an issue for larger children, especially since the wagon accommodates up to 110 pounds.

Keenz Stroller Wagon - 7S Pull/Push Wagon Stroller - Safe and Secure Baby Wagon Stroller and Stroller for Big Kids - Versatile Wagon Stroller Ideal for Special Needs, Grey

While this folds easily, it is not necessarily compact. Additionally, it is hard to move around when folded because the front and back wheels rub together. The braking system does work well, it has an on/off switch that is easy to access when you are walking.

Some parents have mentioned that the Keenz wagon is hard to turn. While it does make wide turns, the motion of turning should not be difficult. Parents struggling should check the wheels. There is a small button to ‘lock’ the wheels so they move straight instead of in a 360-degree swivel. It would be hard to turn if the wheels are locked.

Parents will also appreciate the handles on this, which are located on either side. They can be locked in place when not in use, so you can push from whichever side is convenient. The handles also adjust, which is perfect for customizing to your height. Something to note, however, is that the canopy is very tall so it is hard for shorter parents to see over it.


On the plus side, the flat design makes it easier for your little one to nap on the go. The frame is covered in an anti-shock material that keeps the ride smooth and a padded fabric. Fortunately, this fabric is removable and washable.

keenz 7s storage compartment and insulated cooler bag

Features like an external storage area and cup holders are nice additions to this stroller wagon. It also features a collapsible roof and has a mesh sun protector on one side.


  • Adjustable handles on either side of the wagon
  • Easy to use braking system
  • Can set wheels to move straight or swivel
  • External storage area for parents
  • Fabric is washable


  • Canopy is very tall
  • No footwell

Keenz 7S Video Review

Veer Cruiser

If you want the Cadillac of stroller wagons, then you want the Veer Cruiser Premium Stroller Wagon Hybrid. This product is widely hailed as the best of the best. It has all the safety features, extras, and style that you could ever hope for in a stroller wagon.


This is a unique wagon in that it truly works from newborns all the way up to the older years. You can buy car seat adapters and place your infant car seat directly down in the wagon! There are adapters available for most major car seat brands. And when the car seat is in the wagon, you still have plenty of room for another child to fit.

And you don’t have to be afraid to buckle your kids into this wagon. It’s JPMA certified for safety and use by children and infants. There is a 3 point safety harness for each seat.

The insides of the Veer Cruiser stroller wagon

The design is genius and rugged. It has an aluminum frame, but the side walls are a soft-yet-durable fabric that can take a beating as well as cleaning. The rubber seatbacks are perforated for breathability. The footwell has mesh sides to help air out stinky toes, and a rubber bottom to catch dirt.

The handle has a push or pull design to suit your adventure. It’s telescopic, so you can move it depending on the height of the person handling the wagon. The ergonomic handle can also lock into place so it won’t fall while you are moving.

All of this is supported by rugged tires. The Veer Cruiser tires work equally well on cement, grass, dirt, or even sand. They have full swivel front wheels with low bearings and suspension for a smooth ride. The back has rear-wheel fenders. The one-touch foot brake is flip-flop friendly!

The coolest part is the fold. You can collapse the footwell upward and fold the seats and sides down for a compact fold. When folded, it’s small enough to fit into most trunks without being a burden.


The Veer Cruiser comes with a 2 drink holder attachment that can be moved to 6 different points on the stroller for convenient access. It also comes with the snack and drink tray for the center of the wagon. This tray has 2 snack and 2 drink spaces, one for each kid.

But that’s all it comes with. There are some amazing accessories that you’ll probably want, like a canopy, a comfort seat cover, a nap system, a storage basket, and a travel bag, among other things. But each of these adds extra cost to what is already the most expensive stroller wagon on the list.


  • Can hold infant car seat
  • Rugged tires handle all terrains
  • JPMA certified and meets ASTM standards
  • Folds down flat for traveling
  • Comes with lots of snack and drink storage
  • Versatile and customizable accessories


  • Expensive
  • Must buy all accessories separately

Veer Cruiser Video Review

Graco Modes Adventure Stroller Wagon

Graco® Modes™ Adventure Stroller Wagon, Teton

The Graco Modes Adventure is Graco’s first stroller wagon on the market and although it is a bit expensive, it is lightweight and has some nice features. The Adventure is shaped more like a double-stroller than a wagon so it is comparable to the Xplore and Veer in its seating and form.


The Graco is the lightest stroller wagon we tested at 30.5 pounds. It also folds to a very compact 7.0 cubic feet which is smaller than all wagons except some Radio Flyer products.

By comparison the Veer Cruiser is 7.9 cu ft, the Keenz 7S is 8.9 cu ft and the Evenflo Pivot Xplore is 9.0 cu ft.

Folding time was 19 seconds which is among the best times. We did find that the process for folding is a bit clunky. The handle must be slid inwards and sometimes catches in the process. It also flops to the ground

Its low weight and compact fold size make it easier to handle and stow in a trunk or minivan.

In our steering and maneuverability testing the Graco pushed well through grass. It struggled over bumpy terrain and wasn’t the easiest to push up-hill. Overall it was much easier to push and steer than others like the Wonderfold and Jeep Wrangler wagons, but not as great off-road as the Veer or Evenflo.

It has a decent-sized footwell so kids can sit upright. The canopies provide almost 100% coverage when fully extended. Bigger kids may bump their heads on the canopy.

The handle has three height settings which should be adequate for different parent heights. As noted above the handle sometimes gets stuck when changing between heights and when being collapsed for folding.

The handle can be used in push mode, or moved to the front for pulling. In pull-mode the handle doesn’t stay up and drops to ground if released.


The Graco is comfortable with padded seats and reasonably-sized footwell. It has 5-point harnesses.

There is a good-sized snack tray with cupholders that mounts across the center of the wagon.

Graco modes adventure and evenflo pivot xplore side by side showing comparison of insides
The insides of the Graco Adventure and Evenflo Xplore compared

Storage is limited. There are zippered pockets on the front and back which don’t hold much compared to other stroller wagons with big baskets. There is no storage inside the wagon itself, which is unfortunate for kids needing someplace to store toys or snacks.

There are two fabric cupholders on the back for parents but they are a bit difficult to reach. We prefer cupholders that are mounted way up on the handle like on the Veer Cruiser and Gladly Anthem.


  • Only 30.5 lbs
  • Small folded size, fits in a sedan trunk
  • Maneuvers well on grass
  • Fast folding
  • Comfortable kids’ seating
  • High quality materials
  • Spring-suspension makes for a smooth ride


  • Handle operation not smooth
  • Handle not sturdy
  • Lack of storage space

Graco Modes Adventuer Video Review

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Camo Folding Wagon for Kids, Garden, & Cargo, Green Collapsible Wagon

The Radio Flyer Folding Wagon is designed for use with older kids that are at least 18 months old. If you decide this is the best stroller wagon for your family, be sure to buy this version with improved wheels and maneuverability.


This does not feature a footwell like the previous model. However, it is unique in the way the side folds down so the stroller can be used as a bench when you are ready to take a break. It also accommodates 150 pounds, meaning you’ll use it for several years before your child outgrows it.

Padded seating and two seat belts keep your little one comfortable and safe. Its large wheels move over obstacles well. However, this is not a good wagon for the beach, as the tires don’t do well in sand. While parents reported tipping with previous models, this is not a problem with this updated version.

When not in use, the wagon folds compact for storage. It is incredibly easy to fold and a magnet keeps the handle in place. Then, you can easily wheel it wherever you need it to go. It also features telescoping poles, which lets the canopy fold in too.


Unfortunately, this newest model does not include the canopy. You can purchase the Radio Flyer Canopy separately to provide sun protection when you are out with your little ones.

For parents who are worried about messes, the fabric is easy to wipe clean. Other wagon features include a rear storage pouch and two cup holders on the outside of the wagon.

One downside is that the fabric is held onto the frame with velcro. This can loosen if your child plays with it.


  • Works well for both kids and cargo
  • Compact fold that is easy to move around
  • Magnet grabs’ handle so it doesn’t fall to the ground
  • Side unzips to make a bench seat
  • Holds up to 150 pounds of weight


  • Need to buy canopy separately
  • Velcro around the bottom of fabric to secure to wagon

Wonderfold Baby XXL Quad Stroller Wagon

WONDERFOLD X4 Navy Multi-Function 4 Passenger Quad Push and Pull Folding Stroller Wagon, Adjustable & Removable Canopy, Double Seats with 5-Point Harness, Navy

You can’t safely get 4 kids in a normal stroller or wagon. But, you can get 4 kids safely and comfortably in the Wonderfold Baby XXL Quad Stroller Wagon. Load up your baby, your toddler, your big kid, and even your dog and hit the road in this durable stroller wagon.

Wonderfold W4 Elite Stroller Wagon


This massive stroller can hold up to 180 pounds. That’s like holding 4 kindergartners, plus their snacks and drinks. That’s about 70 pounds more than a regular stroller wagon. And with a steel frame and durable polyester fabric, you know it can take a beating. The entire fabric piece is removable for easier spot cleaning.

The inside has 4 seats, each with a padded 5 point safety harness. The seatbacks are slightly higher than the sides to keep your kids comfortable.

The wheels have suspension springs and bearings for maneuverability. The front wheels swivel for turns, but they are cheap wheels. The hard PU plastic breaks and bends after just a little use. At least there’s a foot brake for easy braking.

The separate push and pull handles are nice. The pull handle has an awesome spring bounce feature. This means that it can’t just slam to the ground if you drop it. Instead, it just drops down a little ways and bounces into place. No tripping over a dropped handle. The pull handle is telescopic and the push handle can adjust to different angles.

Folding this wagon reminds me of folding a pack n play. You just pull up on the center strap and it collapses on itself. It comes with a bag for travel or storage.


The seat pad and harnesses can all be removed for more space, or if you want to just use the wagon for hauling items. There’s a zippered and removable storage basket on the push side of the stroller for hauling additional items as well.

This wagon does not have a footwell. That makes it nice for some situations, but when you have 4 kids all stacked in there, they may begin to fight over leg space.

This stroller wagon comes with a removable canopy. There are canopy rods on each corner that retract when not in use. They also adjust to different heights to get the canopy where you need it, depending on the size of your passengers. However, the canopy does not like to stay on these tiny rods and will pop off on bumpy roads.

A major thing that is missing with this product is snack and drink storage. There are no cup holders and no snack trays. It would be better if these were included with a stroller wagon at this price point.

wonderfold x4 wagon
Wonderfold X4 stroller wagon.


  • Fits up to 4 kids
  • Padded seats with safety harness
  • Separate and adjustable push and pull handles
  • Easy to fold
  • Removable canopy and storage basket


  • Wheels are cheap
  • No drink or snack holders
  • Canopy falls down
  • No footwell

Hauck Eco Wagon Stroller

The Hauck Eco Wagon Stroller has a cool, versatile design with bold wheels. It is perfect for parents looking for an all-terrain wagon stroller.


This wagon stroller is designed for older kids who do not need a seat belt while they are in a wagon. The padded seating is removable, so you can transport kids or use it as stuff eventually. The Hauck stroller safely pulls up to 110 pounds.

The large wheels are made of a hard EVA rubber material and have good traction. Inside each wheel, two sets of bearings make the stroller glide. This makes it easy to pull the wagon along. It also handles all terrains well and turns effortlessly.

When you stop, a pull-handle brake secures the stroller. The brake is easy to grab once you are stopped, as it has a very large handle. While it is easy to fold this up, it does not fold very small with the wheels and the canopy can be difficult to retract.


While this model is lacking in extra features, it does get the job done otherwise. It features a removable weather shade. However, this is advertised as sun and rain protection and it is not substantial enough to provide protection from the rain.


  • Handles many terrains well
  • Ball bearings make the wheels move smoothly
  • Holds up to 110 pounds
  • Padded seating is removable


  • No seat belts
  • Not compact when folded

Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon Review

Comparing the Best Stroller Wagons

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Stroller Wagon Buying Guide


The average stroller wagon is designed to hold two kids, one on either side. However, there are some larger models that accommodate up to four kids. Keep in mind that these will be wider. They might not be the best option for pulling around a farmer’s market or store.

Another variety of stroller wagon allows you to position a car seat on the wagon (like the one in our most innovative baby gear article). This is perfect for parents with an age gap between their children. Additionally, both kids will get a lot of use out of the wagon once your younger child is older.


Among everything else, parents want their children to be safe. The best way to do this is to follow manufacturer guidelines about the appropriate size and weight.

Unless the stroller wagon is designed to be used with an infant carrier, most are designed with larger children in mind. Some have five-point harnesses, but you still must weigh them until your baby can sit up on their own before you place them in a five-point harness.


Unlike traditional wagons, some stroller wagons are designed padded inside to be more comfortable for your little one. If you do choose one that has fabric material, consider how easy it will be to clean up messes that your little ones leave behind. Some are even able to be removed completely for washing.

The design of the wagon can also affect comfort. Some wagons are designed with a footwell, while others require your kids to sit their feet next to each other. This can be problematic for siblings who might kick each other. Additionally, taller kids might be uncomfortable with this type of design.


Wagons usually have a single, long handle that parents use to pull their children along. However, the smoothness of the wheels and their ability to tackle turns and obstacles also comes into play. Look for wheels that have ball bearings and a suspension system. These will offer the best ride for your little ones.

The size of the handle may also come into play. Some handles are adjustable, which are perfect for parents to adjust to their height. Additionally, some can be positioned to different angles or lock in place when they are in use.

Extra Features

Like most baby products, manufacturers include other features that set them apart from the competition. Children might appreciate features like padded seats, a canopy, and cup holders. Some also have an outside storage area so parents can access the things they need on the go.

FAQs – Stoller Wagons

What is a stroller wagon?

A stroller wagon is a happy compromise between a stroller and a traditional wagon. They are safer (and often able to handle rougher terrain) than the traditional wagon, but roomier than a stroller. Most stroller wagons accommodate at least two children and either include or offer for purchase a variety of accessories.

Can I Gate Check a collapsible wagon?

Though you probably cannot take your collapsible wagon with you on an airplane, yes, you should be able to gate check it. Please check with your airline prior to the departure date, just to be sure.

Which is the best all-terrain stroller wagon?

While several stroller wagons come equipped with good, versatile wheels, the Veer Cruiser, Pivot Xplore, Larktale Caravan, and Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon (with all-terrain wheel package) are probably among the best.

Note that, in order to use the Keenz on the beach, you will want to buy the all-terrain wheel package (which at the time of writing of this answer, seems to be at least temporarily unavailable).

What features should I look for on a stroller wagon?

The various stroller wagons provide different features. Some features that you might want to consider are:

  • Footwell. This feature places your child’s feet lower than his seat, providing a more comfortable ride and keeping shoe dirt away from little hands and legs.
  • Handle options: some are telescoping, allowing adjustments of handle length. Some allow either push or pull, some are reversible, front to back.
  • Accommodations for drinks and/or snacks. For both you and the kiddos! Pulling a wagon is hard work!
  • Accommodation for a car seat. This is a game-changer.
  • Canopy.  A good canopy can protect from both sun and the elements.

Can I bring my stroller wagon to Disney World?

Unfortunately, no, Disney policy prohibits wagons in the park. You may bring a stroller.

How much should I expect to pay for a Stroller Wagon?

You can pay anywhere from about $150 for a basic stroller wagon (e.g. Radio Flyer Convertible Stroller Wagon) to over $500 for a well-equipped luxury model (Keenz).

Are stroller wagons worth purchasing?

Stroller wagons are perfect for outings, especially when your children have outgrown strollers but still shouldn’t wander in public. They give the perfect balance between safety and comfort. They are also a great option for multiple children rather than a bulky double stroller, especially when you are going on different terrain such as sand or trails.  Take your time when searching for reviews of the best stroller wagon, as it can be an investment that costs hundreds of dollars.

Don’t worry though, you’ll definitely get a lot of use out of it!


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