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Best Winter Snow Boots for Toddlers

If your spring is like mine, you haven’t packed up your snow boots yet. Even though I think we should be watching flowers bloom, Mother Nature keeps dumping snow on me. For everyone with growing children, this is a challenge. You may think that the snow boots that you purchased at the start of winter will last, but your child’s growing feet may have other plans–especially if winter lasts longer than planned.

For anyone who’s in such a crisis, I created a guide to the best snow boots. In my opinion the Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot is the best because of its construction and style.

Here’s more of the six best snow boots for toddlers.

Top 6 Best Toddler Snow BootsWhy It's BestRating
Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated BootThere's a plush insulated lining, plus an adjustment strap to keep them fitting right and keep snow out.♥♥♥♥♥
Stonz Three Season Stay-On BootiesThese genius booties work well for early walkers, and can be put over bare feet or over other shoes.♥♥♥♥♥
Nova Footwear Mountain Waterproof Winter Snow BootsThese solid boots protect against all rain, snow and sleet.♥♥♥♥♥
SkaDoo Kids Cold Weather Snow BootsThis water resistant choice opens wide for easy on and off.♥♥♥♥
DREAM PAIRS Insulated Waterproof Snow Boots Insulated waterproof snow boots with fur for boys and girls.♥♥♥♥
KVbabby Winter Warm Snow BootsFaux fur-lined pull-on snow boots for girls that come in 13 different colors.♥♥♥♥♥

The 9 Best Snow Boots for Toddlers

Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot

Image of the Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot (Toddler),Navy,6 M US Toddler

Best Toddler Snow Boots Overall

Out of all the snow boots, I think that the Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot is going to be the best for your toddler because they’ll keep feet dry and warm, and they’re easy to put on.


These snow boots are great because you pull them on and secure a Velcro fitting strap just above the ankle. By securing the boot to your child’s shin, you make it less likely that snow or moisture will get down into the foot area.

Because they’re synthetic with a rubber sole, these waterproof toddler boots will protect your child’s feet from the elements. Plus, the insulation and plush lining will help keep feet warm.

The Kamik toddler snow boot is made in the USA. They are 6.4 inches high. They come in toddler sizes 5-10.

With 8 colors or patterns to choose from, it will be easy to choose a Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot that your toddler loves.

Possible Issues

  • This snow boot tends to run small, so make sure you understand the sizing before you order. One person recommended ordering two sizes above your child’s regular shoe size.
  • There may be issues with the sewing or construction quality. In particular, there have been some complaints about the Velcro strap not being sewed on securely.

SkaDoo Kids Cold Weather Snow Boots

best snow boots for toddlers Ska-Doo

The Runner Up for Best Toddler Snow Boot

I’ve chosen the SkaDoo Kids Cold Weather Snow Boots as my backup choice. Part of the reason that I did this is because these boots come in two styles. The black camo boot that is pictured is the Velcro flap style. Most of the other styles that they make have a Velcro secure above the ankle and a bungee tightener around the top of the boot.


Look closely at these snow boots for toddlers because there are two different styles. The pictured black camo boots have a large flap that secures on both sides with Velcro. This is the style of snow boot that I’ve used with both my kids when they were very little. I love this because it’s wide enough for them to easily get their feet in and out, but it secures nicely to keep out snow and water.

The second style of snow boot is one with a Velcro strap just above the ankle and a bungee at the top of the boot. I don’t really like this snow boot style as much. It just doesn’t seem to work as well as the other style for some reason.

With 20 colors and designs, it’s easy to choose a SkaDoo Kids Cold Weather Snow Boot that your toddler will love. Plus, these boots come in a wide variety of sizes.

Possible Issues

  • Make sure that you order the correct size. People are saying that this boot runs a little bit smaller than expected, so plan for that.
  • The plastic slider on the drawstring may break.
  • There may be poor stitching quality.

Nova Mountain Boy’s Waterproof Snow Boot

best snow boot for toddlers Nova

Best Toddler Boy Winter Boots

Just like girls like a snow boot that showcases their princess side, boys like snow boots that show the world how rough and tough they can be. The Nova Mountain Boy’s Waterproof snow boots not only look the part, but they also help your little guy conquer all the snow, ice, and slush that winter can throw their way. With 9 different design choices for toddler boy’s snow boots, you’ll love these winter boots.


These snow boots are rated for the coldest and wettest conditions. The synthetic uppers and rubber lowers are waterproof, keeping snow and slush from making your kiddo’s feet freeze.

The insole and upper are totally lined and insulated. As for temperature, these warm boots for toddlers are designed to work all the way down to -25F! Not that you’ll be out with your kid in that sort of temperature, but it’s still good to know that these puppies are warm!

The Nova Mountain snow boots are solid, but they aren’t big, heavy, or clunky. The toddler size 8 weighs just over 1 pound, which is truly lightweight for this type of boot. That equals easier walking, especially for little legs.

They’ll walk even easier due to the deep outsole with a lug boot design. The bottom of the boot has an anti-skid design with a traction pad to give them grip in the snow.

Finally, these boots have full adjustability. They feature front laces with a toggle tightening system. This makes getting the boots on and fitted relatively simple. Plus, it offers great ankle support.

Possible Issues

  • The drawstring tightening system with the toggle might not be easy for your toddler to tighten/loosen on their own, and it doesn’t help that the leather tab that holds the laces together is not attached properly and comes off.
  • These boots run on the large side and are big in the leg/calf area.

Bogs Kids Classic High Waterproof Insulated Snow Boots

Bogs Kids' Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rubber Neoprene Rain Boot Snow, Black, 8 M US Toddler

Best Pull-On Winter Boots

The Bogs Kids Classic Snow Boots are a top-seller and boast 5-star reviews. They are a pull-on style snow boot and run up your child’s leg 10.5″ from arch, helping to prevent high amounts of snow from getting in. They are available in sizes 7 Toddler – 6 Big Kid. 


These snow boots feature a rubber sole, waterproof material, and are made with 7mm Neo-Tech insulation, keeping little toes warm even in -30-degree weather. A cool thing about the waterproof material is that it encompasses 100% of each boot, so you don’t need to worry about only part of the boot being protected.

Are your toddler’s boots frequently stinky? With Bogs, your toddler will get snow boots that are constructed with DuraFresh national bio-technology that helps fight stinky odors! In addition, Aegis antimicrobial insoles are inside and are antifungal and breathable. 

Possible Issues

  • These boots may run small so you may want to consider ordering up a size.

Mishansha Kids Snow Boots 

Boys Girls Winter Snow Boots Waterproof Slip Resistant Kid's Hiking Boot Mid Calf Child Outdoor Cold Weather Warm Boot Black 7.5 Toddler

Best Trendy Snow Boots

The Mishansha Kids Snow Boots are the cutest addition to your toddler’s wardrobe! They come in 7 different colors, for boys and girls, and are available in sizes 7.5 Toddler to 4 Big Kid.


These trendy winter boots are created with artificial leather for a classic and modern look. Each boot features a flexible EVA midsole and rubber outsole for a comfortable fit. There’s even a cozy faux fur liner inside for warmth. Keep in mind these winter boots are not waterproof but are water-resistant. 

Toddlers can slide these on easily with the side zipper design. These winter boots sit right above the ankle, so they are great for cold weather and small amounts of snow. Parents absolutely love the Mishanasha Kids Snow Boots and say they are great for hiking as well!

Possible Issues

  • The zipper may start sliding down when worn for long periods of time
  • These are water-resistant, not waterproof 

GUBARUN Winter Snow Boots

GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots Kids Outdoor Warm Shoes Waterproof (Black1, 3)

Best Quality-for-the-Price Snow Boots

The Winter Snow Boots by GUBARUN are a top-seller among toddler snow boots and boast almost 5-star reviews. With 20 designs to choose from, for both boys and girls, you’re sure to find the right pair of snow boots for your toddler.


These winter boots feature a rubber and non-slip sole, hook-and-loop closure, waterproof uppers, and inner faux fur lining. Your toddler will be able to easily pull them up and take them off. The Velcro is strong to keep everything in place.

Most parents say that for a reasonable price, these snow boots are high-quality and work really well in harsh winters. Boot sizes run from 3.5 Toddler to 9.5 Big Kid, so you may be able to get a pair for all the kiddos!

Possible Issues

  • Sizing could run small; consider sizing up for a better fit (especially if your toddler will be wearing thick socks with them)
  • Some reviews say that these snow boots aren’t actually waterproof

Stonz Three Season Stay-on Baby Booties

best snow boot for toddlers Stonz

Best Baby Snow Boots

The Stonz Three Season Stay-on Baby Booties are a simple kind of genius. These snow boots can either be boots or overshoes for your toddler.


This snow boot is made of nylon and lined with fleece, so it’s great for keeping little feet warm and dry. The non-slip soles allow for safe walking in wet weather.

Your kiddos can wear this boot barefoot, with socks, or even with other shoes on. This gives this boot the ability to be both a snow boot and an overshoe.

There are two adjustable bungees (at the top of the boot and at the ankle) to help ensure a good fit for your child.

An additional Sherpa-fleece liner can be purchased and placed in the Stonz Three Season Stay-on Baby Booties.

With 14 different colors and designs, it’s easy to find a favorite (or two).

Possible Issues

  • These boots are not waterproof; they’re water-resistant. This makes a big difference in the amount of protection from the elements that these boots can provide.
  • If you have a very active toddler, you may want to choose a boot that offers better support and protection.
  • The nylon can get worn down quickly if you’re walking on sidewalks.
  • There’s no insole and no real support for your little one’s foot.
  • Finding the correct shoe size can be extremely tricky. Please be sure to check out the manufacturer’s directions for ordering the correct size.

KVbabby Kids Winter Snow Boots

KVbabby Kids Winter Warm Snow Boots Girl's Fur Lined Boots Toddler PU Leather Waterproof Boot White

Best Fur Winter Boots

For lighter snows and a cute addition to your toddler girl’s wardrobe, I recommend the KVbabby Kids Winter Snow Boots as the best winter boots with fur.


The height of the winter boot will most likely hit a couple of inches about the ankle, making this a good option for wearing when there’s light snow accumulation. A skid-resistant sole helps prevent falling and from moisture getting in. Since these are pull-on shoes, your toddler will love throwing them on quickly to run outside or get into the car.

Because of faux fur lining, these boots will keep your child’s feet toasty warm in cold weather. These shoes come in 13 fun neutral and feminine colors. The sizes range from a 4.5 toddler to an 11 little kid shoe size. 

If you need another way to keep your kiddos warm in cold weather, be sure to check out our stroller blanket and best stroller foot muff articles!

Possible Issues

  • May run small; consider sizing up
  • Iffy quality; could fall apart easily

DREAM PAIRS Insulated Waterproof Snow Boots

DREAM PAIRS Toddler Ksnow Brown Multi Isulated Waterproof Snow Boots - 9 M US Toddler

Best Insulated Snow Boots

My choice for the best-insulated snow boot for a toddler is the KDREAM PAIRS Insulated Waterproof Snow Boots.


These fun, winter toddler boots come in 15 different colors with fur on top. Plus, the insides are lined with cozy fleece.

Getting the boots on the foot is easy with a side-zipper feature. Toddlers can easily unzip the boot, slide their foot in, and zip it back up. If the boots need to be tightened up, there’s an adjustable elastic band at the top to tighten the boots. To prevent snow from entering the shoes, there’s a hook and loop closure as well.

The soles of the DREAM PAIRS Insulated Waterproof Snow Boots are rubber, helping to prevent slipping. These boots are insulated with 200g Thermolite, making them insulated well for -25F. 

Toddlers can enjoy folding down the tops of these shoes when needed to cool off or create a fun look.

These boots range from 9 toddler sizes to 6 big kid sizes, depending on the design you choose.

Possible Issues

  • Could be an issue with durability and lasting throughout the whole winter if used often 
  • Some designs have limited sizes available

FAQs about Snow Boots for Kids

What should my toddler wear skiing?

  • Snug, synthetic inner layer
  • Fleece middle layer and neck gaiter if temperatures are far below freezing
  • Ski pants or bib and jacket
  • Ski boots (worn over warm, thick, non-cotton socks).
  • Goggles, depending upon conditions.

How can I quickly dry my child’s boots?

  1. A boot dryer
  2. A hairdryer, BUT if you stick a gun-shaped hairdryer in the boot and leave it there, you may ruin the hairdryer. Open the boot fully and blow into it, keeping the barrel and mouth of the gun outside the boot.
  3. Stuff the boots with absorbent dish towels, newspapers, or paper towels and leave them overnight. This will at least absorb much of the water.

Does my toddler need snow boots?

If you live in a location that has snowy winters, your toddler should have boots that will provide traction and keep his feet both warm and dry.

How do I keep my toddler warm in winter?

Layer, using:

  • a snug-fitting, soft, (synthetic) wicking inner layer
  • a looser-fitting insulating layer (down, fleece, fiberfill, wool, etc.)
  • a windproof (and waterproof if rain, sleet, or snow are factors) outer layer that can comfortably accommodate the underneath layers

Do not neglect to cover the head (hood/toboggan), since much body heat can be lost there, or the feet, hands, ears, and nose, since these extremities are most vulnerable to frostbite. Waterproof mittens/footwear are necessary for snow and ice. If the ears or nose are not covered and you notice redness, it’s probably time to go inside.

What should I look for in snow boots for my toddler?


  • warm and waterproof
  • with great fit and flexibility (accommodating a warm pair of socks),
  • that prevents snow or water from entering into the top or opening(s) in the boot,
  • that provides traction for walking,
  • that is easy to put on and take off.

How long can I let my toddler play outdoors in the snow?

Your toddler can play outdoors in the snow, properly dressed, for twenty to thirty minutes before coming inside for a warm-up break.

What to Look for in a Toddler Snow Boot

When you’re shopping for snow boots for your toddler, there are two main factors that you need to consider. First, you want to ensure that your child’s feet will stay warm and dry. Although this is probably the most important feature to you, it will probably not be the most important feature to your child.

Your child will want the freedom to walk in the boots as they would in their usual shoes. They’ll also want independence to be able to take the boots on and off by themselves. Therefore, you also want to look for ease of use. Look for boots that are easy to pull on and that secure with a bungee or Velcro strap.

When in doubt, check out this guide to putting snow boots on a toddler. It is hilarious and super helpful!

For toddlers, finding a great snow boot is a little bit tricky because they’re new to walking. I prefer boots that have a strap that secures around the shin. This allows a little more space and freedom around the ankle joint so that your child can walk correctly by rolling through their foot instead of clomping around flat-footed.

This correct walking style is important because it develops good habits and strong muscles for your child. Plus, it makes it more likely that they won’t be in pain after a short time of running around in the snow.

A great way to get your child familiar with walking in boots is to get them some toddler rain boots. They’ll get used to the height and weight of a boot before winter rolls around. Plus, once you introduce them to jumping in puddles, they’ll be sold on boots for life.

My Recommendation

Although all of these snow boots would be good choices, my top choice is the Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot. I think this style will do the best job to protect your kiddo’s feet from the elements while allowing them the independence to put their boots on themselves.

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